(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are full of gratitude that you have called us to your meeting this evening, for it is such a great pleasure for us to drink in your vibrations and the vibratory beauty that surrounds you.

We have been listening to your conversation, and would like to say a few words concerning the operation of the process of initiating contact. This instrument was correct in stating that it is helpful for the new instrument to start the process before the process is completely matured. In other words, it is well that instruments who are learning to perceive by concept communication begin somewhere, and attempt continually to manifest whatever words seem to come forth.

However, this instrument did not quite have the reasons in line with our opinion, as this instrument felt that it was helpful to channel portions of self. From our point of view, as those who are sending to a receiver, we find it helpful that the receiver be turned on. It is as simple as that. When the receiver is on, that is, when the instrument is availing itself of whatever communication it can, be it garbled or not, we are able to assess and calibrate that particular receiver’s needs so that we may enter into the energy web of the biochemical body of the instrument with as little discomfort as possible and emit our communication concept by concept within the upper reaches of the subconscious mind. This is the way we begin with a new instrument. One may think that one is availing oneself of contact and turning one’s instrument on by simple intent. However, until a new instrument has had some experience in what happens when the instrument is on, it is quite impossible for a new instrument who is not actually channeling to know whether or not the receiver is actually working.

Now, some ability in channeling of a kind is part of almost every new instrument’s experience. The experience occurs betwixt two entities in a relationship which, for some reason, is well tuned, so that the two instruments are able to receive fragments of communication by concept from each other. Needless to say, since the new instrument is certainly not adept at sending information or receiving it, these experiences are often had, but seldom complete.

Thus, each new instrument has some experience in concept communication. This is what we offer. We offer, in the conscious channeling program, concepts which must then be clothed with vocabulary. The simplicity of the process works against new students, for your peoples, when attempting creativity, tend to multiply concepts with detail rather than honing constellations of concepts into simpler and simpler terms. As the new instrument becomes more experienced, we are able to offer longer and more detailed series of concepts, and thus that which we ask the instrument to unlearn at the beginning of the process—that is, the multiplication of detail—is then relearned with one notable exception and difference—that is, that the governor which the conscious mind is has been damped down by the instrument so that external thoughts—that is, thoughts external to the communication—are allowed to flow away from the instrument, thus keeping the concentration of the instrument upon the most simple thing—that is, listening within.

Channeling becomes, then, one way to experience an improved meditation, for when the channel is busy listening for the next concept, the mind is stayed upon that point, becoming one large receiver. When we ask instruments to cease analyzing and relax, we are asking basically that the inner ear be turned on and that a continuing attention be paid to it. This is, in brief, a satisfactory definition of meditation, for when the conscious mind is turned down and the inner ear listens, then it is that the Creator speaks in whatever way is creative at that time and place.

What a new instrument is engaged in is creativity. A channel produces out of nothing a something which, it is hoped, will be beautiful, inspiring or useful, or perhaps all of those. Creating beauty, creating the feelings associated with divine love, is one great purpose of the existence of all consciousness, and the vocal channeling is one way of achieving the creative act which expresses the trust and love that each feels for that great love which is the Creator.

We therefore ask the instrument to relax. We shall attempt to create some movement in the facial and throat area as an indication that we are present, as the instrument has requested. We would like to speak our greeting at this time through the one known as D. We would at this time transfer. I am Hatonn.

[Long pause.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. My friends, we have about stretched this instrument’s jaws off, but are having somewhat more difficulty in moving the mandible of the one known as D. We shall again attempt to contact the one known as D. I am Hatonn.

[Long pause.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I greet you also in love and light. We have the privilege of coming among you so that, by experiencing various contacts, the one known as D may begin to have some subjective intimation of the reality of our presence. We are at this time attempting to seek ingress into the new instrument’s web of electromagnetic energy. We are those which often teach new instruments within this group. It was thought by us that the one known as Hatonn, being closer to the vibration to the one known as D in resonance and harmonics, would be the better choice to initiate contact. However, we can see that the very compatibility of this contact mitigates against the instrument’s demand—which it does not wish to make but is making in spite of itself—for proof.

It may be obvious by now that there is no proof. We are sorry for the disappointment of those who wish proof, but we are heart and soul, as this instrument would say, of the belief that any sort of objective proof of our presence or the proof of our statements is an infringement upon the free will of those who at this time in your density are making their choice to create, as co-creators with the Father, or to destroy, as co-creators with the darker energy.

We of Laitos like to encourage people to meditate. Indeed, ours has always been considered by this instrument to be somewhat of a simple contact—Johnny-One-Note we have been called by this instrument. She is embarrassed that we see this, yet it is true. Five seconds or five minutes is enough time to move into contact with that Being which is the Source of all beings, and within which each being has its being.

Let us now transfer to the one known as D, that the new instrument may experience our energy and perhaps find those slight differences which do exist between contact and contact. We transfer now. I am Laitos.


(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and am once again with this instrument.

We would suggest at this time a technique that has never been used with this group before, yet we feel that it is perhaps time—if we may use that term—to bring it out. We would ask that the circle come out of meditation, be seated upon the floor, and create, with or without thought, in as rapid a manner as one voice may come after another, a series of statements which imitate the channeled message. We ask the instruments to do this without thought, if possible; with thought, if necessary; but above all, with no pause between sentences except insofar as it is necessary to hear the previous sentence. We suggest that this be done for a period of approximately ten minutes, using two minutes and then resting, then another two minutes and then resting, and so forth. We suggest the use of one of your timers.

This instrument is questioning this process, for it is making up a channeling, which the instrument feels is taboo. However, in our opinion, the necessity with the one known as D is in overcoming the reluctance to speak. The force of this technique may be assessed after the ten minutes of practice have been completed.

My brothers, please do not think that we wish you to create your own channeling. Yet we have, with other groups, used this technique, and it has aided some who were armored against encroachment upon the inner planes. We may say to the one known as D that there is a strong guard upon the entrance to the world of the creation that lies within this instrument. The guard is there for a reason, yet the instrument wishes it to be removed for this one opportunity. Thusly, the work lies ahead. We wish each the luck and the enjoyment of this technique, and we thank you for having the desire to serve the infinite Creator. We, too, wish to serve.

We shall speak with this group again. For now, however, we shall leave you. We are those known to you as Laitos. We leave you in love and light.