Why is it so difficult to radiate in love and light to those nearest and dearest to us, our mates for example, rather than being as easy as to those we don’t know as well?

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I greet you in the love and in the light of one infinite Creator and in gratitude do those of us who call ourselves Latwii send blessings and love to each, yet most especially to the one known as B whom we have not sat with in this circle for some time. Please know that we travel, even to Nova Scotia, and are with the one known as B at her request. It is indeed a delight to be with this group. We have great delight in sharing your meditation and are even hopeful of taking a flyer at the question posed this evening. We hope you will pardon us our adjustments and non-meaningful comments as we adjust ourselves to this instrument whom we have not used for some of your time. We would tell jokes, except it would disturb this instrument’s concentration; for our sober delivery we do apologize. We like to put a little more color in our meetings, but this instrument has grown sober minded of late, we fear. We feel we have good contact now.

You state that love and light seems far more easily given to any besides the immediate family, the mate, the loved ones. And you wonder why this is so and what can be done to bring the situation to balance. We would like to take a long look, a look from another vantage point, at this same situation in hopes that we may be of some service. As always, we could be wrong, for we are only pilgrims, as you. Therefore, we pray that you will use your discrimination to recognize what is true for you and pass the rest.

The entity which is in incarnation within third density upon your planet’s surface at this time is an entity of a certain kind. This is an entity which is, within the heart, and the heart of hearts, one with the Creator and co-creator of the entire universe. Around this seed of love, love being the nature of deity, there grows a large amount of material, thoughts, biases, motives, opinions, understandings, experiences, mind, heart, emotions, the body and the demands of the body. And where the field of force of a unit of consciousness seemingly stops, there starts the vibrations of all else which are perceived by the incarnate being as those things which are other than the self and which in some way may need a reaction from the self. This is your incarnate situation.

Perhaps you have thought about why you are in incarnation at this particular time under these particular circumstances. When the circumstances are difficult, that concern, that query, that, “Why me? Why now? Why this?” becomes a threnody of unspent tears, restrained grief, quiet sorrow. And it is all too easy to see things from within the body which is within the other and far, so very far, from the light whence all sense they have come and for which each pilgrim yearns.

Yet, let us examine this stance and see if we really think this is the situation. It is the opinion of Latwii that the situation is other. It is our understanding that the one infinite Creator and all those helping forces, which you call by name such as guardian angel, higher self, spirit guides, and teachers, have conspired with you in your heart of hearts, e’er incarnation ever began, gazing at the plan of the one infinite Creator for harmonizing all things, balancing all things, offering the maximum opportunity for service, for learning, for growth.

It is our understanding that out of this creative collaboration of the personal self, the impersonal self, and that great non-personal self, which is the Christed deity of love, have offered an incarnational plan which is without reference to what might have been or what should have been, the precise plan for maximizing the opportunities of the incarnation for learning, for growth, and for service. Thusly, when the question is asked, “Why this? Why now? Why me?” the question by itself, by its very nature, blocks the flow of the harmonious unfoldment of the self’s plan which is the Creator’s plan as it concerns your precious, much adored and eternal self.

With this said, it may be seen that, in our opinion, the correct question to ask in the circumstance of seeming disharmony is along the lines of a love letter to the self:

Dearly beloved, sweet confused Self,“ you should say to yourself. “It must be so that this circumstance is blessed, for there is nothing in all creation that is not blessed. Therefore, Creator/Creation, show me, speak to me, let me know where is the love, where the learning, and where the service in this situation which I know beyond all appearance to be good.

Signed, Your puzzled surface mind

Let us suggest that the surface self—by which we mean the entire conscious thinking self of which you are aware—is a hostage sent out into a seemingly chaotic sea of experiences which are grounded in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Upon your planet you have the trading of money and the buying of land and ownership seems to be reality. In truth, one has only to gaze upon your beautiful planet from the vantage point of orbit about it to see that it is the Creator’s planet, every square inch. Your life also is not owned by you. You are rather a tenant, one who rents temporarily the honeyed spark of Earth life, the sharp sting of experience, for pleasure or for woe.

Now, how does a lease-holder operate when the landlord is seemingly absent? Often, because there is no ownership, the premises are not fixed up or repaired, the grounds are not beautified, and the rented place has the look of transience, not the look of loving care. Yet, what if that property were owned by your Father, who gives freely, loves dearly and asks only that as you rent the property, you love it, cherish it, beautify it, harmonize it, so that it welcomes all in comfort. Such is your choice in the living of the tenanted life in a temporary physical vehicle.

