The spectrum of queries for the evening revolves around the concept of is there a basic descriptive equation or simple set of factors that can tell you what a fern can be made from, what a musical phrase can be made from, what a human being is made from, sounds [are made from]; what is our relationship to each portion of the creation, and how can we know that we have a relationship to it? Is it worthwhile to attempt to find the reason why an acorn will produce an oak tree every time, and why any specific seed will grow a specific plant each time that it is grown? What’s the basic equation to which each can be reduced? And how are we related to each thing that has being?

(Carla channeling)

I am Yom. We greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We are most grateful to be speaking with you this evening. Although this channel, as we have mentioned before, is not one which has a large capacity to speak in scientific terms, yet may we say to you, my friends, without seeming to be anything but informative, that we welcome the use of instruments such as this one, even though the instrument has not the vocabulary which might, perhaps, make things clearer to a, shall we say, technologically oriented person, for this instrument is more sensitive to the tuning process and is resistant to detuning.

We must preface all remarks tonight by expressing that our intent is not to explicate the mechanical aspects of the creation which may be measured or predicted in one way or another. The gift or service which we hope we have to offer to those of your planet is an ever-increasing realization of each entity’s own capacity by will and faith to grow in love and light, to more and more become one with the infinite Creator and more and more to be a channel for an infinite love and an infinite light that humankind does not have in its native design, nor was ever intended to have. So we shall be speaking with a philosophical or spiritual slant, and, therefore, we are satisfied to use this instrument, ignorant though she is.

We also thank this instrument for persisting in the challenging process. There were multiple challenges and a very persistent negative entity has now left the vicinity. We say this because we know that each of you is a channel, and each of you channels each and every day. We strongly suggest the use of the challenge or the simple question, “What spiritual principle does this action, does this person, does this relationship, does this interaction call to mind? How would I prefer to accelerate my spiritual growth or aid another in its spiritual growth at this point?” This we hope is something that is never far from your minds through the day, and whatever you may ask us, it is an eye to the practical as well as the theoretical that we make our answers, for we are not those that simply say that the Creator is love and love is the Creator. This is true, but this gives the student no steps to take from the miasma of the confusion of everyday life to the truths of eternity.

Thus, listen with the inner ear as well as the outer to what we have to say, and above all, as always, refrain from thinking of us as an information source that is always right. We consider ourselves fallible, and we hope you do too. Trust your own intuition, your own sense of recognition of the truth. If it does not ring true for you, it is the truth which does not work for you. Simply toss it aside and move on. You will meet it again one day, and it will be helpful, or you have gone past it already. Waste not time in worry about whether what we have to say is true or untrue, for you shall recognize truth as if remembering it.

The spiritual principle that governs the likeness of forms upon various levels of the hierarchical nature of your creation is “as above, so below.” That is, you will find repeated again and again certain motifs which are those motifs which express the Creator’s original creation of a certain kind of life form which was designed to carry a certain amount of consciousness, or what you would call, perhaps, Christ consciousness, that is, the God-self within. That which is elemental is that which is made up almost entirely of the love and the light of the infinite Creator. There is only minimal consciousness; therefore, there is no need for movement or thought. The ground upon which you stand, the rocks, water, chemicals, the wind, the fire are of a simple mind, completely lost in the Creator.

Thus, one who is a true magician that may cause changes in consciousness at will, one with faith, may, indeed, move the mountain or cause that to happen which seems a miracle. Such is the nature of the will at the level of humankind.

The nature of the air and the fire is that of radiance or movement. The nature of earth and rock is that which complements and is fecund to wind and fire. That which is called the water is to the elements the Eucharist or blessing or thanksgiving which does bless and balance in the sense that a mother balances a family, the Earth plane. It is the only element besides that of fire which contains movement. The movement of fire expresses the excellence of destruction, the other side of the coin of knowledge. The water is the nurturer, the mother aspect of the Creator and is a blessing to first density as well as second and third, it being of a crystalline nature, much as is the rock. It is, therefore, more able to be charged with consciousness. Wind and fire may be charged with consciousness, but only momentarily because of the movement therein.

