We have a two-pronged question this evening, the first portion being, is there any additional way in which entities of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, such as we contact in our group, can expand their contact with us and their teaching to us? For example, the inner-planes masters frequently take entities to other densities, or to other areas within the inner planes where [there are] experiences that are especially helpful to them. And then, once we have gathered information from whatever source, whether it be from the inner planes, from a guide, from a book, from a channeling, from a friend, or from whomever, how can we further put that information to work in our lives and produce more of the spiritual fruit, and the evolution of mind, body and spirit and the service to others that we have come here to accomplish?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. We are very pleased to be speaking through this instrument. We wished this instrument to reach a deeper state of meditation after the instrument was satisfied it had challenged us properly. We feel the instrument is now ready to proceed. We wish you a most happy and blessed evening together. It is our privilege to be called to this circle of seeking. We come in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Our gratitude for your allowing us to share our opinions with you is great. It is you who help us, as any teacher may understand, for we learn, slowly but surely, truly how to understand and have compassion, truly how to temper that compassion with wisdom, by gazing at those who are going through what we may call the fire of decision. Yours is a stressful time, as you would say. It is so for a purpose.

We would now move to the question that has been asked. We of Q’uo are those of what may be called outer plane principles. That is, we have had the experience of working as a social memory complex, and we have chosen as one to move back to a density in which our humble opinions may be of value. That which we may offer is limited by the steel boundaries of free will. We may offer to you principles that are spiritual; we may attempt to contrive resources and tools for you to learn. But that which we do is as you surmised earlier, governed by a counsel which has found no single happening of that which was intended coming from a service-to-others physical appearance. It is always an infringement upon free will.

Consequently, we speak with you as those who love and those who wish to serve, and you serve us as you listen and consider. Please consider always that our opinions are finite. We do not have the knowledge of the one infinite Creator. We are merely a little further along on a path which is as dusty to us as it is to you, and as joyful.

Let us speak about the inner-planes masters, so called. These are entities which have personally evolved to be harvestable to fourth density who have instead chosen to remain discarnate and to turn back and aid those of third density. These entities are creatures of your illusion which have moved to larger life and are able to see, shall we say, the tree of consciousness down to its roots and up to its loftiest branches. They are out of the illusion, but they have not had the experience of the higher densities by working with a social memory complex. It is, shall we say, a choice. There are service-to-others and service-to-self entities within your inner planes. There are very wise ones within your inner planes. They have done very, very difficult work, and they are to be commended. However, they have halted their own learning process, turning back to aid, and knowing only that which has been realized within the incarnation that makes the entity at the time of the physical death able to move into fourth-density light.

We have chosen, shall we say, a path with a broader vision. It may be said, perhaps, that we have chosen to love the Creator more than we love those to whom we speak, whereas the inner-planes masters love their students more than they love themselves, for they are unable to progress while still within the inner planes of third density. They are, however, able to give very, very good advice and to speak to specific matters that on our part would be an infringement of free will.

No, we cannot come among you. That which we know of the service-to-others path is enough to allow us to have concluded that the most effective way to aid humankind in this third-density illusion is to speak to spiritual principles with a long view, a point of view that is far away from yours in time and space, if you wish to use those terms. We look at thousands of years, while inner masters speak to the daily needs of their students.

Each path of seeking among your peoples is acceptable. Those upon the inner planes have done the equivalent of crucifixion. They have not risen; they have not moved on. They have loved their brothers, and have so great a compassion that they stay within discarnate third density, and attempt to be of service to their brothers and sisters. We have chosen to learn to be, knowing that eventually we would be able to be of service by our being, and at this point in our development we have also conceived of the project of speaking with groups such as yours, and this has passed the Council, obviously, or this instrument who challenges so fiercely would not be speaking.

It is acceptable to seek the Creator either through the inner-planes masters, or through those such as ourselves who attempt to offer a cosmology and some tools and resources for entering into that which is infinite and unknown. This instrument would call it the noumenal. It is our feeling that as we seek the Creator and learn more and more within the social memory complex experience, we learn to become able to serve in such a way that we learn; and so our service is our learning, and all that we offer comes back to us a hundred and a thousand-fold.

