Has to do with passion. How does one develop passion? How does one direct it most efficiently for the spiritual growth?

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege and blessing for us to be with you, to be called to your group in its search for information that may be useful upon the path towards truth.

We would like to pause, if we might for a moment, and move about the circle, simply enjoying each of you. If you will allow us this moment, we shall pause.

I am Hatonn, and am once again with this instrument. The beauty of each soul within the circle is unique and perfect, and to join with you is a cause for thanksgiving. Before we begin, we would like for you to know that we are, as you, pilgrims upon the path. We are not authorities to be unquestioned. We are those as yourselves, with opinions. Perhaps our opinions come from more experience than you, for we have been the way that you now trod, and are, perhaps, a few steps further along that infinite path towards the mystery of the Creator. But we would not be a stumbling block before you. If anything that we have to say to you disturbs or does not ring true in your own opinion, then it is not your truth, and you should and must discriminate carefully that which you take in, for you shall recognize, as if remembering, those truths that are your own, those truths that fit the situation, the biases, the person that you are this time. Do not attempt to force yourself into anyone else’s mold, dogma, doctrine or way of thought, for such will only impede your natural progress toward the light and the love of the infinite Creator.

With this said, we shall turn to the question of this evening, that being passion—what it is, how to get it, where to find it, how to use it. It is a subject we are most pleased that this instrument take up, for it is a subject about which this instrument knows very little, for passion is one of this instrument’s natural gifts. That which has not been learned is not understood. Therefore, we are pleased that this instrument shall one day read that which we say, that it, too, may learn.

This instrument has spoken already this evening about the climate, the environment of the everyday daily round of activity which those within your society call a normal routine of living. We find that its most blatant characteristics are distraction and somnolence. Either entities help themselves to refrain from thinking by constant activity, or they achieve the same objective by a near complete lack of activity and the companionship of the television, we find this instrument calls that series of speaking pictures which is aimed at those of your people who have not yet grown to adulthood.

In short, the density of technology within your society so far outstrips the density of concern for that which has no objective referent, that the mysterious ceases to raise the true imagination or engage the deep interest of most entities. Most entities are not aware that all of science and all of technology rest upon mysteries, mysteries that point towards a greater mystery: the Maker of those mysteries, the infinite Principle which created all that there is.

If you may go with me now into the mind, clearing it of those daily interests which so often clog the arteries of thought, you may begin to see another universe emerging. In this universe, all that is, is energy. Mass is an illusion created by gravity, which is also a mystery to your scientists. The electricity, the electronics, the electromagnetics, all work upon principles that are completely mysterious to scientists. Yet, they do work. They work according to natural law. And that these mysterious things work according to some natural law is interesting, is it not?

You each are consciousnesses, portions of the one infinite Creator, and about you is gathered the material which makes it possible to you to be incarnate at this time, this exciting time upon your planet. That is free will. Each of you is a mixture of the infinite Creator and free will. You begin the path of seeking with free will greatly to the fore, and the self, which is the Creator, almost entirely unknown, except for feelings that one thing is, perhaps, correct to do and another thing, perhaps, not. This is the beginning of the journey, and so the sensitive soul decides to seek a little harder than that for the truth of the mystery of the Creator, for in that mystery lies who each truly is, who each is in relationship to the Creator and what we may do in response to that Creator. And so we come to passion.

Let us make one thing very clear—as the characters in this instrument’s head have been known to say many times (we refer to former presidents)—the first passion is not one for which you are responsible. The great and original passion is the passion of the Creator to know Itself. In that great passion, in that love, It created each of those portions of consciousness that sit as one being in this circle of seeking this evening. It created each of you before time and space began, for time and space are but a stage upon which consciousness may play out its many, many roles and learn those lessons which it has chosen to study, that the Creator may know Itself in the windows of each entity’s eyes, in the mirroring of each relationship, in the transactions of all people.

