Group question: This afternoon we would like to know how we can balance our concerns for worldly survival and spiritual perception of the real nature of things; how we can discern what of our concerns deserve our attention and those which are perhaps a waste of time and cause a lot of excess worry. When we have concerns, what kind of a yardstick can we access to determine where we need to place our attention?

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends, in the love and in the light of the Infinite Creator. It is a great blessing to come into your circle of seeking, to enter into your vibratory harmonies, and to rest with you in seeking and faith. As always, we ask that each of you choose those thoughts which aid, and discard the rest.

Your question about how to judge your own concerns about provisions for the physical well-being and continuation is one which is important simply because in the pursuit of third density lessons, all of which have to do with learning how to love, the issue of providing a supply of those things needed can be a key one. Your density has the strong tincture of yellow-ray concerns; that is, of concerns which involve the seeker in his participation in groups or institutional relationships. The going out to find work is a going out into the society, moving into and out of groups, other families, institutions who employ. And in each of these forays, the mind is guided by that attitude which points like the arrow at the prevailing wind of attitude and internal bias.

The prayer which you repeated says, among other things, “give us this day our daily bread.” Focus upon this request and see how simple and limited this request is. See, too, where the weight of attitude is shifted. The prayer is a reaching to the Creator, not to the institutions of your society and culture.

We would at this time transfer to the one known as Jim. In this particular channeling working, we shall omit our signature at the end of each portion, and simply begin with our identity. We ask each instrument to continue to be sensitive to the tuning, and we ask each in the circle to aid in the clockwise energy flow of light, the light of desire, so that each entity’s desire to seek further may blend into a constantly energized stream which feeds the contact and aids in the channeling process.

We would now transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn. The attitude which prays that the daily bread be given as it is needed is an attitude which is not always available to those of your peoples who feel that the world in which they live is one with which they must contend and wrest the provender from. This attitude that prays does so in faith, for only in faith can one find that which is, shall we say, the direct link to the ability to move the self beyond the self. For as you work within your own resources, you often find that there are obstacles or limits beyond which it seems difficult if not impossible to move the self.

Each of you as you continue upon your journey of seeking the nature of yourself, and its relationship to all other selves and the creation itself, come to know certain things or characteristics about yourself. And as you come to know these characteristics, you in a sense become limited by them. And if this knowledge of yourself has proceeded only to the point of providing you an expanded limitation, then at some point you will need to employ the faith to move beyond previous experience and previous knowledge.

This is another way of saying that the way you look at your self and your life and its possibilities is an attitude which has allowed you to move to a certain point in your growth and balancing of mind, body, and spirit.

All children, and indeed all entities moving through the incarnational pattern, move through stages of growth, of perception, of abilities, of goals, of means of achieving such. The entity which seeks to learn always encounters that which is new. The attitude with which you proceed upon this journey may itself at times need to be expanded, shall we say, or to be made more flexible, more able to allow possibility.

We would now transfer to the one known as the Steve.

(Steve channeling)

I am Hatonn. To continue with our thought, we now would direct your attention to the factor of your own desire, which works deeply and often in hidden ways within those situations which present themselves to you colored in various ways.

If you find that the situation, which now serves as a catalyst to you, has the feel or the coloration of frustration, it is well that you step back for a moment to examine what in the situation you find frustrating, and a step further back to determine what desire of your own there may exist to make possible the kind of frustration that you feel.

Where there is a confusion of desire, frustration is almost inevitable. It behooves one then to ask ever more deeply, “What is the true nature? What is the true object of that which you desire?” If one settles for a good that seems, for the moment, to satisfy the desire, one will surely be given such catalyst, as will eventually show the limits of this desire, or more properly put, the limits of this self-image of what is desired.

And so, the great third-density quest continues. The desire seeking itself out, testing itself, finding resonance within those things and those other selves that seem to draw it out. And yet, again and again, it appears that what has drawn the desire out is of fleeting significance, and eventually is cast aside as a mere husk – the true kernel being the yet unexplored desire.