When we see the various intricacies of development of life forms within the animal and the vegetable kingdoms, we see that there are many, many roads which the Creator tried in an effort to find life forms that would be satisfactory to this particular sphere which you call Earth. The design of it was careful, and there was an attempt at balance so that each species had a reason for being, a natural food which was available to it, and that group mind which is the level of consciousness at that level of being. That is, the being has movement and moves towards the light. This recapitulates the very beginning of the life force, which is the spiral.

The Creator’s variety of life forms is difficult to grasp or believe. The generosity and creativity of the infinite One in creating ways for consciousness to express are most wonderful, and we know that each of you as you have gazed at the beautiful flowering trees and shrubs, the plush greens of new leaves and fresh lawn, the forests coming alive with birds and deer, that you are aware of the particular beauty of your planetary sphere at this time. Realize that this sphere was designed according to a metaphysical law that is far more important to understand than the mechanical laws of growth, and that is that the creation serves each other. Each species controls the population of another species and, in turn, itself is controlled so that all may have their fair share. The trees that grow upon your planet, those great beings, and all that is green, exhales the oxygen which is needed by second and third-density entities, who in turn offer back to those green things around, in symbiotic fashion, the carbon dioxide which is needed for their growth and blooming. It is a creation whose spiritual principle is unity. The term that your scientists have used to describe the basic unity of any environment is ecological balance, or the ecology of an environment.

We believe that is all we shall say about the repetitive shapes of those life forms which exist in each case, though one may find the predictive mathematical formula for prediction of that which is grown from that which is within the seed. That which cannot be predicted and cannot be measured by your present scientists is far more important, and that is the level of consciousness within the plant. For just as some people within your culture are born only to die young and have little energy, so it is with the smallest seed. It may make the creation that follows the pattern of the spiral energy of life within it, but it may be a weak, poor specimen and die quickly, its consciousness returning to the genetic pool from which that particular species springs. Other seeds or acorns or any sort of reproductive material may be full of a metaphysical vitality which includes that which you know of as will, the will to live and bloom and flourish.

Now, the relationship between you who are above and the plants and animals that are below is that you with your consciousness may affect that which is of second density, or even that which is of first, by your love of it, not because it is mechanically able to be predicted, but because it is life and is part of the one great original Thought which unifies all of us. The response to that thought whenever you see it, if you are centered, is to love, or, if there is not love in the artifacts of the moment, to do that which must be done for love’s sake, your love of the infinite Creator. The equation need go no further than that. This alone is a perfectly acceptable reason for action. Thus, an interaction that you may have with animals, with plants, even with those things of first density, may invest them with more consciousness, more love, more beingness, until finally the consciousness that has permeated this life form which is so miraculous does not move back into the gene pool of that particular species, but has become individualized and has begun the walk towards the third density and full self-consciousness.

It would be predictable, you see, that nature would repeat itself, as the shapes of nature, that which may use fuel and live within this atmosphere, though they are only limited by the imagination of the Creator which is infinite, are, indeed, limited by the necessities of finding a way to fuel the physical vehicle during its life experience. Gaze through the microscope at anything, and you will find many, many, many interesting things. Gaze in the telescope, and you will find the same interesting things. The more sophisticated your knowledge, the more mystical you shall become as a scientific inquirer, for the more that you will be able to see the part that is played by the wills of those third-density entities which observe that which is occurring within the acorn, the seed, the animal behavior, and so forth.

The key to this is “as above, so below,” a saying very old in your culture, but very, very true. You may think of the culture in which you live, the ecology in which you live, as the very tip, lower tip of an upside-down tree. And as you ascend this tree, it grows many, many ramifications and becomes larger and more complex. And finally at the end of a lifetime of seeking, you have moved up the tree of knowledge, and you move into the root system, rooted in what you would call the Kingdom of Heaven. And you find that this tree is eternal, and that life forms recapitulate themselves because of the Creator’s sense either of aesthetics or humor.

