The question this afternoon has to do with facing the truth, telling the truth and feeling a balancing or release of limitations of fears, and we’re wondering how the facing of fears, the telling of truth, affects our growth either mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically. It is said, “Know the truth and it will set you free.” How exactly does this work in our daily lives as we’re trying to recognize the truth and tell the truth?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is our pleasure and privilege to join your circle of seeking this evening. We bless and thank each of you for calling us to your group to share our thoughts and opinions with you. As always, we ask that our words be listened to as you would listen to any friend, taking that which seemed to you to be helpful and leaving the rest behind, for we do not claim infallibility, but rather assure you that we are far from perfected. There is much for us to learn. We are as you, those who seek the truth.

Perhaps that is where we shall start to discuss the concept of healing by the truth. This instrument’s mind is furnished with much detail concerning the practice of the religion which you call Christianity. Consequently, we find the nearest example available to us is often, when working with this instrument, one which comes from the scripture which you call the Holy Bible. In this particular instance, the scene within which truth is sought is that scene of the one known as Jesus’ trial, scourging and crucifixion. While the process of the trial was working itself out, the civil authority having to do with the one known as Jesus—the one known as Pilate—pondered long that which the one known as Jesus offered and this entity’s comment was, “What is truth?” This entity could not find within the true statements made by each entity an overriding truth which would create choice. Consequently, this entity walked away from the debate giving control over to others rather than answering that question.

One truth seemingly obvious was the sincerity and the ultimate dignity of the one known as Jesus. The one known as Pilate wrote a sign for this entity as this entity suffered and died. The sign read, “The King of the Jews.” This was Pilate’s truth. Those who wished this entity stopped, if not killed, saw that this entity known as Jesus had the capacity to rouse his countrymen to civil rebellion. They feared that this entity would indeed ascend to an Earthly throne, disturbing greatly the peace and tranquility of the empire of Rome.

The one known as Jesus also possessed a truth. The scope of this entity’s truth was overarching a truth of another level of beingness and witnessing to the truth. For the one known as Jesus, the truth of its being was not applicable to the world of temporal affairs. Yet to witness to this truth that was otherworldly, this entity saw virtue and value and truth in the sacrifice of all Earthly energy and this entity moved willingly and deliberately towards that cross upon which it was indeed crucified. This truth was that for this entity, there was a freedom. That freedom was complete service. This entity felt that it was given the job of so dying and then showing itself to bear life that the world would come by this truth to its own truth and ultimate freedom.

To find the truth in this story is impossible, for there were several levels of true feeling, true fact, true intention. The truth is most slippery. It recedes from the attempt to pin it down, for that which you experience is not truth. That which you experience within your own consciousness is seldom truth. Truth is living and truth alters constantly in its appearance as the processes of perception circle the concept of truth, looking for a way to settle upon a complete surety of truth.

Now, let us pull back to a position where we examine simply what brought each here. Each feels within an identity and that identity is felt by each to be authentic and true. Each comes to this circle of seeking hoping to encounter the truest part of the self, for within the energies of a group lie tremendous power, that power of hope and intention of desire and yearning. We come to share our perception that all things are one, and that one thing is love.

The love that created all that there is is a concept, an original Thought of such a powerful nature as is unimaginable. This articulated thought or logos called love has a vibration. This vibration is the truth, for it is all that there is and each of you is at heart that vibration and that vibration alone. The rest is illusion.

We speak to groups like this simply encouraging each to more and more attempt to vibrate in accordance with the one original Vibration, and as the vibratory level rises from the sea of confusion which is the life experience, it partakes more and more of vibration closer to that one original Thought.

Each of you is not the God in some conscious sense but love, and you hunger for the freedom of your true nature and seek to move into more and more close vibratory similarity to that true vibration or nature which is love. When the truth is a vibration, perhaps it can be seen that the truth is a very difficult concept about which to speak, for after one says the simple truth, so called, that there is a vibration which each intuits within and seeks and hungers for, after this each entity moves out of the original concept into manifestation.

Before your incarnational experience begins, already you are isolated from the truth because you have self-consciousness as a spirit or entity with a soul. Before you entered your mother’s womb, already you were a stranger to truth, hungering to return to that vibratory configuration in which truth is known but the self is lost. And then, illusion already completely surrounding and filling you, you entered into a heavy chemical body, a physical vehicle which moves your consciousness around and generously supplies that consciousness with that which the senses pick up and report to the brain. Each impression is a true one, yet each impression is biased by your perception of it.