There are times, such as those small moments set aside for the meditation, when one in a controlled setting releases the active way of projecting one’s desire, and merely peers back into the wellsprings of this desire – the wellsprings, which stem from that which may be called a yearning. When one avails oneself have such experience, the cares of the world seem far removed, and one has the opportunity to renew the sense of direction within the desire that is called faith. This faith, to be sure, carries with it no ready answers, no apparent solution for deeply ingrained problems. Yet, it is the surest source of that hope and confidence, without which no solution to the pressing daily problems may be found.

Strangely, it may turn out that, upon deeper reflection, and closer and more precise scrutiny of the nature of the desire, that the solution to the frustration one formerly experience, or the difficulty one formally encountered, lies not so much in deciphering the riddle or overcoming the problem as it is first conceived, but rather in reconfiguring the nature of the problem, and perhaps even in deciding that the problem is not after all even a problem.

All depends on the nature and on the focus of the own most intimate and personal desire, and yet a desire which reaches so far beyond that personality which is available to you as that working image of who you are.

At this time, we of Hatonn would transfer our contact to the one known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. We do not wish to trifle with questions of identity, but wish instead to ask each in the mind’s eye to move inward and inward, until there is that point, bright as a diamond, crystalline, and lovely. This tiny point, which is the added to the deep mind’s union with the One Infinite Creator to the deep heart’s contact and unity, were the logos – the articulated expression of love – which is your crystallin in nature. Feel that in most point of light, that shuttle to intelligent infinity, and know now that all falls away before that one identity.

Enter into that point of light and become the light. Allow that light to fill up your range of consciousness. And in the same breath, release it and move upward, coming back into the heavy chemical body and its millions of points of awareness, all sending millions and millions of messages to your mind.

Now again, you take upon yourself the clothing of thought, the garb of condition, and yet do you not now know that in any condition, you are still the same? To move into that innermost identity is to feed the self within the incarnational trappings with a spiritual supply which clarifies and deepens the awareness of a sure identity and a sure path – a vocation, if you will, that moves beyond that vocation by which you earn your daily bread.

Several comments made earlier concern how often things seem very difficult, yet somehow, for that one day, there is enough to eat, enough to be warm. It is so that these things may be taken away. It is so that all manner of suffering is possible. In the midst of ease, still there is no guarantee that ease will continue.

Indeed, at this moment, many upon your sphere hunger and thirst and sicken and die. And who has control? This instrument spoke earlier of her desire to control. Is there a virtue in this desire? Understandable, though it may be, is any control conceivable within the illusion, more than a shadow of control?

We would transfer at this time.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn. The desire to control oftentimes is based upon the wish to aid others in a manner determined by the self to be helpful. And in this desire to be of service, we recommend that each entity realize that indeed each of you is a vehicle by which service is rendered. However, the desire to serve in a manner predetermined by yourself is oftentimes a desire misdirected, and a desire which can, if clung to overly much, cause one to miss an opportunity to serve that is more harmoniously and efficiently offered without preconditions. For though your illusion seems securely fastened to immutable laws and proven pathways of action, we can assure you that the creative intelligence of love can move beyond all preconceptions, and make the grandest change in ritual and function imaginable. For when an entity truly wishes to serve and to do the will of the Creator, the opening of the self to this desire can become a channel through which this creative energy of love moves with the power necessary to break limitations, to rearrange perceptions, and to allow the new possibilities to be infused in any entity or a situation. And as these new possibilities move into being through the vehicle of the surrendered will, then one is truly in the presence of the One Creator and experiences some facet of freedom and joyful exultation, for there is great joy in moving with the rhythm of the universe, shall we say.

One may have the grandest design set in place, ready for implementation, with great expectation of success. However, if this design does not have the harmonious connection to one’s own capabilities and the services that are possible for one to perform, this design is as nothing. When seen from the viewpoint of a desire that has been surrendered to the greater will of the One Creator and in place of the preconceived notions of propriety or correctness, faith has allowed one to move beyond the boundaries of self and previous attitudes. Thus, the prayer to receive the daily bread is a prayer of faith. Yet not a faith which has no basis or experience within the life pattern, for as was mentioned before this session began, each of you has experienced a great deal of life to this point in a manner which has been fruitful. And you have received much manna each of these days of your experience.

