Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with what the Confederation contacts that we speak with think about our continually asking basically the same sorts of question. We seem to need a lot of repetition concerning “being and doing” in our lives, controlling and allowing things to work for their own ends, or, basically, the lessons of love. And we’re wondering how this all looks to the Confederation contacts as they observe our behavior, listen to our questions, and see our concerns—our sort of orbiting in small circles.

(Carla channeling)

We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo, and the love and light of the One with which we greet you is our way of expressing all that there is, so that in this greeting we have offered to you all that we have to offer in service. We are in service to your people to promulgate this one deeply held opinion of ours: that is, that there is but one great original Thought, that Thought called Love which is the Creator and the nature of all that there is, with light being that instrument with which the grand tapestry of your world scene is woven.

We come to answer your query concerning repetition. We were unaware that we ever do any other thing but iterate and reiterate the one simple truth, that all that there is is one thing, that thing being a mystery which recedes before us as we move in that which we hope is a positive evolutionary way. Therefore, we have a very favorable opinion of that which you conceive of as your repetitive queries.

The admonition, “Be ye perfect as your Father is perfect,” is attributed to the teacher known to you as Jesus. We, too, encourage the attempt to be perfect, that is, be perfectly loving just as the infinite Creator is infinitely loving and purely loving. Yet, this instrument himself was a broken and imperfect entity within the veil of third-density incarnation. [However,] this teacher encouraged this drive towards perfection again and again. However, this teacher, in the ministry which expressed without words the nature of this entity’s love, chose again and again to bestow that love, charity and wisdom upon those which any civilized culture would call imperfect—the tax collector, the prostitute, the halt and lame and those possessed—a veritable rogues’ gallery of failed and sinful entities.

These profoundly imperfect entities were those to whom the one known as Jesus expended the most care, going after that one in the hundred which is lost, forgiving all for faith. To one who had faith, this entity was able to effect healing. Was any who was healed described as perfect or deserving? Not at all. We, too, encourage you to strive at your very highest level of effort to “fight the good fight,” as this instrument would say, gazing upon the present moment and the future as the ever unfolding opportunity to become perfect. Yet, in this endeavor, we predict that the odds are great that you shall not perceive yourselves as being anywhere near to perfection.

This instrument earlier stated that she was in despair because she looked at the actions and thoughts of several different present moments, asking the self, “Is this the way you live in the Creator’s presence?’’ May we point out that this entity was, in each instance, thinking of the Creator, with the relationship of the self to Creator inevitably and intrinsically characterized within the heart of self, so that there was no chance for the entity to be away from the Creator’s presence.

In each and every self-perceived imperfection of thought and action, each of you, as you criticize yourselves, gaze at who is criticizing and who is criticized. These are both the self. The dialogue with self would not be possible were not the self composed of voices which include that voice which calls to remembrance.

When the seeker begins the conscious portion of its incarnational work in consciousness, all is unknown. The desire to learn is great, and the first lessons are transformational, as the conscious mind begins to deal with our opinions of how, within incarnation, entities might speed up the rate of their spiritual evolution. They are able to make large changes quickly. The meditation is placed in a kind of routine, and the entity begins experiencing fairly rapidly the results of that daily meditation. The world of nature is seen with brand new eyes which gaze upon the creation of the Father, seeing that which we, too, see: the euphonious harmony of all things in the visible world, vital, alive and praising the infinite Creator. The rhythms of life are seen in an entirely different way as the processes of meditation and contemplation go forward, and it begins to be a world in which there are things which the seeker can see to do, in the way of their service towards the Creator and others.

These things are noticeable changes. The difference it makes to the living a life based on faith is palpable, but the seeker moves onward, and each step takes the seeker into that new world in which things have not yet been constructed. Soon the changes within, meeting and reacting with the environment, begin to cause that which one might experience as a dying away of some of the self, the turning towards a different or transformed view of how the spiritual journey shall be run, and more and more as this process continues, the seeker finds itself torn loose from all that previously maintained equilibrium. The path moves onward, yet, the self is transforming and is not any longer a set character. The seeker begins to wish to have some kind of structure within which to seek, yet, that structure is constantly being torn down to some extent by the progression of the spiritual evolution which was desired.

