(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are privileged to be called to your group this afternoon and we thank you very much. For it is greatly enabling us to perform our service that you call upon us to share our thoughts.

We are especially glad to be working with the one known as M, for as our brothers and sisters of Laitos have noted, each voice which collaborates with our Source adds one more universe of potential ways to state the simple truth we come to bring to your peoples.

We would say a few words concerning the conditioning, so-called. The stronger conditioning can occur, spontaneously, however, we have used it in order to satisfy a channel who wished to have some indication that there was a contact.

One may request the conditioning and we attempt then to intensify its effect. It is, however, a byproduct, rather than something to which one can attach true importance. Its simply the effect of one life stream being overshadowed, or undershadowed, or combined with another energy nexus, such as ourselves.

In the case of a new channel, it can serve as a focal point when the conditioning is felt that can become to the instrument who chooses to use it that which is focused upon and deepened by attention. This adds to the self-confidence of the channel and it is our intention that its use might relax the channel which may be somewhat concerned about whether it is indeed receiving a contact.

You will notice that this instrument does not request conditioning, although it occasionally will receive a mouth movement or something of that kind. However, this instrument has much experience in learning to trust in the contact once the work of tuning and challenging has been done and perhaps we would encourage the new instrument to think of conditioning and indeed the concern about whether there is a contact, as part of a process whereby the instrument simply gains experience so that the process becomes known and the rhythm can be felt as the channeling continues from the first phrase.

However, for now, we are most happy simply to work on the basic fundamentals. The instrument needs to be very conscious of the tuning process and very interested in learning enough about the self to begin to find those techniques of tuning and becoming more purely desirous of service. The more carefully the instrument amasses knowledge of the self and the mental, emotional energies are exalted and raised, the better able that instrument shall be to hold a stable contact at the higher reaches of the range at which the instrument can relax as a steady state of consciousness within.

We ask about this circle to continually envision the light energy moving clockwise about the circle. For this functioning like a battery, if you will, does aid the new instrument and indeed any which are instruments in maintaining that steady contact which is so much at the heart of good channeling.

We ask the one known as M to relax and insofar as it is possible do as has been said this day several times, “go with the flow.” This instrument would say, “Rome was not built in a day,” and neither, my friends, are channels. So we, at this time, ask the one known as M to open to our presence and we would, at this time, like to transfer this contact to the one known as M. We are those of Hatonn.



(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am again with this instrument. This instrument was impatient to begin again, but we wished to work with the one known as M at some depth and we thank this instrument for allowing us to continue for a while.

We find that although we have a seemingly stable connection within the one known as M there is the desire to be sure that the contact is accurate and actual, and the desire not to guess. This is a praiseworthy attitude, which, in the case of one which is too closely attached to the desire to be sure, becomes that rigidity within which [one] can never be sure.

We would suggest that the first several times the contact is exercised, that the new channel begin with the greeting, “I am Hatonn.” As the one known as S has said, although much can be greatly doubted about the experiences it is certain that we shall begin with our humble identification and the careful greeting in the name of the infinite One in love and light, in joy and in power beyond.

This certainly, the feeling of security slips away quickly, however, this beginning can be taken in—we correct this instrument—on faith and perhaps as has happened often before, something about the experience of venturing forth with these opening greetings may break that dam of concern which has hardened into too much strength for the needs of this circumstance. The group is a good protection against any real error and working with more experienced channels there is the certainty that a wrong step shall be quickly pointed out and repaired.

This instrument indeed is willing at any and all times to stop the session completely if that seems to be desirable and indeed this instrument has done so occasionally in the past.

So there is much support within this environment. This being said, we would again like to transfer this contact to the one known as M and say only a couple of sentences through this instrument.

We would now transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(M channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. I have some difficulties … [inaudible], but the connection is a stable [inaudible]. There are some principal difficulties that need to be addressed.

I leave this instrument, now. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am with this instrument, once again. We are most pleased and gladdened that the one known as M has indeed taken that leap from the cliff. We thank this instrument for its courage and feel very positive that although the contact is always a subtle thing, the one known as M begins now to be truly aware that thoughts do come into the mind of one who is willing to say one thing quickly and then hear another, say another, and so forth.

We would appreciate the circle’s patience, because we would like to spend a bit more time working with our connection with this instrument to alleviate any discomfort …

We shall pause at this time. I am Hatonn.


I am Hatonn, and am again with this instrument. We have adjusted the connection and would ask the one known as M if the change was helpful


We shall continue to work with this tuning as we speak briefly through each instrument. Now we would enjoy the opportunity to speak further, though the one known as S. We leave this instrument and transfer at this time. I am Hatonn.

(S channeling)

I am Hatonn. We greet you again in the love and in the light of the infinite One through this instrument. It was with some amusement that this instrument greeted us. For it felt that had been thrown the “curve ball,” so to speak, the normal pattern being that this instrument receives the contact from the one known as Jim. This instrument is accustomed to ready itself for this contact by focusing particularly upon the effort to control the material at hand.

To some extent, this is a crutch this instrument has requested and which we are most happy to cooperate with. However, it is the mark of a maturing instrument to be willing to take up the task of speaking with less and less expectation concerning what precisely it is that lies ahead, what precisely it is that will be said. There is always some degree of anticipation involved in the process of being an instrument as a certain horizon unfolds within the process of supplying words for the concept which blossom in the deeper or less conscious part of the mind.

This instrument is currently in the process of developing that greater faith and confidence that the concepts shall indeed continue to blossom even when a clear structure of thought has not been delineated or laid out beforehand.

This blooming of concepts within the deep mind is the manner in which our thoughts came to you, in the blended energies of our two selves. Thus, if one reaches down to the source it is not wholly possible any longer to distinguish self from self, as indeed within the process of this greeting we do not distinguish ourselves from those embracing energies of All That Is, the infinite and creative love which is source to us and to you all alike.

The fear which separates self from self shall gradually, my brothers and sisters in the light, fall away as do the petals of a spent blossom, even as the blossom closer to its heart continues to unfurl.

We encourage each in the process of tuning and of allowing this deeper self greater and greater access and greater and greater voice within the life experience, which is your gift to be able to enjoy at this time.

We now would transfer this control to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and greet each of you in love and in light through this instrument. It has been a great privilege to be able to utilize each instrument this afternoon. We are especially gratified to have been able to initiate contact through the new instrument known as M. It is a great honor for us to be asked to provide our services in this regard and we wish to thank the one known as M with all our hearts.

At this time, we would ask the new instrument or any other entity who may have queries for us.

At the present time, I’m experiencing moods … [inaudible].

I am Hatonn. We shall look at our vibrational harmonics and readjust, momentarily.


I am Hatonn. We would ask the one known as M if there has been any relief?


I am Hatonn. We see that there is some discomfort from the position of the head and neck area that has resulted from the initial experience of voicing the thoughts transmitted. This is not unusual for a new instrument to find that the position of its body has, due to unfamiliarity, became a stress point. We shall work with your instrument and our contact with you in future work to attempt to alleviate this side effect of the newly experienced contact.

Is there another query?

No. Not at this time. Thank you Hatonn.

I am Hatonn, and again we wish to thank each in this group for inviting our presence into this circle of seeking. We are overjoyed at this opportunity and thank each of you. We would take this opportunity to greet each again with our conditioning vibration and would at this time leave this instrument and this group in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Hatonn. Adonai, my friends.