The question this afternoon has to do with changes and transitions and the use of faith in making these transitions. The issues or lessons of our lives seem to be the lens through which we look at our lives, and we’re wondering if, as we continue to walk on our path and go through the various changes and learning of lessons, if we are able to provide our own inspiration for this journey by simply making the journey—a kind of perpetual motion machine—so that we gain the confidence of being able to make transitions and to solve problems by doing it. And yet, we find that these issues or problems are with us at deeper levels, showing other aspects and requiring the continued application of faith and will in order to continue on the journey. So, what we would like to know is how this process actually works. Is it true that we can provide our own inspiration for this journey? And do we continue to work with the same kinds of issues as we make transitions in our lives, simply making them on different levels or with different applications?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. Greetings to each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be called to your group for this session of working by seekers such as you. We so enjoy sharing in the meditation of your circle. We would greet those from places distant upon your sphere to this domicile, and wish each love, peace and many blessings. You offer us a wonderful opportunity for service by asking for our opinion. We make mistakes; consequently, we would stress that these words must pass the authority of each seeker’s own inner discrimination. If any thought we share is not your personal truth, we ask you please to lay it aside.

There are two truths concerning the inspiration to will and faith. We shall offer them both. They contradict each other, which we have found to be a sure mark of true spiritual territory, for that which is mystery is self-contradictory and illogical, as all enigmas are. Yet, there is a resolution, if not solution.

The first truth is that you inspire others; others inspire you. In your holy work called the Bible, the master known as Jesus spoke of sowing where one did not reap. There is no possible way to avoid taking others’ fruit from them. This is a central lesson of love. When love is given, it is given away. It seems quite often not to be returned. That is due to the illusions of time, space and personal identity.

The love coming to you can be thought of as the light of stars. The light of the nearby star which is your sun burns hotly from such a relatively close distance, and, perhaps, within the wisdom of this light, there seems also a danger. But the light from the distant stars is cool and moves through your time to shine upon your upturned face years after that star has disappeared.

The gift of love and light radiates to you from elsewhere and from other selves. You, in turn, radiate in essential being and in your thoughts and actions to serve as a channel for that light and love that inspires, comforts and soothes others. There is no way to keep an account ledger to be sure that what is given out is again received—not because there is not balance, but because love and light do not contain in themselves quantity but only quality. They are essences, not things to be measured: infinite qualities, rather than finite forces of a certain magnitude.

Each is personally aware of the many inspirations received from others. We would reassure each that as each attempts to be of service, the attempt fosters and encourages the essence of each self so that even when efforts to serve and love seem to fail, yet that desire, that will, that love is effectual. It not only moves others’ hearts in ways you do not ever know, but adds to the planetary transparency, to the limitless light of the one infinite Creator.

Thusly, we encourage each to offer thanksgiving continually for blessings received, for inspiration received, for all blessings are that which comes to one. By no amount of exerted control can one control one’s infinite source of all good.

This instrument has, at this point, asked us to move on as this instrument feels the energy would be better spent in a shorter transmission. Therefore, we shall move on to the second truth concerning inspiration, towards loving and serving in new and expanding, changing ways. The door to the deep self is fairly carefully closed when a spirit enters into manifested third-density incarnation. Vision fails, awareness recedes, finely tuned senses within are muffled with flesh, and the incarnation grows darker as the child grows to be the adult. Yet, the small being survives in the growing complexity of the personal universal awareness that is the self’s awareness of a subjective universe.

In that first look at one’s universe, the outcome is dim. Things look dark, difficult and dreary. There is work in all directions to support the physical self, to corral the emotions, to find the truest heart of self amidst all the vicissitudes of change. Yet, there is within a universe of suns, of, shall we say, energies that represent, and in a holographic sense are, the vibrations of wisdoms represented by the outward sun and stars.

This door to the deep mind where this universe revolves and can gradually be seen is opened by the self and the self only. That is, it cannot be opened by another person in incarnation. Yet, in the inner room of meditation, when silence is truly reigning and the spirit somewhat freed, the desire to find inspiration taken into silent meditation yields an inner guidance. Inner resources come into more and more developed usefulness.

This occurs over a long period of time, and though one may sometimes feel one has made a breakthrough, yet always the most effectual ally is persistence. Patience, dogged persistence in practicing one’s way of approaching infinite values and truth, becomes more and more clear with time, for the effort necessary to put aside that time says to the outward being that this being values the resources of the deep mind. Thusly, inspiration is felt by the self’s efforts as the asset of the deep mind. It begins to be used constructively through looking at dreams, through ways of listening to one’s own hunches and intuitions. Faith, then, does breed faith. The use of will aids greatly in the next use of will.

We spoke of a resolution to this seeming paradox, and there is truly the most lucid resolution; however, it is not logical in the usual sense. Those other selves that inspire and teach you are also allowing to move through them the same energy that is the energy of the deep mind’s wisdom. In your illusion, you may look at all other selves not only as teachers, but as mirrors also, reflecting yourself to you. Thusly, those things that inspire you in someone else equal those things that would inspire you from within if you were able to have access to the appropriate depth and location within the deeper mind. When inspiration comes from another, you are listening to that which you have already thought but were not able to bring close enough to surface awareness to deliver to yourself.

The desirable way to look at this is perhaps to be thankful and grateful and full of praise for those you feel teach and mirror to you well, while allowing these teachings that enter your awareness to stand not as the teachings of another given to you only, but also as the goad, the encouragement, or exhortation which coaxes you into a more persistent and regular attempt to work within the self to find deeper and deeper stability of awareness within the self. For the more work done within the self by allowing the infinite guidance to speak to you, the more you have your incarnational time free so that you may spend more time gathering new information and offering this awareness of yours, so long sought after, to be shared with others.

The query ended by asking whether there was a recurring cycle of circular nature or a spiral of cyclical nature. We agree with each in this group that the lessons of a particular incarnation are largely of the spiraling variety. When a lesson has truly been learned in an incarnation, then it may not appear in that same form. However, the undertones and overtones or connotations of a lesson concerning how to love unreservedly are such that the layers of meaning are always capable of being added unto, and that original lesson seemingly learned moves into a challenging stance regarding the next seeming lesson. Look carefully, ask lovingly, for guidance. Listen to teachers and see yourself in the faces of others, and you will find that the learned lesson has become the jumping-off place for the present challenge.

We feel that all is one. That is so simple that most cannot understand it. The faces, voices and all sensed impressions from the outer world and you are one. The guidance from those sources which aid you—whether they be called the spirit, the inner guide, or any other name—are you. Your nature seems limited; your life, abbreviated, begun and ended in the wink of an eye, cosmically speaking. Yet, you did not begin and will not end, and the learning goes on infinitely, with the truth always receding before one.

So, we encourage each to rejoice in the faith gained. Some has been due first to the inspiration of others; some has been the product of patient courting of the resources within one’s own heart. All are of the one infinite Creator and partake in Its nature, which is love. May you love one another and love the self just as much, for inspiration comes from both places and is still of one piece.

We would leave this query and this piece at this time, and open the meeting to any questions that you might have. Are there any queries at this time?


We find that we have no “takers” for our wise answers, so we had better get on our horses and ride back to our own identity. How we have loved being with you, dear ones to us. We thank you for your courage, and encourage you to see changes as parts of an ever-rising spiral into the light. We leave you in that love and in that light. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We leave you in the Creator’s peace and bid you adonai. Adonai.