The effect of Christianity upon the movement of the planet into fourth density; whether it’s a helpful or hindering factor, or just how it works. About relationships—how does one determine whether there is still love enough or reason enough to remain with a partner; what is the real binding force of a relationship?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, the Creator whose love abides before, after and beyond all created things, and whose light forms all created things. I greet you, my friends, in the reality expressed in symbols of illusion. I speak to you as one who lives to those who walk in sleep, and in this mysterious way we explore together the mystery of love, light and reality, we who are creatures, never having seen all of reality, we who are finite, gazing at infinity.

And yet, we journey onward from realization to realization, ever finding the face of mystery to be that of love, reflected in the smile of those who show the Creator’s love to us or speak the inspired word which comes through them to us. And we thank you that you have called us to speak with you this evening about the greatest single catalyst which involves those of third density in their seeking for spiritual evolution.

Relationships are the heart of your question, for the one query concerns when relationships betwixt two entities are helpful and when they are not, and the other query involves when Christianity is an helpful relationship for seekers to commit themselves to or not. Yet are not both queries concerning relationships?

And so we would speak upon the illness and health of relationships, not covering this deep subject, but perhaps provoking some further thought. If we are able to do this, we shall be extraordinarily gratified, for we are clumsy with your language and are grateful to vocal channels such as this one, that we may at least attempt to clothe our poor concepts with some semblance of grace.

It is written in your holy works that the master known as Jesus was once asked as to the purpose or the cause of a blind man’s infirmity. The crowd wished to place blame upon one side or another of a relationship within a family. Was it the blind man’s family’s fault, or was it the fault of the blind man?

The teacher known to you as Jesus answered the query in a way which often has been misunderstood as an avoidance of the question. The master said, “For neither reason was this man blind, and blame belongs to none, but rather it was a design whereby the Creator would be glorified.”

When two entities become mated, the landscape seems beautiful, prospects seem unlimited in the richness, value and joyfulness of experience to come, and all of life may seem as pleasant as the day which each in this group has experienced, the golden sun bringing ever more fullness to the celery green of young leaves, the cheerful forsythia and daffodil greeting the spring breeze, the spring of new grass and soft rain, the sound of bird calls and happy children at play.

When one forms an alliance with any religion, there is a mating betwixt an entity and the face of the Creator, the nature of the mystery, which the entity believes that that particular path shall best show to his or her. And so the individual’s relationship with an individual or the individual’s relationship with a societal entity which seeks the truth begins. An honeymoon ensues, wherein all that is good is shared freely without thought for the self, for one his been taken beyond the self in some realization of the Creator’s face in the other individual or in the path which is offered by the spiritual organization.

It is easy to presume that relationships betwixt people and relationships betwixt people and organizations are different, and from detail to detail, this may indeed be so. But perhaps it is helpful to realize that in any relationship which a seeker has with anyone or anything, the fundamental dynamic in the relationship as concerns this entity is the entity itself. It is inevitable, just as fall and winter follow spring and summer, that two people shall finish their honeymoon and embark upon some challenge together—or apart. It is inevitable in any spiritual search within an orthodox religious path that the seeker shall find doubts so overwhelming that trouble clouds its relationship with the spiritual organization.

In both cases, the unfortunate actions which are catalyst for the seeker by an entity or an organization or entities within an organization shall be blamed for difficulty which is experienced by the seeker, and the attention is then turned outward in an attempt to find a way to repair, mend or replace the ailing relationship.

There are many options which the seeker may choose when attempting to assess right action within a painful set of circumstances which involve disillusionment at a relationship. Many of your peoples automatically choose to avoid pain, and by doing this they move into another arena, and inevitably seek other relationships with entities or organizations which will inevitably disillusion them once again, for it is the nature of the illusion in which you experience life at this time that all things shall pass, all successes shall fail, all days shall become night and all joy sorrow. It is equally inevitable that all sad things shall be made glad and all night end in dawn and sunlight.

Another option available to the seeker in a difficult relationship is doggedly to endure without analysis or thought, trusting that the night shall become day, the pain shall become gladness.

The third area of options is perhaps the more fruitful of the three we offer you for thought, and that is the withdrawal from decision-making and from the company of the relationship which has caused confusion for a period of personal, intimate and extremely private contemplation and meditation.

