Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the forgetting process that each of us goes through as we enter an incarnation. Ra has suggested that lessons we learn here with the forgetting process in place carry so much more weight in our total beingness than lessons learned when the forgetting process is not in place—when we remember our total nature and the total unity of all creation. And we’re wondering some about how the forgetting process works, how it is put into place, and then how our remembering takes place and the progress that we make in our lives that’s due to a remembering of the purpose and the goals.

(Carla channeling)

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a privilege and a blessing to join your group’s meditation this day. We thank you and bless you for this request to share our thoughts with you, for in this request you aid us in performing that which we do to be of service to the one infinite Creator at this time. As always with those who have opinions, no matter how carefully held, it is well for each to discriminate in the thoughts chosen to take and use. We ask that only thoughts which are deemed helpful by you be retained. The rest may comfortably be left behind. Thank you for this courtesy.

We would say that there is an over-shadowing of this group at this time by the one known as Hatonn. This is in order that there be an appropriate confluence of vibratory patterns placed upon your taping machine. However, this entity has no desire to speak to this group at this time, but merely wishes that we express that they are with this group and also thank each for requesting Confederation presence.

Picture with us, if you will, a large mansion with many, many rooms as has been the style off and on for centuries. In this dwelling there are secret passageways and staircases, secret rooms and secret tunnels. A visitor might enter this immense dwelling and abide therein for a long time without ever being aware of the secret portion of the house. There would be, seemingly, all that was in the house to proclaim that this is all there is. Yet, this space would continue to exist on the other side of that secret door. That the visitor did not know the door was there would have no effect upon the door. It is in this kind of way that the forgetting process occurs.

When you picture an infant, newborn into the world of illusion, you see a tiny bundle of raw need and that tiny spark of life existing so purely and innocently; yet, this infant contains all of the space for its memories that it has ever had and ever will have. Some of these memories are from the many, many times of being incarnate in third-density physical vehicles; however, some of the content of this memory is that memory which is gained as a portion of essential beingness given from the original Thought, which is divine Love. The truth, shall we say, is ineluctably placed within each entity as a portion of the basic consciousness with which individual characters are injected, shall we say, to form that which one could call the soul or the whole entity.

Up until the breath is drawn for the first time, this newborn infant is a functioning portion of second-density, in many cases. The consciousness which is individually an entity’s may well hover about the forming physical vehicle rather than take its seat within the physical vehicle, so that there is often no presence there except the physical vehicle within the mother. However, when the time of birth approaches, then must the entity which shall use this functioning physical vehicle go into the physical vehicle and form that bond betwixt lighter bodies and the physical body which bind the two together until the cessation of the physical body. This represents a true marriage, shall we say, of Earth and heaven, or of the elements of that which lives and dies and that which has not been born nor shall die—that which is forever the Mystery.

It may seem a cruel joke that such perfectly formed and pure infants must be taken from that consciousness of the truth in which inhabitants of second-density dwell. However, as the query itself notes, the advantages of functioning without these memories are great. To the conscious mind there is given what is more a shadow than a substance of the actual memories which are stored within the deep mind. It is as though the very workings of the most essential aspects of each personality were necessarily so ordered as to leave many hints and innuendoes suggesting that there is such a thing as a more ethical way to live or to decide between two things. This bare instinct for the right is that flag or token or suggestion that there is much more of a metaphysical or ethical nature which forms a system of deeper truth.

This deeper truth is protected from that quick and easy access by the conscious mind which entities are used to having in general. It is neatly and cleanly cached, not merely out of sight, but secreted and truly hidden, for there is extreme power which is released when the truth is claimed; and it is a worthy goal to seek and find more and more deep levels of truth. Were this truth not so well hidden, it would not have the power to move and offer transformation to that entity which perseveres in ceaseless asking and desiring of the Creator that more and more of truth be opened to one.

You dwell in a deep and convincing illusion—this you know. Each has already discovered some degree of personal power. Each desires and attempts to use that power rightly. As each continues that pilgrim’s path, seeking always the higher truth, the higher compassion and wisdom, doors do open, and to the entity who watches and pays close attention, each and every situation can hold revelation. Yet, know that it is only insofar as one continues to apply those truths already learned that these doors do open.