The apparent difficulty, from the standpoint of an inner-planes entity, is that any kind of physical apparatus, even light bodies, must be maintained. The consciousness must be housed. We are uncomfortable, we have our catalyst, we are attempting to refine our understanding of the ways of wisdom. Learning is always less than comfortable. The inner-planes masters have the realization which they have achieved, and they are very comfortable, for they are only consciousness, and because they once stood upon the same planet as you, they may, through a materialization medium, come to you and speak specifically to you.

There are those who need the daily touch, the intimacy, the ability to converse, of the inner-planes master or guide. A large percentage of your planet’s entities choose this method of seeking. Let us say that the teacher known as Jesus the Christ offered a clearer view, that is, a longer view, of the purpose of the choice-making density, by living a parable, which may be seen to be that which explains that the one who is the greatest is the one who has chosen to be a servant, that the one who is most centered and conscious is the one who moves to the least comfortable position so that others may have the comfort.

You all wish to be service-to-others entities, and, as of this evening, you have chosen to work upon the way itself; not upon the answers, but upon the questions. It is our honest belief, from this point of view, that the questions are far more important than the answers that this instrument prizes. The point of the path of seeking is evolution, and a movement towards unity, not through experiencing the self as the Creator, but in experiencing the Creator through the self. That is, we see in each of you the Creator. We see the patterns of distortions that you have woven about the tapestry of your life so far. We can see the incarnational pattern, the learning of love that you are doing, and the integrity and sincerity and intensity of your intention to seek the truth. This is what makes the call that reaches the tuned ear.

Those who seek from inner-planes masters are often of, shall we say, an entirely different planetary origin, and find the need of inner-planes masters or guides because they are unwilling or unable to work within third density, within the prison of the flesh, within the additional prison of the brain, towards realization within the illusion, towards a penetration of the illusion from within the midst of that illusion. This is interesting to us.

We encourage people to take a long view. It is our honest belief that it is better to continue learning to be, and then, as a side product, being able to serve, than to turn one’s back on one’s own evolution, and sacrifice and martyr oneself within the inner planes in service to beloved students. This is only our opinion. There are very many service-to-others oriented, positively polarized and excellent inner-planes beings, some of which you are aware. We find within this group a very burning desire to move on, to progress in evolution, knowing that service to others will be the natural byproduct of the sacrifice of comfort, the sacrifice of freedom, in the sense of having to have a physical vehicle and a place to be.

You see, my friends, consciousness is not as you feel that it is. It is not the thinking; it is not the doing. The closest we may come to the essence of consciousness is purified emotion. There lies your wisdom. That which inhabits your brain, that which is given you within this illusion, is by and large that given for the making of choices, this being the density of choice. Much as a computer answers a question “yes” or “no,” time and again, to come up with any number of informations, so too does the mind choose what it will perceive, and then arrange that perception according to the distortions of its own biases and understandings.

We suggest that whatever a person has found its path to lead it to at this time, that it is well to follow the heart, the preference, the bias, not to move from one way of seeking, such as inner-planes masters, such as speaking with those of us of the Confederation. It is a free choice, and good information comes from both, if the channel be pure.

Now we would tackle the question of how you may be aided more by our beingness. We are parables; we are exemplars. We do not teach, we are the catalyst for teaching. We are the voice of the infinite One, and we speak with vast perspective, compared to your own. Yet we are called to very specific vibrations, such as this group’s. Inner-planes masters are called to individuals. They may be channeled to others, but they are in essence entities which belong to one person alone, or one person which belongs to one entity alone, depending upon the polarization of the contact.

Humankind has for all of written history, this instrument would say, tried to become wise. It has written billions and billions of words in many, many languages. It has thought many thoughts, and proposed many proposals concerning the way things really are. Mankind has struggled to learn, to evolve, to believe in something that is real. There is a difficulty with that. Nothing is real. All that you experience, including your own personality, is illusion, shadow and distortion.