You have perhaps heard the old adage that no two witness’ report an accident the same. What is truth? Yet you seek and experience a growing amount of truth. The energies within you bring that present moment in a cyclical manner so that each entity will have its cycles, times when—we correct this instrument—within which they are more well suited to do work in consciousness attempting to find a higher truth and times when it is better to simply shower the self with compassion, for compassion is a truth regardless of the object of that expression of self.

We encourage each to loosen and free this concept of truth from any rigid limitations, for the seeker on this journey towards truth walks with much aid. Each seeker has cooperation and support from the world which is unseen. There are guides and essences which live in order to serve the seeker and to further that seeker’s search, so that instead of there being the truth here and then the truth further on, lesson one and lesson two, rather there is a process whereby each step the pilgrim takes has a point of balance which is graceful and skillful. The seeker then simply attempts to sense where that beam lies, how that ray falls, that ray of light unseen, for it lies directly down the middle of the spiritual path.

We would encourage you to think of the levels of truth as you go through your moments, your hours, your days and your years. There is the light and the momentary truth. The fact, the schedules and processes of your worldly life contain vast numbers of these facts, these simple truths. “The garbage is picked up on Monday. I am supposed to be at work at 9 a.m. The Superbowl is today.” These are truths. They are not truths which in any way better equip you to live according to spiritual principles. There is no healing in them, yet they are the truth.

At a deeper level, there is a true self. That true self within has its vagrant moods and there is emotional truth in hewing with fidelity to these inner moods. It is excellent practice to know what is going on within, to be as aware as possible of the deeper energies, the emotions which underlie the experiences. Without judging the self, there is great healing in simply acknowledging the nature of the self as it is self-perceived. The acceptance of the emotional makeup of the self is very freeing if it is wholehearted, for there is great difficulty in altering that nature if it is not first completely accepted, yet the truth for which each seeker yearns is that truth which cannot be accessible, not by words, not by converse, but only by the inner experiencing of things far too inimitable to be available for description.

The hunger within the seeker is to see the face of the infinite One, and there is no face for that infinite intelligence, rather that face is your own, and that face is the entity next to you and that face is the face of nature. Everything that you see both displays and completely obscures that face of deity. Spiritual seeking is a process in which the attempt is made and made and made again to be honest with the self, to submit the self to the disciplines which strip away illusion, how the seeker strives to clear the mind, to become more authentic, to become more self-aware, to confront the self where it is hiding from the self.

You speak in your query of fears in attempting to speak truth to those fears, yet we suggest that these fears are also a truth and fear is not something to be rooted out before its time. Each of you has an infinite amount of time in which to seek and find the one infinite Creator. You have no need to rush. The Creator will not leave. The creation may fade away, yet you and the Creator shall seek each other until, in the glory of final awareness, the self is given away so that that separate self might become a portion of the only portion that there is in reality: intelligent infinity or love.

Now let us come back from the ethers to the self struggling to know more of the truth, struggling to face the fears that hold the self captive. We spoke earlier of compassion being a truth. It is well to equip the self with the awareness that compassion is always truth. When entities such as you attempt to be, as you call it, “too nice,” yet in this attempt is truth. It is not a truth that makes you feel good, for in expressing compassion, you are allowing the other to see only the truth of love in its unabridged form. You become a witness to the truth that nothing matters as much as loving.

Over against this truth is another truth that is involved with where you are as an entity in your cycle of expressing and not expressing. If you are in a strong and powerful place in your spiritual cycles, it is possible that manifesting the truth of compassion is more satisfying to you than expressing your emotional feelings. At a weaker or more transparent part of this cycle, it is actually harmful to you as an entity—or we could perhaps say self-sacrificing—to express compassion, for there is the emotional lack of ability to give up the truth of another color which would be the truth of the emotions which may have the need to express seemingly negative information. Therefore, it is not always skillful to be compassionate. It is well to know the self well enough to see when compassion alone is the truth to tell and when instead it would be more skillful to speak seemingly selfishly but honestly in expressing the limitations and the needs of the self.