Know and remember that the circumstances that you have are the house of your experience at this time. Treasure your Father’s house and know it to be good and bring it increase by planted seed which takes faith, in brightly covered pillows and cushions of thought and deed, to beautify even more the Creator’s wonderful gift. Know that your stewardship of this life which you count from the first breath to the last of your physical body is the stewardship of a spark of infinite creation, a consciousness that is the consciousness of love itself, and honor that which you are.

Those who hear these words may perhaps also take comfort in the following thought, and that is that some of you have chosen not only to experience within the incarnation to learn to grow and to serve, but also to maintain the high places within the consciousness, the watchtowers of love, which beam forth as light sources to the planet upon which you now enjoy incarnation, to the entities upon it, to the Earth itself and to those energetic vibratory levels within the Earth’s atmospheres which are in dire need of that great watch, faithfully held.

Those of you to whom these words express a recognizable duty and honor may know that whether you seem to be a businessman, a homemaker, a queen or a shepherd, there is that inner citadel, at the top of which is a watchtower, and the only lamp that is lit is the lamp lit by the deepest heart as it gazes in worship and adoration from light into light, knowing light, accepting light, blessing light and allowing the crystal of the heart of hearts to turn the self into the metaphysical lamp upon the hillside, the city upon the hill, not for the notice or understanding or thanks of mankind, but for the doing of it alone, for the keeping of the watch. In many cases this, the keeping of a faithful watch, is the primary mission or task set for the self before the incarnation.

There are many wanderers which will recognize themselves in these words, wanderers who have come to a confused and baffling plane and are saturated in the intricacies of incarnation, yet who still, again and again, in thought stray to the watchtower.

If it calls you, go, not only in meditation. Allow the watchtower to call you again and again, for moments, for minutes, hours, for the incarnation, until your desire to serve as conduit for light and love on the totally unspoken vibratory planes is satisfied.

One more thought as we leave you through this instrument. The entities which have come within the care of those who find these relationships difficult are entities that you may have chosen to learn from by suffering, coming to understand the expectations and attachments which lead to suffering and moving thence more and more towards a balancing of “the way of a man with a maid,” as this instrument would quote.

It is rare, in these latter days of your cycle, that any two mated entities are together for the first time. Often the two are together, one to challenge the other and the other to challenge the first, for those things which are the most difficult within physical incarnation are indeed the expressing of a clear love energy to the entity closest to one. This has nothing to do in general as a principle with the relative pleasantness or unpleasantness of the personality with whom you are involved. It has to do rather with the dailiness of experience and that great tendency of the personal self to form attachments to the outcome of one’s behavior. It is, if not easy, certainly easier to love the stranger, the acquaintance, or the friend whom one sees only socially, to share with that person all love and all light, than it is to express that full-fruited, open-hearted song of joy to one who has not fulfilled your expectations.

Now, my friends, we ask you to examine your human personalities. There is within them a strong instinct for justice, for rightness, for fairness, for absolute values. These desires, these hopes are excellent. The difficulty lies in attempting to apply them in service to self, for it is service to self to wish that others might behave toward you in a certain manner, might give you certain portions of the time, the money, the caring, the touching. How difficult it is to set one’s mate completely free and to stand only and eternally as friend and partner within the life experience. How very difficult that challenge feels. We do not negate it for you and tell you it is a small thing. It is one of the greater lessons of third density to cease in the expectation of any outcome for any action which you may choose to do in your desire to be of service.

Think of yourself, then, as a spiritual being, as the Creator Itself, one which does not need others except so that it may be of service to the Creator by means of service to them. Experience the joy in a mated relationship of knowing that that entity which is your mate will mirror to you those very things about the self that are out of balance so that the self may work upon them. There is a harmony within the universe which is absolute. All that you experience and all that you see and all that of what you hear is a portion of an harmonious development of creation which in every fiber praises, expresses and manifests that great original Thought of love.

If you are weary, move in thought to the citadel which has windows to heaven, and gaze beyond the stars at the profound and tumultuous joy which is crystallized in every star, in every piece of the infinite creation, in every piece of consciousness, and know that you are in the process of shaping and faceting and crystallizing your own expression of the infinite Creator so that your consciousness more and more has a heartbeat of joy and peace. And if that joy and peace flees before the footstep of the dearly beloved mated, one with which one does not agree, acknowledge the disagreement, smile at the thought of remaining upon the surface, and move away from the here and now of illusion into the far deeper, timeless present of infinite love.