Thus, the first passion is that you are loved. You are loved enough to have been created. You are loved enough to have been given free will. And you are loved and trusted enough to be set completely and utterly free, your mind carefully shielded and veiled from the deeper portions of its archetypal self, so that you cannot remember who you are, what your make-up is, what your relationship is to the Creator, or how you wish to respond. The call to a life in faith is a call to remembrance of the passion that created you. Therefore, the first element of passion is remembrance that infinite passion is the basis for all that you see, for all that you see was created because it was loved—and loved because it was created.

We draw you a picture of a seemingly needy Creator, a Creator needy for you, for your love, for your reactions, for your information, and in a biased way, this is indeed so. There is that portion of the Creator that lies beyond desire. Most of the creation, indeed, rests in love unexpressed and uncreated. You are portions of the active principle of the Creator, the Logos, or for want of a better word, love itself.

Now, each activity within an entity’s life may take upon itself the tone of ordinary dailyness or the tone of communion. We suggest to you that when one has contemplated long upon the love the Creator has for oneself, then, perhaps, the second step to finding passion is a slow, gentle allowing of the self to awaken to that love, to listen to the bird that sings for your ear, and, yes, my children, it does sing for your ear, if you can but listen, for the breeze that blows so beautifully, for pearl-gray days that soften and gentle the harsh edges of winter moods, for sunshine and joy. In all these experiences, you may remember that this has been a gift of love, and that you are completely satisfying your Creator, no matter how quickly or how slowly you advance, simply by being and reacting in a natural and spontaneous way, or in any way whatsoever, to those things which occur.

There are those things which block this simple process from gaining in momentum. When one is distracted from the natural creation of the Father and when one has great difficulty seeing the Creator in each pair of eyes upon which one looks, one begins to move off of one’s center, away from one’s remembrance of love, and passion dies and numbness sets in, or anger or another negative emotion, but, indeed, we find that among your people the quality of numbness is marked. We ask you by a slow process of daily meditation to allow these layers of protection from that against which you do not need to be protected, to drop, simply to be let go. Then, with that done, call to remembrance that natural reaction which one may have to being loved so deeply that one becomes absolutely necessary for another’s existence.

This is your situation. You are absolutely necessary to the Creator. You are timeless metaphysical entities, and you are beloved, with a passion and a love so far beyond any of your words that we must humbly beg for forgiveness for the paucity of our language. But, ah, my children, when you can remember, then you may dance the joyful dance of the heart and laugh the merry laugh of the child, and in that childlike way know for the first time the love that is the answer to love, the passion that is the answer to passion, the life of the spirit that is the answer of a clouded consciousness, to a wonderful light-filled mystery that calls to remembrance. You are beings of love, created in love, and you dance through life your own dance. You are aware that many are the steps that are awkward, clumsy and hurtful. Your jail cells, your prisons, your orphanages, your madhouses, are all full of people whom your society could not find ways to love but by secluding them.

Thus, you cannot look toward your society, your culture, for anything familiar to find your own passion for existence, for joy, for vitality, for the Creator and for love itself, yet it is there within you, coiled like a tiger’s spring. Your heart is the heart of the Creator. It simply needs uncovering, remembering, finding and experiencing. Now, one way to accomplish this in an accelerated fashion, other than daily meditation, is the pushing of oneself beyond the limits, moving by simple exhaustion into a state where the utter joy and passion of life may be felt in a steady state, much as one would feel the sensation of orgasm at the climax of a sexual experience. This is the steady state of the universe at rest. This is the passion which you have for yourself, for your neighbor and for the Creator. This is how strong and how powerful your feelings truly are, and the fact that they have been so greatly shut down in your society is simply a matter of that which must be in order for you to have a free choice of whether to serve the Creator and others, and thus move towards growth of spirit, or serve the self, controlling others and bending them to your will, following the path of self-aggrandizement or service to self.

