Concerning the nature of the energies that are now pouring more into our reality and people’s lives and how they’re affecting people, causing more tension, stress, strain and confusion in relationships at home, at work, and so forth.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Joyfully do I greet each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a great blessing for us to share with you the consolation of meditation and the precious and fruitful gift of silence together. We offer our greeting to each and our love, and especially do we welcome those known as C and J who are new to our acquaintance in this group. How grateful we are that you seek our humble opinion upon the question of what is occurring to cause so many entities upon your planet’s sphere at this time a seemingly never-ending array of stress and difficulty.

Let us first gaze at a great pattern, a pattern of creation in which the Creator not only creates but continues to create in a certain rhythm, so that vast galactic cycles are begun and time begins to have sway. The cycles continue from galaxy to constellation to solar system to planet to individual, for you, just as each planet and star, are a part of the Creator and a part of every whit of energy that has begun and is continuing and shall begin in the future within the universe. You, then, holder of the name of creator and co-creator with the one original Creator bear within your frail physical bodies the seed of every rhythm and cycle within creation.

To bring the scale back down to the question, we ask you to gaze at the remarkable unique cosmic entity that has seeded itself within that physical shell that you wear. This physical shell is subject to the pressures and energies of many different cycles of creation. Thus, when we begin to speak about difficulties which are peculiar to your time and place upon this planet within this incarnation within this space and time nexus, we must talk about not one but several influences.

The greatest in scale of these influences is the pressure of creation to gain and persevere in movement. The restless free will, which is the cornerstone of all manifested creation, is of such a nature that it expresses itself within the third-density personality such as your own by gazing at whatever catalyst comes its way with an eye towards movement of some kind.

This restless free will is further influenced in a benign way by the nature of third-density existence. That nature may be expressed by one word: choice. This is that level of being within which each of you shall ultimately make your choice of paths toward the one infinite Creator. Each of you will choose now or eventually to serve the Creator by serving others or to serve the Creator by serving the self. The almost ludicrous over-dramatization, which catalyst often seems to offer one, stems from the rather obvious and definitely dramatic choice which each entity must needs make. These influences would be the same for any third-density planetary environment.

This particular planet offers another rhythm or cycle which influences entities at this particular time. Much has been said about the coming of a new age of harmony, love and understanding. The so-called golden age has already had its birthing, and thus there are more and more entities upon your planetary sphere which are nascent fourth-density beings, incarnated in dual third-density and fourth-density bodies, those who have come as pioneers to attempt to express fourth-density understanding within the environment you now experience.

Thus, each of you may well feel the challenge and immediacy of making your choice, for time grows near when there shall no longer be incarnational opportunities in third density for your planet, for soon it shall be vibrating in fourth density.

Now let us bring the scale down as small and as infinite as each entity’s heart and mind. The third density is a density wherein people are attempting to learn lessons connected not only with experiences with others, but also with groups of others. Thus, as each of you incarnates again and again, you come closer and closer to making the choice, and therefore you are more and more biased in your thinking.

This is also true of those who are tending toward a decision to seek the Creator by following the service-to-self path. When entities which wish to serve the Creator by serving the self achieve what you would call political power, they come to be effective instruments of the failed attempts to control others, which is termed warfare. Failed, we say, because power and freedom lie in a place which no one and no power can shake or remove. The greatest of altercations can end only in the freeing of the individual who has been brutalized through the gates of physical death.

Now we wish to address that level from which we feel, in our opinion, that so very much confusion and stress arise from. It is interesting for us to note that among your peoples, and by this we mean those which dwell within your culture which this instrument would call American or Western, great store is set upon information. We find that within what seems to us to be an eyeblink of time you have gained information potential from your telephone, your wireless radio, your television, your computer and all those systems which employ the gadgets which mankind has created as co-creators.

We ask you to ponder the implications of the explosion of information. Consider what a life experience would be like dwelling within an environment in which communication was exceedingly slow, in which demands could not possibly be met immediately because they could not be stated without climbing upon the back of one of your animals or riding in a carriage pulled by one of your animals or walking a small or large distance in order to do your business. That which was desired would be shaped, enjoyed, planned for, but without the anxiety for instant gratification. The television which offers instant events in word and picture also offers information concerning travel, cosmetics, aids to alleviate pain—in other words your advertising—bringing you the opportunity to desire many, many things and to expect those desires to be met very quickly.

