Group question: The question today has to do with “If only I had done such and such in a certain situation, in my past, in a situation about which I now feel very badly, it would probably have turned out differently.” We tend, as seekers, to beat ourselves up frequently and badly by this kind of thinking. What we would like today, Q’uo, is perception and perspective on what positive impulse it is in the seeker that causes him or her to say “If only I had done this” or “I should have done that.” Is there some positive quality that we can accentuate, is there some negative or self-defeating quality there that we can be aware of to de-accentuate, and do seekers of truth really have too much to be concerned about in the way of psychic greetings or attacks in this area? How much of our worries of “I should have done that” or “If only I had done this” come from psychic greetings or are most of these of our own creations?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings in the light and in the love of the One Infinite Creator. We are very glad to be called to your session of working this day and to join in your meditation and share the vibration of your circle. We thank you for the privilege of being asked to share our thoughts. In doing so we ask that each preserve its own free will and discriminate between those thoughts which aid and between those which do not, leaving those that do not behind.

We find that your query at heart is one which concerns that principle which is the—we correct this instrument—which is perhaps the most difficult spiritual principle for entities in third density to grasp. That principle is the charity of forgiveness. When any query comes concerning regrets of the past, the regrets themselves and the emotions and mental formations concerning these regrets circle about the third-density misunderstanding due to the heavy illusion of third density of the principle of forgiveness. It is felt that though one may be forgiven by the infinite Creator, that one is not thoroughly or completely forgiven by the self or by another for there remains the memory which, according to the distorted understanding in third density, would disappear or transform itself if the forgiveness had truly taken place. This is a misconception.

The great call of third density for objectification of forgiveness, acceptance and control of one’s surroundings has been answered at various points in your third-density culture’s long history by a series of those who came to forgive, redeem, accept and transform. We feel none of these was truer in its Christhood than the one known as Jesus the Christ which is the pattern or mythological structure into which each entity present was born. Each has made widely varying use of this mythological structure, however, it is real, for example, to this instrument that because it was absolved after a confession during this Lent season, it has begun a new life and is forgiven. This, however, does not stop this instrument from the repetition of regrets, thoughts of “if only,” and desires that the past could be played again.

So we have the situation where forgiveness is intellectually considered as being accomplished but within the emotional portion of the mind, body and spirit the forgiveness is not believed because the self deeply rejects the forgiveness since there remains unhealed memory. You have perhaps heard us before speak of something we call “healing of the incarnation.” In your third-density incarnative experience this is the heart of work in consciousness, for if the incarnation be healed the potentiated and polarized servant is then free to offer with purity the life to the Infinite Creator. As each looks upon its “if onlys” we ask that each consider that these unhealed memories dim and make tenuous the pure light which is the manifestation of love, which empowers each servant of the One Infinite Creator.

Let us turn and look at the workings of the mind complex, the phenomenon of remembrance of unhealed memory on a continuous basis. That is, when the same regret or kind of regret keeps recurring without being solved or dissolved you may turn to your computers to grasp the nature of the error. To the computer it is not an error. The computer gives to the view screen that which has not been cleared from the view screen. When the situation is such that an entity thinks a series of thoughts frequently enough to create a kind of program the accidental or aided entry into any portion of the program will cause the program to run itself through. If the program is not cleared after it has run it will repeat. If the program is preempted by looking at other material that is not cleared then when the other material is cleared the program immediately again appears on the screen. It has not ever left; the computation has not been completed.

So we are describing to you a situation in which the sorrowing or grieving entity creates a thought-form which can be triggered into appearing seemingly at random, whenever portions of the initial part of the program are run. If one can think further perhaps each can remember times when not only did one set up regrets [to] run but before the appetite for such a regret had been satisfied other regrets came into the program and were also run. Thus, if this program is not cleared it can gradually take precedence over all other programs and in extremity can cause the mind of an entity to become diseased. This is all due to the difficulty entities in the third density have at forgiving themselves.

Now, each has had experience with complete forgiveness of others by the self. Each has achieved forgiveness with regard to others who have seemingly caused catalyst to occur for the self which was painful. With the passage of time the words “I forgive you” become entirely and wholly true. The memory remains but it has been healed. Why then is it difficult to imagine healing one’s own memories? We feel that it is largely because the self, if privy to the self’s constant displays of, shall we say, humanity, not meaning to insult the creature that humankind is but indicating that it is a flawed or distorted or relativistic portion of a flawed, imperfect, or relativistic illusion, all manifestation whatsoever then are flawed.