You have this choice to make. This is your basic choice in this density. Each time you choose to serve another instead of serving yourself, you become a more powerful being, a being more expressing of love. Yet, before you express love, let it be that you have first experienced the love of the infinite One. Let this experience be to you that subjective reality which does not have to be proven from the outside, which cannot lend itself to intellectual speculation, which is simply, utterly experiential. This is the basis of your own perception, of passion, of truth, of love.

What are those things that stop one most quickly from feeling? Primarily, my friends, it is fear that keeps one from feeling. There are many kinds of fear. There is fear connected with earning one’s livelihood, fear connected with gain and loss in relationships, fear connected with learning more about a subject which one distrusts or suspects may be more of a subject than an entity wishes to take on. There are many, many fears, and it is well to identify them and allow them, once they are found, to fall away in a gradual way so that change is not too uncomfortable. For, my friends, when we ask you to experience the Creator, to tabernacle with the Father, we are asking you to change. In the process of meditating and focusing in inward silence upon what the Creator may have to offer to you this day, one learns may things. One becomes aware of a grasp of knowledge or a point of view that is broader and different than before, and you have begun to change.

Thus, the way to passion, the way to love, is not easy, for you must along the way empty out of yourself many armorings and defenses against those things which you fear which you do not have to fear, thus freeing the attention so that it may rest upon the fundamental mystery of consciousness. Focus upon that fundamental mystery until you begin to feel the desire to experience, to know more. Let that desire build ever more. If you are not satisfied with the level of your desire to seek as we said, you may simply dance or sing or move or run or swim or do anything which moves one past one’s limits. Then sit and meditate again. Some of the veil will have been lifted because when one is quite exhausted the seat of consciousness rests far more in the subconscious portion of the mind. There it is that feelings are stored. There it is that passion lies waiting for its remembrance. The key is remembrance.

There is much more which we could say about this most fundamental topic, yet we sense that there are many questions in this group, and, thus, we would somewhat shorten this particular answer, that we may make room for other concerns and other questions. When you first feel the love of someone who loves you, the natural response is fondness in return, if one does not have fear. Your relationship with the Creator is self to self, but, my friends, you are very, very young creators, and your free will has remained willful. We urge you, through the process of daily meditation, to lay that will before the mystery, and ask, and simply wait. For that which you are to do shall come to you, early or late, and if you yearn for it more and more, it shall come to you more and more. As you desire, so shall you find. May you desire to experience the love of the infinite One. May you glory in the remembrance of that love. May you respond with equal passion to the Creator which wishes you in turn to create for others the manifestation of that love, not through your own limited resources, for you cannot love, even a day; the illusion is very heavy about you, and there is not the energy within you for such. By yourself you have enormous difficulties.

However, you are not alone. You are one with an infinite Source, an infinite Creator, which is at the same time intensely personal, intensely in love with you and waiting for your response. In your holy work, the relationship of the one known as Jesus the Christ to the people of Jesus which was, perhaps unfortunately, called the Church, was the relationship of bridegroom and bride. There is no more intense passion upon the physical level than that which draws a mated couple together. This same level of passion is felt for you by the infinite Creator. It is a matter of removing from yourself the armorings, those things which fill up the mind with triviality, and turn the attention within to the light within, and without to the beauty that speaks in the creation. May you feel the stars laugh. May you feel the joy of the seeds beneath the ground, resting, hoping, seeking that first warmth. May your hearts lie as fallow and your souls seek the light as the seed beneath the ground. You are beings of great passion, power, strength and majesty, yet also you are entities completely free to express in whatever manner you wish. It is a subject for thought, is it not?