Five seconds within the citadel of that consciousness may indeed create that mind even upon the surface of things which may see the true harmony that is the plan of the infinite Creator, a plan which incorporates free will at every turn, a plan where the essential and unmovable lessons are there in emotional and mental structure awaiting the clothing of circumstance, so that if you face a circumstance and are not able to see love within it, you may rest secure and peaceful in the realization that that same circumstance shall come to you again and it shall be a time of testing. And each time, it matters not whether you win or lose the game of consciousness-raising; it matters greatly whether you purely, deeply, lovingly intend so to create love.

Those about you may not understand your point of view. It is not necessary…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…it is not necessary that any understand you. Let it be your hope, rather, to gaze upon the situation with the faith and truth in the Creator’s plan, in your own plan, and with firm intention to offer to the situation your love, your understanding, for you shall not receive love and you shall not receive understanding by seeking it, but only by attempting to give it.

We shall be with you in the citadel of the waiting, trusting, loving consciousness. We shall be with you, as part of you is in the citadel, and the other doing the ironing, the dishes, the blueprint, the lesson plan, the design, the painting or whatever occupies the life. Those who serve most effectively are quite simply those who remain persistently and doggedly and joyfully aware that there is rightness, appropriateness and wonderful opportunity in your situation right now.

You certainly do not know all about why the situation is helpful. This is far better learned in meditation, and may we say that we see meditation as a time of moving up into the citadel and then moving away from the window into the inner room, into the darkness, into the silence, into that which seems nothing, that you may trust and allow the silence and the darkness to teach you, to fill you, to repair you, to nurse, cherish and comfort you. Then you may in mind climb down the tower steps, step out onto your tenanted life experience, gaze at the troublesome mate, the difficult situation, with faith and love anew and know that you are an ambassador, an ambassador of love and light.

May each of you treat his or her mate as a friend, expecting nothing, offering all and knowing when that balanced all is sufficient, so that you do not become the martyr, but rather do all things in joy, without reference to any other, but acting as a sovereign, a king or queen of the great kingdom of your consciousness. Thus, you shall be a bad tenant no more, but rather exercise great stewardship in your days and nights, moving into whatever streets, whatever alleys, whatever situations your harmonious unfolding plan offers you, yet remaining more and more within the citadel where a portion of you keeps faithful watch for all of humankind.

If you knew the tears of joy that we feel as we gaze upon those who keep that lonely watch, lost to true knowledge of what they are doing, going only on faith and trust, you would perhaps feel comforted, for you are never alone in the citadel that gazes upon the Creator.

We have been most grateful to have used this instrument which is somewhat fatigued. We hope that we have not spoken overlong. We were attempting to be very brief and snappy but perhaps the question was too good for us to answer in any briefer way. We appreciate the great concern each of you has for the living of a love-filled life. We leave this instrument at this time and we transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Latwii.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time we are honored to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any further queries which those present may offer to us. Again, we offer that which is our opinion, and wish it to be known that it is no more than that. Is there a query with which we may begin?

My mother is very ill. I would like very much to be part of a healing. Can you shed some light on her illness?

I am Latwii, and that which we may share in this instance is perhaps far less than you had hoped, for we desire not to tread upon the life path of another to the degree that we may alter the steps taken in any fashion. But we find that there are some general qualities of this life experience which we may share.

The entity is one which has for a great portion of its incarnation given in a selfless manner to those that are close to it, and has felt the love in return for this service. That it would give in such a manner was a portion of the choices made previous to the incarnation, as each entity sets about the blueprint, shall we say, for the incarnation prior to its beginning. The difficulty which is now apparent within the physical incarnation is that which provides a symbolic representation of further ramifications and refinements of the balance to the giving, that is, in some degree and in some sense, to receive.

The exact nature of this process is that which must remain, from our paint of view, yet hidden, for the untangling of each knot of experience offers to those who work the puzzle a certain inspiration and strength of being and doing that is, shall we say, nutritious to the soul, however mistaken or ignored by the conscious mind. The overall movement in this physical difficulty is one which is toward the light of illuminating the life pattern in a sense which would not be possible without this experience.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I didn’t really hear all of the foregoing because I was channeling it, but I didn’t hear anything in the channeling which really gave me an instant handle on, say I’m a wife and I’m working very hard and my husband isn’t making any money right now, and he comes home and he criticizes my housework. This is manifestly unfair because I’m totally overworked, but he does it anyway. How exactly do you stop yourself from reacting to the unfairness? What can you use to keep yourself from entering into a transaction at that point?