At this time, we would transfer to the one known as Steve.

(Steve channeling)

I am Hatonn. We come now to the question of how one may seek in more particular ways to reintegrate the newfound core of desire into those daily activities and plans for activities, which each, as an incarnate entity, must contend with. We have cautioned against the too-ready belief that one’s desire is held fully in hand. We have attempted to show the way to a vision of one’s source…

[Tape one ends]

(Steve channeling)

…sure of the One Infinite Creator. Is my desire anything but a desire for the One Creator? Is the desire within me anything but the desire of the One Infinite Creator?

Still there remains the question of how this desire shall find more particular life; how it shall be cared forth, given where it may, as a gift to others, who similarly seek in the darkness of their own lives.

This is a puzzle, is it not? One must formulate designs. One must plan. Lest one be like the grasshopper who fiddled when he could have been hard at work, laying aside store and provision against the cruel winter to come. And yet, one’s desire is as much a voyage of discovery as it is a question of implementation or wise use of known resource. And so, one must be prepared to discover that one’s plan wasn’t really what one planned it to be. One’s strategy was not, at heart, what one had thought it was. And how does one discover this? Simply by pressing forward with the available tools at hand, with the available plans and the available knowledge concerning the way the world turns. All of this is sufficiently clear to you. All of it seems sufficiently familiar to you.

It is a familiarity, however, in which the core reality is one of utter unpredictability, complete mystery. If it were otherwise, what value would this experience truly have for you? It would not be a voyage of discovery. Surprise would be precluded. But indeed, it is not so. Surprise, the novel, the new experience is part of the very essence of this process, which you undergo – the process called incarnate life.

What we counsel then is but a humble point – the humble point that one’s own humble joy in the process and faith that the process is precisely the right process for one at this time. This is the truer, although less known, resource that one brings to the experience of uncertainty, that one brings to the attempts to serve in a way that is balanced from self to self in a way that reaches for the very highest mode of service, of which each is capable. This is the task to which we would commend you.

At this time, those of Hatonn would desire to close the meditation through the one known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

Welcome to the ocean of incarnational experience. Your maps are faulty. You must steer by hunch and hope. You shall not avoid that destiny which lies before you – that destiny which was chosen by you as the focus of an incarnational time and space.

We encourage each to attempt always to move towards those goals one instinctively desire. We encourage each to attempt to improve and to control the life experience for comfort and for joy, for rest and peace and love. Yet also, we encourage each to rest back in the virtue of that situation in which each finds himself. There are always imperfections perceived in the ambient environment. There may well be many concerns about. Is there enough? Do I have enough? We ask each to turn into that fear as if it were a wind and meet it straight on.

In your holy work called the Bible, the teacher known to you as Jesus observed two of his students vainly casting their nets into the sea. Again and again, their nets came up empty of fish. They felt defeated, frustrated. They no doubt wished for control that they did not have. The one known as Jesus simply said, “Put down the nets again.” And with renewed hope, the nets were cast into the sea. And suddenly the sea teamed with fish. The supply was overwhelming. The boat almost foundered with plenty.

Such seasons shall your experience hold of scarcity and plenty. Yet in your perceptions, we ask each to focus again and again upon that knowledge that faith alone can give. That knowledge of where the center of the self is. For this indeed is the greatest control, shall we say, the highest form of control – that is control of the attitude.

Let your fears cease as the wind drops after the storm. Let your joy expand as the sun expands the atmosphere, breaking through the clouds. And in that atmosphere, any occupation is a beautiful, rich situation. For in that situation, you can love and be of service and offer the heart of yourself.

Your incarnation is loving. And so, we end with the request that you love each other, and be of plentiful supply of that love, of that caring, so that you may be free and give others the freedom that you feel. That bottomless, endless, paradoxical ocean of illusion shall indeed support and supply your awareness with perception upon perception. And you shall be sustained until all has been concluded that you came to begin. And then you shall set sail in consciousness afresh to learn more lessons, to be of more service, and once again to take sail upon an uncertain and confusing ocean of illusion. And in all weathers, in all illusions, in every portion and density and dimension of the Infinite Creation, there is that single point of diamantine light, that is for you the gateway to intelligent infinity.

