The question this evening is a continuation of the information we were receiving on how to discover the gifts one has that will allow one to be of service to others. Part Three.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings to you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. It is a privilege and a blessing to be here. We have been given this task by the one known as Q’uo because of the estimation of this instrument’s aura. It is not able to function at full power due to illnesses within the body. However, we are a broadband contact, and although we cannot inspire and instruct as well as our teachers, yet we attempt to be of service to you this evening.

As we talk about how to identify your gifts, you have heard this many times and you will hear it again many times: the way to discover your gift is to allow yourself to love. Loving is a risk. It also puts you in the company of people who do many, many, many different things, some of which you may be gifted at; you would never know unless you tried them. If you go through your life trying to be proper and serious you will only become misogynistic, baleful and bitter. When you, in and of yourself—we correct this instrument—in and of the self, the small surface self cannot sustain deep and purified emotions unless they are most, most unusual and do not come from this sphere at all.

So, we would like to close out our speaking upon identifying your gifts by quickly recapitulating what we of the Confederation have said before. We have said that the greatest gift is that of being. The second greatest gift, that of raising children. Everything is a gift to one who feels the presence of the Creator in the inanimate object or the animate object which it is manipulating in order to aid it. How many there are among your people who set up charitable organizations in order to avoid paying taxes. This is not an identification of gifts, but a budgetary decision. What we look for, what we ask for, what we hope for, is people who find that the love of the Creator for them, unblemished, untouched by the human condition lies within them. It is the first step to human-hood; to imperishability.

It is most easy to love some people. Their temperament suits your temperament. They are good listeners, you are good talkers. Or vice-versa. You have many of the same interests, or there is simply the chemistry of working together before that brings people together. But if anything that is attempted is attempted without the free flow of love, infinite love, into the violet-ray chakra from above, upwards from the red-ray chakra, according to the energy blockages of the body, when you sit to meditate, do your best to clear your intelligence of its usual active pattern of contemplation and thought, for those things which can be said to be of an inspiration that is healthy and encourages wellness among the souls of your peoples is not altogether welcome upon your sphere. You must ask for us to be with you.

There are some who are so aware of the love of the infinite One that they naturally radiate love to all whom they see and desire [to be] of service to all whom they meet. This is not the rule among humankind. It is well to consider yourselves as unprivileged in that regard. It is said that to be human is to fail. No truer words were ever spoken. From the moment of your conception, you are dying. You are perishable. You have only a brief time upon this tiny sphere to learn to know yourself and your strong points and your gifts, and to give them with a glad and holy heart.

To some people, the services that they offer is obvious. Housewives who realize the incredible sacrificial service of motherhood in truth, though, however, is not a sacrifice, for love is greater, stronger and more joyful and certainly more confrontive and immediate than other solitary occupations.

This evening we would simply say, “Find your love.” What do you love to do? Whatever it is, you may do it in the service of others. Do you love to cook? Try a soup kitchen. Do you love to drive? There are handicapped and helpless people who must be taken here and there. Are you good with your hands? There are programs within your society for rehabilitating the dilapidated house to make it sellable so that people who are poor will have a nicer place to dwell. Is your special forte communications? This entity knows that its best trait, and of course, its worst?, is honest, open communication at all times. Thus, we are able to use this instrument although she is in considerable pain—the heart is single.

In a way, my children, this is what love is. Singleness of heart. One may love this and one may love that. And one may just love banana pudding, and simply adore prime rib. The words are used very sloppily. We do not subscribe to any dogma or dark truth. We are able to inform you inasmuch as we know, and that knowledge is not perfect.

On the foundation and the evolution of spirituality upon your planet, you yourself, however, will come forth from this meeting, this meditation, this circle of joy and sweet peace and move out into a world in which peace seems afar off and life is not sweet always. Thus, as always, we encourage the daily meditation in moderation. That is to say, no more than one half hour at a time, for we can never disclose to you because of your own free will the pace you are particularly able to keep. Each of you is evolving. Some have the capacity to evolve more quickly. The most folly one can assume is to assume that because one seems without love, one is not learning spiritually. You are the one who is not growing spiritually if you do not love the unloved. And we do not talk of empty prayers and dutiful affirmations. We speak of a heart so open that it recognizes the murderer, the rapist, the felon, the abuser, the addict, the street person, one who, in the interest of country, allows ways to be rational for unacceptable means.

