(N channeling)

[N’s channeling was not transcribed.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos. We greet you once again in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We will speak but briefly through this instrument, but wished to use it as it is a bit more experienced in using the word by word method which we prefer to use for this transmission.

We continue to be pleased with the gradual adjustment of the contact with the new instrument known as N. The stage is now set for a movement in channeling which mimics the same movement within the spiritual life of any seeker. When a seeker is new, it assumes that all information, realization and knowledge impinge upon the self as it is experiencing itself consciously. This is a mixture of the present moment with heavy overlays with thoughts of the future and disturbed thoughts about portions of the past. Seldom is the consciousness of the seeker a clear mirror of what is actually occurring at any given present moment.

So it is with the channeling. Although we have thoughts which seek and hope to inspire to offer, yet first must we make sure of the mechanical portions that insure a comfortable and stable contact. There is much training which must be done, and it is largely specific. There comes a time when the new channel is no longer new and it realizes that the technique is basically learned. And now it is time to open the self to new thoughts and to the potential, subjectively speaking, for disaster, for how can one speak thoughts which one has not yet thought? Thus, it is that there is a crisis anew, and the fear of being a fool keeps the magic at bay.

Again, we urge the new instrument who faces now the graduation to take heart and to analyze before and after each occurrence, but to refrain from analysis during. We have thoughts to give from the first thought to the last, which any instrument may channel from the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. Those thoughts will ring with what we believe to be the truth, and that is that all of creation is one thing—one great Thought which thinks itself out in infinite portions. The unity of all creation is not something that is unusual or new as a thought, but it is all we have to offer. We hope and trust that our humble gifts may find favor with those who channel them and those who listen as well.

We thank the one known as N for listening to our lecture—we are afraid that we do give them from time to time. It seemed to be a good idea, for we find in the one known as N’s thought processes a very clear train of thought which tends towards logic, thus, we thought it would be a simplifying thing if the instrument [were] to know what comes next, and be perhaps ready not to analyze and not to be afraid when an idea comes which is not linked directly to the progress of the self in channeling. This shall occur soon if the instrument continues as it is now in these sessions. We would now transfer to the one known as Jim. I am of Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and we greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to open this session of seeking to queries which those present may have to provide us. We wish to remind each that we offer but our opinions and do not wish to offer authority. Is there a query to which we might speak?

Yes, Laitos. I feel that in channeling one is trying to become closer to their inner self. I heard a phrase the other day, “breaking down the barriers,” referring to taking a mind-altering substance such as LSD or acid or mushroom, and I guess my question is, do they have any helpful purpose to breaking down the barriers and finding out more about oneself or the world?

I am Laitos, and we consider the possibilities of this query for the infringement upon free will, and may speak in a general sense concerning the use of the substances which have the capacity to, as you have stated, break down those mental constructions that hold the mind/body/spirit complex upon a certain course within certain distinct boundaries for the purpose of its gaining of experience.

It is quite true that there are various substances, including those which you have mentioned, that may be utilized in the expanding of the point of view and the gathering of the fruits of that expansion for use in personal evolution. We find that for those of your population that utilize such substances that the effect is that which is most usually random in nature, for the barriers, as you have described them, which continue to hold the focus of the mind and the experience within certain distinct boundaries is a function which is difficult to affect or control, shall we say, by most of your peoples, and the circumstance of the ingestion of such substances, as in regards to the current mental attitude and the environment, are those faculties which in a general and uncontrolled sense lay the groundwork for the experience, and oftentimes the groundwork is not solid enough or well enough constructed to support the increased energies that are available upon such occasions and the experiences thus are randomly generated and vary greatly in their effectiveness and ability to increase the seeking of the student.

There is great care necessary in utilizing such substances. This care is that of the magical nature which utilizes ritual in the dedication and consecration of such an experience to a specific purpose related to the student’s personal pattern of evolution. And in such cases there is always the possibility that the student will not be adequately prepared in its normal rhythm of evolution to adjust its perceptions to the increased influx of energy available.

Thus, it is not our recommendation that such substances be utilized, for the barriers, indeed, will be altered in a significant fashion, and the increased opportunity for learning which is presented the student must be, in our opinion, balanced with the increased opportunity for utilizing such an experience in a metaphysical manner that is adequate to the opportunity offered.

The student of the mystery of creation has in its life pattern a rhythm, a song, if you will, which is unique to each student. There are times during which the pace or movement or dance of the melody shall be quickened, and there are likewise times when it shall be slowed. And there shall be opportunities for the variation and acceleration on new experiential levels for each seeker. These present themselves as a function of the student’s utilization of catalyst efficiently within its daily round of activities. When the student is properly prepared, then, by its own progress in the efficient utilization of catalyst, the increased opportunities are then presented to the student. To seek to jump ahead, shall we say, and gather for the self the opportunity for an acceleration of the process of learning is a risk, shall we say, which, we have attempted to explain, may provide those opportunities, but in a fashion which is randomly generated and which must be properly prepared for by the student. The student which is able to utilize such substances in a magically or metaphysically appropriate fashion is rare, yet such students exist.

May we speak further, my sister?

No thank you.

I am Laitos, and we thank you, my sister.

[Tape ends.]