On Breatharianism, the living on the air or sunlight, the prana, rather than on solid foods or liquids. What is it necessary for the third density human body to live upon in truth? Is it always necessary to live on the normal food and water, or at some point is it possible to live without these particular ingredients and to live upon a more pure substance that we would call air or prana?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, a member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. I and my brothers and sisters greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. With joy we welcome each and express our love and blessing for each, especially the one known as C, whom we have not seen in this circle for some weeks. May we say how grateful we are to be called to your group and to be allowed to offer our humble opinions in regard to the questions which you may find it helpful to ask. Know that our journey into your dimension is for only one reason, and that is to be of service to you. Thus, should any of our words constitute a stumbling block or simply seem not to ring with truth for you, we sincerely ask that these words be disregarded, for all of us are citizens of consciousness, studying the Creator in ourselves, and ourselves in the Creator. As fellow travelers, we greet you in joy.

We find that the query this evening has to do with purifying the life experience, most especially focusing upon the body experience during physical incarnation, that it may reflect a higher spiritual reality. That which is called Breatharianism is not foolish, nevertheless the principles involved are misunderstood. Let us look at this question one layer at a time to attempt to unravel the seeming paradoxes of the concept that one may live upon air, not taking food or water, and yet survive within your physical illusion.

Firstly, given the state of consciousness normal to third-density entities, we feel that it is not desirable that entities set themselves the goal of attempting to live without the bread and water which is food for the body. A good deal of damage can be done by one who sees a symptom of a condition as having a life of its own, and those who indeed within your illusion do live upon air or that which is called prana, divinely filled air, do so through grace and not by design.

There are those who come into incarnation with memories of music, and before anyone could expect excellence from such entities, they are astounding concert audiences. Others have other talents equally astounding, each in its own way. There are those who come into this experience with certain key memories untouched, and because of these carry-overs from previous incarnations, these entities are able, by availing themselves of grace, to work with the connections between your physical body and your spiritual or electrical body, so that that which feeds the finer body then rains manna down upon the physical.

We wish to emphasize that such a talent is not that of which one can be proud, nor is it an attainment which can be earned. By grace each of you remembers certain experiences, certain skills, certain biases, and because of these particular memories the life pattern is shaped in such a way that the entity may manifest these gifts and add to the great store of beautiful, inspiring and impressive artifacts. When one speaks of the gifts of personality, one often speaks of artifacts that are as ephemeral as life within your illusion. And when those people who share non-physical gifts end the physical existence, only the memory of such grace-filled individuals remains. This is the first layer of gazing at the thought of living upon air.

The next layer of investigation of this is to gaze at the question of what physical use it might be to body consciousness as it too reaches for the Creator to attempt to be able finally to fast and fill the vehicle with only the most light-filled plenum of air.

Actually there are two decisions to be made in this regard. Firstly, it is very true that for the benefit of the physical vehicle, the selection of foods ingested is not only important to health, but also creates a certain atmosphere for doing spiritual work. We find that within your culture, as we believe that each is already aware, that excess food, excess protein, and excess carbohydrate intake create the form within which the spirit does not find gracefulness, liveness and movement. In other words, it is quite true that eating of heavily weighted foodstuffs such as high protein meats and greatly refined carbohydrate armors the physical being against the finer concepts which the mind and spirit yearn for. The food itself weighs the entity down physically. The anticipatory hunger and constant yearning for food hampers and befuddles the mind and spiritual complexes, and, thus distracted, the seeking entity finds the attitude towards food an attitude which is over against and unhelpful to a conscious acceleration of spiritual evolution.

It is indeed well to eat lightly, sparingly and naturally. These things are truisms, yet it is worth repeating from our point of view, so that one who wishes to become more pure in the eating need not be swayed by those who feel threatened by such a search for purity.