The world outside of you is not apparently full of love. Love has an active and a passive form. The most important form for you to become aware of is the immediate presence of the unmoved Logos, that great original Thought which is Love. There’s no free will to cause it distortion. And you, my friends, are the active principle of that Creator. Far better it is to attempt to aid and fail than not to attempt because of a fear of failing. No one is keeping score in the heavenly kingdom, except, my friends, you yourselves. You know if you love or if you are merely getting along, being polite, being pleasant and being cheerful. Those are wonderful human traits, but they end, and then you are exhausted and open to the most negative of emotions. It is in the realization that you are [as] portion of the Creator, that your ability to love is there to make itself clear, for it is not your ability at all. Your personality, your circumstances, the island high on which you live, are all illusions. But that which is within your consciousness is no illusion.

Thus, after you have cleared yourself as best you can of the negative thoughts, of the difficulties, of the pocket change of the day, not just in meditation, but moment by moment, you shall be that much closer to your service.

To recapitulate, service is vastly different from the art of pleasing people. When one asks how one can be of service to another, either analysis, intuition or inspiration will inform you. Yes, that person needs help, or I know that person needs to do this on its own. That is compassionate, but it is an enabling process sometimes to allow what is or may be before you to resolve itself that that dear soul which you hold within your arms and heart may grow at its own pace.

Many, many of your organizations began in love, love of mankind, love of beauty. In time, this love became jaundiced and truncated while the necessity of the upkeep of the corporation which houses [its] beautiful objects [replaced it]. So it is with your churches and your schools. One may learn about freedom, but for that, one must pay. Determining your gifts, then, is a matter of observing what it is you love to do the best. Then we suggest you do it; whether it be praying for the peace of the planet, sending healing, it matters not. It matters only that one realizes that one’s Lordship dwells within as does the entire universe.

What are your gifts? Only you know. How keen your eyes, how keen your ears, how quick your reflexes, how intelligent your mind, how able your tongue, and how able your body. Only you know whether you are an introvert, an extrovert, a loner, a sociable person. Only you know your own needs. And in serving others, it is not wise to sacrifice too much of that which you enjoy and that which feeds you, for as a channel you are giving, and giving, and giving, and giving without expectations of any return. This is a blessed service for which we thank all of you. But the silence of meditation, the steadiness of day-to-day cheerfulness, the pursuing of work that you love is a great boost forward.

The least important of these, although it would seem that it was the most important because of the time one spends in labor, is in the laboring. Most entities find it reasonable to do something intelligent or unintelligent in order to provide the self with independence by an income. These same people, then, have an obligation that is shared by all, to help with the resources of the planet. It is part of your media, at this blessed time of the year, the Advent of the coming of Emmanuel, [that] many are homeless, many are hungry, many are cold. Some will die. If you cannot bring them food, send them your prayers, for prayers are food for the soul and miracles do occur when prayer is invoked. Sometimes the answers to those prayers are, “No, leave it alone, it is as it should be.” And, in that case, one simply holds the one for whom one is praying up and asks the Creator to cradle that entity in His arms.

This, then, is your service to that person—unknown, unappreciated and unexpected. Perhaps the secret of the service to love is to make no fuss or ado about doing what one can to serve. We have a very handy example in this instrument who is having continuous pain flares. This one, however, is aware of the limitations of her service and would have had to have been unconscious not to attempt contact. We look for intensity, passion and dedication in our lives and due to the fact that it is very, very much a secular culture in which you live this feeling of coming home to one’s true family is often missing. And people wander the Earth like Noah’s beasts in pairs of two, with the lonely ones slipping through the cracks in reality.

My friends, you are asked to love one another as you yourself have been loved. You know the incredible strength of that love. You may lean back against it, and you may open the self to channel words to make peace and harmony and solace available to those who are too tangled in their own details of negative emotion to work out the heart of the problem. Each of you would be in this situation from time to time, thus the offering of love to another by listening, by accepting, by forgiving, and by loving is the gift of which we would speak this evening. Centuries and centuries have gone by with the entities attempting to learn to love. There have been many side trips, many excursions into folly. Many killings, wars and casual death. That is the Creation expressing itself negatively this time.

You may do two things with your love after you have found it. Firstly, you may pray continually without ceasing. This is not a difficult habit to move into, as one knows very small prayers that one has known since childhood, prayers that are to the point and caring. You may also make up your own prayers or simply hold a person with whom you are concerned into the light of the infinite One.

