(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in light of the One Infinite Creator. It is a privilege and a blessing to blend our vibrations with your own, to share in your meditation and to experience the beauty of each of you. To each we send blessings and greetings and gratitude for having called us here. We smile at the many, many thoughts within the minds of those in the circle. What this instrument calls ‘the potluck channeling’ shall certainly be so, for we would like to touch some bases that may have some meaning to those here.

As always we ask that you be aware of our fallibility, for we are as you, pilgrims along a path, and our knowledge is limited, although perhaps being a step or two ahead of you. We may look back and hold out the hand, reach out through this instrument’s voice or other instruments’ voices and share that which has been made known to us in the best way that we know in order to be of service to you. Each of you is aware that it is well at your particular nexus in time and space to pursue the acceleration of polarity, to seek to know the face of the mystery of the Creator. For it is during this generation and the next and the next that the decisions shall be made for the final time upon your planet to follow the path of a lover, reaping delicately and courteously the fruits of the unconscious or to proceed as the rapist, wresting from all forces that which empowers the self.

My friends, there is no competition in channeling service-to-others entities. There is no effort; there is no particular emotion; there is no one channel better than any others. For each channel has a unique voice, a unique vocabulary and set of experiences. Each entity has unique feelings and a unique way of expressing them. Each has had different experiences and has reacted in idiosyncratic ways. All of these things we can use, for you see we have but a simple message to offer. A message that is so simple it is often overlooked. We are those who speak of love, for it is our belief that this One Great Original Thought of love created all that there is and is indeed the first visible sign of the Creator, existing as Logos in your physical reality as suns, moons, planets; existing within you as the sun and moon and planets of your being.

We know that each instrument offers a special way of telling this original thought of love in a new way, in a special way, in a way that can touch someone that no other words can touch. And because words do have the power to move the heart, the mind and the emotions, we rejoice at those who wish to serve in vocal channeling. Yet, also we would say at this time that no matter what you do, you do channel and you are of service. As this instrument would say, the worst you can do is serve as a bad example.

In truth, great are the services performed that are not seen. There is a service of a woman for a mate and for children. There is the service of a man for a mate and for children. There are the services of those who volunteer out of love to work with those who hunger, to work with those who need shelter, to become active in adjusting the iniquities of those who harm the planet. Yes, my friends, all of these things are just as much of service if they are what you are interested in. Yet, the preparation for all of these services is the preparation that takes you out of yourself. For my friends, within yourself you have a limited amount of love. You come to the end of it, and you are empty and must rest and regain that natural prana, love. Yet, as a channel, your supply of love is infinite. Consequently, we suggest to each of you who has a non-dramatic service at this time that your basic service is the same as this channel’s or as that of the highest and best person that you can imagine, and that is to be who you are in confidence, in humility, and in knowledge of your perfection as well as your perceive imperfection. This is the basis of service is to know the self as an entity of love.

Being. That activity which seems so passive and so outwardly directed offers you the ultimate challenge of consciousness, and that is to become a conscious being who is being and aware of the beingness that underlies and girdles, or stays, or structures that which the service may actually manifest as being. Thus, you see, what you do is second in service to the light that you are. Entities wonder often when their service shall start, and we say to you it has started. We say to you that your service has been offered in manifestation each time you have smiled, each time you have offered the kind word, the peace-making gesture, the loving hand, the unexpected generosity.

In this aspect we would wish to speak briefly about that which was requested upon feeling. You will find that within the third density the challenge of feeling is first to identify the feelings, which are usually expressed to the self in a perceived muddled fashion, and secondly to begin to purify and make more crystalline the tones of your feelings. Within this density, however, the tools used are not the feelings but the deep silent and the analytical thinking. This is due to the fact that for most entities, feelings are still often unexplainable to the entity itself and irresponsible in regard to the tuning process. That is, not all healing tones are those in which the process of tuning, challenging and so forth may take place.

Indeed, the great importance of feeling shall come into play within the next density. For there is that blend between what you think of as conscious thought and what you think of as feeling, which in that density you are soon to experience. It’s blended in such a way as to become the equivalent of the thinking process. This is due to the fact that that veil which separates deep intuition from ratiocination has in the fourth density been removed. Thus, as third density citizens, we encourage the careful observation of feelings after they have been felt but the reliance upon that which we would call the faith. This faith has its place in anchoring that portion of your life being which does not belong to this density, which shall never belong to any illusion.

