Group question: The question today comes from N, and it is as follows: Q’uo mentioned the aura as the outward manifestation of the form-making body or electronic body perceivable by those aware of their time/space capabilities while in incarnation. It was also mentioned, or at least I understand that the form-maker or electronic body belonged to the inner planes and that the inner planes were in a space/time continuum that has its corresponding realities in time/space existence. Since I believe that the aura is a product of the emanations of the energetic vortices or nexi generally known as chakras, and these organs constitute the etheric body, can I conclude that the ether—not the gas used in anesthesia)—is the synapses between reality and the illusion of the three-dimensional life?

(Carla channeling)

Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo and feel most privileged to be called to this working to offer our thoughts upon the subject of the juncture betwixt the illusion which you now inhabit and that of reality. A couple of introductory comments seem appropriate. Firstly, as always, we ask all our opinions be considered with an open mind but not taken as authority. Your discrimination is your authority. Secondly, the format of querying is acceptable.

As we approach the question we note that the wording of the question moves our reply towards a vector probably not intended by the questioner, for the juncture of three-dimensional illusion with reality is within the spiritual complex only, and it is that direct linkage through the shuttle of intelligent energy to intelligent infinity. To move to intelligent infinity is to enter reality, however, it is also to cease being aware of the self or anything whatsoever. Intelligent infinity is all that there is with no variation within the infinity. Though there is unlimited intelligence, there is only the one Thought, or Logos of love. All other states whatsoever are illusory.

To move from this statement, we go to what we consider may more be the intent of this query and that is where the juncture might be betwixt the space/time, conscious awareness of third density and the time/space or inner planes [levels of awareness] which contain the light bodies which govern the physical vehicle in space/time [This non-physical awareness] is partially a creature of the illusion itself, that is, [it contains] the resources, both physical and mental, of the creature which is your physical vehicle. There is, however, an overshadowing influence upon this physical vehicle and its life which is of the infinite and eternal creature which is your consciousness. This consciousness is carried in time/space during the space/time in which it is connected to the particular physical vehicle of this incarnation by an inextricable connection which is popularly known as the silver cord. The energies of the chakras, then, are a blending of the natural health or lack of comfort of the physical and mental state of the being in incarnation with the complex additions of those resources and biases brought by the consciousness into manifestation during the incarnation, so that the aura, as seen by those with clear inner sight, displays not only the physical, mental and emotional state of the entity, but to a variable degree, shows the native density of the wanderers, and overtones, shall we say, of vibration which belong not only to one incarnation, but to the continuing pattern of this image [or] being which goes through many incarnations.

The connection is not broken except through death. It may be released at some point slightly prior to physical death or shortly thereafter. However, the nature of this connection is such that it simply withdraws from a non-viable physical vehicle.

Before we can speak further to this we shall require a further query. This concludes this discussion, however, we would open the meeting to any other queries which might have the interest in asking.


We see that there are no queries at this time ripe for the vibration. We therefore thank each. May we say that although sometimes the questions seem to be working upon a subject which has little inspiration in it, it is our opinion that there is no subject which cannot be viewed with a feeling of reverence and love. When those who attempt to be healers come to the study of spiritual principles of healing, they often are trained to be very accurate in a scientific manner. The ways in which your culture’s medicine work are detailed and mechanically and biochemically complex. There is the concept of exactitude and a tremendous respect is given to detail. When someone working from the spiritual consideration of life or eternity then turns to the consideration of spiritual healing, such an entity moves as a poet or a dancer, expressing in generalities of grace, rhythm and aesthetic beauty. These two approaches harmonize to become synthesized as one broad holistic way of viewing health concerns.

The physical body is the child of the form-maker body, which is the creature of the infinite and eternal unique consciousness that expresses the “I Am” of one entity. This entity’s disease may be approached through latrogenic measures—we correct this instrument—through allopathic measures, through the workings of such remedies as laughter, meditation and visualization, or by fasting and prayer. What we hope may be seen is that all disciplines can work together harmoniously and cooperatively, not one being greater than the other, but all being used as appropriate. As each approaches its own health concerns, remember that there is virtue in the whole circle of ways of affecting consciousness, but above all these things for the greatest health of all turn always towards the infinite One in praise, in prayer, in silence and in thanksgiving.

Can I come up with a question for Q’uo before we leave?

You may, my brother.

I just thought to ask you to comment in general on this thought, and that is how people who are in the medical profession in our illusion, be it a general internist, or a doctor specializing in a certain field, or a nurse or radiologist, when they come to try to synthesize what they are trained in with helping people on the spiritual sense, is there some line of thought or contemplation to consider that they can fruitfully use towards increasing their service to others, not only within the training they have but also merging it with their metaphysical belief?

I am Q’uo. My brother, the overriding hope of all true healers is that the infinite One may smile upon such efforts as can be made by the practitioner to the patient. Those who believe rigorously in any particular regimen, whether it be chemicals used in medicine, or visualizations of thought forms, will find that this dependence is not always rewarded. Happy is the doctor whose patient has a destiny still upon this plane. Happy is the doctor whose patient has some awareness of this destiny. The tools aiding healers the most in general besides being expert at their fields, include the glad awareness of a higher power and a recognition of the value of the patient’s vital energy and will to live.

May we answer a further query, my brother?

This is a general concept for me. Let me try to move the direction somewhere else a little bit. If you were a doctor who for the first time was coming to realize that the illusion is the illusion, would you recommend using meditation at first to clear up what kind of service he can blend with what you are already doing? Is that clear enough to comment on this? I am just trying to feel my way through a question which I feel may bring some inspiration to whoever may read what you are saying.

I am Q’uo, and we were not able to make sense of your query all together. Would you please query in another way?

Perhaps I do [need to] think about it myself before I ask a question. There’s not really anything that comes out specific … out very clearly, to ask a question that [may] not be the best way to ask it. I will decline to be more specific, and not ask a question at this point.

I am Q’uo. We are aware that the one known as N has asked the session question. It is our thought that the direction of questioning be left to this entity as it shall be moving with regard to examining some of the details of how vital forces are conjoined, inner to outer planes. We then await the next query to be well pointed in our responses. However, as we believe, my brother, that your concern was for the one known as N and other physicians to feel the inspiration, we would simply say that it is our understanding, if we may use that term, that physicians such as the one known as N are inspired to ask queries of sources such as this group because they already have an insight which gives a vision of the great potential of an universal healing center or combination of all of the various modes of healing so that entities which come with disease may through more than one kind of doctoring receive a more complete or more whole healing.

We would at this time thank each, especially this instrument whose faithfulness we have often noted. It is such a privilege to work with this group and to share love with you. We leave you in that love and in that light. We are those of the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.