This is the nature of your outer environment. It is one which is dictated by the will of a people who do not wish yet to awaken. By and large this people is not expected to move on to fourth density. Many, many upon your planet shall once again don the third density garment of body and move through another cycle upon another planet. There is all the time in the world, or shall we say, the creation. No single spirit is ever lost. There is always movement. In some entities it may be rather slow compared to those who, with a ready will and great desire, keep their minds and their hearts upon that choice of service to others.

When this question was first expressed, we believe the questioner spoke of relationships that failed, employment that failed, that it seemed that people had great difficulties, more so than in the past. Perhaps you may see that a goodly portion of this stress is based upon the raised expectations which have been brought before the eye of the seeking soul by all of the means of communication, by all of the information concerning that which is possible to achieve. Expectations are raised higher and higher, and free will insists that each expectation be followed to some conclusion.

When we say to you that each of you designed your incarnation with a careful eye to placing before yourself certain obstacles and disappointments, we are perhaps telling you nothing new. However, to those who expect that all things shall be calm and peaceful at all times, we can only remind each that none of you came into incarnation to go on leave, or as this instrument would say, to take R and R. There is within you, remember, the Creator, much blurred, much distorted in expression, but true seed of that one great original Thought. Yes, my children, as you grow, as that seed within you sprouts and flourishes more and more, what you shall grow into is the Creator, nothing more, nothing less. This is your nature. But how to find, how to rediscover that lost wholeness which each of you instinctively knows is there?

Let us look, for instance, in answer to this question at a relationship which may have become muddied and confused. The purpose, spiritually speaking, of relationships is for each of the partners to express to the other partner as would a mirror the reflection of what that partner has given to you. When another communicates with you, especially in response to something you have said or done, that entity is serving as your teacher. It is to be hoped always that that entity will serve as a clear and honest teacher, giving you accurate information about what you are showing by what you say or do.

When an entity keeps reflecting to you again and again a less than positive, happy face, a less than peaceful tenor, then many who have not yet awakened to spiritual reality say that their relationship is no longer good, that their relationship has suffered, that they are not meant for each other—and this may be true, but not, not, my children, ever because there is a seeming disharmony between two mirrors reflecting each other. The great gift of this relationship, then, is its very disharmony as well as the harmony that is so easy to love and enjoy.

The trick of the mind which puts a seeking spirit back upon the spiritual track is to stop the process of reaction to seeming disharmony long enough to ask what the source is that created that reflection that seems so painful to you, and then to turn from disharmony by acknowledging that your partner’s reflection must indeed be true at some level. This then clears the way for you and your partner—you and your mirror—to come together in mind and heart, and seek together the distortion that lies behind the disharmony. Each of you may help the self and the other merely by being honest and open and acknowledging each situation as being spiritually meaningful and worth the untangling.

At the back of every argument there lies a wonderful challenge. This is so too of difficulties within the workplace, and, indeed, of any difficulties whatever. If you within yourself have committed yourself to the wakeful vigil of conscious seeking, then perhaps you shall be more eager than some to mine every disagreement as if it were productive of gold—for indeed there is no situation, no challenge, no difficulty that is not filled with grace, the grace that is available to a heart which seeks in faith that there is a reason, perhaps a mysterious one, but one which tends toward your good. One may gaze then upon war, argumentation and conflict upon any level and see people like yourself who have not yet made their peace with the system by which entities within incarnation upon your planet gain in spiritual strength and compassion.

Each of you has a central general lesson which you have set for yourself. Each of you has gifts, gifts which are the product of incarnations and incarnations of development, which express themselves most usually in smiles and laughter and the ability to share joy and cheer with others. May each of you have that faith which it takes to deal with all the cycles which bring about stress, from the petty raised expectations of your television to the increased vibratory disharmonies which mark the end of a dualistic age, to that great slow heartbeat of creation which is the movement of the ceaseless free will of the one infinite Creator.