Secondly, it is well to know that the process of physical creation of a higher intention creates an improved atmosphere for doing emotional, mental and spiritual work of a similarly purifying nature. We alluded earlier to those who find certain gifts or skills quite easy to display. This is so also with those who seek the one infinite Creator. It is well not to gaze at another’s journey or to compare one’s footsteps with those of another. Perhaps another person has attained great compassion, and perhaps this entity is stocky and shapeless within the body. This is possible. It is also possible for an entity to eat and drink only those items which are most highly recommended for spiritually oriented entities to assist in the purification and simplicity of the life experience. Many of these people shall be healthy, slender and quite in the dark comparatively in the spiritual and emotional sense. It is a path to be picked up by those who feel its call, to place the physical body in purer and purer circumstances both inwardly and outwardly. It is not the only path. It is one valid tool which any seeker may use in order to sharpen and sensitize emotion, heart and spirit.

Let us now gaze at the concept of prana or breath. Your creation and mine is a plenum, a vast infinity completely full of that light which is life itself in first manifestation. To breathe this prana-filled plenum of air is to breathe in oneself the primal love of the Creator. To exhale is to exhale all that within which is to be eschewed, eliminated and cast away. Other organs do this for the solid food and drink which entities upon your planet enjoy. The careful, intentional breathing, on the other hand, deals with catching up the stress and stale thought, the tired emotion and keen sorrow of the day.

Thus, to breathe is to inhale life itself; to exhale is to deliver oneself of the past, so that always it is an helpful exercise to breathe intentionally, taking great draughts of life-filled prana into the lungs, into every cell of the body, and then with every hope bent towards the successful completion of this exercise, to breathe out all those dark and stale experiences of the day, with each breath gaining in light and being lifted up from the darkness created within one’s own heart, emotions, mind, spirit.

It is especially helpful to have a safe and secure place within which to do this exercise, and it is recommended by us that those who wish to do this intentional breathing incorporate this exercise within the meditative period, perhaps at the beginning, as a kind of visualized mantra. For that which is done with the physical body, highly positive though that thing may be, is completely subject to the free will of yourself. You may breathe in all the air you wish and breath out again, but if the desire and visualization is not there and if there is no meditative state within which to anchor and ground this experience, the breathing will remain for you, as perhaps other things have, a kind of spiritual playtoy to take out and examine and then put away again.

Very, very few entities dwelling upon the surface of your planet at this time are able to live by breath alone. Those who do, do so by grace, that agency by which impossible things occur naturally, that agency which is one of the great primal distortions of a kindly Creator. We go now to the inner layers of the question of food for the spiritual self. The teacher known to you as Jesus the Christ fasted often, wishing to achieve not a pure life so much as an altered state of consciousness wherein the physical entity dropped away from consciousness and a union with the Father became possible. Often the Father came to the one known as Jesus in the form of what is known as the Devil or Satan. This is because any attempt to be of excellent spiritual devotion alerts the attention of those who do not wish that such pure light shine within the world which negatively oriented entities believe is already their own. To the one known as Jesus, fasting was simply a means of altering the consciousness and building more and more the tested and sure bond this entity found with the Father, whose Son he always felt that he was.

It is not in fasting precisely that our recommendations lie, but rather in a shift of focus, an alteration in our use of vocabulary, for the one known as Jesus the Christ stated during one confrontation with that portion of the Creator known as Satan, that man does not live by bread alone, but rather from every word which falls from the mouth of the Creator. This entity was expressing a principle, and the entity’s use of the word “word,” when saying that man lives by every word of the Father, was intended to be that which we would call the Logos or love.

There lives within each man and woman and child within creation the capacity for dwelling in realms of light, not only in those fragrant fields which await in larger life beyond the grave, but also and more importantly, at this time during this experience this involves a change of consciousness. Thus, we suggest that there is a food for which you hunger and for which you are starving. There is a drink which shall finally quench the thirst. This food and this drink is love, the Word, and you are seeking to become, as did the entity known as Jesus the Christ, the Son of Man, one who lives upon the Word of love.