For you see, the conscious self of the seeker sees the relationship for the first time as it reacts to the catalyst which has been prepared before the incarnation by the self and all those parts of the higher self which become ultimately the complete expression of love of the one Creator. All good and all difficult things, alike, have been offered to you by yourself, not either to endure or to avoid, but to learn from, to study, to ponder, to reflect upon and, finally, to make choices on the basis of what has come to you in the process of seeking.

This cannot be done while the catalyst is present and you are busy reacting to the catalyst, thus gaining experience but not being free to evaluate experience. There is no time when meditation is not extraordinarily helpful, but when one wishes to know where the kingdom which you seek lies, where love lies, where right action lies in a difficult situation, it is well to go deep within in faith and trust that there is a sense of right action within you, given before time and space began, purified and clarified by dedication to seeking and continuation of meditation, so that the seeker becomes more and more profoundly aware of when the still, small voice, as this instrument would say, might cause the feeling of right action to surface.

The most difficult thing for the seeker who lives within the dream and gazes hopefully towards reality to do is to wait, to wait for clarity to come. Clarity can come from within, yet not from without. Inspiration can cause one to think more deeply or with more faith, or perhaps have the will to work harder to evaluate experience, but no outside influence can truly aid spiritual choices, for only free will choices of the individual move one forward in spiritual evolution.

What you call church and what you call the mated relationship are equal partners in preparing the student of truth for more and more realization of where that truth might be and where it might not be. Personal and church related relationships equally are either helpful in preparing one for the fourth-density experience, or directly harmful in keeping one from being ready for the great challenge of more light, more love, a finer vision of reality, and a greater responsibility for manifesting it in the life experience.

Let us separate our subjects for a moment, for perhaps some of the differences cause the two who have these questions to be dissatisfied with this generalization.

The Christian’s vision of Christianity is not one vision, any more than the Buddhist vision, the Shintoist vision, and so forth, is unified. Although each entity which calls itself Christian, for instance, believes because it has spoken a certain symbol it is a member of a great group, nevertheless, each individual is doing no more and no less than seeking the face of the great mystery of the infinite Creator, just as each non-church-going entity does or does not do. How many Christians there are who have no interest whatsoever in seeking the truth, but are responding to stimulus much in the same way that a second-density animal which moves with the pack follows the leader of the pack, and behaves as does his group. There are the most extravagant extremes, from what Christians call sainthood to what Christians call great evil, within that great body of entities called Christianity.

The one known as Jesus knew that the third-density experience was coming to an end, and hoped not only for a few to learn of forgiveness and redemption but for all to know the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. The creature which has grown up from this teacher’s body of instruction bears almost no resemblance, and certainly no ideological resemblance, to the nature of the community of those who love each other, which the teacher known as Jesus the Christ wished to form.

Indeed, the one known as Jesus sought only to form a fourth-density experience at the ending of third density, and so is the spirit of those who wed or are mated in commitment intended to bring one more and more to the love that sacrifices all, to the caring which owns forgiveness and disowns any negative omission, wishing only happiness for the other self which has become the most loved self, the object upon which all virtue may be spent. In neither case can any two experiences be described together. Where then, in any situation of relationship, does the decision alight but with the entity who seeks the face of mystery for itself.

We ask those who ponder a choice to have infinite patience, if possible, and in order to have the patience to wait long enough for inner certainty, it may be necessary to seek solitude, time and space apart from that which puzzles and confuses one. There are no good or bad choices in terms of finding what Jesus the Christ called the Glory of God. There are many less efficient choices available to the entity which cannot wait long enough to receive that inner certainty, which shall be his or hers at some point when the waiting, the seeking, the praying for understanding has been fully accomplished.

If there is waiting and no hearing until one leaves the physical body, that too is acceptable, for the only element which polarizes an entity towards the love and the light of the infinite Creator in service to others is the simple and fastidious determination to await a knowledge of the higher will of the higher self, a knowledge of where and how glory and love shall enter the experience. Anything can be endured, if it be endured in certainty of the rightness of one’s actions. Very little can be endured if the entity feels that enduring such is harmful for one’s spirit.