Now, when you gaze upon the artifacts of humankind, you may not count and rely upon the naturalness of these artifacts. There are those artists which draw or speak of reality peculiar to their own self-consciousnesses which may not resonate with other’s consciousnesses. However, for purposes of personal growth, may we suggest the extreme efficacy, when the mind is in turmoil, of turning from all that seems confused, moving into a natural atmosphere if possible, and raising the voice in song. For with your breath, your consciousness, your faith and your will, you may change that consciousness and remove yourself from that confusion. At the end of your time of singing, you have cleared out much emotion that, kept inside, is not liable to redound to your comfort and general health, shall we say.

Thus, we may say to you, yes, it is interesting and permissible for you to move into nature with all the measurements, observations and so forth at your command, but there is always the consciousness factor. There is a growing amount of consciousness as one comes closer to third density. And when one finds oneself in third density, we may tell you, if your will is strong enough, those who should die and will to live, live. Those who should live and will to die, will die. This is the degree of free choice which your consciousness permits you. Thus, we suggest that you heartily move towards a consciousness which thinks of the mystery of the love of the Creator; that your purpose in picking up each piece of paper, in doing your chores, in doing the most menial of jobs, your purpose is to express your love of the infinite One. It has nothing to do with pleasing others, relating to others or dealing with others.

The first step in consciousness is that decision which you make to remain within the purview of what this instrument would call Christ consciousness. For that which is metaphysical in third density becomes completely sovereign over that which is of the material of the physical body, and, indeed, in cases of those with unusual gifts, shall we say, the disposition of objects outside the physical body.

The reason that the singing is most important is that the intellect does not know what the subconscious knows. The intellect, therefore, will take upon itself the concern, the worry, the analysis, and so forth. In more than half of the cases, shall we say, of humankind’s concern, once an analysis that is accurate has satisfied an entity, the faith and the will need to replace the concern, the worry, and the fear. And as you raise the voice in praise and thanksgiving, in joy, in laughter, in fun, so you occupy your mind and allow the strength of your faith and your emotions to move to the situation at hand and with their greater wisdom subtly rearrange things, so that as you finish singing, as you finish praising the one infinite Creator, or as you finish meditating in silence, that which seems to be thus and thus transforms itself because of your faith in a positive outcome.

We realize this seems to stray far afield from the land of microscopes, repeating patterns in nature, and so forth. But the Creator’s order is such that were there no consciousness, all would move in an animalistic and balanced fashion which would support all. It is the distortions of humankind which have created the situation which rests upon your planet at this time. By your body you can only manifest the fruits of that which comes from within [of your] love for this planet and for each other and for the one infinite Creator.

That which is designed a certain way finds itself to be a natural form which has an equation, is interesting, but that that same form is completely a consciousness of service to all that is around it is a far more central truth, for that which you understand with the heart results in communication with the consciousness within, that natural shape about you. And it thrives upon your words of love and encouragement, just as you thrive upon the inspiration of the one infinite Creator. You are not the Creator, but your consciousness is one quantum leap ahead, and so it is as if you were turning back to help the little ones to grow as you speak to nature and express your appreciation, your heartfelt emotion, your caring and compassions and love of the beauty that is all about you.

You too, you see, grow according to natural genetic laws. The spiral of life within you without consciousness is as, shall we say, soulless or dead as any other flower that springs upon the planet, blooms in its brief hour, and passes into the compost heap. You must not take your bodies too seriously, but live by will and faith. It is good to care for the body, for it is spiritualized by your consciousness, and as you take care of it, so you shall be able to serve longer and more efficaciously. Thus, to take the best care you may understand of your physical vehicle is not selfishness, but merely a recognition that your physical vehicle is the temple of your consciousness, the God within.

But your essence, my friends, and the essence of all that is, is not that which can be measured in the acorn, although it is in the acorn, that which cannot be measured in the fertilized ovum. It is a matter of the strength of will and faith that that life form may be capable of. You have all seen the flowers and trees and shrubs that are strong to grow, and grow regardless, and those that seem hothouse flowers, unable to deal with the rigors of life in the sun and wind. So it is with entities, yet you, my friends, are self-conscious, and you know the value of desire. Desire carefully to seek the truth of the creation. Desire compassionately to love each other, and much more shall be learned than the gazing at the order which permeates this local illusion. It must be remembered that the order is complete and the illusion is complete; therefore, all order will eventually break down as the illusion is penetrated. This does not mean that there has not been order; it simply means that the illusion has been penetrated.