It is our belief that because of our longer point of view we are able to serve you in a way that is different than the inner-planes master, and it is our belief that you are in a position to serve yourself in a way that is different from inner-planes guidance, and that is by the conscious use of spiritual principles in living the very uncomfortable life of one who is attempting, while in, shall we say, marine boot camp, to work twice as hard as the other entities who are grabbing the gusto, the bowling balls, and the beer. Those of you who hear my words and seek to help others are those who have chosen the dusty path, the path of sacrifice, the path of discomfort, of woes and troubles and problems. You have chosen to expose yourself to all that is in whatever form you may experience it, be vulnerable to it, be open to it, and attempt to learn from it, by the conscious use of spiritual principles.

Now, spiritual principles end always in two things: paradox and mystery. Consequently, it is the entity who seeks with a literal mind who seeks the inner-planes masters. It is more often the mystic, the poet, or, shall we say, the wanderer type, who is interested in the abstract principles which theoretically govern a living world of reality. Within your own life, then, you may devalue certain aspects of the brain’s limitations of choice, and realize that beyond the veil of the inner being, if one is careful, and like a lover searches for the self, the heart of the self, and the heart of passion, that one may find, little by little, the self, amidst all the variousness of free will, and may begin by will and intent, consciously to change the polarity, to evolve spiritually, not because there is a guide who may speak to you each day, and tell you what to do, but because you are upon a quest. You are in search of an unfathomable mystery. That mystery is love. You have only one tool at the beginning of that great search, that dusty, infinite walk, and that is your intent, your desire, your seeking. The one known as Jesus the Christ said, “Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” This is inestimably true on many, many levels. Be very careful of that for which you desire, as it will come to you. Be sure of your desires; have the purity to know and examine the self.

Thus, we are suggesting to you that what we can do as beings is teach you that it is perhaps, although seemingly a choice of selfishness, [better] to move on and learn more, and not to stay behind in the inner planes and help students. It is better to go on, seeking, asking, being an entity with personality, which means that one has not yet approached the heart of the Creator. It is possible with inner guides masters to experience egolessness, personlessness and nonbeing. It is possible to have great realizations beneath the threshold of the conscious mind, and to allow one’s being to be moved by whatever intuition those realizations produce.

Eventually, each inner-planes master will decide to move on, for the will to evolve is so much a part of the nature of the active principle of the Creator that it cannot be forever denied. The inner-planes ones must take up their staffs at some point, must take upon themselves manifestation and learn more, refine that choice, that understanding, that realization, more and more, until that which is called free will is found to be the desire to serve, that is the free will. When the free will and the desire to serve the one infinite Creator [are one]—this instrument would say the “not my will but Thine” syndrome—then the entity is most prepared to take full advantage of the experience which this dance upon planet Earth at this time offers.

You do not need to be other directed. We give you these words hoping for inspiration and information, but without hope that any will have any particular reaction to our words. We give them to you as opinion. We expect that you will take what is useful to you and forget the rest. This is excellent; this is the way it should be, for those who are conscious teach themselves by the catalyst of gazing into the face of the Creator, in each other, in us, and in the self.

Take the long view, my friends. Find the lightness of heart that this gives you, the balance of opinion, and the thoughtfulness, and eventually, the faith that it offers. [For when there is no reason to anything within the illusion, then it is that that which is mysterious outside of the illusion has the only possibility of being real.] Gaze at that pontificated reality, and realize that that reality, that mystery, is love, an energy indescribable. The infinite intelligence of the one Creator is love, unpotentiated, unpolarized, unaware. It merely loves. The active principle of free will is chosen again and again by the Creator, Who chooses to make a creation and form active principles of Itself that It may learn of Its own nature. We already know the answer: the nature of the Creator is love; the nature of you is love; the nature of your circumstances is love. Whatever they may be, all is as it should be; all offers the catalyst that is required at the present time.

