Q’uo: We would focus this evening upon an aspect of love and compassion which is very difficult to manifest while under the influence of the third-density distortions of mind, body and spirit. We speak of forgiveness.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I greet you in love and in light of infinite Creator. We not have very much to say, only wish to welcome newcomer to group and oldcomers also. We with your group very often, for we find that this group make many joke, and this is sign of some advancement among your peoples. So many on your spiritual path that cannot make a joke, that cannot laugh. This make the journey heavy and mud cake the feet of the poor pilgrim along the way and cannot go very far. Make yourself merry, my friends, be full of joy. Let it bubble forth, and you will find wisdom beneath the laughter. We go now, we only wish to say hehwoe—hel-lo. That better! Hah? We goin’ speak this language soon. We go in love and in light of infinite One Who Is All in All. Farewell, my friends. I Yadda.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a great benefit to us that you have asked us to share this meditation with you and to share what thoughts we might have with this circle of light, this band of seekers whom we Join this day.

We thank you for the great privilege of such intimate sharing of heartfelt desires, and we assure you that we also have that goal of every seeker—to know the face of mystery, to be with the Creator in an illumined fashion. How far we are all from that great and all-consuming goal—the Creator’s face, the articulated Logos. What a dear and precious mystery. That mystery is all wrapped up with love, a love that has been called compassion by those who seek to deepen the meaning of that word love, that word which has been so abused, misused and trivialized by common usage.

Indeed, the one who challenges in the name of Jesus Christ challenges in the name of love itself, and all challengings which are superlative and honestly felt, whatever the words of challenge, that challenge is the challenge of love, that compassion against which nothing may stand. What is the nature of compassion? How does compassion touch each as each seeks along the path and finds the road rocky or smooth, steep or plain.

We would focus this evening upon an aspect of love and compassion which is very difficult to manifest while under the influence of the third-density distortions of mind, body and spirit. We speak of forgiveness.

What occurs when forgiveness is withheld? You may see the separation immediately. The one who does not forgive is separated from the one who is not forgiven, and then the one who is not forgiven may choose not to forgive that, and there is further separation. Indeed, before a patching up and recombining of the energies of two who are thus separate can be achieved, four forgivenesses must take place. Each must forgive the other, and each must forgive the self.

If one were to visualize the pattern and tapestry of a lifetime, one would see those portions of time and space when forgiveness was withheld from the self or from another as being places where the thread, the warp and woof of the tapestry of life, was coated with black, sticky substance, which stiffens and makes ugly the tapestry of existence.

Now, it is sure that no one wishes not to forgive. There seems to be no question in the mind of anyone who is seeking along the path of positive polarity in the third density that it is very desirable to forgive and to accept forgiveness, yet there may be nothing harder in the catalog of human weakness, shall we say, or distortion, than the unbalanced feeling of helplessness when one realizes one is quite incapable of altering the consciousness which is not forgiving. Hardness of heart among those who seek is very often totally unmeant and undesired. It is the nature of the third-density illusion of your planetary sphere that within the illusion you will be taken beyond your limits and fail according to the conscious methods of judging among your peoples. This is perhaps the most common source of the lack of forgiveness among your peoples—the difficulty of forgiving the self for having seemingly failed. Also, and almost as common, there are those dynamic tensions betwixt members of the same family which involuntarily renew themselves and prohibit forgiveness.

The chief roadblock stopping one from forgiving is the instinct for self-preservation. One who forgives is changed—something dies and something is born. Yet that which is born cannot begin to be born until whatever it was that was not forgiven has been done away with by true forgiveness. To hold the self or another in unforgiveness is [to] hold in a pristine and clear condition a relationship or a self-concept.

When forgiveness takes place, there is a little death, and sometimes not so very small a death indeed, for sometimes that which is to be forgiven has been held in a hard heart for a long time. It is natural to fear death, yet the road to joy, or shall we say, the way to perceive joy along the road we all travel is to rush towards whatever oblivion must be embraced in order to forgive, for the creation that springs forth from the heart to one who has truly forgiven is a beautiful and fresh manifestation.

It is very difficult to create appropriate atmosphere for forgiveness using the conscious mind. The conscious mind is a kind of business man, ordering things, prioritizing them, and moving them about. It is within the province of that great subconscious mind which is so important to the seeker that the seeds of forgiveness are sown, are nourished, and grow. Thus, the attempts to forgive by consciously stating, “I wish to forgive,” are likely to be failures, although the attempt is metaphysically important, and is a part of the soul’s history. It is more effective by far to await meditative time before doing work in the consciousness of forgiveness.

If you wish to speed the process of forgiveness, may we suggest that you take the object which has not been forgiven by you and hold that object within the heart and mind, enveloped and encircled in light, light infinite and light illimitable, hoping and praying for every good for that which you cannot forgive. Thus, you are engaging a deeper portion of yourself to begin opening doors, so that that which is unforgivable to the conscious mind slowly becomes that which must be forgiven. It cannot be forced; it cannot be taught. And when someone attempts to persuade the seeker into forgiveness, and does so on its own energy, then as soon as the intermediary removes itself, the hardness of heart returns.

Please remember at all times when you see hardheartedness in others or yourself, that you are powerful to serve as messengers of love, peace and joy. You may encourage, exhort, commune and just be with one who is having difficulty, and by your mirroring forgiveness and love to the one you wish to aid, you are connecting your subconscious and your companion’s subconscious in great echoes of compassion. Sometimes no word need to be said for this comforting effect to take place. Never doubt your value to one another, for you are the Creator. You are love, each to the other. May you dwell in a world where forgiveness is actively sought and joy is nourished by all conversation.

My friends, it seems while you are in the midst of the third-density illusion that the stream of your life experience moves slowly and endlessly. Yet, we urge you to make some attempt to realize how very fleeting birdsong, brook’s rill and the wind in the trees are, how very short is your time to gain experience upon your beautiful planetary sphere. May you find zest and joy in your inward walk. May your eyes behold the creation of your brothers and sisters of air, earth, wind, fire and all the creatures of those densities. May you love life as you experience it, and may you find comfort in each other.

It has been a great privilege to speak with you. We feel particular love for each of you, and would send you our blessings through this instrument. We wish you to know that at any time that you are meditating and you wish us to be with you in that meditation, you have merely to mentally request our presence. We do not speak in a lone meditation, but many find our vibrations to cause meditative states to become achieved more easily and held for longer periods of time. We also find great benefit from sharing in your vibration. We would transfer at this time, with thanks to this instrument. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light. At this time it is our honor to attempt to speak to those queries which may be placed before us. Before so doing, we would remind each that we speak according to our experience and our opinion, and do not wish our words to be taken as anything other than that. May we begin with a query, my friends?


I am Q’uo, and we find that we have in our opening message spoken to much which was upon the mind of one or two, and which for this evening will suffice for the answering of queries. We thank each, as always, for inviting our presence and for allowing us to speak our humble words to each here and to each heart. We join with this group in the seeking of the love and light of the one Creator through all experience, and we rejoice that we have traveled this distance with this group this evening. We shall be with you in your future gatherings, and shall be happy once again to share that which is ours to share. At this time we shall take our leave of this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.