(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We teach first this instrument and then turn to the main teaching. This instrument became concerned because no one wished to speak through her. “Who comes in the name of Christ?” she said. And Q’uo answered. “Do you wish me to speak now?” she said. “No,” said Q’uo. This was repeated with our own vibration and with that of Hatonn. We wish to say to the instrument known as Carla that silence is often an effective form of communication. We spent some time attempting to originate a contact through the one known as Jim. However, we found that this was not possible, so we begin.

We begin by thanking each of you for the great privilege of allowing us to work, especially with the new channel, but, indeed, with each in this room.

We wish to speak about that which is so often removed from the point of view of spiritual seekers, and that is the sense of humor, the sense of proportion, and the light touch. It would seem that when a seeker tackles the great questions of truth and life and being, every effort must be focused and there is no time for frivolity. Yet, the greatest lessons are those learned by balanced souls, and usually the balance [of] an incarnated soul is the product of a generous sprinkling of the small vices, excesses and overages of your Earth [inaudible]. This makes each seeker aware of its own imperfection, and allows the seeker to see the cosmic humor of living in physical vehicles made of clay. We would translate—we correct this instrument—we would transfer this contact to another instrument. We are Latwii.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we shall continue. The great attention that is of necessity, it would seem, directed toward the maintenance of the physical vehicle is that which seems to take a disproportionate amount of one’s time, and the efforts planning for the sustenance and comfort of the physical vehicle then becomes an activity of the mind as well. The mind is focused for a great portion of each day with those matters which concern the survival of the entity which seems to be made primarily of body and mind, and these efforts are those primary expenditures of energy for each entity within your illusion.

There comes a time, however, when each entity begins to ponder, in those moments of rest and silence, just what more there might be within the daily round of activities and the overall plan of the life than the continual maintenance of survival and expenditures of these kinds of energy. It is then that the seeker becomes aware that there is that which is not material, and frequently does not carry a certain name, and yet forms a kind of yearning within to know more of the nature of the life, the nature of the creation in which the creature finds itself, and the source of all that occurs about one and within one.

And thus the yearning to know what is loosely called the Truth begins to inform the activity of the seeker, so that as it focuses upon the survival of the physical vehicle and the directing of the mental energies, it also has within a secret and safe portion of its being, the room for seeking greater truths and more nourishing perceptions of reality and the self.

We shall transfer at this time.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and I am with this instrument. We enjoy this communication very much, yet we find that the one known as D has constricted his channel because of the fear of misperceiving our words and speaking others. We encourage the new instrument to take the risk of misperception, for there is the difficulty of the rehearsal. It is distasteful, perhaps, to sight-read and to spend the long hours in moving slowly through passages. The concert at the end of that time seems far away, and the hours of practice do not seem to be so rewarding. Yet, when the concert finally comes, the student is ready.

In this analogy we mean to imply that the one known as D can make the mistaken notes, the errors in fingering, and all of the mistakes which would mar a perfect performance, for the entity is a student, only just begun upon a quite long course of study, a study in which learning takes place for many lifetimes, as quickly as the student acknowledges the need for further skill. Thus, we ask the instrument known as D to relax and allow thoughts to flow from within, questioning not once the tuning and challenging has been done, but merely accepting the gifts of the conceptual subconscious. We move through the conceptual subconscious, and our thoughts are indeed your thoughts; there is no perceptible difference in your or any instrument’s ways of realizing experience.

We would again transfer to the one known as D, and wish this new instrument beginner’s luck. We are Latwii.

(D channeling)

I am Latwii. The instrument has been somewhat intimidated by what it perceives as the quality of our initial teaching, and feared—and felt a lack of ability to bring through teachings of similar perceived quality. Such perfectionism is admirable in its own way, but serves at this point to erect an insurmountable barrier. This instrument can allow itself to be free of judgments and comparisons. We can help it to establish a new pattern of expectation based on spontaneity and eventually on confidence that what appears accurately reflects our message.

Let us talk to express an experience which is creating this confusion. When a concept is initially picked up, it is relatively easy for us to direct the working out of its expression. It is [inaudible] experienced as that caused by a break in the path, in the train of thought. But after completion of the expression of that concept, while the instrument probes its own mind, looking about in some confusion as to which direction to turn now, it is at this point that the rational mind has an opportunity to erect new blocks of doubt and analysis. These moments are as hurdles, which will become easier to clear with practice.

Doubts can originate at other times in this process, and the mind can indulge itself in an infinite regress of questioning.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and am again with this instrument. We are most grateful for the opportunity to exercise the new instrument, and may we say how satisfied we are at those concepts which we were able to transmit. They may well be helpful for the instrument, and indeed we hope so. Yet, more helpful than anything that we can say is that answering “amen” from that inner room within which holds all the knowledge and understanding of the Creation, that great storeroom which speaks not to the mind but to the heart, and resonates when the mind hears the heart’s truth.

We shall not preach much more. We wish only to finish the thought we began with this evening, for we find that humor—and, my friends, we are made of humor—is not overly valued among your peoples, and we should encourage its value. Using the terminology which we find this instrument uses and which is also that taught to us by our teachers, we would gaze at the usage and helpfulness of humor, regardless of which energy center it resonates within.