If one may have faith in this, and seek the one infinite Creator which is within the mystery, which is the mystery, and which is the core of the being of the self, then one may find one’s way to a way of living that is beautiful, and makes of marine boot camp a very tidy place, a place of happy laughter and merriment, a place of lightheartedness and peace. For as you learn more and more about service to others, taking the punches, having the troubles, learning from them, and not from an inner guide who tells you what to think, so you become more and more aware of the humbleness of your own nature, and of your desire for servanthood. Servanthood is not as you may think of it. Servanthood is servanthood to the Creator. One may see the face of servanthood in the face of a mother or father, who serves the Creator and nurtures the beings that house those consciousnesses that are unique, just as each of you is unique.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. We continue with this instrument. Each of you has a special gift to give. That gift is the gift of the pattern of the self. Consider the snowflake, no two alike. So it is with spirits, as they grow in compassion and wisdom and service to others. Each one has a somewhat different energy nexus, a somewhat different emphasis or area of expertise. Each speaks uniquely to the Creator of itself; each has experiences no other in the infinite creation has had, and has experienced them in the idiosyncratic way of one truly conscious of the self within.

You see, my friends, you are a jailer as well as a prisoner. In most entities the jailer is the stronger of the two entities. And so the entity moves through the life depending on outside help. You do not need to depend on any outside help, my friends. You do not need us, you do not need any teacher. You merely need persistence, determination, and a kind of respect for the self that must be the foundation of seeking. The core of you is the infinite love of the one Creator. You are the Creator within. This is not evident; it is not intended to be. You must seek this beingness within. We can be with you in your meditations; we can strengthen your meditations. We cannot strengthen your persistence, your determination or your seeking. We cannot purify your intent, or widen your point of view. You must leave that to the consciousness that is within you, the purified and ever more purified emotion that comes forward as bliss, ecstasy, passion, intensity and, paradoxically, peace. All these things are within you.

This is where that which is called faith becomes evidently different from that which is called belief, for inner-planes masters are those who have believed certain things, who have certain pathways to follow to graduate from third density. They are legitimate. There is a blindness to them, since the higher densities have been bypassed by the entity’s immediate realization of the one infinite Creator. This may seem to be a great advantage, but it is as if you were only visiting and must go home. The only way to move back to the source, the only way to become unpotentiated love once again, the only way to find and be the Grail, is to walk this dusty path, learning of the self, of the beingness, of compassion and wisdom and balance, in that order, so that one may at last, having experienced much, turn and offer to the Creator the one gift that is most excellent and holy: the self, with all the richness of its learning.

May you see yourself as beautiful, my friends. May you attempt to live beautiful lives. May your laughter be hearty and real. May you delight in each other. May you seek together, may you be persistent and daily. At any time you wish for us to strengthen your meditation, we are welcome to be with you. We will not guide you. We respect you. You will guide yourself. All that you need to know lies within you. When you hear it, and say, “Yes, now I understand,” there is a part of you that would wish to say, “Yes, now I remember.” For that which is personal truth comes to one as a long forgotten memory that has somehow found its way to the surface. We welcome you to the dusty path. We feel it is an authentic option, a way to learn, a way back to the Source, and we are most grateful for your seeking.

This instrument informs us that we have been much overlong, as we are wont to do, and we apologize, but the question was an interesting one, and we must admit to being fond of interesting questions. We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, that he may conclude tonight’s working. I leave this instrument in love and light. I am known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to those queries which may yet remain upon the minds of those present. Again, may we remind you that we speak those opinions which we have found useful in our own journey. We do not wish our words to be accepted without discrimination upon your parts. Is there a query with which we may begin?

Yes, I have a question, or something I’d like to say. I’d like you to comment on it. I try to get an answer from myself or from within—you said earlier, there usually comes a point where you just feel it’s right, when you know that this is right, and coming to accept this as a valid answer, or a safe answer, or however you want to say it—so therefore I trust it when it just feels right, and I believe I understood you to say earlier that this was the criteria that we should use when judging an answer or getting an answer. Could you comment on that, please?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The image that we give this instrument is that of the garden. This is an interior garden. There awaits in this garden many flowers, shall we say, that have been sown by the seeds of your desire, your interest, and the direction of your seeking. As you seek those answers from within, it is as though you continue to water this garden, and as you seek the specific direction of that inner voice you are accomplishing the same thing as though you were to pluck the flower from that garden.