Before we leave this instrument, we would like to speak just a few words about that which has been spoken by this instrument, not as an instrument, but as itself. We would say to each, that the experience of unconditional love is a great cornerstone and those of you that have already begun to build upon it must needs redouble their efforts. For as it says in one of your holy works, the harvest is here. Yet there are few to reap the many souls which have come to ripen at this time.

We ask each to search for bliss, for the true joy that is within. If that true joy does not include service to others, that is acceptable, but if you find your true joy in some service, then we welcome you to the great work. In any case, the work of lightening the consciousness upon planet earth at this time proceeds apace. It has reached what this instrument would call “a critical mass,” and there is no question we feel that the situation which was faced, shall we say, ten or fifteen of your years ago, has been ameliorated. We ask that your light work continue and we ask that you open your eyes to gaze into each others’, for you are all light workers upon the same path. We ask that you see the love and feel the love within each other and within yourself. For my friends, to love each other is to reside in the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever your service, may we bless you in it, and may we promise that there will be with you those who help you, those whom you desire as you perform that service, as you go into meditation, if you request us or your guide to deepen that meditation and to aid it, they shall be there, or we shall be there. The spiritual path is indeed one which one must walk alone, yet always there are helpers along the way and there are wayfarers which one meets only to be inspired by their courage and spurred to further effort thereby.

May each be teacher of each; may each love each. We thank this instrument and this group as we find that the group itself is somewhat fatigued, we are especially thrilled, may we say, to be called. We appreciate that very much and would like to transfer at this time to the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our honor to ask if we may be of service by speaking to any queries which may yet remain upon the minds. Is there a query at this time?

Where do you come from?

I am Q’uo. We are entities who have journeyed a distance which in your terms, would be considered far, and yet within the one creation we are as near as your breath. We are those which have enjoyed the choice-making density that you now enjoy in a solar system which has no reference within your astronomical observations at this time, thus our exact location is impossible to describe with precision. However, we assure you that those experiences which you now welcome and enjoy as you choose each step of your evolutionary journey, we, too, have welcomed and enjoyed and have learned the love of the Creator by traveling, and we come now where we are called, seeing the creation as our home and those who call us as our brothers and our sisters. Is there another query?

Are you familiar with the questions that were compiled by the instrument? If so, would you care to answer those at this time?

Let’s just speak them one at a time.

I am Q’uo. And we would appreciate if it is possible that you vibrate the query to which you have interest, and we shall attempt to speak to each in turn.

Is the Ra influence growing in our world? And if so, how is it growing? Who’s the … ?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my brother. The influence of which you speak, we take to concern the growing feeling of unity and love for each entity by each entity within your planetary influence. Indeed, my brother, if you look about you in your daily round of activities you will see that there is a light within the eyes and within the hearts of many more of your peoples as your time moves toward the dawning of that experience that you would call the graduation, the movement to the vibration of love and compassion. Within your illusion at this time there are those whose desire to serve has been honed to a fine white-hot glowing fiery desire that moves in each field of your interest and endeavor.

There are those within all, as you would call them, walks of your lives who seek at this time to take that knowledge which is theirs to share and to share it with a heart that is open and loving and accepting. There are many now within your illusion who have felt for the first times in their lives the awakening of the feeling of compassion for those who are less fortunate than are they and who have given of themselves in an attempt to alleviate the lesser fortunate situation in ways in which they would not have considered at an earlier time within their incarnations. Yes, my brother, there is a light born of love that is growing upon your planet at this time. It is a heartening and joyful sight upon the metaphysical realms to observe the power of love set free within the life pattern. We rejoice with you that this is so and that the influence of love touches so many, many now within your illusion. Is there another query?

I have a question. Do you see a correlation between the breakdown of the immunological systems of mankind and the ecological systems of our planet?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We see within your own process of thinking the correlation between the breakdown of the immunological systems of some of your peoples and the breakdown of the, as you would call it, ecological system of your planet itself. There are indeed analogies which can be drawn which would suggest that as the integrity of a system has been breached by influences unthinking or uncaring that the vitality of that system then is reduced as a direct proportion or function of such careless thought and action.

However, we do not see from our perspective a more practical or direct connection between these two phenomena but may suggest that any experience within your illusion which seems to the outward eye to partake of misfortune, sorrow, tragedy, disease and suffering is an opportunity for those with open hearts to move in service in order that those which suffer, be they planet, entity or animal or ideal, concept and such, be able to give and receive the healing powers of love, not that the condition be immediately rectified, but that the desire to serve where one is needed be recognized in each heart and mind and that each take up the burden shall we say, of the brother and the sister which suffers and persist in loving and the giving of the self where there seems no rational reason for such.