Humor which lays bare the awkwardness of the human body in sexual terms, the differences betwixt sexual beings and all of those things having to do with the sexual drive, are those images of red ray, which are painful for the mind/body/spirit complex to assimilate, especially during that part of your incarnation where you go through puberty.

There are strong needs for orange-ray humor, humor about relationships, humor about living intimately with people who are imperfect. Within your density, this ray may be considered a pressure-cooker with no vent, and humor is indeed a blessing.

We find you have your racial jokes, your ethnic jokes, your religious jokes, jokes at which what this entity would call civilized people do not actually wish to laugh, yet they do, and they must, because work in yellow ray has not yet been completed by the majority of your peoples, and these bits of humor are a marvelous safety valve, a marvelous way of sharing and thus defusing the poison of prejudice.

The humor of the heart chakra is perhaps the greatest blessing of all, for it sees the human comedy in balance, in all its foolishness and all its beauty.

The blue ray sense of humor is not shared by as many among your peoples as all the other forms. It is what this instrument would call the punning, the playing with words to make them dance and live and create new combinations of thought.

The humor of indigo ray is silent, explosive, peaceful and spontaneous, yet that humor is also a sardonic humor, a humor in balance, and most often a humor without words.

All of these portions of laughter and joy in its various distortions are healers, healers of the broken rhythms of imperfectly perceived lives. We say imperfectly perceived, yet we hope that you understand that in the end each perception is perfect. It is only that the seeker’s path moves on, and habits of mind which limit the viewpoint often need to be shed, yet humor abides, and perfection abides, and in every change and combination of events still are you who you are, [inaudible].

Do you not find this humorous that one can be imperfect and yet perfect? That one can be in a body of dust and clay, and yet live forever? What a marvelous maker are we who are the Creator. Rejoice in the endless humor of an infinite universe.

We would close through the one known as Jim. It has truly been a pleasure using this instrument, and we thank it. We are those known to you as Latwii, and we transfer now.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and before we extend our closing through this instrument, we would ask if our assessment of the evening has been correct and that there seem to be few queries. Before we leave, however, we would ask if there might be a query to which we could speak?

Well, I’m always able to provide questions. My real question is sort of a meta-question, a question about questions, and whether it’s counterproductive to analyze my experience at this point or whether it could be productive and there are things to be learned by questioning and trying to understand intellectually. I know there are some phenomena that are better simply experienced, at least temporarily, and not impeded with questions. How do you see this process at this stage in relation to my usual attempts to understand things intellectually?

I am Latwii, and we are again with this instrument. We find that your demonstration of ability at this time is that of the neophyte, and is that which is progressing as best as one could hope for the beginning instrument. Each instrument will find a certain level of questioning and analyzing in regard to its own progress of aid. In your particular instance, you are aware that your tendency to intellectualize the process is that which can both be of aid and be of somewhat of a hindrance, for the remaining within the intellectual mind which needs the rational for each movement and the explanation for each result is that which can both block and hinder the transfer of thought from mind to mind when this process is not totally explainable in terms that may be understood.

Therefore, we cannot give you a clear indication of whether it would be in your best interests to question and question further. We must leave this decision in your capable hands, for you are at this time working with the knowledge that the questioning has two edges, shall we say. We are happy to speak to any concern which you may have, and we open ourselves to that possibility at this time.

Is there anything to be gained from specific feedback? I mean, I could ask you about almost every thought that entered my mind in the process of vocalizing—verbalizing the message. I mean, I would be capable of accepting that kind of feedback—whether this is coming through clearly or being overly colored by my own mind. Is there any value in that sort of questioning—in moderation, of course—or is that more likely to lead to impediments?

We feel that the questioning to this degree would be somewhat deleterious to your progress, for you are, as we stated before, progressing according to the general pattern of a new instrument, which is to say that in such a situation the percentage of thought transference from the contact through the instrument in ratio to the instrument’s own thoughts that are fed into the transmission is usually weighted in favor of the instrument’s providing thoughts which the contact will then attempt to turn, slowly but steadily, toward the theme or message that is being transmitted.

Therefore, in your contact with our vibration this evening, we found that the most efficient way of making our presence known and of transmitting our thoughts through your instrument was to activate some thoughts within your own conscious and subconscious minds that might be helpful in your understanding of the process of channeling, and also in partaking of this process by speaking those thoughts, which we then were able to infuse with a greater and greater portion of our desired contact.

Thus, it must be understood that in the initial stages, much of the new instrument’s contact will be that which has been activated by the entity speaking through the instrument. That will then be blended and bent toward—shall we say—the information that awaits transfer.

May we speak further, my brother?

No. That was extremely clear. Thank you very much. No more questions.

None from me.

I am Latwii, and we see that we have convinced you that there are few queries this evening. We are also a transparent manipulator, but are very happy to be manipulated in turn, for we find that in your culture it is that turnabout is fair play, and we wish to be more than fair with each, for we are most happy to be able to speak our humble words through each instrument, and we hope that each this evening has found our assistance to be helpful.

We look forward to those times during which we may be able to join this group. We are old as a contact with this group, but have been little used of late, for there are others within the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator who have found the ability and honor of speaking to and through this group to be that which is of greater necessity and efficacy than is our own desire to speak through this group. We cherish each moment shared with those within this circle of seekers, and at this time would bid each a fond adieu, and would leave each in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.