Thusly, as this desire for spiritual evolution is progressively satisfied, just so it becomes that which is not familiar. And in the middle of this seemingly effortless meditational practice, one finds the self becoming very full of effort, attempting to digest and inwardly mark all that is taking place in a balanced and truthful way. The self becomes less known, for much is in motion. And as the question itself implies, the odds are good that quite often within the stretch of years of a seeker’s conscious spiritual walk the self will be, again and again, rather frequently out of balance, or shall we rather say, perceiving the self as out of balance, and there is the wishing and hoping for more balance, for more skill in expressing the life in love and in service.

Perhaps our greatest message to you in this regard is: keep walking. Do not be disappointed in the self because there seems to be the repetition of message. This simply indicates where in a particular group or circle, the rubber, as this instrument would say, is hitting the road.

Shall you wish for a pure heart? Then, inevitably, shall you notice each and every impurity which you perceive in the self. Do you wish to be always the one who offers love? Just as strong as this desire is, so is the strength of your ability to notice unloving acts. And if your desire is to balance being and doing, then you shall surely notice, again and again, that you wish to be given more tools and resources to aid you in combating and working with the self as it is perceived by the self to be acting out of balance.

So those things which concern or worry, like this repetition, are not in our opinion negative, but rather merely indicative of where the energy is within each of you in the circle. Please consider how long this spiritual journey is, and how infinitely fine the distinctions and the enlightenments become as the Spirit progresses through the densities to gaze at the long view. Not only are you attempting within incarnation to balance the being and the doing, the resting and the acting, but there are millions and millions of your years ahead in which you shall only tighten and magnify the scope of that which you observe, looking always not at what has been gained, but at what there is to do. These lessons, shall we call them, go on forever, until time itself becomes meaningless and spiritual gravity takes over.

We ask, then, that the heart rest in a peace which does not come from settling differences or realizing truths. We hope for each of you a peace that is full of the striving of entities to rest in the Creator. That Creator is not still. The Creator in which you rest builds up and tears down all possible avenues. Dwell within the precinct of this peace. This peace is not still. This peace may be full of noise and full of prayer also, yet, this peace is simply the awareness of the Creator in direct relation to you, and in direct identity with the heart within, which contains that spark of pure Love which enlivens the whole.

You are mortal, experiencing incarnation within a heavy illusion. Those things you came here to learn you are indeed learning; but it takes your time, not simply one lifetime, but again and again called into incarnation to repeat and repeat that lesson not perfectly grasped as yet. If we felt that we should not repeat ourselves, my friends, we would soon be out of talk.

We are attempting to show to this instrument the image of the ice which forms on top of the pond or puddle. The sheet of ice across the top is solid to the touch. It is strong and holds weight. It is one shape only, and can only be changed by breaking and scattering its crystalline nature. Yet, below the ice is living water, the habitat of beings—fish and plant life thrive beneath the solid ice. This is as you in incarnation. The form which you have taken is crystalline in its own way, and marvelously wrought, and each entity has its own beauty and cleanness of form. This solid entity which greets you in the mirror shall be your physical identity until you leave both the illusion and that physical form behind. Yet, that solid entity is not the end of you, but merely the surface of your form. Within you are deep and living waters in which the flora and fauna, shall we say, of archetypical images which live in those deep waters may thrive and bloom. Does the physical form change because of this life which moves within? Usually not, yet this is your self, mostly unknown by you except that you can feel that pressure of vitality coming from the depths within and you can experience this depth and fullness of being.

