(Carla channeling)

I am Quanta. I greet this company in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. It is my privilege to have been called to this group, and we are most thankful for this honor. We would speak briefly through this instrument and attempt to continue through all the instruments, for we wish to exercise the new channel known as W in a more creative fashion during this working, if the instrument is in agreement. The philosophical thoughts which we wish to impart are indeed general, yet we hope they are helpful. It is our desire to express through each channel’s words some thoughts concerning meditation and the balance that love may bring to the hurly-burly of day-to-day activity. We offer you then a meditation of [all this.]

Across the infinite expanse of interstellar space lies strewn the Creator’s field of celestial flowers—the seeds of consciousness. Each sun, held in perfect stasis while constantly moving by the dynamics of all of the fields which surround it, which are part of it, which it has created. Each sun which contains planets in turn washes the balance of those beings which dwell upon the surface of the planet, for many inhabited planets there are. And within each planet those flames, flickering with consciousness, which are called humankind upon your planet, create in their turn an infinity of small and large thoughts, thrown off and rotating as planets about the sun.

Thus, the entity whose mind is in balance is sustained and sustaining just as is your sun; held in place and holding in place by its planets—the thoughts, the children of its love. And when the mind is not in balance, then do the thoughts become confused and go awry, for the Creator’s hand is not in the midst of them, that creator being your own consciousness. When that which has been created achieves ascendancy over the Creator, then are things truly out of balance. How blessed it is, then, to seek the balance of love and light in daily meditations, for meditation is a wellspring of balance, light and love.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as W, requesting that this instrument merely say what comes into the mind, word by word and phrase by phrase, fearing not, for that which is sufficient shall be given. We commend the instrument on challenging and tuning. We are pleased. We would now transfer. We are known to you as Quanta.

[Long pause.]

(W channeling)

I am Quanta, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. This instrument is having some difficulty—correction—we were having some difficulty in adjusting to this instrument’s [inaudible] in establishing contact with the one known as W. We are now readjusting and making a stronger, more established contact so that there will be less difficulty in utilizing this instrument.

We would like to continue with the story and establish the desire, teach. The Earth is a sphere which has the purpose of radiating energy into the galaxy. The sun also in its turn radiates to the Earth. There is a symbiotic [inaudible] relationship established between the two planets without which neither one would exist. This relationship [is] also established from the balance of the outer and inner roles which one must maintain [with regard] this planet, for it can either be outer or inner, but the combination of the two such that harmony is achieved between the outer and inner meditation is a way of establishing better harmony between outer and inner by giving to that [end role] which needs to be more firmly established, by quietly sitting and meditating upon all of the ways one becomes more attuned to the inner sanctuary of the spirit, not just the occupation with the physical.

So it is indeed an important daily practice to meditate and find that inner sanctuary and establish a workable relationship with the environment around which we are surrounded. Similar to the Earth and the sun, your outer and inner roles need a balance and communication in order to coexist. If one or the other were to dominate, the balance is disrupted [inaudible].

At this time we would like to further establish contact with the one known as W [with aid in developing] a [long pause] another entity. We are pleased with the progress and wish to commend the improvement in the vocal channeling. We have begun quite satisfactorily, and soon we wish to aid in establishing contact through [inaudible]. It is quite an honor to be allowed to realize [inaudible] for the purpose of vocal channeling. We wish to thank you all once again for allowing us to do so.

As we adjust the contact, we are having some difficulty in maintaining with this contact as we adjust to her energy levels. At this time we would like to transfer to the one known as Jim, but we continue to adjust this instrument. We are known to you as the one that is known as Quanta. We will now transfer to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Quanta, and we greet you again through this instrument. It is our desire at this time to allow the one known as W to enhance her recognition of the deepened state of meditation and to enhance her ability to receive a discernible contact while in this state so that there might in future experiences become possible the contact from others who wait to speak through this new instrument. When the basic and more mechanical aspects of the vocal channeling process have been mastered to a sufficient degree, it is then that the new instrument may find itself in the position of needing to refine means by which contact is recognized and transmitted, for the new instrument begins to make a progress which then is less mechanical and more inner or metaphysical in nature, this refining having to do with the careful alignment of the inner sensing which will become the most vital tool for the new instrument as it begins another stage of its work.

