(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet each in the circle in the love and the light of the One and the Creator. May we say, as always, when we meet with yourselves what a great privilege it is to be allowed to share our opinions with you. And, indeed, we can not stress often enough, or severely enough, that these teachings are opinions. We have, in our way, developed a far greater and simpler technology. We have memory of each density and consequently we are most aware that the use of words is highly ambivalent within the channel, in regards to its contact. It is as though one were to clean a kitchen and scrub down each surface until it all was scoured clean. The surfaces may seem most fair, yet if the faucet runs with polluted water, of what excellence is the cleanliness of the room which now serves no function?

Each instrument with whom this teacher has been involved carries a certain level or complex of levels of illusion due primarily to the fact that within your culture, the science, the exactitude, the certainty, the proven, is all that is acceptable. If one may consider the fixtures in a sink or a toilet, one may see that if the water is poisonous by one means or another, there are many, many things which the person dealing with the water must accommodate in order to take from the offered water those particles of ill health.

Each entity who is a channel has complete choice over the entity to whom the contact will be allowed and given. There are, as there have always been, negatively-polarized entities who dwell amongst your peoples and sometimes rise to great levels of power and influence. The scrapping, scratching game, “King of the Mountain,” has always been with us. These considerations are as the beautiful fixtures of commode and sink. Yet this builded structure of pipe and hardware does have a choice of the place, the time, the method, and the required tune to tap into many, many levels or principles of contact, each with its own general message to prevail. Thus, it is not possible when a contact speaks in the consciousness to determine solely from that word, that name, the identity of the contact. Therefore, the instrument must be prepared to tune for a matter of minutes after the original tuning of the group even though it seems obvious that to channel a being would be the same wherever one picked it up.

The conjecture is, in fact, erroneous. The light, which is the prana or life, of all the universe is offered equally to those upon the service-to-self path and those upon the service-to-others path who have obtained a certain degree of confidence in accepting and rejoicing in the light of love, of wisdom, and of courage. It may seem strange to wrap the mind around the concept that those who are of service to self are equally or perhaps more suffering than those which choose service to others, for the Law of Reflection requires that you shall be treated as you treat those about you, with the exception, of course, of those times when the balance betwixt two entities has lasted for several lifetimes. For souls who have been with each other repeatedly it is always the constant feeling of déja vu.

Yet, each of you is here this evening to attempt to learn better how to share that which some call philosophy and others call psychology with you. Let us speak for a moment about the concept of the “magical personality.” This instrument would prefer to call it “spiritual personality,” however, we feel that our nomenclature is more accurate. We have endeavored to offer to the new instrument a framework within which the instrument may learn to be more and more aware of the small voice that speaks in silence, as your Holy Bible puts it. In many cases it is a still, small voice and not that easily recognized. The first great challenge of the new instrument is its ability to challenge successfully and to be exercised by whatever speaking is required. The student who does not listen to the warnings can—we correct this instrument—concerning channeling by itself. There are grave difficulties at least in potential.

May we say that we are having some difficulty with this contact as this instrument has some internal difficulties due to the ingestion of the many pills that was needed at this time. We are sorry for those lapses whereby this instrument must need to remain silent and wait. This indeed is another lesson which we hoped to offer to the new instrument. That is, the waiting with calm.

Let us look for a moment at the life pattern which is the macrocosm of which the learning to channel is a fairly elegant analogy. The…

We must pause and return.


I am Hatonn. We shall continue, in love and life. Within the channeling framework, the entity must learn to deal with the heart of those entities that speak invisibly for the most part. In the life experience as a whole, this is also true. The waiting, watching, meditating, and praying may seem to be the throwing of good water into the field. It is not wasted, it is only changed. And this is what we hope when we work with new instruments. That is, that they may become those who recognize within themselves a balanced, hollow place wherein the self is safe, and from the position of unassailable faith and commitment may, indeed, deal with any entity, whether it be a man, beast, bird or thought form.