The crystalline form will indeed need to be battered with that blunt instrument called repetition, a hundred or a thousand times before the dent is made—the form changes, the mental formation changes, the emotional changes—the work is slow, and you feel pokey and petty and tired of not quite getting it yet. We encourage and exhort each in the regular allowing of the definition of the self to be consciously altered by the bringing into remembrance and awareness that living, breathing, vital part of the deep self. Breathe deeply of that living water. Inhale it into the form which is the physical health. Consciously irrigate and marinate the self in these living waters of deep mind, then allow that consciousness to fade, so that you may, once again, take up the attempt daily, hourly, moment by moment, to live the life of faith, as witness. And in that witness, whether by expression or aura or any word or deed, may you celebrate that imperfection which is the perfect outworking of a life lived in faith and service.

Do you seem to need repetition? Very well then, my friends, repetition it is. And with each repetition, the total of Love does not expand but simply intensifies, so that as each lesson is repeated, new and deeper graspings and understandings are found. The entity has not been dealt, may we say, that can do the same thing twice—not in the world of spirit.

We ask each to lift the criticism that is implied in being aware that you are working towards an unattained goal. Feel each day both the perfection which is the true nature of all things, and the imperfection which is consciousness expressing through a medium. The medium of third-density is that which consciousness can do very little about, comparative—we correct this instrument—compared to its action upon other densities. Therefore, allow the self its nature, and be at peace with the repeated lessons.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo, and leave this instrument in love and in light.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time may we ask if there might be any further queries for our consideration?

I didn’t understand what he—what they meant, when they were talking about the deep mind. The images … It was just unclear to me about the deep mind, and the living, almost like beings in that deep mind, which are living. Somehow there was the suggestion that they’re not precisely us, they’re living like fish in the water of us in the deep mind. And I couldn’t make anything out of that so I didn’t express it. And I wonder if you could try again through Jim, because I was interested in that image but I couldn’t express it well enough to use it.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. And we would agree that this concept is one which is difficult to comprehend within your normal reference points of existence, for there is little of the deeper mind that your peoples choose to investigate beyond the individual subconscious. However, if an entity is successful in traveling to the roots of the mind beyond that that can be called the personal subconscious, there is the racial consciousness of its own kind, shall we say, and here there are experiences that have been gathered by those of the same racial heritage that affect the individual entities of that grouping …

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. We shall continue. Beyond the racial mind there is the planetary mind that is different than the racial mind on this particular planetary influence. For, as you are aware, many there are upon your planet that have had their beginnings elsewhere upon other planetary influences, so that there are various racial minds which compose your planetary mind. It is possible for a third-density planet to evolve with only its original second-density population progressing to the third, so that the racial and planetary minds are more alike if not identical.

Moving further into the roots of the tree of mind, we come to that portion which is called the archetypical mind. It is here that the blueprint for your evolutionary process is found, so that the influences that you experience from this source are of a fundamental nature, and provide insight and inspiration into your daily experience only in the form of echoes, hints and shadows. At the level of the archetypical mind there is the participation, both of the individual entity such as yourself and entities of quite another nature, though all are one in truth. The creative forces or intelligences that are responsible for this portion of the creation in its very essence are those which work upon the level of the archetypical mind, refining that cosmic mind of the one Creator in such and such a fashion, so that there is the possibility that the Creator may know Itself with greater variety and intensity than if the cosmic mind did not experience further refinement.

It is here, at this level, that we were speaking previously in suggesting that there are concepts that are basic to third-density experience which have their origin at this level of archetypes. And because of this similarity of lessons to be learned there is the seeming repetition of experience for the seeker of truth within your illusion. Thus, you draw from the same well waters that nourish your life-being and give it its flavor, its élan.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you. That was fascinating.

I am Q’uo, and we are grateful to you as well, my sister. Is there another query?

Not from me, Q’uo.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware that we have spoken for a goodly portion of your time this day, and we are most grateful to each of you for inviting us to do so. We are overjoyed at this opportunity, and we can assure you that though it seems there is repetition upon repetition within your illusion, that the effort you make to greet each experience with love and with light is unique, and adds its own portion not only to your experience but to the experience of the one Creator. And each effort, each breath, and each thought that you take is treasured by those who observe and have responsibility for this progress as your teachers, your friends, and your guides, shall we say.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.