At this time we feel that we have taken the one known as W as deeply as is comfortable to this new instrument, and have allowed her to begin to open to a greater extent the deeper doors of perception that she will utilize in a continuing fashion as she improves and perseveres with the vocal channeling process. Thus, we shall at this time open this gathering to any queries which those present may feel appropriate in asking.

Can you answer questions regarding crystals?

I am Quanta, and we have had experience of a general nature with the crystal and would be happy to share that which is ours to share.

Is there a reason why I’m drawn to crystals? Could you explain that?

I am Quanta, and we find in this instance that the query points not so much in the direction of the crystal as it does in the direction of the personal inclinations which are part of your own pattern of experience that draws not only from this incarnation but from others which have the use of the crystal form much imbedded within their patterns.

May we speak further, my sister?

In regards to crystals themselves, what are the properties of the amethyst?

I am Quanta, and we look at the crystal which you have called the amethyst and see that the character of this crystal is one which is useful in a general sense for the soothing, calming or pacifying of a basic attitude of the mind complex, for the crystal is one which works as more of the broadband transmitter of the calming qualities of light and tends to balance the mental faculties which have been much over-used, shall we say.

May we speak further, my sister?

What is the significance of the double terminated quartz?

I am Quanta, and we again may speak in a general fashion with the qualification given that each particular crystal may be used in a variety of fashions by any seeker and may be used in an even greater variety of fashions by various seekers. There are certain functions which each crystal more easily fulfills than would another, and as we look at the quartz crystal which has the double terminix, as you have called it, we see the general quality of enhancing the meditative state when placed in a certain ratio position by the seeker, this varying from the placement directly above the crown chakra to the position of being held in the palm of the hand which rests upon the lap. The use in this instance being to allow a clearer movement of intelligent energy through the entire system of energy centers or chakras, first focusing upon the ingress of intelligent energy, then upon its outflow.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Quanta, and we thank you, my sister. Are there any further queries at this time?

Will it be possible for W to work with the contact which desires to speak with her within a challenging situation in which I am challenging in the name of Christ?

I am Quanta, and we find this quite acceptable, my sister.

Thank you.

I am Quanta, and we thank you, my sister. Is there a further query?

Then the presence that I sensed right before W began having trouble catching the contact, that it was a negative entity which was not the contact—is that correct? Because I challenged him until he went away.

I am Quanta, and again this is correct, my sister.

Thank you.

I am Quanta, and again we thank you. Is there a further query?

Not from me, thank you.

I’m experiencing a deeper sense of a meditation than I have since we’ve been working, and I’m curious about that, and I’m wondering if the entity which chooses to channel through me is also present?

I am Quanta, and the deepened state of meditation is that which has been achieved through a combination of your desire to serve in this fashion and our desire to aid in your service. The entity which awaits the possibility of speaking through your instrument is not at this time in the appropriate configuration, shall we say, to utilize your instrument, but instead observes from a position that allows it to experience some of your contact circuitry, shall we say, which is a way of describing the configuration of mind and beliefs and desires which arrange the deeper mind in such and such a fashion that makes it unique. Thus, this entity begins to familiarize itself with this configuration as you travel deeper into your own subconscious mind.

May we speak further, my sister?

On a slightly different tack. I’ve yet to feel comfort—connected to my guides and my higher self. Are they present, and what would facilitate establishment of a better contact?

I am Quanta, and we might suggest that the contact of which you speak is one which is not normally a comfortable or easily established and proven state for the third-density illusion. Such contact is that which has its season, shall we say, according to need and opportunity. The conscious efforts of the seeker to establish a mystery-filled contact are often the primary obstacles in the accomplishment of this contact. We might suggest the calm and peaceful relaxation into the knowledge that such contact is always available and need not demonstrate itself in any fashion which is consciously perceivable.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Quanta, and again we thank you, my sister. Is there a further query at this time?


I am Quanta, and we wish to thank each for allowing us to join your meditation and to speak our humble words through each instrument. We feel that there has been progress made by each this evening, and we look to your future gatherings for the opportunity to enhance that which has begun. At this time we shall release our use of this instrument and take our leave of this group. We are your brothers and sisters of Quanta. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.