The truth, it is said, shall set you free. This was in your query. How does it set you free? We hope that you may see that there are levels of truth. The more deep or profound truths set the spirit free at a more profound level. The use of the intelligence is encouraged in the attempt to accurately estimate the capacity of the self to be at any one level of the truth. For instance, in the one known as Jesus, this entity’s truth was at the profound level which moves beyond all fear of death or dissolution. The truth this entity saw was that it could embrace the grave and willingly go down into it because the entity’s true nature was the Creator and this entity’s true place was eternity. This is your highest truth also, but you will note that the one known as Jesus did not go to his death before the various levels of truth of all others so coagulated and combined as to be that time destiny had provided for the one known as Jesus to in one moment express that truth.

Each of you do well to open your sensing mechanisms and look to your perceptions. Certainly it is well to seek that truth which lies in and beyond the fears of each, but more than that, know yourselves as pilgrims which have many, many levels and be not harsh with yourself when you find yourself expressing that which you perceive is not entirely true. For the freedom truth promises is involved in that release from trying, seeking and making things happen. The truth, in a way, is a process. That process is one in which we often encourage each to come to the place of ultimate quiet within, that all the worlds tears and hopes and untruths and fears may at last cease and a door open within. Across that threshold each walks into the silence of the heart. Within that silence lies all that there is and it is all holy. Each of you now stands on holy ground. The truth of your being is within your silent heart. Listen each day if you can to that silence. Within that silence a silent voice speaks love to you. This is truth. All your fears shall fetch up against this rock and flow away.

We would at this time thank this instrument for its service, and transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We leave this instrument in love and light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light. At this time we would offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any further queries which those present may have for us. Is there a query at this time?

I am still interested in the physical manifestation in our bodies of the… perhaps the tension that’s produced by this seeking of the truth, or the time when you’re searching for the truth. Can you speak to that further?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We shall attempt to do so. As an entity perceives the life experience moving through it and before and around it, it has those means of dealing with this basic element of life that you would call the belief system. This is a means of containing that which is perceived as truth but which has been in some ways distorted by the very attempt to perceive it and define it in such and such a way so that it will be useful to the entity as it grows. Such distortions are necessary in order to be able to utilize the life experience in a certain fashion that is congruent with what you would call preincarnative choices or lessons.

Thus, as a means of setting the stage, shall we say, each entity defines, confines and refines the truth so that the opportunities it desires are likely to be presented. To hold that which is true, that which is love without end and with complete compassion in a confined or compacted way that you would call your own illusion, the stage upon which you move, is to invoke or require a certain amount of what you have called tension—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual attention, shall we say. The belief system that has been chosen, then, confines in a, shall we say, intense or restrictive fashion, that which is limitless, that which has no bounds. This takes an effort on all levels of energy; this effort you perceive as tension. This is why a great feeling of relief and release is experienced by those who are able to extend or in some cases remove the boundaries of definition upon that which is love.

Thus, your physical vehicle takes upon itself various conformations that are symbolic representation of mental belief boundaries. There are possible an infinite number of bodily responses that you would see as a disease of some form that are a result of the mental configuration. As the mind/body/spirit complex that each entity is makes choices to move in other belief directions there is often the release of the tension, the configuration of the body corresponding to that release of the mind, the emotions as well. Thus, you see in many cases that the change of belief system or component of that system affects the actual configuration of the physical vehicle.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

D had a question that I was interested in, and it had to do with when you have experienced a feeling of release—a place where you have gotten at a truth and seen a true, purified version of what held you in thrall in times past, and you’ve seen that and you’ve experienced that—how can you complete this release so as to finish most appropriately that energy and really, really release that whole complex of held tension that has really sort of been an untruth…

Actually, also, after listening to what you have just said, I’m beginning to question as to whether or not the intensity was the actual holding onto a belief system and perhaps it wasn’t even a releasing but it was, rather, a battle of wills between the mental belief system still holding on to something and another kind of truth attempting to come through, and perhaps that was really inappropriate tension felt as opposed to healing tension that would have been released.

Can you make anything of that… can you comment?

I am Q’uo, and we have sufficient information for a response, we believe. We give this instrument the image of a stream full of rocks of various sizes which divert the flow of water according to the size and the placement of the rock. The freeing of one’s belief system, the removing of the boundaries, is much like removing of the rocks one by one from the stream so that the full force of the water’s flow may be felt without distortion.