The least helpful element of the mind, body and spirit during these times is the intellectual mind, for filled with reactions and emotions it cannot control, in situations too intense to easily and comfortably tolerate, the entity must seek avoidance, and that which must be done is usually done in such a way that much of the richness of the experience is jumbled, confused and lost.

Those who are Christian and those who are mated have a great deal in common, in that both the mated relationship and the spiritual mated relationship of the brothers and sisters of any religion expect and hope of each other that each will be a mirror to each, telling the truth, yet telling it with compassion, supporting while criticizing, constructing while changing.

When relationships are not such, it is time to await the consciousness within, for we can to the best of our limited knowledge assure you that wisdom comes to those who wait, in the watches of the night and in the noontime alike, for night and day alike have their lessons and realization shall come when least expected. May your ears be ready to hear and your eyes ready to see the harbingers of right action for you yourself, and may you never, never consider it the responsibility of another to have any part in the creation of a life lived towards spiritual evolution.

We feel in the silence about us the many thoughts of those who wonder why there cannot be said to be a preference, at least for harmony, betwixt peoples, and a looking forward together to the new age of understanding and love. May each experience such lovely pleasures and may each rejoice in those seasons when such occurs, yet when an individual’s love seems to fail one, when one’s religion or path seems to fail one, it is time to trust the desert experience of deprivation and want, pain and sadness, loss and disillusionment, not taking them as realities, but as illusion, just as the peaceful and contented times are illusions.

If each entity, whether seeking in relationship with another entity or with a societal religious group, could learn as intensively and carefully in each pleasant moment as it learns when faced with painful challenges, challenges would not have to be built into the life experience. But contentment and happiness seem to dull the powers of spiritual observation. Sharpen your ears, your eyes and your heart, my friends, in good times, and diminish painful experience. Yet when painful experience comes to you, seek to know in faith and will to remember that the desert experience shall give way once again to the experience of plenty and peace.

Therefore, seek during this period not to act in this way or in that, but to remain a listening, watchful, prayerful entity, open first to the voice of the Creator within, and only secondly to these things about one which demand the reaction, the emotion, the manifestation. Create your manifestations insofar as it comes naturally to you in any situation, and know well within yourself when you have not created, but have reacted.

You shall achieve the fourth-density level when your criticisms are only of yourself, your actions are taken because within you feel them to be so and right for you alone, and when the opinion of others is nothing more than interesting.

To sum, we may say that no outside element, including the most powerful group upon your planetary sphere, has power over you unless you as an entity react in a way you would not. Thus, seek always to know yourself more and more, to be yourself more and more, and to experience the glory of existence and consciousness with gratitude, only secondarily wondering what to do next, where to go next, and so forth. May your will, your faith, your love, and your attention be focused in the silence within, that when you act you shall know it to be right, and you shall be at peace regardless of church, family or friend.

We feel constrained to speak through this instrument in a special way, for there is a need for us to offer a special message and the message is as follows:

There are moments which may last for some time or may be transient, which many upon your planetary sphere which have studied the metaphysics, as this instrument [would] call it, would call initiation. There are some whose spirits have not completely married the earthly personality, and during these times of initiation, the experience of living seems extraordinarily difficult…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

We would at this time pause and retune, if the circle will be so kind, and then transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet you in love and light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to offer ourselves in the capacity of speaking upon those queries which those present may find of aid in their own seeking. Again we remind each that we are but your fallible brothers and sisters, and do not wish that our words be overweighted. With that disclaimer, we should ask if we might begin with a query at this time?

Who was that last message directed to?

I am Q’uo, and we must respond by suggesting that that message was for those who have ears and need to hear it.

May we respond in any further fashion, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I have one more, since nobody else does, and it’s still about that—I felt the presence of Latwii when that message was given, but not at any other time. Was Latwii moving along the same vibration as you, Q’uo? Or was that my imagination?

I am Q’uo. We find in this particular case, that we were joined by not only those of Latwii, but others as well that have found the honor of serving as the guide, in order that a message of potential importance might be delivered in a fashion which would be most easily understood by those to whom the message was directed. We were glad to have the assistance of these additional entities in transmitting this message, for we are not as able to discern the boundary which delineates free will from the area of one’s experience that might more easily be influenced. Thus, it was helpful, we hope, that the message be delivered in this fashion.