Sometimes, as in this evening, the contact comes and goes, just as in some days in the existence of the life pattern the general feeling at the end of such a day is that which is known to your baseball fans as, “I should have stayed in bed.” See yourself as a person who believes passionately and as an advocate in the greatest highest principle which is possible at this time within your mind and heart. It may not be something so easily spoken as the challenge in the name of Jesus Christ. Yet, we suggest that those who find the face of God in nature or in any other way, position that self so that out of the center of that commitment and passion for life and love, the vibration most desired shall come. The contact shall come. And when all the challenges are done, the instrument’s work is basically done, for the rest of the channeling of concepts is what one may call an intuitive rather than a rational process, whereby the instrument feels certain feelings and is able to express, in an acceptable way, the intense emotions of the spiritual search.

One cannot be inspired by one’s own shoddy workmanship. If it is not important to any other in the world, as you quaintly put it, it is ultimately important to the channel. It is difficult to know how to help your peoples. It is difficult to see what one person can do, and part of what the new instrument is going through in determining that for which he would die and that for which he shall live. This is a difficult patch of road for one who has always felt himself to be an observer, an anthropologist gazing at the natives. We do not say that there is not some merit in this attitude in terms of accuracy of perception. But, rather, we suggest that one view all those who one may serve as equally worthy of service.

The straying from the challenging process almost always turns the group responsible for this contact gradually into a point from which they cannot recover, for it is the favorite tactic of negatively-oriented entities, within your sphere, to wait for times of despair and the dark feelings of defeat in one project or another, in order to lay claim to a portion of that mind and heart. Each time that there is the deviation from a basic desire to be of good will, to be of service…

We must pause. Please forgive us. I am Hatonn, and we find that this instrument is fatigued enough that we would transfer to the one known as D. I am Hatonn.

(D channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am with this instrument. It is with some difficulty that the parameters of the challenging process are learned. When one views the challenge as a negative act, an act of repulsion of outside influence, it becomes hard to accept the benign influence until a great deal of experience has brought familiarity with subtleties of vibration of that influence or entity. We would recommend that the instrument begin to make note in a more or less objective fashion with perceptions that are encountered at the point of first contact, a cataloguing of these perceptions, the heightened ability to identify each identity upon its later contacts as well as providing a wider spectrum within which positively polarized energies can be perceived and identified, so that even strange, or should we say, unfamiliar contacts may be accomplished with confidence because of their fitting within previously established framework.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument briefly. To conclude. The flow of information is a part of love, of light, as you perceive it. Just as there are varying degrees of colors and so forth of illumination, so too there are those [who] use the same light. One, for service to others; the other, as service to self. As each, shall we say, soldier upon the plain of Armageddon is matched by the negative polarization of that warrior, so too is there what could be called a loyal opposition of service to self which is aware of and attempts to alter communications received. The conscious, awakened mind is not capable of discerning betwixt two voices, both of which who say, “I am Hatonn.” Yet there cannot be two of Hatonn, for ours, like many others, is a social memory complex, and one could not defy the consensus without removing the entire population which we bring to this work for healing work before we come back at all.

We believe it to be true that service to others shall prevail, and we have seen in our teacher’s eyes the certainty of that truth. Yet we know, also, that in a world where children are hungry, the positively-oriented and trained vocal channel may be of inestimable value. This service is very hard work. It is intense and concentrative, and while this particular instrument at this particular time is not becoming fatigued because of the contact, nevertheless, may we say that…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…some altercation of personality in the direction of dilapidation inwardly frequently occurs. We very much hope that each new instrument that may see or may hear these words be aware that there is the cosmic battle, shall we say, of fourth-density beings which have not gotten into focus the face of the Creator within each of their brothers, thus they call them enemies.

We ask those present to consider carefully the desire to channel as a priestly avocation. We ask the instrument to consider carefully and, above all, to keep question of what concept or complex of concepts contains the limitless ideal for which you live and for which, if pressed, you would die. Within some entities the face of God resides upon the face of the child, the beloved. In a more spiritualized sense we hope that each will treat the child which is growing in knowledge of service to others with the same tender care that the one known as Jesus received, albeit difficult circumstances, in a cow barn, in the middle of a snow storm. This is, of course, recorded to your accounts within your Holy Bible.

May you be the best you can. Relax into the web of love which connects you to all in the universe, which is closer to you than your breath, and be careful of whom you seek, for though the Creator [is] all, yet the distortions are many. And although we are distorted, yet it is true to our best belief that we attempt to safeguard the vocal instruments of our message and are successful in the most part in doing so.