Thus, when one moves in consciousness to alter the beliefs, one allows the intelligent energy that is love and life itself to move in a less restricted fashion which is more freely able to express the power of love to transform. Thus, the release can be seen as a harmonizing effort that allows energy to be more available to the entity to be—we correct this instrument—to be consciously used. The seating of this release or healing may best be accomplished by observing in the meditative state the condition as it was, the nature of the distortion, the removal of same and the giving of thanksgiving to the one Creator for the opportunity to more fully experience and express the energy of love.

Is there a further query, my sisters?

Not for my part, thank you.

I’m still a little confused here. I still can’t determine whether or not there are a couple of boulders in that stream, and although I may be consciously attempting to allow that stream to flow, there is an unwillingness to allow that due to the belief system, and although I can go and meditate on such a situation, I’m just a little confused about how to go about that because I don’t quite understand if what has occurred was a healing process or was the exact opposite, in which case I need to know which it were, so that if it were the exact opposite I would be able to go about healing that in another way than I attempted to do so with Jim earlier. I would be… maybe less tense on my physical vehicle. Can you comment in any way without infringing?

I am Q’uo, and we may speak in a general fashion to suggest that the experience which you describe is one which heals, that is the facing of fear, the recognition of truth. There is the removal of restriction which is a portion of the realignment of mental beliefs; as each pebble is removed from the stream there is the healing, as you would call it, however, it must be recognized that each pebble, rock or boulder allows water to move around in such a fashion as to carve, shall we say, a certain groove within the entity’s mind/body/spirit complex that is in accordance with preincarnative choice so that the analogy which you mentioned earlier holds true: if one can experience great pain carved by much experience in the life pattern, then one can also experience its opposite, the great joy as well. Each entity has come to incarnation to be able to move from chosen parameters to other chosen parameters. The parameters for each incarnation include greater and greater opportunity for experiencing and expressing love. However, there must be the distortion of that which is whole into that which is many for the many to be able to choose the path back to the One.

Is there a further query, my sister?

The only other thing I was just curious about was what happens energetically when your physical vehicle does go through such a jolting thing? How does the energy as it is pulsing and raging through your physical vehicle—what does that do? Does it kind of vibrate off, what has been held in? Can you describe the process energetically, speaking of what happens when what has otherwise been termed as a healing crisis comes through? We experience the trauma in order to be able to release it. Can you explain that process briefly in an energetic way?

I am Q’uo, and we shall attempt this, my sister. As the energy is allowed to flow more freely, the vehicle that is physical and the vehicle that is mental and emotional as well tends to vibrate more harmoniously, that is to say, there are less discordant vibrations. It is as though a loose nut or bolt within your automobile has been tightened so that there is less jarring vibration upon the road.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Then what is the jarring that is experienced—is that a result of releasing? Why do we feel the exact opposite of what you have described has occurred? To the human physical vehicle, it feels like uncontrollable vibration… it feels as if this is fully electric and cannot… or is that the potential for being able to hold that kind of energy? I just feel the opposite of what you have just said is occurring.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The process by which the physical vehicle comes into greater harmony and less jarring vibrations is one in which the mental configuration which has been holding that which we have called love or truth in a confined manner, allows that truth now to flow by removing the boundary. The boundary belief is that which has been, shall we say, out of place in the true alignment of energy and has been holding the energy of love in a difficult position, shall we say. To release that energy requires that which held that energy—the mind and emotional components—to fall into a new alignment.

This falling into place, even though it is from that which is less harmonious to that which is more harmonious with energy flow, yet is a jar to the system which was held in such and such a fashion; however, the energy of love will eventually allow this new configuration to express itself in a more harmonious fashion which then is the new steady state of the mind/body/spirit complex.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you again, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

One other thing, and it may be irrelevant and you can certainly say if it is. R and I were attempting to do some healing work and we only had a concern that what we were attempting to do might have been insignificant, or invalid or transient or just not worthy of our attempts, and we were wondering if you could comment on the purpose or if there is validity to uniting through dreamwork purposefully to be able to rebalance and heal more with the power with two as opposed to one individually. And whether or not that reverberated out in any direction other than just the two working on that, if there was any purpose or any reason that we should see continuing in that direction?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that the desire to be of service to others through the healing process is one which has great merit within your illusion. The task which you have set for yourselves is one which is difficult enough and which requires the mastery of many skills, is one which through the practice through these skills will reverberate to other areas of your incarnation and perhaps others as well. The practice of each of these skills will require the intensive dedication of effort. This, in the service of others, is quite helpful in the polarizing process and in the disciplining of the personality in particular.