The nature of seeking is such that many attempt to speed up the process of discovering truth far beyond that rate at which they may reasonably expect to learn and retain information. Therefore, we encourage each to allow for reflection and reiteration of lessons and truths, for the process of imbibing these heady waters of truth is much longer and more subtle than a simple model of the memory of an entity might suggest.

We suggest that each of you is a marvelously complex creature, and that many times when you may be most aggravated at the delays in learning lessons are the times when it would be far better simply to allow the waiting and the process of seating these growing perceptions of truth in the stable connection betwixt newly opened subconscious material and its emergence through the threshold of consciousness into the fully conscious mind.

It is as though these secret places within the mansion of your beingness are the treasure trove which the dragon guards in your mythology. The dragon is that portion of the universal Self which aids the self in staying whole and entire, for that which you seek—that great original Truth—is powerful enough to have created all that there now is, and is powerful enough to end all that there is. Contact with this energy is a thing which it is well to allow to occur in natural ways with no heightened expectations. In quietness and in peace shall truth be yours, which you have earned through desire purified through discipline, through emotion purified by wisdom.

Rather than moving forward from this point, we would pause and ask if there is a direction which any within this circle would have a desire to appoint.

What would be your recommendation for the best way to aid this remembering process?

We are those of Q’uo. The door into that secret part of the mansion of your self has a key which opens it. This key is meditation, contemplation or prayer. These words suggest ways of expressing a relationship. We wish to use a term which points to that relationship, that truth within is to the self which functions daily as the bottom of a lake is to the bubble upon the surface. There is no actual touching of conscious mind to the ground of being, if you will.

When one meditates or in some way seeks to impress within the self its relationship to the one infinite Creator by whatever means, this intention to seek the Mystery triggers a kind of instinct within the conscious portion of the deep mind, thereby focusing energy and personal power around this mountaintop which has poked up from the subconscious into the conscious mind—that little peak which shows above the threshold of consciousness as the instinct for an ethical or moral right, or that little mountaintop which says that there must be a Creator. The act of meditation, then, not only works upon the mind and body to relax and open up the flow of energy, it also triggers a closer alignment of the self which is conscious with the fundamental or basic nature of that great mountain within the subconscious or deep mind which is the area which contains those deep and vast truths which have structured and formed all that there is.

You carry the blueprint of all things within, and the potential to activate any or all of this knowledge. That you are protected from burning yourself out in discovering these fiery truths beforetimes is to be expected in a universe where there is the possibility of advancing. The Creator has not hidden these truths in order to cause hardships, but in order to prevent premature awareness. Each entity is intended to open itself to transformation in this natural way, so that there shall be no loss of incarnation that is not necessary.

May we at this time request a further direction?

No, that’s very good. Thank you, Q’uo. I appreciate what you’ve had to say.

We are Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. This instrument is asking us why we dally. We say to this instrument, “Relax.” We rest in the harmony of this circle, reluctant to leave, yet, having fulfilled our function, we simply float within the vibratory patterns which are so beautiful to us in each of you.

We thank you again for requesting our service, and, reluctantly, we do at this time desire to leave this instrument. We leave each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of the principle Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai. We leave you in love and in light.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. Hah! We take this instrument by surprise. She say love and light for you can speak. We greet you in love and in light. We look at your hopes and dreams and say to you, “Let no one discourage you.” If someone seems to have authority yet discourages your efforts, then you must say, “He is not what he seems.” Then to yourself you give encouragement. Perhaps there is not someone besides yourself to strengthen you, then you must stand on your two feet and encourage yourself. Be never faint of heart, and know always that energies such as ours are numerous.

We cluster about those who seek to hasten the day of perfect balance. Open the heart to that company which wishes to support you, and feel that wordless encouragement. We thank the one known as (name) for allowing us to share this thought, and now would leave. I am Yadda. I leave you in love and in light. Adonai.