Group question: We’d like to know this morning about the flow of energy that moves through the healer in a couple of different situations. Number one: when the healer is either attempting to clear his or herself and wishes the energy centers to be the most brilliant and active for the offering of the service of healing, where does the energy flow? Does it flow top down in the energy centers or from the bottom up, and when the healer is attempting to offer itself as a healer, does the energy flow in the same pattern or is it another pattern? Could you tell us how the energy flows in both situations where the healer wishes to purify itself or when the healer wishes to offer itself as a healer?

(Jim channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a pleasure to be called to this early meeting of your group and we are excited to be asked to share our thoughts on the subject of arranging the tuning or the vibration. We request, as always, that individual truth only be recognized and other statements we may offer which find no home be discarded.

The practice of cleansing one’s vibrations and tuning and purifying them in preparation for spiritual work is a very simple process, yet one which lends itself to great varieties of adaptations depending on the preferences and the belief structures of the cleanser. The basic, shall we say, technique that this instrument uses suffices as well as any, and we would suggest it is the beginning of our answer. In this practice, the entity ritually cleanses the mouth, the hands and empties the bladder, thus expressing the desire to be washed thoroughly of all wickedness. It then asks to see within the chakra colors in their configuration, beginning with the red, or lowest center, working first with the red, the orange and the yellow. These may be viewed and adjusted separately, then seen together and regulated. Then the heart chakra is called for, and the first three chakras, reanimated if necessary to form a more apt base for the actual size of the green energy center. Then the blue and the indigo centers are viewed, again spending enough time with each to achieve a visualization of all the chakras moving evenly and easily.

The heart of the tuning process is just this much, however, in order to make this procedure more beautiful in offering of the self in service to the one infinite Creator, each entity which prepares develops its own system of progress and requests for help and protection. Many create movements which touch in some ritual way the four directions about the place of working, saluting each direction and calling upon that direction’s power for protection.

For instance, with this particular channel, the myth of the Christ is used and the archangels are called to their four stations, which are the four directions, and then [asked] as symbols of the heavenly host to stand as protection of the contact, the channel and the session of working when the time has come for the energies to be used.

We suggest, rather than a directional visualization of energy flow, rather, the visualization of the awareness of the whole self in every cell all ready and empty, awaiting the flow through the self. In this awaiting, there need be no feeling of urging a direction, and when the hands are used to point the energy, it may be firmly visualized, not that the flow is quick or slow, but that the appendages are lightened of every normal burden of weight or substance and are become hollow receptacles through which the infinite Creator may work.

We would welcome queries in more detail at this time, that we might be of more specific service. We are Q’uo.

R, do you have any questions? I do, but I can wait if you have some.

I don’t have a question at this time.

Okay. When attempting to clear blockages that one is aware exists, and in doing so, not for the purpose of healing others, but for the purpose of healing self, oftentimes the energy feels stagnant in one or two chakras, and I feel difficulty in releasing or understanding what is occurring, in which case, I don’t understand if the energy is unable to move through and therefore it is creating backup and does not know where to go and I can feel that pressure in the physical sense. I am quite unsure how to release this energy which has somehow gotten stuck and do not know how to do it either through thought or emotion, and I was wondering if you could give me tips in reference to either diverting the energy or helping it to move through the blockages or sending it back out to release the pressure.

I am Q’uo. My sister, we would suggest two ways of working with these experiences. Firstly, your particular inner nature is profoundly affected by visualization, therefore we would suggest that this ability to visualize be harnessed for your own good use. In cases where stagnation of a center is perceived, there needs the feeling that one may but sit and become able to separate from this blockage enough to have effect upon it. The method of doing this is in a rough way described, to move into a posture of request and mentally request the aid of your guidance and with that guidance felt some subjective way, then you with guidance might be suggested to establish a place for you both in time/space from which you together may visualize a prolonged process of clarifying, speeding up, regulating and brightening the energy center in which blockage is perceived. This way, you are able to harness the impersonal side of your own ability and use it upon the self.

That was very interesting. I’ll certainly try that. The only other question I have in reference to the chosen path of self healing through the evening with asked guidance … is there anything I can do to perhaps aid, either in visualization or in chakra opening, to aid the guides as they work with me through the evening to help clear this?

I am Q’uo. My sister, your greatest aid to guidance is a repeated inward affirmation to their existence, to their power and their desire to serve the one infinite Creator on your behalf. The more firm and sure the foot of the one who stands to serve in the name of the infinite Mystery, the more sure shall be that aid, for in work with this mystery, all feet stand firm on nothing, and that nothing is called faith. Allow that faith to become more conscious, to become more part of the momentary experience. Allow the floor of faith to be under your feet along with the floors of Earth and carpet.

This establishing within the inner world of self of the holy of holies is the beginning of a life truly lived not in the world. If only Earth be touched, those not of the world must still be in it. When the fair carpet of faith is overstrewn upon the mundane ground of experience, all of the mundane experience becomes charged with potential, for what would be called by this instrument magical work, that is, work which creates changes within your own consciousness.

May we speak further, my sister?

Ha! I’d love for you to speak further always … um … running out of questions here. You are answering everything with such greatness. You’ve been wonderful for me these last few days, and I want to thank you for that. If there is further info, you can go into that. I think I am beginning to truly grasp what you are saying, and if there is further information, I’ll take it. If not, I will leave the room open for other questions.


My sister, there shall always be further information as long as there is the inquisitive ear and the inquiring mind We are also feeling most privileged for having been able to spend this time with your circle of seeking. It has been a great privilege and pleasure, and perhaps you know we do not speak fulsomely, but only honestly. We lift our hearts to the one Creator and know you stand with us with all love and amaze[ment], rejoicing in this mystery that calls us forth from dust to behold we know not what, yet must we continue to be about this business, seeking always the infinite Creator and Its service. We leave you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, and know that this love is bestowed each to each. We encourage all attempts to love and support each other.

Q’uo, can I ask you one last question?

You may.

It’s just a curiosity of mine. In the friend that passed, who I know is full well taken care of and is on another journey wherever, due to the circumstances in which he left and the great love I felt towards that entity, I’ve wanted to know if it is common for those within an incarnation to offer a service to those who are not incarnate, and wanted to know if it was appropriate to offer the service of asking that entity if there was anything, while I am here, that might be helpful for his peace of mind or whatever, that I might do in reference to his loved ones. I don’t expect to step beyond things which are beyond me, but if there is a way to offer that service, I would like to do so and as well wish him on his journey, that it may be well and full of love and light.

We are those of Q’uo, and in our opinion the highest service for one who has moved recently into larger life is to intercede, that this entity may more easily look and see that which is hard to see until much is accepted. Prayers interceding for the orientation of the newly arrived friend are very much in order so that this entity may know where it is and be quickly moved within a comfortable set of circumstances seen subjectively.

This instrument informs us we must depart, and so we shall, leaving …

Thank you for that.

I am Quo. We are rude not to say “Thank you, my sister,” however, we shall indeed take our leave of this instrument and each of you now in love and in the infinite light of the one great Mystery. Adonai. Adonai. We are those of Q’uo.