For the power of love, my sister, moves beyond the power of reason and rationality and offers itself without stint in order that whatever may be done be done with all the strength one has to give. And in the attempt the heart and the will and the faith are strengthened in the metaphysical sense so that the nature of the being is enhanced and ennobled and able to move in service in ever more efficacious ways. The attempt, my sister, in the metaphysical sense is far more important than completing the attempt in the physical sense. For your illusion is an illusion that offers an opportunity to put to the test and the strengthening those principles which are the highest and best that you have chosen by which to live and by which to give and by which to grow in the most profound and pronounced fulfillment of your potential as infinite beings. Is there another query?

Can you give us insight into the causes of the condition known as AIDS?

I am Q’uo, and my brother, as much as we would wish to give information which would aid the healing of the condition of which you speak, we find that information concerning this particular topic moves into an area in which there is the necessity, we feel, for refraining from speaking in a specific sense. For there is that you would say that is hidden within your culture by a small grouping of entities that is necessary to understand before the disease that you have called AIDS may be solved as a puzzle. The intrigues of the human mind which seeks in hidden ways to achieve mundane ends must remain hidden in order that the full implications of this particular situation might hold sway in the metaphysical sense. We apologize for seeming to be shy of information which could be of service but cannot speak further without infringing on the free will of many who are engaged in a kind of challenge that is most intense. Again, we apologize, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Yes. What are the principles that we [should consider] at this time? Any information with that in mind and spirit?

I am Q’uo and I am aware of your query, my sister. To those who would offer themselves as healers, we can suggest that the first great healing be done upon the self for as the healer …

[Side one of tape ends.]

…the distortions that yet remain within the crystallized being that each of you is. Thus, it is most important for each who would serve as a healer, and who would take that great honor upon their shoulders, to first offer the self as a purified vessel, hallowed and dedicated to calling upon the light and the healing energy of the one Creator that it might move through the hallowed vessel, the self, the heart of the being and move clearly, and without distortion of any kind, to those entities which request the healing energies.

It is also to be noted that it is most desirable for the one serving as healer to offer itself openly, but without dedication, shall we say, to a certain outcome. This is to say that the healer does not heal but offers itself as a channel or vessel through which the healing energies of the one Creator shall move to the one requesting the healing. Thus it is well that the one seeking to be the healer offer itself in an impersonal fashion in order that that healing energy which moves through it be as purely received as is possible. Is there another query?

Do you have any special information you might want to share with us concerning our guiding our children?

I am Q’uo. My sister, we may suggest to those who serve as guides, teachers and examples to those young in experience within your illusion that whatever means which you have chosen to pursue your own spiritual journey be pursued in a regularized fashion, with [all] the purity and intensity that is possible for you, in order that those who are young in experience and in years may be able to observe the power of your faith and your devotion as it moves in action through your life pattern.

There is, we find also, the necessity of creating a situation which balances the young entity’s need for freedom of expression with the need within the family and cultural grouping for the disciplined expression of this individuality, which in the young entity is so full of potential and power and yet which of its own accord has little governing influence. It is not an easy balance to which we refer, for often the daily round of activities presses with such weight upon the shoulders of those who would be the guide and the parent that the time necessary for speaking to the vital individuality of the young entity is short. There is much in the sharing of the heart, [and in] the feeling that is lost in the hurried word and the short explanation which could greatly benefit the young entity were it given greater time to share with the parent those principles by which the parent has chosen to govern itself and to point itself along the pilgrim’s path. We can encourage each who would serve as such guide that there is great benefit both to the parent and to the young entity in demonstrating, as well as explaining, these principles. Thus the actions of the parent speak in words and meanings far more profoundly and precisely than do the actual words themselves. Is there another query?

I have one. Did you mean to imply, when you were talking about feelings in the fourth density, that in this density—which is figuring out we have them—in fourth density we refine them, and in the fifth density we will be refining wisdom. Is that what you meant? Or are we discovering we have both feelings and a brain here, and in the next density we concentrate on feelings?

I am Q’uo. The reference to feelings and their refinement in our previous speaking was concerning the greater clarity that feelings will assume for each entity with the graduation into the, as you have called it, fourth density of love and understanding. For within that more light-filled environment there is a transparency of feeling and intention that is paramount for each entity, so that there is not the ability to hide the thought or the feeling. There is the clear and obvious recognition that whatever feeling or thought one may hold that that feeling and thought is an accurate representation of that entity’s uniqueness. And yet, as each entity is far more able to express the unique nature of its beingness, because of the clarity and transparency of perception and because of the desire to love and to serve others, there is the ease of the melding of these feelings, each with the other in order that the learning and the service of each by and for the other is enhanced and not retarded by the clearer and more powerful expression of individuality of beingness. Is there another query?

What can be done to correct and the condition of the ozone layer of earth?

I am Q’uo. The condition of which you speak is one which we find, as with many of the conditions of your planetary sphere that has been long in the making and shall not likely, within your third density time which remains, find a complete healing occurring. The difficulties which your planetary sphere now experiences within the layer of ozone which you have described, within the over-heated core of your sphere and the rupturing and moving tectonic plates and other well-documented geophysical distortions are those conditions which have become the culmination of the difficult history of the peoples of your planet as they have suffered and borne the disharmonies generated between peoples, between countries, between races, between genders, between one entity and another.

The heat of the anger and the disharmony of your peoples over a great portion of your time and experience has, shall we say, been absorbed within the entity that is your living planet and is now expressing itself in these manifestations which are likened unto the storm which passes over the surface of your planet, brings the rain, the thunder, the lightning and the wind and in its own way prepares for the great purification of those who inhabit your planetary sphere. This condition within the planetary sphere is one which is more likely to find healing with the movement of the planet itself into the fourth density of love and compassion, of understanding and forgiveness where thoughts indeed become quickly things, and healings of this nature are more easily affected. Is there another query?

You mean it’s not the chlorofluorocarbons that are doing it to the ozone layer?

I am Q’uo. My sister, though these agents are indeed the proximate cause of such a defect within the layer of ozone within your planet, it is more the attitude or quality of vibratory consciousness which has seen fit to produce the agents themselves. We look beyond the agents to the configuration of mind and attitude that looks upon the relationship between your third density population and its planetary sphere as one of plunder and the representation in a more profound sense of the disharmonies that have moved within various cultures and manifested in many and sundry ways throughout your peoples’ histories. Is there another query?

What is the best way to overcome the … before we can come through as clear channels?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my sister. As such an entity, we may suggest that we have only one primary requirement which needs not be overcome but rather met, and that is there must be the call for that which we have to offer by those who have offered themselves as instruments for such a transmission and service in as conscientious, shall we say, a fashion as is possible for them to do. By this we mean that each who would wish to serve as a vocal channel or instrument needs first to prepare the self in order that the offering of the self as a vocal channel might be done in a stable fashion that does not put at risk the cohesiveness, shall we say, of the personality or the character structure that allows the entity to function within your illusion.

These preparations we find have been discussed today in great detail, and thus we shall not cover them further but reiterate that the call is that which is of most importance in order that we serve in a manner which is congruent with the service which is desired. This is to say that we would not force ourselves in any way upon those who do not seek what we have to offer as our service. Is there a final query at this time?

Are you aware of the entities that are standing at the back of this room, not in the physical form? Can you explain who they are and why they’re there?

I am Q’uo. My sister, as we survey the room in which each now sits in meditation and seeking, we find that there are joining those of you who have gathered in the physical form a number of entities, including those which you have described, who are here to lend their services to many specific individuals within this circle of seeking whom they serve in various capacities as teachers, as guides , as friends of great intimacy, having experienced the relationship for portions of time far exceeding the incarnations you now experience. In any such circle of seeking such as this one this evening, there are always gathered many who are not seen by the physical eye, who lend their assistance in a variety of ways in order that that which is of the most benefit to those in their care might be presented in a manner which is appropriate and understandable at the time which is ripe.

Thus, the aid is that of guidance, of inspiration, of enhancing that process of learning by sharing which each of you has to offer to the other. They are here to bless and to give that which is theirs to give – the many faceted jewel of compassion and wisdom.

At this time we find that this instrument is fatigued enough that it would be well for the purity of the contact if we would take our leave of this instrument and this circle of seeking. Before doing so, we would like to offer to each our intense, heart-felt gratitude for the call from each which has allowed us to blend our vibrations with yours. It is a blessing to us that is beyond the ability of words to express but one which we offer from heart to heart. We hope that each will take whatever words we might have spoken that might be helpful in each one’s journey of seeking and use them as each will. We are those of Q’uo, and we leave each now in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

Thank you. Good night.