At this time we would leave this instrument and transfer this contact, with gratitude, to the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our honor and privilege to open this gathering to any further queries which those present may find the value in the asking. We would again remind each that we give but that which is our opinion and fruit of seeking and wish each to take only those words offered that find meaning, forgetting those that do not. Is there a query at this time?

Okay, I have a question. I read an opinion by a woman that was called only Peace Pilgrim, not too long ago, and she suggested that the reason that people didn’t get along so well anymore, or they didn’t get along for very long and kept splitting up, was that so many people were old souls and they had a bunch of different lessons to learn from different people, and that it shouldn’t be held against anybody, that people should be encouraged to leave what people call bad marriages because that was just the natural rhythm of things. And that seemed like a very lovely answer, although it hasn’t matched my experience. And from your answer it seemed like you were suggesting that you’d almost be glad if there were some conflict between you and your partner because that would mean that you’re doing work. You don’t mean to carry that to the extent of suggesting that you look for challenging situations, or do you?

I am Q’uo, and to speak to the latter portion of the query first, we would not suggest to any seeker that difficulty beyond that which normally arises in any life pattern be sought, for if one has the frame of mind of looking for that which is difficult, it might become the experience of such an entity that difficulty without resolution would become the pattern of the life experience. Rather we offer the suggestion that each incident…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. Is there a further query, my sister?

Yes, just one more along the same line. You were talking about heightened expectations and what springs to my mind first, I guess, is romantic love. I’ve often read it—although I’ve seldom heard it said in my lifetime—that romantic love is a very foolish and immature thing, and that arranged marriages were the better way of mating because then the two partners understood the nature of their relationship and were not disheartened when difficult times came, since they were not expecting to be blissfully happy always. What do you think of romantic love?

I am Q’uo. The terms “romantic love” are a description of one aspect of the love and compassion which exists as a natural force between all portions of the creation. Each entity develops with its being an image or perception that corresponds to any or many aspects of love which are perceived by any who seek in this direction. The means of perceiving through the mental images of a culture and an individual experience distorts that which is seen and sought in a fashion which corresponds to that which has been learned and experienced. Each will adapt any learned image to the personal experience, and thus both offer the opportunity for the expansion of the point of view and the containment of the point of view within new and understandable boundaries.

The romantic aspect of love which is provided in your culture of instant communication is that which offers a kind of continual infatuation, that force which draws the naive male and female together as the iron filing to the magnet. This is a necessary portion of the mating process, for it offers the first feeling of pleasure and purpose that will begin the interaction that may ripen over time and experience into that learning which the entity has placed for itself before the incarnation. However, the expectation that this beginning attraction will continue untarnished and untested throughout the duration of the relationship is often most unrealistic and provides yet further catalyst for growth within the relationship.

May we respond further, my sister?

No. As a born romantic, I thank you for showing that it’s a necessary and good part of things. I’m very satisfied with that. I appreciate that. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Q’uo, and we feel that for this evening we have exhausted those queries which we take great pleasure in entertaining and responding to. We would at this time like to thank each for offering to us the opportunity to speak and to blend our vibrations with yours. It is a great honor to join such a company of seekers. We look forward to each such opportunity and at this time would take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I greet you in love and light of infinite One. We have to say we come in name of Christ again. Why not once Zoroaster? Huh? We wish that this instrument would stop being so provincial, but we come in name of Christ—of course.

So. We want to be a part of this team show, you know. We going to say a few words to you about this subject of the evening. We want to know why you people are so interested in one thing and do another? This puzzle us. Say you love the clothes. Why it not make you happy to go try on all your clothes? Why, you could spend hours that way. Hmm? Or, if you want to be peaceful, why you not be peaceful? You all the time talking and arguing as if that was what you wanted to do. The strife and confusion leave the one who does not want strife and confusion. So, drop away and forget what you have decided is not important, and then you will have a merry life, a merry life!

I Yadda. We want you to have a life of joy. We want for us to have a life of joy and we have one. Oh, we enjoy ourselves. Now you too, desire more clearly and visualize your peace and your love, and this love will be all around you. Be merry. We leave you in love and light of the infinite Creator. We are Yadda. Adonai.