This illusion was not meant to be penetrated. It was meant for scientists and artists, workmen and musicians, and all humankind alike to labor under the shadow of unknowing, because it was designed for you not that you grow in such and such a way; that information is stored in each cell of your body. That which you seek upon this planet at this time is a consciousness that moves closer and closer to the one great original Thought of love. As you do this, you increase your vitality, your will, your ability to abide through difficult times, and your courage in being able to leave that behind which has not worked, and to grasp that new experience which holds the promise of transformation.

You, my friends, are entities of choice. The order of the second density is such that there is no choice. Each living being moves towards the sun, in some way is affected by each rhythm daily, monthly, seasonally, yearly, and so are your second-density bodies affected. Of course, it is well to understand that which affects the physical vehicle. And among your scientists there are many who are studying those physical vehicles which were used to create the physical vehicle which you now enjoy. One may learn much of the animal within by doing the research…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…corrupted, shall we say, and changed, not transformed, but simply moved back into that which is the producer of future fertility for other second-density life forms.

It is when an entity becomes self-conscious that an entity enters into imperishable things. Scientists may use science to come to the conclusion that there is a great mystery which must be taken notice of. Those who work with artistic muses find an easier time of coming to grips with that fact, for they are working more with the subconscious than are those which measure and calibrate and reproduce and hypothesize. Nevertheless, any form of living whatsoever that you have chosen for yourself will contain those things which you need to learn at this time, and if you become uncomfortable or feel that you are no longer learning from a situation, then you have the freedom given you by the one infinite Creator, in spite of the inevitability of how you had to grow, based on the fertilized ovum of mother and father. You have freedom to make choices, to will to be, to will to do, to will to say. You may will to live by faith; you may will to abide.

You have become a co-creator with the Creator. Value the artifacts of humankind in this light and see what those with special ears or eyes or hearts may offer in enlarging your sympathy, and, if we may use the word, understanding of the deeper self which is never plumbed by the biological self, but is needed desperately by the self which, as a spiritual, imperishable entity, wishes to learn to live by faith.

We are aware that this has been in some ways a most unsatisfactory discussion, yet we felt it would be helpful to each to reemphasize the center of learning about all things that is the inner room. When you enter it within your heart, shut the door, and be alone with the Creator. Do not attempt to visualize this occurrence; let it occur to you as it will. But ask. Ask with much intensity of hope and desire that you may be with the one original Thought of love. For you love that Creator, and you wish to do all that you do out of love of that Creator. And in that consciousness, much shall begin to become apparent to you about the entire range of human knowledge, depending upon that upon which you work, that was never clear before. It is a matter of getting the self, the questioning, curious, restless, gypsy self, put to one side long enough to sit in silence with infinite love. That infinite love is not far away. It resides within your inner room, yet there is the door that you must open yourself. It will never be opened for you in the normal course of events. Remember to open that door, to step inside, and to make use of the deepest portion of yourself, that self which moves in a geometric and regular and, yes, a repetitive way, hierarchical, into the racial mind, the planetary mind, the archetypical mind, and the mind of the Creator.

It is possible that [the] mathematician that is a mystic shall be that person who is of most help to the beginning of those in fourth density. But may we say that at the end of third density, what we feel would be the most help is not physical, is not explanation of the order of nature, but rather an insistence upon a gaze at the spirituality of all that there is, the thought that each thing that one does is done for the love of the Creator. There need be no other reason, there need be no higher path. Anything that is done may be done for the love of the Creator. And as long as you are practicing that presence and the Creator is with you, all that you do, though it may be the most menial and undramatic thing possible, is blessed and appreciated, and you are loved.

Indeed, if you do nothing, you are still loved. You shall always be loved. The only difficulty in third density, truly, is learning to trust that love, to rest back in the love, and to have the courage to return that love, although its recipient is invisible and infinite. As you spend time with the Creator, as you converse with the Creator, you will find that there is no circumstance in which the Creator cannot be a conscious part. And you will find your scientific concerns falling into appropriate perspective.