Thus, by your own desire and your persistence you have tended this garden, and it provides you with those answers which are helpful in your daily round of activities as you call upon the inner garden for the beauty and the fragrance of the flowers whose seeds you have sown. In short, my brother, we affirm the query which you have presented to us.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you, that’s a very nice way of saying it. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Yes, Q’uo. We are sometimes accustomed to distinguish [inaudible] energy between that portion which is manifest and that portion called the Godhead which is not manifest. I understand that we belong to the divinity, each in a unique way. This belonging is experienced by us in manifestation. What I would like to understand, explore, is the respect in which the manifestation of divinity is motivated within the Godhead Itself and to understand the sense in which factors such as emergence of will and desire come into play from within the Godhead.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a large and most interesting field which you have chosen for your query, and for the sake of clarity we shall attempt to be brief rather than to explore in depth this field. Within that entity or quality which you have called the Godhead there exists a desire. That desire is to know the nature of that which you have called the Godhead, to know the nature of that great Self, to know the Source that is unmanifested from which that which is manifested springs, to know the possibilities of that which is manifest, to know if there is any boundary to that which is possible within manifestation, to explore as an adventurer that vast plenum of manifestation.

This desire is that same desire which moves in each particle and portion of the manifested creation and, indeed, moves in a freely chosen and intelligent manner in each entity such as yourself and all within the third-density illusion in which the mind, the body, and the spirit first are joined in this great journey of seeking. Thus, that sense of yearning to know is that quality which one may call the will. Thus, that which has no form or manifestation of any kind has provided the spark of desire, of will, that enlivens and enables that which is manifest, that there might be this great exploration of the nature of all that is, and that each portion of all that is might partake in this journey of seeking.

May we speak further, my brother?

There is one point I would like to look at more closely, and this has to do with the way our seeking fits into the experience of the Godhead. From where I stand now there seems to be an ambiguity between an understanding I have that the one infinite Creator has begotten me, and the sense in which I feel a kind of self-origination out of a desire within the Godhead. As I find my way back slowly and through the densities to the Godhead, it is important to find my way back to the specific place of my origin. Is that why one is so scrupulous to attending to one’s biases?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We shall take your phrase, “the place of your origin” not to be a specific location, for, indeed, you are from all places, but to be that frame of mind or attitude of unity from which each portion of the one Creator springs, and, indeed, this is true, my brother, for each entity has begun in total unity as an unpolarized and undifferentiated particle of that one great original Thought of love which has set all creation in motion. Each entity, therefore, finds its uniqueness in the means by which it is able to refine and define this unity from a perspective born of experience that becomes of necessity unique, for as each portion of the creation that becomes intelligent and self-conscious does so, its experience is at variance to some degree from the experience of any other portion of the creation, for the hallmark of an infinite Creator, my brother, is variety. By the free will choices that are possible to each portion of the creation, there is seen an infinity of possibility for each portion of the creation.

Thus does each entity such as yourself move in a rhythm that partakes of the great heartbeat of the universe, moving outward and outward, gathering experience, turning that experience into the power to serve, to love, to glorify the one Creator, and to continue on the journey, moving then back again to that place of unity from which all this began, having now gained the experience of moving through the cycles of creation. Thus, you are in microcosm the one Creator that has come to know Itself as you are now, and shall come to know Itself as all that is.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

I have one. In analyzing what I can remember of what I channeled, I was struck mostly by, well, in the past there has been a lot of emphasis on two things: faith and will, will and faith. Now thinking about the guru trip, the trip of inner-planes masters, incarnate or discarnate, and thinking that perhaps although there is much faith, the will is given over to a teacher that is perceived as apart from the self, and that teacher interacts with the student, and the student becomes able to deal with fourth density light, but it has not honed its faith. In other words, it thinks it knows something.

Whereas, the person who walks the road of spiritual principles and, shall we say, the hard school of knocks of life, instead of the ivory tower of talking with an inner-planes master, who has chosen to live the truth rather than study the truth, and because of that the only thing that moves one through experience is faith, and sooner or later it must be grasped by any one hopeful enough to continue to exist.