Is there another query, my sister?

I guess we picked a tough nuts thing to do, huh, R? I don’t think so, not for me.

I am Q’uo. Again we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Are you aware of my discomfort at this time?

I am Q’uo, and we are not specifically aware of your discomfort, however, if there is discomfort in the perception of our vibration we would ask that you mentally alert us to this fact so that we might change our approach to your vibrational field.

I feel like I am the one that has to change because I am resisting out of fear.

I am Q’uo. We would ask if there is some fear to which we may speak or some way that we might be of service? Could you speak more of your fear?

Well, I’ve had this really hard time hanging on to myself, like I feel like I am being lured away and I was wondering if there was someone like you that was trying to speak through me?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We have not attempted to speak through your instrument nor are we aware of other entities attempting that as well, however, we are aware that you are a sensitive instrument which is open to impression and we perceive that you have felt our vibration in a more accentuated manner than most entities are able to perceive. We would recommend that the request be made that we reduce the amount of the conditioning vibration which we make available to those who sit in the circle of working with us.

So I need to tell you guys to turn it down a little?

I am Q’uo, and this is basically correct.

Okay. I am really uncomfortable. You spoke earlier about beings who we can’t see but who help us. You said that there are those [who] are only [here] to serve. Is that what you do?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your question, my sister. The entities which serve the third-density population of your planet as guides are those who are much like yourselves in many cases except that at this time they are not incarnate and have chosen a means of service that is the guide, the teacher, the helper, the unseen hand that aids in the helpful coincidences, shall we say, within each entity’s life pattern.

We are those which come from elsewhere other than your own planetary sphere who answer the call of many upon your planet for information pertaining to the nature of the creation, the one original Thought that we see as the one Creator. Thus, we answer a call and serve as we are asked in the name of the one Creator.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Do you ever get bored?

[Carla begins laughing.]

I’m sorry… [chuckles].

I am Q’uo, and we may assure you, my sister, that the creation is varied enough that we find no opportunity for boredom, as you would call it. We are overjoyed at the opportunity to observe the one Creator in the process of knowing Itself in as many ways as any entity could possibly imagine. We see the one Creation as a great field of energy playing with energy.

Is there a final query at this time?

Can you hear us thinking our questions or do we have to speak them?

I am Q’uo, and we ask that entities verbalize queries so that we do not infringe upon free will by, as you would say, reading the thoughts.

Is there a final query?

I would ask as a final query that you give suggestions on ways to put one’s mind at ease when one does feel somehow invaded by energies which seem to want to invade—even if that perception is incorrect, there is still stress. Could you just suggest some resources for when that would occur, how she would perceive?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. If any entity feels that it is being, as you would say, invaded or overtaken by any other entity of an unseen nature, that the one feeling invasion request the entity invading to leave, and that this request be made in the name of that concept, entity or quality which the entity being invaded holds most dear in the life pattern, be that the quality of love, of truth, of service or an entity such as in the name of Jesus the Christ, the name of the Buddha or the name of any saint or angel that an entity may feel affinity, for that if this request is given with the whole heart that the entity invading will be required to leave, and then the entity giving the request would be advised to circle the self in light and in love so that the shield of light and love might be in place.

At this time…

Wait, Q’uo! Could we stop for a sec’? I really need to drag this back to this point. I just had this question that was bothering me. Just stepping back to the chakras, and the experience that you had described which was the releasing of the mental belief system, which is the yellow ray, as I believe. How come the upper portion of the body was what went through the “trauma,” as opposed to the lower rays which were being adjusted? Why would the vibration be from, say, the heart up, as opposed to… from what was felt from the heart up, not from the lower rays? They seemed to be rather relaxed.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. However, we must apologize for being unable to answer, for we find that the answer would be an infringement upon your own choice-making ability and responsibility. We do not wish to do that work which we find you have set for yourself.

I gotcha. Thanks anyway.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again, my sister. We find that we must leave this group and this instrument at this time, for we have spoken overly long and have wearied many here, and we apologize for the length of our discourse but we are overjoyed at the opportunity to be with you and to feel the intensity of your desire to seek that which you call the truth. We seek with you that same truth, and walk as brothers and sisters, offering a hand when asked and offering love at all times. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.