N has asked us to ask for specific and particular information on the topic of the rays, the energy centers, and the bodies associated with the energy centers. We are aware of the difficulty Q’uo has in giving such information if it infringes upon people’s free will, and we would like to ask what Q’uo could tell N or what direction Q’uo could point N in since he is a healer with a great desire to be of service to others? How can N get more expansive responses from Q’uo?

(Carla channeling)

Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of the principle of Q’uo, and we thankfully bless each for asking us to share our thoughts on healing. It is this instrument’s day of rejoicing. The Eastertide, as it is called, the time when the ultimate healing, the resurrection of that which is dead into new life takes place within this mythical system of faith. It is most appropriate, for a question upon healing is at base a question about death, transformation and resurrection.

That which is considered among your peoples, as we have said before, is far more often the curing of a condition. This in no way breaks into the storehouse, the treasure house, where each soul’s totality of living is recorded and saved. Rather, it manipulates a manifestation. To focus upon the healing systems is most efficacious for the medical practitioners, and the detailed information which is collected by the various processes of medical investigation are also most efficacious at altering the manifestation, the clothing of flesh that the human body, so-called, is in essence.

For us to move into a mode of expressing or assigning various phases of medical practice associated with various items within the body, or your so called subtle bodies, is simply more of the same. However, we continue to be most eager to serve. This is an interesting subject and a fruitful one. We cannot be those who shape another’s answers for them or learn for them, for that would be infringement upon free will. However, perhaps since the query was asking us to express any comments we might have, perhaps we may be able to find some solid ground upon which to get a firm stance. We shall attempt to bridge the gap between where we, as this instrument would say, are coming from and where the one known as N comes from.

It is our perception that healing takes place when the integrity of the field which is the soul or spirit—that is, the essence of an entity—is maximized. This maximum integrity of field occurs at an unique position within the nexus of the various bodies, wherever within that nexus that that one entity is at that one particular time. Not only is each entity unique but each entity is continuously changing between vibrations. Rare is the individual in third density that can attain and maintain maximum integrity or health, even for a moment. Those who come the closest are those whose balance is seen by others, perhaps, to be above the ordinary.

We use the term, balance, to convey a situation in which the various energy centers of the physical, mental, emotional and so forth bodies are at a state where there is a clear strength or center and a comfort in the, shall we say, fit of the energy distribution. An entity which is in this kind of balance may be thought to have attained a high degree of wellness or health. When entities become ill, the physical aspects of this situation are more clear or evident than other portions of the situation causing illness. When work is done upon the physical body, then, the manifestation may change. However, if the entity has not had the process encouraged wherein that entity moves towards balance then the physician has done work only skin deep.

Now, we realize that the modest aim of most medical practitioners in your society is to do precisely that—to cause the mechanism to work properly once more. It may seem that we continually retreat from talking about healing because we are continually retreating from changing the physical manifestation of illness. When we wish to consider healing we then must orient ourselves and you to whom we are attempting to share some of these thoughts to a new emphasis, that emphasis being upon the essence of a person, as you would call it.

We do not distinguish in a way that makes psychiatrists more able to cure than the surgeon or the general practitioner. No, indeed, for the outpourings of the mental/emotional complex within an entity within incarnation are of much the same detailed and non-unique kind as physical symptomology. It is not mind or emotion or body that is healed in healing work, but, rather, the entity, whole and full of integrity. You hear of the phrase, “integrated personality.” This perhaps catches a notion of that to which we point as a starting place.

What psychologists and psychiatrists may mean by a well integrated personality is along the lines of symptomology. That is, the ego this and the id that. However, it does fasten upon the concept that all the various parts of the mental/emotional complex of thoughts form a kind of energy grid, a pattern of usual associations which have been used in concert enough that the entity has become comfortable and in balance as a personality with this particular way of expressing.

What the healer does in healing is provide, on some level, catalyst which will alert the higher self of the entity to be healed. The more powerful and effective the healing the closer to the heart of essence of self that the healer shall come. In other words, the more effective the healer, the more accurate the touch upon the point of balance is, that is, the healer meets the entity to be healed where that entity to be healed is not yet. Healing comes from a new perspective, not from moving about to find one which is already pursued.

How can the healer do this? Each healer works differently. For some there is the healing touch. For some the healing word. For some the skill of various of your resources such as the gems, the massage, the—we cannot give this concept to this instrument well—the plumb line, shall we say. This is not the correct term… that which dangles from the held string and moves eccentrically—the dowsing, shall we say. These skills vary from healer to healer. What each healer has in common is a gift which the healer simply shares with the one to be healed. The work is done, not by the healer, but by that entity to be healed’s own self which, because of the catalyst of the healer, has the opportunity to select in an integrated fashion a more balanced configuration of energies.

In each case this configuration and its change is unique. The human animal, shall we say, is wired eccentrically. By this we mean to indicate that each entity has an unique pattern, not simply to the physical body, but to all bodies. Each wiring system functions a little differently from any other; some to the extent of functioning backwards. Consequently, the strength of healing is the strength of the field within which the healer and the one to be healed rest during that time when the interaction between the two essences creates that moment which allows new choice.

We thank the one known as N for continuing to hope and to have faith that there is a better, more universal way to heal. We are glad to continue to work with this entity. However, we would express that we simply refrain from certain levels of specificity, for when an instrument such as this one seeks repetitively to attain specific material when the same query is asked several times and there is not the new awareness to the questioning, when this situation exists there is in the relationship of questioner to the truth of, shall we say, the hangman and the one to be hanged.

[Carla stops channeling and challenges what was just channeled.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. We thank this instrument. We are having some difficulty with this information. There is some interest in this particular session and we have good contact but it is to be noted that when the specificity of information is requested, especially more than once, there develops a kind of specious interest which attracts those who would mimic our thoughts long enough to detune the channel. If the one who is channeling continually accepts such assignments and within its own self continues to ask for this information we are then unable to continue holding to a truly protected channel. And the general course of such is that we lose that particular channel who has been turned to other uses by those who seek other than as we do; that is, those who are interested in service to self.

This is not particularly easy to understand. And we would be glad to work with these questions as long as necessary. However, we applaud this group’s awareness of this particular pitfall and we encourage this group to continue in its fidelity and its willingness to fail, if failure is the higher truth to witness to.

Are there any queries at this time?


I am Q’uo. To the one known as N may we say that the ones of Hatonn greet you. We thank our brother again for the purity of its interest and we hope we may aid. We have so enjoyed this quiet hour with each of you. May we bless each once more and thank each for the level of desire and purity of intent. We leave you only in voice, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.