The nature of physical existence is that of limitation and finite dimension. And those who seek that bread which no entity can have except by grace often become greedy and acquisitive, hoping to store up the love that made all of us, that Source to which we shall return. Yet this heavenly manna, this word, this love cannot be stored, but rather can only be gathered one day at a time. Thus, the one who wishes to live and think and feel more purely must turn not once but each and every one of your days to the seeking of that heavenly food and that paradisial drink, for love exists within the present moment. It is not a part of space/time in its fullest sense, but rather a part of time, that time being the time which is behind all illusion and which is infinitely and eternally the present moment.

We offer exercises in closing, simple breathing exercises which may aid in the deepening of meditation. Visualize these exercises as the taking in of the physical manifestation of love, and tune yourself by intending to exhale each and every negative thought and feeling, stress and worry. These exercises are two, and are known to your peoples. The first exercise is the quick breathing with the emphasis upon the outbreath. This breathing is done through the mouth and may be done very rapidly to build up a great sense of the fullness and beauty of creation. Yet in breath there is motion, and in motion there is a lack of attention.

The second exercise following directly upon the ending of the first is merely the completely indrawn breath, the closing of the throat by the swallowing, and then the listening to the self at rest, full of life and breath, yet not now in motion. A very helpful environment is created during those few seconds or minutes during which you do not breathe. The great amount of prana is distributed to each cell within the body, and the outbreath at the last may flush clean the entire system of those chemical and muscular distortions from comfort which may block spiritual seeking by mechanical means.

In closing, we wish to iterate that the process of spiritual evolvement may be aided by what one may call the teacher’s aid such as the purification of diet or the disciplines of prayer. However, no amount of study can invoke the grace by which the spirit becomes able to allow the electrical body to receive that food and drink and thus hold the physical being in thrall. It is not a goal to be attempted in earnest, but rather a direction which may be suggested merely because those things which are important to one can be deduced by discovering the amount of time and energy associated with their procurement. Thus, a simple and natural eating, perhaps even a reduction in eating if such is deemed helpful, may be encouraged. All forms of purifying the physical body are helpful insofar as they engage the consciousness of the individual spirit.

That which is truly and inalterably helpful in every case is the turning of the trust of the spirit towards that manna which cannot be controlled, which cannot be grasped for or hoarded, but which is there in abundance for those who know and proclaim its abundance. The quality and the quantity of the manna which feeds the spirit is very much determined by the seeker itself, by the level of desire the seeker has to become a purer vessel for love and light, by the simplicity for innocence of the firm belief in that which is unseen. It is to the mind an insult to declare that something unseeable may be the food the spirit needs.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

Work with this in meditation, and joyfully rejoice in the manna of the present moment, knowing that in this way you are fed as is the prodigal son of your Bible. Not because you have earned it or because it belongs to you, although you certainly have earned it and it certainly belongs to you, but these are not spiritual thoughts.

The spiritual reason for a gradually improved resolution of third-density existence is grace, that word which suggests many things to many people, but which we mean to be understood as that bridge wherein the infinite generosity of life may be channeled into the energy web of your spiritual being. In seeking for the breath of life, for manna, you seek the Kingdom of Heaven which lies all about you, and that which you seek you shall most certainly find.

Whatever your level of seeking, whatever your pace of seeking, we wish you well, and would be with you always during your meditative periods should you request us to join you in your meditation. This instrument informs me that I have gone on speaking far too long, and we know that she is not scolding us, but we are apologetic. However, the information requested was requested with a very high level of seeking, and it was our desire to offer a small amount of that spiritual manna which can be uttered by the breath forming those symbolic representations called words, which are metaphors for consciousness. We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We leave this instrument with thanks and in love and light. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each again in love and light. At this time we are hopeful that we might be of further service by attempting to respond to any queries which may be upon the minds of those gathered this evening. We are grateful to have this opportunity to refine our service in a manner which is more personally suited to those present. If there is a query with which we may begin, we would be honored to do so.