This is difficult to accept. The thinker wishes the self not to be flawed, not to be relative, the seeker wishes to be whole, to be absolute, and so the seeker in truth is beyond the realm of the illusion. Yet each came here to pay close attention to the illusion, with all of its difficulties, and one of the points of business for each seeker in its work in consciousness is the work on achieving the healing of memories, the acceptance of the stream of incarnative experience as it has been experienced, and the forgiveness of the illusion and the manifested self for being flawed. The hardness of heart comes because there is not the instinct to move directly into the heart and open the self to the wholehearted request for forgiveness. Though the religious expression has enormous amounts to recommend it, the dependency upon religious expression to objectify the process of forgiveness to the greater Self—as an objectified and solidified other-self—numbs the inner sense of truth to the fact that this process of forgiveness is not external to the self.

The forgiveness by the One Infinite Creator may be religiously expressed by another self to one, yet the effects of true forgiveness of memories are inconsequential unless it is also realized that this external expression of forgiveness reflects, and is only a reflection of, the actual process that has been transacted upon the metaphysical or time/space planes in the portion of the being in which energy is blocked and the computer is stuck.

Therefore, we ask that those with unhealed memories see this as an order of business to be addressed. The self must in some way open the heart to the self’s need and ask with no reservation for forgiveness, and more than that, be prepared to accept that forgiveness and to drop that program and allow its spiritual energy to dissipate, allow the past to become the past. We recommend that this kind of work be done promptly and persistently and be given priority, for sorrows and hard-heartedness may make poor combination of guests, and though they speak much they do not make a good company. The time which is precious in each incarnation need not be spent with such guests if the work be done.

There are reasons that this work is work well done. Firstly, to allow any thought-form to have control over the screen, if you will, of the mind’s eye is to release the stream of experience to flow into limited pools of stagnated, situational experience where nothing new is learned. Thought-forms take the place of acquiring new and transformative information. Third density is for making choices, not for repeating the same program over and over with no clearing or solution or moving on.

Secondly, if held in mind with enough tenacity and allowed to run within the mind’s eye, such programs can cause the need for another self which then must go through the entire trail of manifested learning, every density. To send a self and a universe off into a parallel or split existence weakens the strength of existence now being experienced, removes some portion of the limitless and eternal self which had been the spark of the manifested self which you are, thus making the process of spiritual evolution more complex and more baffled, that is, less open to pure experience.

Thirdly, there is, when an “if only” has taken the mind repeatedly away, a kind of scarring which is obvious [and which] entities of either polarity from other densities can see, and if there is for some reason an entity or entities which does indeed have reason to greet an entity, such regrets are excellent targets for the temptation to become lost in them and take the rhythm and the impetus away from that polarized and potentiated action which has generated inner light to attract what this instrument calls the “loyal opposition” in the first place.

My friends, sorrow and sighing are deep within each entity just as laughter and glee are deep within your makeup. The purpose of incarnation is not to avoid either the tears or the laughter, either the sorrow or the joy; the goal rather circles around the respect and compassion which one may offer to each emotion felt without preferring one to the other, without denying any pure emotion. We ask you to love, accept and forgive yourselves and be brave and bold enough to open and allow the healing of the self, the healing of memories, the healing of the incarnation. Into such concerns does the light of love’s spirit move.

One who seeks healing, who seeks loving, is never alone. There are strong forces which come in the name of love to aid, support and strengthen the attempts of the self to realize and know love. Express within the self the request for such help and you shall have, as this instrument says, a crowd of witnesses whose only hope is to deepen and strengthen this healing effort. Relax into that ambiance, feel the energy of those who truly come to serve those who seek the truth and the light and let your heart become easy.

We do not sense any queries at this time. If there are no queries we shall take our leave of you. Are there queries at this time?


We are those of Q’uo and thank each again. We wish you many blessings, we wish you good work within your consciousness, we encourage you and give you a hug of the heart, and leave you in love and in the infinite light of the One Infinite Creator. We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai, adonai.