We find this instrument is requesting that we transfer this contact, and so we shall move to the one known as Jim, with great thanks for this instrument’s being willing to channel us this evening, in spite of some fatigue. We leave you in this instrument’s mouth in love and light as we transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Yom.

(Jim channeling)

I am Yom, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time we feel that we have spoken sufficiently to begin that portion of your meditation which is the question and answer portion. If we may speak to further queries, we would be most happy to do so at this time.

I would just about like to thank you for being with us tonight, and query about something that you spoke about in the latter part of your message tonight, and that is, you said, “If you do nothing, it’s just as… “ The impression I had was, if you do nothing, it’s about the same thing as if you do a lot of research and thinking and whatever. This brings to my mind the question of responsibility. My question is, what are our responsibilities as human beings to ourselves and to the other people around us? And also in a universal sense? Is a human being supposed to be doing something, or is it simply a question of what he feels like doing?

I am Yom. In truth, my brother, we would suggest that you, as any creature of the one Creator which contains the quality of free will, may do as you will, for each action shall, in some degree, teach. To learn of the self and to learn of the Creator and the relationship between these concepts within all of your creation is the purpose of your existence and of the existence of all of the creation. That you shall find standards by which you shall live, and shall take upon yourselves responsibilities, as you call them, as a result of what you learn from what you do and from what you seek is the natural outgrowth of experience which has had analysis and which has generated further thought and action.

Thus, as this process becomes more and more a conscious process, the seeker of truth shall find that there are more appropriate ways in which to conduct this process which take into account the welfare and needs of other entities about it, the welfare and needs of the environment in which it moves and has its being, and the welfare and needs of the inner self, shall we say, that portion of the self which seeks to be informed and to extend the boundaries of experience and identification. Thus, from the beginning command, shall we say, for lack of a better word, that command being, “Do as thou will,” comes a progression of learning and a refinement of this process in a conscious manner.

Is there another query, my brother?

I guess that what I’m thinking about is just the point of it all. I mean, it sounds to me that, based on some of the knowledge I’ve gathered from other meetings such as this, that kind of education that we are supposed to attain out of each lifetime is—and correct me if I’m wrong—a kind of experiential education, as you just said, that in a sense, anything that you do is based on the need to learn a particular lesson, so in a sense, however we proceed is a kind of fulfillment of this education. So, in a real sense in terms of our evolution, is there any point in trying to attain another kind of education which is one that we create for ourselves, the kind of education we create which is through science or through metaphysical gatherings such as this tonight? In terms of our evolution through reincarnation, will this kind of created education, will it be helpful for us in our evolution?

I am Yom, and each such means of learning shall serve as a catalyst that one might accomplish what is at the heart of one’s desire, whether the mind which creates the course of study is aware consciously of what is at the heart of the desire to learn. Thus, you may pursue any particular path of your so-called created education and because of the biases within your subconscious mind you will see and experience this created education in a manner which is congruent with your true desire. Thus, it shall be a vehicle for the accomplishment of that which you have set out to do.

Is there another query, my brother?

No, thank you. That’s very reasonable. Just a query about you, the entity of Yom. This is the first time that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with you. Could you tell me what density you are from and anything else about your background that you care to talk about?

I am Yom, and am seldom requested within this particular group, for our specialty lies in an area which is somewhat akin to those explorations of your more scientifically-oriented entities, though we do not call ourselves scientists in that strict sense. We are as many within the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, and that is a race of beings which have joined their conscious seeking so that it is unified in its direction and purpose. We seek at present within the density of light which is, according to the numbering system we are familiar with associated with this group, being five.

Is there another query, my brother?

No, thank you.

You said earlier that you had some hesitation about the quality of the answers that you were giving in that it was maybe not what was expected. But I’d like to say that I appreciate the direction of the answer that you gave and understand the direction of the answer that you gave. A question I have is, you spoke earlier of a time when—a time when a person has confusion, that they should sing, and the question I have, is singing in that manner the same as playing a musical instrument or expressing oneself creatively, or do you literally mean singing with your voice?