We would at this time transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. I thank this instrument for operating under somewhat adverse circumstances, and would wish to make one point in comment, that being that this instrument we now use might well consider carefully the process whereby the tension could be released from the system, whereby the worry can be released from the mind, whereby the heartache can be relieved. This said, we shall transfer to the one who is Jim. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings again in love and light. At this time we are privileged to have the opportunity to speak to those queries which may yet remain upon the minds present and we would seek to fulfill the opportunity to the best of our ability while reminding each that we do not operate [inaudible], yet what we offer we offer in joy. Is there a query to which we may speak at this time?

I felt tonight that I was initially channeling at rather a low level and so much from my own thoughts that I really felt reluctant to trust, again, what I was saying as being accurate. Could you comment on that aspect of this night, at this point?

I am Hatonn. We have another opinion, my brother, and that is that the effort which you expended this evening was one which was focused on very carefully and which you carried out with a diligence that has exceeded that of your previous attempts. We are aware that you are yet quite uncomfortable with various portions of the process and are not yet come into your own ability to receive those thoughts which we send and to transmit them in a faithful manner. Yet, we may assure you that your diligence has provided a progress which it is a pleasure to note.

We suggest that the future attempts contain this same diligence and focus of attention along with the growing ability to set aside the mental concerns and attempts to analyze, for it is this characteristic of all new instruments to analyze the contact as it is ongoing which, in most cases, causes the eventual cessation or delusion of the contact due to the loss of concentration.

Thus, we again encourage you, my brother, to continue apace and be at peace in your own mind for the progress you have shown is commendable, and we expect this to grow into the art of serving as a vocal instrument will continue.

May we speak on any other subject?

Well, having spoken about the middle, I would like to address the beginning and the end, the point of contact itself and the challenging process and the difficulty of that. Can you speak to that process as it occurred without my being more specific about how it seemed to occur from my perspective?

I am Hatonn. As you become more decided, shall we say, and choose those qualities or that quality around which your life moves in harmony most profoundly, and adopt those qualities in a conscious fashion as that standard by which you ask or challenge each contact you meet, you will discover that the experience of initiating the contact and of being assured that that which you perceive is indeed that which awaits your perception; you will grow with the confidence that the process is beginning as it should. The ability to place the full force of the self in a chosen mode or focus according to that which is most important to your seeking will give you the firm ground upon which to stand as you offer the challenge, as you perceive the contact, and as you relay those concepts which are given to you.

May we speak in any other fashion, my brother?

I tried tonight, I think more successfully than usual, when I became physically tense, to relax, and as I did I felt an opening of the mind as well but towards the end of the contact after just those two or three sentences that I spoke. When I did this I had a feeling of great expansiveness and contact but without concept, without communication on a conceptual level. I was so confident of that feeling of contact that I was somewhat surprised when you began again to speak through Carla. Can you comment on this, on what I might have been in contact with or experiencing?

I am Hatonn. The state of mind that is achieved in the meditative practice is one which may be likened unto the carrier wave of one of your radio stations. Upon this wave may be placed information. When the instrument achieves this state for the first time in an obvious sense, as you have described, it is usually an all-engulfing experience. It is sometimes difficult for the continued transmission of thoughts especially for the new instrument which oftentimes will wander a bit within the parameters of the carrier wave and will need to be brought back, shall we say, by the transfer of the contact, if there is an instrument experienced enough to perceive this situation. The new instrument will then note that it has stepped into the river or the flow of information and will then be able to recognize this state and work with it in a more focused manner, shall we say, as the experience is gained.

May we speak further, my brother?

It was quite sometime before I felt this feeling dissolve. Is it something that—is it a state which to be in has a beneficial effect as far as governing building the ability to establish a strong contact or is it better to be more diligent and more controlled when that occurs and try speaking about this early stage of development and still try to focus?

I am Hatonn. There is great benefit to the conscious self when this state is contacted for the practice of meditation which allows the entity to enter this state. It is one which builds a bridge between the conscious self and a greater portion of the self which may be more or less informed by the higher self and the increasingly coherent and integral magical personality. Thus, the conscious self, during these times of meditation within this state of consciousness, is being nourished by the qualities of the greater being.