I am Latwii, and it is not that we suggest one block the normal and spontaneous response to any situation, for it is most necessary that each entity not only express that which, shall we say, bubbles forth in a spontaneous fashion from within the depths of the being as a response to any situation, but that there be an attempt made following such a response to remove the small conscious self from the world of mundane things and place the consciousness within that location we have termed the citadel, that the greater view might be taken of the experience just past. By such retreat, one may begin to appreciate a greater purpose within the life pattern for the transaction which has occurred and might take, then, this appreciation into further communication with the other self in the light of the greater view and with the dedication to love and the granting of perfect freedom to the other self, that the wounds that may have been created might now be healed.

It is not that difficulties should be avoided, but that they might be utilized as catalyst for further growth and service and inspiration to others.

May we speak further, my sister?

Yeah, I’m still not satisfied. I got a clear impression towards the end, there was a sentence something about treat your mate as a friend. Now what you do with a friend, we basically know, is you comfort them when they’re discouraged or down and we pat them on the back when they’re great and we hope for the best for them and like that. That’s friendship. But when somebody’s coming at you in a confrontational manner, it’s hard to react to that person as a friend, because usually friends don’t do that to you, at least not without good reason, you know, not that unjustifiably—although I admit that there are some friends… But I’m trying to figure out how you can do that, how you can make your spouse or your mate or your lover your friend, and really make that primary. I think that was what you were trying to say, wasn’t it?

I am Latwii, and, indeed, my sister, this was a significant portion of that which we intended to convey, for if two spirits who have joined in the third-density illusion to learn and to serve in a certain fashion can begin to recall together within the illusion a greater and greater portion of the plan, shall we say, for the incarnations, then the difficulties that arise within the daily round of activities might at some point within their resolution be seen from the wider perspective of those mates of the soul who travel the same journey together and who, though convinced from time to time within the small moments of the life that such a thing must occur in this or that manner, realize more fully that each is there to serve the other and the one Creator in all and that the small, dedicated decisions that are used to pilot the daily round of activities might be released, and each might seek and praise the one Creator within the experiences that provide catalyst and growing difficulties for those who are unable to appreciate the opportunity within difficulty.

May we speak further, my sister?

So, basically you’re saying at some point the instinctive reaction will be, “Look at this person, this person is not in harmony with his plan, therefore he’s run afoul of certain immutable laws and he’s in trouble. I feel for this person, I’m sympathetic to this person, I want to console this person.” This is the transformation that you’re suggesting might come out of more time spent in the citadel. Is this correct?

I am Latwii. Not only is this correct, but there is the further implication that as one becomes more completely involved in the mutual attempt to utilize catalyst fully, that one will not only develop a compassion for the other, but one will begin to see the self within the other and will begin the more intensive work upon the self and the point of view that is bounded by the conscious beliefs that there might be work done upon the self in a fashion which alters the point of view to the extent that where others may see difficulty, one begins to see an opportunity to serve and to learn before any other feature of the situation is noticed.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, that really spoke to the heart of my query. Thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you once again, my sister. Is there another query?

If everybody’s through, I’ll just be frivolous, because I love to know. What color are you in these days? Are you still doing your scientific work?

I am Latwii, and we have shown this instrument a variety of colors, for we are experimenting, shall we say, with the blending of various subtle, what you could call, plum, with the apple green and tangerine, in order that the subtler energies that produce these vibratory oscillations that are perceived as colors might be available for study of their correlations within your planetary population, as it seeks to move from the individualized self that corresponds to the orange or tangerine and begins its movement into the all-compassionate love of the heart or green-ray energy center, and through further catalyst and processing of such begins the transformation that affects the Buddhic body or that which is of the violet ray. We study the color emanations, for within these vibrations there is contained much information of a nature that cannot be discerned by the outward eye. It is within our own citadel that we study in this manner.

May we speak further, my sister?

Those colors are the colors of Ariel, the west archangel. I was just wondering if this principle of earth and harvest and fullness is aiding you from the Earth plane in this study?

I am Latwii, and, indeed, it is the harvest, as you have called it, and the energies that are now a portion of this season upon your planetary sphere which we study intensively now in these realms of which we have spoken.

Yes, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Latwii. We have enjoyed greatly, my friends, the opportunity to join your meditation. It has been a great portion of your time since we have had this great privilege. We rejoice at such opportunity to be with you and to step upon the same journey with you. At this time we hope that we have not worn out your ears. We are so happy to have had the chance to speak, we fear we may have gone a bit far. “Too many words,” it may be said, but we hope that our joy at being with you has made this endurable for you. We shall take our leave at this time, thanking each again for inviting our presence, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.