The greatest of active services as opposed to passive services of being is loving in such a way that you are able to hear the words between the lines that plead for spiritual help. We pray you may have the subtlety of wit, the intelligence to take that information which is important to the other, and find a tongue to speak that does not create a stumbling block, while many have been damaged by guilt and excessive judgment in some of your saddled religions.

And now you tread a more difficult road, a road wherein you must believe yourself worthy. Why should you believe yourself worthy? Let us look at this. In the first place, you are worthy because you have been created by the one infinite Creator. You are an active principle which informs the Creator of Itself. This you do by living, not by doing. You are of service to the Creator as you begin to forgive yourself, completely and irrevocably, for the many serious sins of the past, the errors which have caused you humiliation and nausea. It is a difficult thing to wish a living ideal and within your culture it is designed to be impossible.

So, you the pilgrim who seek to be light to the world, will often fall, for stumbling blocks are everywhere. Bruised, tired, dusty, we ask you to pick yourselves up and move along the road that you and the Creator have planned for you. Pray, first of all, that you love yourself. The second portion of the second admission which is found in your holy works is to love your neighbor as yourself. If you do not love yourself, how can you love your neighbor? There is work to be done again until the self is clear enough to hear and appreciate and feel unthreatened by the strength of the feelings, emotions and thoughts of others.

How can one magnify one’s ability to share love? Coming to group meditations such as this one is helpful, for as the saying goes in the holy work, your Bible, “When two or three are gathered together, prayers are answered.” It is true, too, in the way of information. Three is the minimum number for successful vocal channeling, so that it may be universal. All these things are gestures of love. So, if you do not love yourself or the Creator, stop where you are, do not attempt to strain yourself by opening higher energies without the heart chakra completely open.

It is perfectly appropriate to fail and fail and fail again. We are not speaking of results but of the will to succeed, the persistent desire to run the straight race, as it is written in your holy scripture. Love is emotion that is too soft and too gentle in the way it has become known upon your planet to do that which it was intended to do: act as a balance wheel, giving entities equal opportunities to choose positive or negative paths. The reason for this is that your culture is more positive than negative, consequently, we of the Confederation are aware that there are negative entities also. This is why we charge you with the challenging of all contacts, but if you love the Creator and love yourself, you will then turn to a world that is bright with the light of the Creator’s energy.

You do not love energy fields, you do not love that which perishes in entities, although perhaps some of you do. There will come a time when each finds that this is not enough. The experience of loving and being loved involves complete trust, cooperation, sacrifice on all parts, and a yielding up of the little self to a self which is called “us,” which has an appointment with destiny. Each of you has gifts and is staring them straight in the face. Some things do not seem like gifts, but if you can love your neighbor as yourself and love yourself as your Creator and love your Creator with all your heart, then those gifts of yours which are needed will be called upon whether or not you express the talent, for the community of those who pray and serve is such that the opportunity is made for those who wish to serve.

We realize that the word “gifts” may have meant to some physiological or mental gifts, such as being athletic, being a good friend, caring greatly about the planet Earth and other subjects like this. This is very good for you to do. But, beneath all the phenomena of a distressed world lies the distress of the one infinite Creator and the planet itself. Practice loving yourself, my friends. The gifts will come to you if they have not already. And when you feel an impulse to do something you have never done before, and you feel you are being led by guidance, do not hesitate, but do that which you feel you are guided to do.

In this atmosphere, each will make many mistakes. That is entirely acceptable. It is the method by which people learn. A mistake is a good thing, for in making the mistake, one can sit, intuit and analyze why that effort to be a light being backfired, and so you learn compassion, sympathy, the single-minded love for humankind, not as humankind but as the Creator would do. This depth of love grinds you upon the rock of spiritual principles.

We are not saying that if you follow your own star or if you follow your own agendas which have welled up within you that people will understand you or give you an easy time. This is not so. This has never been so and will never be so. As long as third-density entities gaze upon the one who is taking a great risk for the good, they shake their heads, they do not understand that death will be preferable to being unable to serve. Sometimes one comes upon a talent later in life. A talent for organization, a talent for money raising, a talent for teaching creative writing, a talent for showing young men how to fix up their cars.