I have a food-related question. Number one, do people who eat a lot of meat have special problems when it comes to spiritualizing the consciousness? And number two, why is it necessary for channels like myself who get involved in especial contact like our contact with Ra, for the channel to eat lots of meat in order to avoid losing so much weight so as to become unhealthy?

I am Q’uo, and we shall begin with the first portion. The entity who seeks to provide the nourishment to the physical vehicle that the meat protein offers may find that there are some difficulties in the assimilation of this substance in direct proportion to the belief that the entity holds concerning those substances which are desirable for one who seeks in the spiritual realm and those which are not desirable. Thus, the belief of the entity is the primary concern which governs the ease of the physical vehicle’s assimilation of this form of protein.

There is within the physical vehicle of third density the construction of the digestive tract which also mitigates against the over-indulgence, shall we say, in the meat products, for the digestive tract is one which is formed in a manner which is more prepared to digest the simpler proteins in the form of the grain and dairy products than it is to digest the meat protein. The intentions, the attitudes, and the desires of the entity in regards to the food substances ingested are of an overriding importance, for that which an entity is at heart is more a product of what the entity believes and the strength of that belief than it is what the entity ingests as a foodstuff.

In your own case, my sister, the partaking in the work of service to others through means of serving as an instrument for the contact with those known as Ra, which utilized the trance manner of communication, was one which required a somewhat harsh toll upon the physical vehicle, and due to the gross nature of this toll—that is, the loss of weight—the means by which this would most easily be alleviated was also gross in nature, that is, the suggested ingestion of the higher quality animal protein in order that your physical vehicle might be able to maintain its more normal weight configuration in a manner which would be the least taxing upon its digestive system, considering the alternatives available for the gaining and maintaining of the physical weight.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

How long should one breathe like that before one holds one’s breath, the way you described earlier?

I am Q’uo. The length of time is of less importance than the feeling of a subjective nature which one will experience that tells one that the vitality that [has] been accentuated by the breathing is at a peak point, shall we say. It is at this point that the breath then may be held in order that this vitality might then be observed and experienced.

May we speak further, my sister?

What about air pollution? Is it better spiritually to do this exercise in a place where the air is purer? Or does pollution have anything to do with prana?

I am Q’uo, and though there is no connection between the life force or prana within the air and its physical pollutants, as you call them, for the comfort of the one performing these exercises it might be suggested that the most harmonious environment be sought for the practice of such exercises, be that environment in your out-of-doors or within a certain room within the domicile.

May we speak further, my sister?

Only one more question of my insatiable curiosity, and I do apologize for keeping you, but you used Jesus as an example, forty days and forty nights out in the wilderness—he did that a couple of times in the Bible, and who knows what before or after—but what you suggested was that a significant part of his experience of fasting in order to purify the self and spend more time on holy ground, let us say, by the simple nature of things he would come in contact not once but several times with temptations to move in a self-aggrandizing or satanic, as in negative, spiritual way. Is this something that people going on a long fast need to realize ahead of time and sort of be prepared to deal with as one always deals with psychic greetings?

I am Q’uo, and in some degree, my sister, this is true for all who seek within the manner of fasting and of seeking to refine the purity of one’s own seeking. It is often a common temptation for an entity who seeks the keys to purification through the fasting to look upon the self as one which is indeed advanced and perhaps more advanced or better than the other selves which surround it. Within this concept of pride may come the further temptations to act upon this feeling.

Thus, it is well for each who seeks the keys to purification to take with the self the humility to see the self within the great picture of the cosmos as one grain of sand upon the beach of time and space, in order that the pitfalls of pride and the accompanying difficulties which spring therefrom might be avoided.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Q’uo, and we find that we have, for this gathering, exhausted those queries which we thank each for offering to us, whether spoken or unspoken. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our humble experience with those who would seek to enhance their own journey of seeking by the sharing of our words and experience. We shall take our leave of this group at this time, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.