I am Yom. It was our intent to suggest the creative activity in general in order that the conscious confusion could, for the moment, be set aside so that the channel to the subconscious mind might be opened and allow the information which is being blocked by the confusion to be transmitted in some form to the conscious mind. The singing is one means by which this may [be] accomplished, as it effectively removes the necessity for further thought. The playing of a musical instrument would accomplish the same goal, for when the muscle memory, as we find you call it, is allowed to produce its patterns of creativity, then the conscious mind may for that period of time be emptied of the confusion, so that a new beginning might be had and the progress toward a solution to the problem at hand might be enhanced.

Is there another query, my brother?

Another thing I’d like to ask about that you spoke of, penetrating the illusion and that the illusion was not meant to be penetrated, but that it might be, and I’m unclear what you were speaking about there.

I am Yom. We speak of illusion, for the environment which each of us inhabits is more than it appears to be, and by being more than it appears to be, invites the seeking as to what that more might be and how it might be related to the self. Within your particular illusion, the nature of the illusion is quite dense, shall we say, in relation to those which follow it. The density of your illusion, the heaviness of it, has the purpose of providing an unbiased field of experience for free will to be exercised in a manner which is consciously directed for the purpose of eventually choosing to move in a certain fashion rather than another.

To be specific in this instance, your particular illusion asks that you choose to become aware of self to such a degree that you are, indeed, conscious beings, which then may choose the manner of your progression in evolution, either by choosing to be radiant and giving of that which you have found of value in your own searching or to be absorbent or magnetic and to take unto you that which you have found to be helpful, not only within your own experience, but to require that those about you serve you as well.

Thus, your illusion offers the opportunity to make this great choice and the ability to penetrate this illusion in any degree is in direct ratio to the desire and persistence with which the seeking for truth, as you would call it, is conducted by each seeker. Thus, there are moments of inspiration and illumination which are the natural outgrowth of any sincere seeker’s experience, and during these moments of illumination a glimpse may be had into a wider point of view that has not so many veils hiding it from the inner eye of the seeker. However, even with many such glimpses of the truer nature of things, the seeker shall find that far more is unknown than is known.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes. Is the penetration of the illusion related to a term that we use called magic? Or is that not related? I should say, successful penetration of the illusion.

And we shall make this our final query for the evening, for it has been a lengthy session this evening. The term magic, as you have used it in relationship to the evolution of consciousness, may be seen as the conscious ability to gain access to the unconscious mind. The most often used definition within your culture which describes this term is the ability to create changes in consciousness at will.

We find that the conscious ability to utilize the subconscious mind is the foundation principle which allows the ability to create changes in consciousness at will. The persistent desire and practice on the part of the seeker of truth to persist and to analyze and meditate upon the results of the seeking is the quality which aids most in the development of this ability to create the changes in consciousness at will, for as the seeker explores the mysteries of creation, the seeker will discover that the journey does not move far from the self, but, indeed, focuses upon the nature of the self. And as the seeker begins to know more and more of its own self, it gains the ability to form that self in a fashion which is the result of conscious choice rather than the unconscious programming received in the early years of the life that was designed previous to the incarnation.

Thus, as the conscious seeker becomes aware of those programs within the deeper self that it itself has placed there, and begins to untangle the riddle of the self and its purpose, the seeker gains a mastery of the self that allows it not only to move the self as a result of conscious choice, but to move the self in an harmonious fashion with entities about it and with the environment about it as well. For there is an harmonic resonance that the seeker may become aware of that proceeds outward from each portion of the creation and which may be utilized in a fashion which is likened unto singing with harmony with another being, so that those songs which are sung then become the means by which the further evolution of the self may be accomplished.

We are aware that it is growing late, shall we say, and we shall take this opportunity to thank those who have gathered here this evening and who have invited our presence by their desires. We are most grateful for the opportunity to speak through these instruments that we might share that which is our joy and our passion. We ask that each evaluate according to what is within the heart, taking that which has resonance and leaving that which does not. We are known to you as those of Yom, and we leave each at this time in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends.