The question this afternoon has to do with wanderers. What does Q’uo have to say to those who have discovered that they are wanderers to be of service to others and what would Q’uo have to say to those wanderers who have not discovered that they are wanderers?

(Carla channeling)

We are Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you for calling us to your circle of seeking. It is our great privilege to share our thoughts with you on the subject of wanderers. As we speak, please feel free to take those thoughts which appeal and leave others behind, for we are not without error and would not wish to be a stumbling block in your path.

We are aware that this instrument has been much concerned with this subject. We would express to this instrument that it would aid the contact were the instrument to completely release the fear of contributing too much to the channeling. This is not a problem from our point of view, and the releasing of worrying would relax the instrument and improve the contact. We also would say, before we continue with this subject, that the one known as Hatonn is with this group this particular day as there is a desire for this entity’s basic vibrations which will be imprinted upon the tape.

When the term “wanderer” is used the basic meaning of this word is that one is traveling without reference to a goal or destination. There is, implicit in this term, a feeling or emotional/mental mindset of aloneness, restlessness, shared solitude, and indifferent scenery. The winds blow cold and harshly for the wanderer. The sun beats down mercilessly for the wanderer. Few there are who use that term who feel that it is desirable to be a wandering spirit. All of the third-density instinct is towards putting down the roots, securing the home, and protecting the home and family. The wanderer is uprooted when gazed at in the cultural context that you enjoy upon your sphere. Therefore, it is natural that this term be chosen as descriptive of those who have come into the Earth’s sphere of influence and incarnated to become as one with all citizens of your Earth.

So, at the heart of being a wanderer is that feeling of dislocation, of being in the world but not of the world in which you find yourselves. Because this situation seems full of discomfort many who have wandered here are simply miserable without finding any comfort. To respond to that need for comforting some who have responded have leaned in their discussions heavily towards comforting wanderers by encouraging a sense of separation from native Earth humans. We do not encourage this line of thought because each wanderer, in coming into your Earth’s sphere of influence, took upon it the responsibility of citizenship of this Earth. As much as any other native inhabitant, wanderers will be expected to walk the steps of light when this incarnational experience is at an end, and, just as much as any native inhabitant of Earth, if the steps are walked to a point of comfort within third density the wanderer shall not return to its home vibratory nexus but, rather, shall continue in third density until graduation is achieved.

Therefore, we greatly encourage all wanderers to take up the burden of a dual existence, for that is precisely why you have put yourselves to this task. As difficult and disagreeable as it sometimes is to live with this double vibratory pattern, this difficulty is worthwhile and one hundred times worthwhile, for the basic vocation of every wanderer is to bear witness to the light and the love of the one infinite Creator. Therefore, the life may be seen to be full of everyday matters, yet offer ample time and space for the spiritual vocation to which wanderers have called themselves, that of bearing witness.

And how does a wanderer bear this witness? It might seem that witnesses are best when they are expressing by words that witness to which they hew, yet this actually is not so. Rather, wanderers may best bear witness by being most fully themselves, for it is the basic vibratory complex carried in the violet ray by each wanderer that is witness by its very essence. Therefore, the wanderer’s job in everyday affairs is to keep the channel of selfhood and essence clean, clear and pellucid. This is in many ways a passive spiritual vocation. It is easier to make the mistake of attempting to speak this witness and not being understood or of service than to refrain from some activity and, therefore, fail to bear witness.

The planetary consciousness is drinking in your essence. It is lightening the planetary vibration and is acting as an ameliorator of birth pangs within the planet itself and within the great congregation of entities which now approach your millennium. Inconvenient and difficult times beckon. Within these confusing times the silent witness of being shall more and more be needed as the planet reaches for a new point of balance.

We encourage each so to arrange the daily habits that the center of being is given respect and pride of place within the daily life. As always, we suggest a daily meditation, a turning in and out of season towards that infinity which is the inarticulated love of the one infinite Creator. The challenge for each wanderer is to be able to dwell in this particular illusion, to enter fully into the processes of becoming a transformation yet remain at the center of being, consciously turning again and again to love itself.

To those who feel somewhat dislocated and alienated by the outward environment but who have not yet decided for sure that they are wanderers we say to each that it is well to act as if you are a wanderer, for that which wanderers came here to do is that which all may help by attempting to do. For at heart, all are wanderers. We, as well as you. All have wandered from that inarticulated love which is the one infinite Creator. We have wandered through many, many creations and have experienced manifestation upon manifestation. Within each place we have found eventually the one infinite Creator, and as we have found the Creator we have felt that homecoming. Yet as soon as that is felt the new challenge arises, the new day dawns, a new lesson is to be learned, and once again the restless wandering begins within.

May each wanderer find comfort in the knowledge that it cannot help contributing positively to the planetary vibration. Even with what seems to be gross mismanagement of time and energy, yet still in that very basic alienated mindset there dwells that vibration which is fuller with light. This very alienation is simply a surface symptom of a deep and spiritual gift. Comfort yourself when the heart is heavy and the feelings bruised with the knowledge that you are being of service. You are doing that which you came to do. You may find ways to do it better, but you are not failing no matter what it seems like.

In the great circle of creation we salute each brave soul who has chosen this sacrificial honor. The one known as Brother Philip has said, “The crown shall weigh heavy upon the head, yet you shall wear it and you shall serve under it.” May this be most truly so for each.

We would, at this time, ask if there are any queries.


We thank you. The ones of Hatonn wished only to place the basic vibration upon the tape in order that comfort may be given to one who hears.

We once again thank each for gathering to seek within spirituality for that ultimate reality which beckons. How confusing it is to have chosen to become manifestations of love. At the point at which we all are it seems very strange that we as Creator chose to become co-creators, moving in and out of illusion after illusion. Yet that which is infinite calls for more and more and each carries that eternal stillness and the eternal free will within. The combination creates that which is just and right and good. Yes, you shall suffer, but this suffering is infinitely worthwhile.

We leave this instrument and this group in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai, vasu.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. This instrument wishes to challenge and not trust the vibration, so we must stop and challenge. We accept this instrument’s anal retentiveness, as she would say, understanding that she is in earnest in the attempt to receive only positive information. We, too, say of wanderers, “Go to it, and stop complaining.” You came to work, so work! Where is the joy unless you sink your teeth into the vibration of your Earth? Feel that strength within and stop namby-pambying. We exhort you—have fun!

We leave this instrument in the love and light of the Creator. We thank this instrument for allowing us to bare our barbaric “yawp.” We leave you in the love and light of the infinite One once again. I Yadda.