We hope you will choose always to gaze at the light, to see the creation of love in the eyes of each whom you meet, to seek the love within and to remember how loved you are. We thank this instrument, and would leave this company at this time, that another entity, perhaps better suited to the questions and answers, might speak through the one known as Jim. We thank you once again for your seeking and the beauty that we perceive in each of you. We are known to you as those of Hatonn, of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. We leave you in the love and the light of the infinite One. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and greet each of you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most happy to be able to join this group this evening. We thank each one of you for extending the invitation for us to do so. It is our honor to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to those queries which may yet rest upon the minds of those gathered this evening. As did our brothers and sisters of Hatonn, would we also remind each of you that we are your brothers and sisters who have moved perhaps a few steps further upon the same path of seeking, and we do not wish any word that we speak to provide a stumbling block to you. Therefore, forget any which do not ring of truth and use those which do ring of your truth as you will. Is there a query with which we may begin?

Well, since B may be shy, she would like to know about the death process, what happens, where they go and all that.

I am Latwii, and am aware of the query, my sister. You may look upon the life which you experience much as the laboratory experiment, and the time in between the lives that you experience beyond the door which you call death as similar to the lecture which you would receive in one of your schools or colleges. When death’s door has been passed through from your life into that which waits…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and am again with this instrument. We shall continue.

As the entity is joined by those which have served as its teachers, its friends and its guides, it is at this time, as you would call it, that the entity reviews the life experience which has just been completed, in order that the essence of the experience might be assessed and it might be determined those lessons which have been well learned and those which yet remain to be learned. For each entity, before entering the incarnation, sets before itself those programs of study which will allow it to know the Creator more fully and will allow the Creator to know Itself through the entity’s experience. Each entity has a great variety of choice as to those lessons which it wishes to pursue. Within your particular illusion, each lesson revolves about the concept that you would call love or compassion, the unconditional acceptance of all that is as the Creator. As the life experience is reviewed, there are those portions of the experience that point toward new lessons that are called by the experience which has been completed. For as any course of study within your system of schooling, the life experience is that which may be enhanced and refined and utilized in ever more broadening, deepening and intensifying means.

As the review of the life experience is completed, the entity then is able to choose those areas of study, shall we say, that it shall pursue between the periods that you would call the life experience of the incarnation, in order that it might gain what you might call the theoretical basis of the next incarnation. This course of study has no limit of time, but is completed in the unique rhythmic manner which is the property or nature of each entity as it develops its own character structure, shall we say. This is a general type of experience which may be had between the incarnative experiences within your illusion.

At some point within the progression of incarnation, there comes the time that one may call the harvest or the graduation, for as all courses of study, there is a point at which the entity shall have learned those lessons of love which it has set about to learn, and shall then progress in the evolution of mind, body and spirit to those lessons which await beyond the beginning of the learning of the lessons of love. This harvest or graduation concerns itself with the entity’s ability to welcome the love and light of the Creator within the entity’s being in a manner which allows the entity to utilize this love and light in a dynamic fashion to further expand its understanding of that great mystery towards which it moves, the nature of the creation, and the nature of the Creator, and the nature of the self.

Thus, at the time of graduation, the entity moves toward the great light and welcomes the light unto the being, until the light grows too glaring. At this point the entity moves from the light and finds itself within what you might call a new vibration of frequency that shall be the area or density of light location which shall provide it with its succeeding lessons. Thus, the process of evolution is a progression by which the entity demonstrates its ability to extend or expand its point of view so that it is able to take in more of the creation, more of the light and more of the Creator, and is able to utilize this expanded understanding either in the positive manner of radiance or the service-to-others path, or is able to absorb the light in the negative or magnetic fashion which may be called the service-to-self path.

At this point, we feel that we have spoken, perhaps, enough without giving too much information that would tend to overload the understanding.

May we speak in any further way or to any further query?

Well, just, I think that she also wanted to know where this takes place. Does it take place within the time/space portion of our planet, our planet’s atmosphere vibration?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. The location of this experience is a concept which is somewhat difficult to describe. It may be said in one sense that the location is the same as that which you now experience, but upon what you might call inner planes or levels of experience of this planetary sphere [inaudible]. The exception would be the time of the harvest or the graduation, when the entity would, perhaps, upon the graduation find that a different location would better suit the need that the entity has discovered within the self. At that point, the entity would then move in what you would call the etheric or form-maker body to that location that it deemed appropriate for further study.