May we speak further, my sister?

Yes, along the same lines. Wednesday, while Jim and I were teaching W and I was channeling Quanta, at a certain point in the channeling that I did at the last, which was most interesting to me as a channel, for I had no idea of the material, I sensed Laitos and Oxal and Hatonn in addition to Quanta, and I did not know but that there may even be others. It was a powerful kind of symphony, of various vibrations, all of which I could discern, but only Quanta was actually speaking. Was this the same thing? Was it oriented towards she who heard, or was it rather entities coming in aid of Quanta who is new to the job, aiding Quanta and making sure that Quanta was doing the work that it needed to do?

I am Q’uo, and we find that you have penetrated a significant portion of the experience which you felt in the previous channeling session. It is helpful for those such as we are to be aided in our service from time to time by others who have fields of specialty, shall we say, that complement our own and enhance that which we seek to share with your group. Those that you have recently come to know by the sound vibration, Quanta, are in need of such assistance in greater degree, for their experience with this group is quite new and there is much which these entities have yet to learn in regards the general phenomenon of the vocalized transmission of thought in general, and the needs of each individual who sits within the circle of seeking in particular.

Thus, those who have for a greater portion of, what you call, time served this group as, what you call, the telepathic contact, join at each gathering of this circle and offer assistance where needed in an effortless fashion which is made possible by the unified desire to be of service in this particular way.

Thus, you may expect in your future gatherings that this phenomenon shall repeat itself in order that the purpose of the sessions might be more fully realized.

May we speak further, my sister?

Q’uo, just in one other way. H was asking earlier about reincarnation and Christianity, and because I’ve fielded the question so often, I went ahead and spoke up. Do you wish to comment on this subject? I would greatly dislike misleading anyone in any way, and welcome any comment.

I am Q’uo, and we find that you have given somewhat of a synopsis of the topic that you have called reincarnation and its traces left within the holy work that you call the Bible. Within this work, there is but little remaining concerning the reincarnational aspect of third-density experience, for as you have correctly stated, there was a decision made in early days of the Christian faith, as it is called, that the work of the one known as Jesus the Christ was of such importance, and the time during which it might be implemented was of such short duration, that it would be, it was felt, most helpful to those who embraced this faith to be guided to the degree that their sight pushed no further than one earthly incarnation in order that the focus of attention would remain within the boundaries of birth and death in one incarnation. In this way, the elders of the Christian faith hoped that the efforts of the incarnation would be increased to the degree that a greater harvesting of souls would be possible.

There was much discussion and dissension at this time upon this topic, for it was felt by many that such deception was great disservice to the one known as Jesus the Christ, for this entity was one whose incarnation was based upon the light of truth and the power of love. Yet those elements within this governing body who wished to see this faith in the one known as Jesus continue in a fashion as pure and potent as possible held sway and were able to carry the votes necessary to delete those passages and portions of the Bible which referred in a direct fashion to the concept of reincarnation.

May we speak further, my sister?

That is all for me. I thank you very much.

I have a question maybe in the future. And that would be at some future date. And that would be, I just wondered in the last couple of weeks about a church in eastern Kentucky that has a very peculiar way that they worship, and I was just wondering if you could speak on that at some later date—this certain church that I’m aware of.

I am Q’uo, and we shall always be happy to speak in whatever fashion is possible for us, my brother, with the understanding that we must always observe the free will of each entity in each of our responses so that this free will retains intact. With that understanding, we are happy to speak upon whatever topic is chosen.

May we speak further, my brother?

Well, I think that’s very nice. I don’t think I’ll get into that tonight—it’s very lengthy. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?


I am Q’uo, and we are most grateful, my friends, for the opportunity of speaking our thoughts to this group and blending our vibrations with each. We are hopeful that our future experiences will continue to expand both our knowledge of your needs and our ability to be of service in regards to these needs, and provide some small amount of inspiration for those gathered, that they might be further inspired to move within the inner seeking that holds such great treasures for each. We shall take our leave of this group at this time. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we leave each in the infinite love and light of the one Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.