So, that is why you recommend working things out within your experience without undue attention to any opinion but your own, and that is because faith does not depend on facts or proofs or anything that is known, but faith just is faith that all is well and all is one with the infinite Creator. Could you comment on that? I thought it was kind of an important thought.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We shall attempt to speak to this point. It is difficult to generalize with accuracy in the manner which you have described, for with any teacher or student there is the likelihood that there will be anomalistic experience, that which deviates from the norm.

There are many teachers of the origin of inner planes that work with specific beliefs as you have noted. There are many students who work either with a teacher or alone who also work diligently upon the nature of beliefs and the power of the mind to affect not only one’s behavior but one’s ability to move along the spiritual path, shall we say. Whether one works with belief and concentrates little upon faith, or whether one works greatly with faith in that which is unseen and little upon belief, there is within your illusion a quality built in, shall we say, in which all efforts shall both fall short of the mark and shall produce some fruit.

The quality that we find most helpful to any student in whatever way the journey has been fashioned by that student, is the tandem, shall we say, use of will and faith. The desire to know, to grow, and to serve must be strong, and there must be the faith that such is possible, and we find that whether one has focused upon belief in certain principles, rituals or concepts, or has focused upon the direct application of faith, it is yet this quality of faith powered by the will, the desire, that is functioning either consciously or subconsciously, for each student has chosen—and in this sense we speak of those who are consciously seeking—to move the self upon the path of seeking to know in a way which implies and requires the exercise of faith in something, whether that something be a set of beliefs, a guru or teacher that personifies certain qualities, or whether it is indeed the faith itself, the faith that all entities share an origin, a journey, and a destination, and the surety that all is indeed well throughout the process of evolution.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?

Well that’s very eloquent, it’s just that I feel rather strongly that the organized religions, if you should take them literally, or take any body of teaching literally, or any spirit guide, following its directions literally impacts the will, and that’s why I was saying that faith seems to have ascendancy over belief in being a good tool, because faith isn’t faith in anything, it’s just faith. If there’s no further comment from you, than that was just—I thought that thinking for yourself and seeking your path did more to improve the strength of the will than the path of accepting that which a teacher has to say without question.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister, and we would further comment by suggesting that it is indeed the most frequently noted experience that the organized, as you have called them, religions do seem after a period of time to solidify the tenets of the faith or of the belief so that there is a more narrow path that is permissible to walk upon.

However, given this limitation of the hardening of the viewpoint and the narrowing of the viewpoint, there is ever available within each system of beliefs a path which is straight and true for those followers whose faith has remained unblemished and whose ability to awaken compassion within the beingness has ripened, shall we say, and has found a means of manifesting within the daily life.

We would agree that the hardening of the beliefs provides a difficulty for those entities who do not take upon themselves the responsibility of making those discriminations and interpretations and applications of the belief which will allow the awakening of compassion.

May we speak in any further sense, my sister?

No, I thought that was very enlightening. Thanks a lot.

I am Q’uo, and we again thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

There is one other small, humble question. I get many sounds, and I wish your comment on these sounds. [Inaudible] before.

I am Q’uo, and we must apologize, my sister, for being shy of information in this regard, for we find that if we were to speak in this way we would be infringing upon a process of inner growth which is in our opinion most beneficially aided by your own efforts. There is a line across which we do not desire to move, and that is the infringement upon an entity’s free will when there is the process of inspiration occurring that is of an inner nature which must be discovered by the student without the teacher, shall we say, giving hints for the homework.

Is there another query, my sister?

That was [inaudible]. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I guess we’re through, Q’uo. Thank you so much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank each for allowing our presence this evening. It was a great honor to be able to blend our vibrations with yours and to walk with you upon your journey of seeking, which is indeed the same journey upon which we move as well. We take a delight in being able to give voice to our concepts and hope that we have been able to share some portion of our journey with you that might be of service to you. Again, we request that you apply your own discrimination rigorously upon those words which we have been privileged to share with you this evening.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.