Is there another query, my sister?

Only a very selfish one. Are you still studying our planet’s color spectrum, and if so, what color are you?

I am Latwii, and we are, as always, most interested in the emanations of light from your planetary sphere and the populations upon it. At this particular time, we study almost exclusively within the area that you would connect with the heart chakra or energy center, that being the green-ray energy center.

Is there another query at this time?

Yes. There are some religions on Earth that believe that this life, this reincarnation cycle that you’re speaking of, is a struggle that you break free of itself, to break free of the constant reincarnations, in other words, that the life that you call our illusion is a negative thing, or at least something that’s very difficult for a person to bear. Does this conform to the way that you understand it happening? Are we somehow breaking free, or are we simply, as you’re saying, we’re on a learning path?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. The process of learning which is accomplished by the utilization of lifetime after lifetime within this illusion of forgetting is one which, for many, is quite difficult, for as one enters into this illusion, one must forget that the unity of all creation exists for each entity, and, indeed, for the self. One must forget the exact programming of lessons that one has set for the self and operate within the illusion only by the smallest and simplest of impulses, that which has been called by many of your peoples, “the still small voice within.” One must forget that there is, in truth, no danger or difficulty so great that one cannot find the necessary love to overcome all.

The forgetting is necessary in order that those lessons which are set for the self might be chosen out of free will within the incarnation, and by this choosing, become imbedded far more deeply within the mind/body/spirit complex that is the entity, be imbedded in such a fashion that the learning and expression of the lesson becomes a portion of the self far more efficiently than if the forgetting did not occur. It is as though the game, shall we say, needed to be relearned completely within the incarnative experience, and when this relearning has occurred, then the lessons have been learned, and there is no need to break free of anything, for the entity has freed itself as a part of a natural progression of incarnative experience, each building upon the previous learning from that which was not well learned, building as one does a structure, firmly upon the stone, and carefully placing each portion of the structure.

The difficulty that many feel within the incarnative experience that leads many to feel that there is the need to break free from this cycle of birth, death and rebirth is just that quality which allows the lessons to become more vividly experienced, more intensely expressed and more purely a part of the entity in order that it, through each lesson, might know itself and the Creator more fully.

May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?

Yes. You speak of lessons, of learning, sort of reviewing this lesson and programming ourselves for this lesson in between lifetimes. Actually, I have a double question. Are we being guided by other entities from other densities? For example, we think during this period between lifetimes, through mentors from other dimensions? And if so, are we, during our incarnate lives, are we also being guided directly, in other words, do we have some form of guardian angel, as we would say here?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. Each portion of what you have spoken is in some degree correct. It is true for each within your illusion that the first guide or guardian is a portion of the self which has been called by many names, some of which are the “higher self,” the “oversoul,” or “that which overshadows the small self” within the incarnation. This is a portion of the self that is far more clearly a part of the creation and the Creator and which exists at [what] you would call a higher level of vibration, having, shall we say, the overview or the road map which describes the territory which shall be covered, but which does not guide to the point of overriding the free will of the entity, but with the cooperation of the entity within the incarnation plans before the incarnation the general nature of the journey which shall be experienced, and during the incarnation may, with the assistance of others, provide the entity within the incarnation the opportunities, the stimuli, shall we say, that will remind it of that which it has come to accomplish. Many times there is the meeting with just the right person at just the right time or the presentation of the appropriate book or program on your television or on any system of instruction which leads the entity in a manner which will allow it to travel as it has wished to travel and to learn that which it has wished to learn.

Each entity has, besides the higher self, a male guide, a female-oriented guide and that which may be called somewhat of an androgynous guide, that is, that which has blended the polarities and has found balance in the blend. There are, as well, various friends which have been drawn to the entity according to the nature of the seeking which the entity has expressed and experienced in incarnation after incarnation. Some of these friends are as the entity, however, they are at the time of the incarnation discarnate themselves, and serve as guides, shall we say, that may speak in concept, image and symbol within the sleep and dreaming state, or within the meditative state.

There are many entities which are drawn to assist each entity within the incarnation, so that all possible opportunities for learning may be taken advantage of without the imposing of any choice that would override the free will of the entity during the incarnation, for it is the exercise of this free will that is of paramount importance, as the entity chooses its steps within the incarnation.

May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?

Just a little clarification. In the disincarnate state between lifetimes, between our lifetimes here, are we more aware of this whole experience you’re talking about? For example, would I be able to communicate more directly with you, or would that even mean anything, in between lifetimes, without the problems of our physical presence?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. It is true that each entity between the incarnations sees far more clearly the nature of the self, the nature of the creation and the journey that the self makes through the creation. The entity between incarnations is able to see and assess all previous incarnational experiences, as one of your entities would look upon the courses of study within the school system that has been completed for the entity. The entity between incarnations is far more aware of the unity of all creation and the binding quality of love which holds the creation together. The entity between the incarnations is able to see the purpose of its existence, and is able to see the efficacy of the incarnational experience in that it offers the entity a far more accelerated means of evolution than should be offered the entity if it were not to enter into the incarnational experience, for as we mentioned previously, the lessons which are learned beyond the veil of forgetting, within your illusion, carry far more weight within the total beingness of the entity than the simple recognition of these basic truths outside of the veil of forgetting.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Are you in between incarnations yourself?

I am Latwii, and we, at this time, are within the incarnational experience of that vibratory frequency which you would liken unto the wisdom or light-oriented density, that which follows the learning of the lessons of compassion and love. Thus, we move as you, within incarnated bodies, however these are somewhat more filled with light and somewhat less easy for you to detect than are your own.

May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I’d like to know [inaudible] to explore past lives [inaudible].

I am Latwii. We find that there is little of the physical danger for most of your entities that would seek to explore previous incarnational experiences using the tool of hypnotic regression. The greatest danger, or, should we call it, difficulty, that we have noticed experienced by most entities is what we might call an over-interest or preoccupation with the concept of previous incarnational experiences and the attempt to discover what these experiences were and what exactly transpired in these experiences.

If the entity desiring such information has as its motivation for such exploration the desire to explore a thread or line of learning, a quality or concept which it is currently working with, and feels that there might be information helpful to this program of learning that is buried within previous incarnational experiences, then it is a deed well accomplished to explore in any direction possible for the entity. The simple curiosity that develops into a preoccupation with who one was of this or that nature in previous incarnations oftentimes distracts the seeker of truth from further seeking, so that there is what one might call the side road or the detour that must be experienced in order that this preoccupation be satisfied and the entity then take up again the great seeking of the central purpose of the incarnational experience.

Is there another query, my sister?

I thank you very much. What I would like to know is, this life, we have obsessions about things [inaudible] interesting to find what these lives [inaudible] maybe to smooth these obsessions [inaudible].

I am Latwii, and we believe that we grasp the thrust of your comment, and would agree that the desire to understand a current obsession, as you would call it, by exploring previous incarnations is a use of this tool called the regressive hypnosis that may, indeed, prove helpful to such an entity with such a desire.

Is there another query, my sister?


I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. The process by which one accomplishes that which you have called the astral travel is a process which requires the body that is associated with the heart-ray energy center to leave or exit the physical vehicle of your third-density illusion, and to move from that vehicle, connected only by what we find your philosophers have called the silver cord, and travel in a manner which may be likened unto the projection of thought, and find as the destination that location or quality which is likened unto the answer to a query, for the process of astral traveling which is well used by the seeker of truth is contained within the asking of the query and the seeking of the answer.