We speak of these talents upon the same level as any other. We do not look down upon your world because [you] yourselves are as sacred to us as your trees and your grass. This is the Creation that you have made and we rejoice and are glad in it. We also see the many pitfalls, the major pitfall being that, in a society that basically thinks [about] the self and accumulating masses of belongings and experiences which are expensive [about one] is not going to be in touch with that part of the self which knows the self and wishes to serve. We therefore ask you, at this time, as the roots of the trees grows deeper and deeper into the Earth, drawing…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…that water from the root system, quite a young thing, there are no leaves on the tree, the trees look dead, they are skeletons waving in the wintry wind, so too are you. This is not aloneness, this is your free will nature. To find your true gift is one thing that is, shall we say, relatively easy, for the ability to give service to others is everywhere. One may volunteer in soup kitchens, hospitals, all sorts of places that need free [inaudible]. When you feed a hungry stomach, you know that you have been useful and of service. But never forget the more subtle kinds of service that comes from the heart that loves unconditionally. When you can listen to one who is [in] deep confusion and respond with unrestrained compassion, that is another way of showing love. And, again, it is impossible to do until the self be cleared of all those bits and pieces that don’t fit into the living of a life in love and faith. Meditate each day, my friends, and ask for the presence of eternity to be about you, all the day long and all through the night.

We are told by this instrument that we have once again gone overtime. We do apologize for our loquacity. We are most thankful for this instrument, for there was a very large amount of difficulty that this instrument was having and we are very pleased that we are able to use this instrument. We of Hatonn would now close the meeting through the one known as Jim. We leave you in love and light. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and greet you again in love and light. We are pleased that we have been able to make contact with this instrument, for it has been a measure of your time since we have utilized this instrument as well. We would offer ourselves in the path of seeking to answer queries at this time. If there be any queries which may be upon the minds of those present, we would be happy to attempt our response.

Is love the same thing as space?

I am Hatonn. My sister, there is, of course, a great ambiguity in the quality of love and of space. However, they are not completely identical. Love is that peaceful, creative energy which accepts all as a portion of its being. When one loves [inaudible] one gives of the self, the acceptance of another, the complete embracing of that other of a portion of the self, this acceptance given without condition or expectation that the other shall be any form or manifestation other than that what is.

When one has faith in the other, one begins with an acceptance that is equal to love, and extends that quality of love as a kind of protective field, shall we say, that shields or protects one’s sense of purpose or rightness, in order that the sense of rightness within the pattern might firm that pattern or attitude of mind in a way that is likened to the construction of a firm foundation for a building. But when one’s heart chakra has been opened enough to allow the movement of this creative energy called love to it, and one has experienced this quality moving from the self to another in a service dependable manner over a period of time, then it is possible to feel the extension of this quality into that quality known as faith.

The faith that [is] all is indeed well, for all is made of love. These are poor words for the great concept of which we speak, and we offer our apologies for our inability to describe in greater clarity the concept.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Yes, Hatonn. [inaudible]

I am Hatonn. We look to the general response for application in this regard. We give to this instrument the image of the drill instructor that prepares the troops for battle. The drill instructor motivates and pushes each soldier beyond its limits in order that when it faces that battle, it will be more than prepared to deal with the rigors of the struggle. In a similar fashion does your desire motivate and drive your service in a manner that matches that which you have desired to do. Previous to this incarnation you have prepared yourself with abilities that would be applied within this incarnation. There were also inlaid the various limitations that have purposes for which you are well aware, that of the focusing of the attention in an inward fashion, more than would be possible were the physical vehicle more liable to participate in this mundane world and the many activities.

The great desire to serve then finds its only viable avenue, over a long period of the life pattern, to be that which is concerned with the inward journey and the [companions] of that journey which would also travel with you by inspiration and example. Thus, you have done the equivalent of taking a great engine and, instead of allowing it to move the vehicle broadly across the face of the Earth, you have instead chosen a more [narrow] path for this great power to move upon.

Is there a further query?


We thank you, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Hatonn. It has been a great privilege for us to be able to address this group this evening. We have for a great portion of your time contented ourselves with observing the activities of this group, and it has brought us great joy to participate even in that fashion. However, due to our previous experience with this group, it has been our heart’s desire to once again be able to speak our thoughts and share our opinions with this group, for we feel a great companionship and unity with this group.

We extend our sympathies to the one known as Carla that her distortion of the physical vehicle has been the avenue that allows our experience with your group this evening. We are with you at all times and are pleased to join you in your meditations upon your request that we do so. At this time we shall, in great joy and praise, move from this group in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.