Laitos: We would speak concerning the excellence of meditation.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos. I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We thank you for calling us to your meditation and for allowing us to work with the new instrument known as N.

We would like to speak through this instrument for awhile while we work with the one known as N to achieve the best contact of which we are capable at this time. Each time that the instrument practices and exercises its channel the pathway of interlocking vibratory complexes is made clearer and more strong. Thus, we continually adjust the contact as we are able, just as each instrument learns more and more to tune itself to the highest and best that it may receive in a stable manner.

We would speak concerning the excellence of meditation. The concept of meditation we are able to discern easily has a great deal of attractiveness to each present, yet each wishes that it were more wholehearted in the meditations which it has, and in the case of the one known as N even the attempt to meditate has not always been taken. If only for five minutes in any day, it is well to meditate that much, rather than go through an entire day without acknowledging the Source of one’s energy and love and centering oneself within that clarified and purified energy which is the energy of the greater Self, the energy of the Creator, the energy of creation.

We are aware that for many it is most easy to worship that great Source of all that there is within the setting of the environment of the Creator, that is, the natural world—forest, stream and meadow. To marry meditation and solitary sojourning with nature is an excellent way to allow the inner self which is in contact with the higher self to be fed from the streams of living water, as this instrument would call them, which are a profoundly accurate description of the love which created all that there is.

We cannot urge enough that meditation be done on a daily basis. We do not suggest judging the excellence of the individual meditations or even attaching great importance to the time therein spent. When the desire is ripe within one, that attention will be there, and that progress will be made. However, without the disciplines of the daily meditations, if only for a few minutes, the preliminary work needed in order that the season of each pilgrim’s own transformation may well pass unnoticed, lost in the hurry and scurry of daily activity.

Spiritual seasons are very definite, and the soul which is in its blooming season on a continual basis is a rare one indeed. It is natural within your density for there to be relatively few moments in the incarnation of which advantage may be taken, in which an opportunity for great transformation is born. It is to the one who watches and waits daily that that time will not come and go unnoticed and unheeded, much less unused.

This instrument is experiencing self-doubt, and we request that the instrument refrain from analysis. This is a small group and we are responding to those vibrations which are within the group. May we say for the instruction of this instrument that it is the desire for knowledge which calls us to the group, and it is this knowledge which is being called for by the one known as N, and to a lesser extent by each. It is not for us to judge, but only to inform. We have great love for each within this group and we thank each for the opportunity to share these thoughts.

Now we would move onward, my friends, and as the one known as N would say, “Get on with it.” We hope that each is satisfied that we took the extra time for this particular message in the appropriate manner, and we thank this instrument for continuing the channeling, although it had some difficulty with analysis due to its own opinion of this information. We pause that the group may retune. We are Laitos.


(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and we rejoin this instrument with thanks for the retuning, especially on the part of this instrument. The practice of channeling is a very specialized form of a general practice which we would also call channeling, for is not each a channel in every thought, idea, emotion and speech which it makes? Is each entity not always a channel, either for love and light or for some darker force of separation? There are some, indeed, which do not wish to be channels at all, but rather to deaden the senses. And to those we say, sleep and be comfortable, for there is an infinite amount of time. But to those present who wish indeed to progress, we say, “We rejoice with you, and would speak with you about love.” For the face of the Creator may be seen in many, many shapes. In your springtime the face of the Creator is seen in violet and snowdrop, in daffodil and hyacinth, in fruit tree blooming and lilac. Yet other ways there are too of seeing the love of the infinite Creator.

We would transfer this contact at this time to the one known as N. We ask the instrument not to analyze, but simply to speak the thoughts that are given. We are those of Laitos. We transfer at this time.

(N channeling)

I am Laitos. We greet you in love and light. This instrument has reached the point where she feels our communication as one from friends and…

[The rest of N’s channeling was not transcribed.]