There is amongst your peoples a significant amount of this type of experience that is to be had within the sleep and dreaming state, and for some within the meditative state in a more conscious fashion as well. That the traveling in this fashion is to be found mostly within the unconscious realm is due to the need, shall we say, within your illusion to maintain the free will of each entity in order that those lessons learned might be the product of the exercise of free will choice. Were the ability to leave the physical vehicle more of a conscious process, the seeming barriers which limit the movement, not only of the astral body, but of thought and of the mental process of thinking and imagining, in order that this thinking be focused, the process of such thinking and imagining then would be seen to have far less of a barrier and the ability to focus upon the lessons at hand within the incarnation would be somewhat reduced.

Thus, for most entities, the ability to exit the physical vehicle and partake of the experiences that are provided elsewhere is a subconscious or unconscious process. It is a process which is utilized far more often and far more consciously between your incarnational periods.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?


I’m interested in knowing a little bit more about [what] you’re saying of vibratory planes, as you say, of existence. I’ve read in different materials that we have available—that fourth density is somewhat comparable to what we’ve seen in movies like Star Wars, and I hope you understand what I mean. And I don’t know too much about the fifth vibratory plane, but what I am interested in knowing is, do you have what are similar to what we call emotions? Do you get angry? Do you have individual emotions, or are they collective emotions? Could you speak a little bit about that please?

I am Latwii, and I am aware of your query, my brother. We have one central emotion, as you would call it, or as close as we can come to approximating that which you call the emotion, for emotions are those mental qualities which carry a certain weight or charge for entities within your illusion, and it is these charges set upon the mental qualities that allow the learning of certain lessons, all of which evolve about the concept of compassion or love. That we also experience this emotion of love is the central quality of our being, for it is the lesson of the fourth-density entity to find within its being this quality of compassion for all experiences and entities that should come before its notice. When it is noticed that there is any other response to an entity or an experience other than that of love or compassion, then it is that the entity so experiencing that deviation shall learn from that deviation in a manner which will eventually bring it full circle in order that it shall then experience only love and compassion.

We have within our experience as a group, or as what we find some within this group would call a social memory complex, been fortunate in our own evolutionary experience to be able to develop this quality so that as we look upon any situation, any entity or any concept, we see first and foremost to the heart of the experience of the entity or of the concept, and see at the heart the one Creator knowing Itself through that experience, that entity, and that situation. Thus, we have little of the deviation that one would normally associate with what you call emotional responses. Rather, we feel the great upwelling of love for the creation that we see about us and for the creation which lies before and ahead of us upon our journey of seeking.

We experience our illusion as a group or as a race of beings, each blending with the other with a harmony that is difficult to describe, but which makes it impossible to hide our nature or to desire to hide our nature. Our communication is instantaneous by what you would call telepathic thought transference to those which are not a part of our social memory complex. Our communication with each other is an instantaneous knowing, so that which is known to any is known and available to all. Thus, we have at our disposal a great library, shall we say, of information that allows us ever more intricate, infinite and delicate means of observing and serving the one Creator which we see in all of the creation.

May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?

Yes, that’s very interesting. It sounds like that in your density that things are pretty easy, in other words, compared to the way that we live here, that your plan, your direction is sort of plotted out for you, that you just have struggle more and more, or study more and more. I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but is sounds like that you do not experience what we would call unhappiness. Is that true?

I am Latwii, and we do not experience that which you call unhappiness, for we find that that quality has within it the properties of the illusion in which you now find yourselves moving, that is, the quality of failing, shall we say, to see the Creator in each experience. Rather than feeling that which you call unhappiness, we feel, as close as we can approximate, the incomplete service of the one Creator. We seek ever more refined and efficient means of being of such service. Within your illusion it is true that you have a far more challenging experience. You have, because of the need to forget that which you shall remember and that which you are, the inability to express this remembrance. You in your illusion are bound by the limits of the illusion, but experience also a greater potential for acceleration…

[Tape ends.]