The attempt to be of service as a vocal instrument may be aided by the utilization of this state of consciousness to receive as the least distorted fashion as possible, information transmitted from sources outside the conscious mind. However, in the initial experiences of this state of consciousness, the ability to serve as a vocal instrument is determined by the experience that the new instrument has in focusing its attention within this state and perceiving those thoughts transmitted to it while refusing the temptation to analyze the thoughts, and at the same time refusing the temptation to, shall we say, float hither and yon within the most pleasant confines of this state of consciousness.

Thus, there is a balance as the new instrument seeks which attempts to move equally between the conscious mind and its activity and the subconscious mind and its inactivity. What the new instrument and any instrument seeks is the expression of energy or activity in a manner which is informed by the subconscious mind or sources acting through the subconscious mind in a manner which may be perceived and transmitted, then, in a more conscious sense.

May we speak further, my brother?

It sounds like you are, in a sense, suggesting that in meditation this state might be one in which you would—let me put it this way. In meditation it might be okay to somewhat dissolve into this state and go with it, whereas when attempting to channel, it’s necessary to maintain a focus of [inaudible] communication. Is that what you are saying?

I am Hatonn, and this is basically correct, my brother, for the experience of this state is that which may be harnessed, shall we say, by the one who seeks to serve as a vocal instrument, rather than the simple enjoying of this state. It is utilized in a manner which is hopefully of service to others.

May we speak further, my brother?

Just a quick and rather pointed question. At the point of which this occurred this evening, were you aware of my state and what I was experiencing or do you become aware of it by my describing it and asking about it?

I am Hatonn. In most instances we are not aware of the details of the instrument’s mental contents, shall we say. We are more aware of the balances that are being achieved by the effort of the instrument and our own effort as well. If we so desire and see the need to become informed as to the specific details of an instrument’s mental workings that may be influencing its ability to serve as a vocal instrument we may do so if we are asked and if the response does not impinge upon a free will. However, for the most part we choose to ignore the detailed or specific reasons for certain mental qualities while a contact has been established and choose rather to focus upon the blending of energies which we are attempting with the instrument.

May we speak further, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

I am Hatonn, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I have just one. I experienced a complete mental blockage several times during the transmission and actually had no idea what they were talking about, most of the time, because I kept going out and then coming back in. I wondered—there are various possibilities when that happens. The possibilities range from going to sleep or in trance, which I don’t think I can do; just being a bad channeler; not keeping my mind on the game; what else? Anyway, are any assortment of things responsible for this fading out? Because I’ve had this happen [inaudible] before. It could be pills, too. I’ve taken some pills for the session. Could you comment on any of that? I’d like to know how to work around that. The way I did it was just to sit there in the darkness until I saw the next sentence, but it was an uncomfortable feeling because I didn’t know what the rest of the message was. Could you comment?

I am Hatonn, and we may comment as follows, my sister. The medications that you have begun to ingest have an affect that is noticeable as you seek to enter those states of consciousness which are somewhat below the conscious mind level. These substances are used primarily for their effect upon the conscious mind and its quieting. However, their effect is somewhat pronounced upon other levels of your mind as well.

When the lower levels of the mind are in a state of suspension, shall we say, due to this effect, we recommend that you do as you have done and that is to wait the transmission of the next thought or series of thoughts when it is possible to do so, for the effect of the medications is one which is spotty and which will in time pass. Thus, we can only suggest your patience and we ask that you bear with us as well, for we, during those times, need to rework the balance of energies that are the fruit of the blending of our energies with yours.

May we speak further, my sister?

Let me think… Are we doing—Jim and I—doing appropriate cleansing to be good enough to be working on the Holy Spirit tapes? And do you have any suggestions?

I am Hatonn. We may not speak to the specifics of this query, my sister, for those preparations which you make as instruments for this service are those which are most necessarily made as free will choices. We would not seek to intrude upon this holy ground, for that effort is one which is most necessary to guard as a product of free will choice. We encourage, always, the persistence and the dedication to intention and the praising of the one Creator in all experience. These are simple requisites for any seeker and any instrument at any time.

May we speak further, my sister, upon any other topic?


Is there another query?

Not for me, thank you.

I am Hatonn, and we are most grateful to each gathered this evening for inviting our presence. As always, we rejoice at the opportunity to lend our assistance to those who would learn more of service and share that which is learned. We also learned much in these workings and are most grateful for each opportunity to learn and to teach. At this time we shall take our leave of this group and this instrument, leaving each, always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.