We move into and bursts through that entrance with you in unity, in love, in faith. Thank you for being fellow voyagers with us. Blessings upon your journey.

We would transfer to close this session’s questions to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument and each instrument for working with us this day, and we bid farewell to this instrument. We are those of Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn and greet each again through this instrument. At this time, we would ask if there are any queries remaining upon the minds of those present that we may speak to.

I have a question. There’s been, I’ve noticed lately, a kind of fog in people’s minds – certainly in mine – about supply, which is why we got the question today. And I was wondering if there is some strong current that is moving through, or that does occasionally move through, everybody in this illusion. At times when it is not such a good or fortunate time, it seems that it really seems to be cyclical. Could you speak to that?

I am Hatonn. The nature of your illusion at this time is that the permeability of illusory things grows more thinly veiled so that the changes that are occurring at the subatomic level of the smallest of your atomic structures are reflected in each portion of your illusion. The relationships between entities, between groups, between your nation states, and all interaction of peoples, feels the reverberations of change. The mystery of being becomes more apparent. The infinity of possibility presents itself more forcefully to many for the first time to most. These reverberations of transition are reflected in many, many ways in your illusion and in your incarnation. For most entities upon your planetary sphere, the stability of a governmental agencies and economic alliances and the commercial industries which provide the monetary supply all are subjected to this feeling of change. And thus, each entity connected to the entirety of these interactions will feel the possibility and the imminence of change – change that goes to the heart of what truly supports and enables one’s life pattern to continue.

Thus, as the material world about you reflects such changing feelings and relationships, it is a natural outgrowth of this change for entities to feel more anxiety, shall we say. In some cases, hopefulness. In many cases, a feeling of distress. As regards is the means by which daily bread shall be realized.

However, this crisis in plenty is also an opportunity for each to place the focus of attention and the faith upon that which is eternal, and that which makes itself more easily apprehended by those inner seekers, who see somewhat darkly through the illusion and sense the opportunity and qualities of changes occurring, both within themselves and within the One Creator, in whom each entity lives and breathes and has its being, surely, solidly, and carefully placed beyond the winds and waves of the illusion that moves so carelessly and chaotically through many life patterns at this time.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, Hatonn. Thank you. Thank you very much.

I am Hatonn. And again, we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I am curious about the role of meditation in obtaining the faith it seems that underlies action in the world to change the world or circumstances that relate to us in the world. And I’m wondering if you can say something about how to hone our meditation skills to reach that faith, or if meditation is a direct route to that faith.

I am Hatonn. Meditation, my brother, is our great injunction, shall we say. We continually suggest that entities meditate upon a regular basis in order that the stabilizing quality of establishing a link with the mystery of the One Creator be available to each in times of great turmoil, both from within and from without. For in the meditative stance, one is able to begin to perceive the unified relationship of all things, and to begin to perceive the nature of one’s own being as an integrated and whole entity, reflected perfectly in the unity of the One Creator. For each entity is a facet of this great jewel, and each entity must needs retreat to that silent room within daily in a place reserved only for this pursuit, and with a desire to seek purely that connection with the divine.

Meditation offers the most available access to the everlasting waters that can quench all thirst. We heartily and happily continue to recommend meditation to all who feel any desire to seek beyond the illusion and feel any need to find a peace within that can surpass all understanding from without.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No. Thank you very much.

I am Hatonn, and we thank you, my brother. Is there a final query at this time?


I am Hatonn, and we also thank each of you for inviting our presence to your circle of seeking this afternoon, as you reckon your time. We are most gratified to have the opportunity to put into words our humble opinions and our discoveries of the many, many experiences lived, both within the illusion that you now inhabit and within many other kinds of illusion that provide the opportunity to discover once again that all indeed is one unified Creator moving in a mysterious rhythm and an harmonious dance, each with the other, in a fashion which inspires entities such as are we. As we look upon entities, such as each of you is, moving valiantly and carefully through what seems to be the darkness of night, searching for each sliver of light that may show one further step upon this long journey of seeking. And we walk with you, my friends, rejoicing at this opportunity to so journey.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each as always in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are those of Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.