Group questions: Should we begin with all or one of the questions that we came up with at the end of the session yesterday? The feeling is to put all the questions on the screen and let Aaron and Q’uo speak to them as they will. M would like to hear from Q’uo about the quality of the harvest, what will happen then and what we can do to help to prepare for it, if anything. There is information about DNA/RNA changes that are occurring, and we would like to know if there is information on this topic that would be helpful to know. What is actually going on when a group such as ours gathers that is not visible, as interactions among and between everyone in the group? How do we use that energy when we go home to continue to grow and serve?

[This session was preceded by a period of tuning and meditation.]

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator.

Upon this morning dedicated by your peoples as a Sabbath, we embrace each in holy joy and thank you for calling us to you in these sessions. You have made it possible for us to offer the service that is ours to give. There is no greater help to us than that precious call for information. Without this we could not serve in the way we have chosen to offer service. It is only in the work of serving you that we may learn those lessons which are before us as a people at this time. Therefore, we most humbly thank each for the enormous service you have done for us.

As each relaxes about the circle, we ask each to pause and simply look within, asking to see in some symbolic, mental visualization your energy nexus. How do the harmonics, resonances and balances of this present moment compare with that system of energetic displacement with which you came to these sessions of working? We suspect that each may see the brightening, regularizing and balancing of energies far beyond the system of energy with which each entered this environment.

Each entity is as the radio. There is the ability to vibrate at various speeds and levels of rotation or vibration to send out to other receivers, and there is the receiver which may take in those vibrations sent by other senders. When a group such as this converges for a united desire, the energy available to each in the group skyrockets exponentially because each is as the flower turning to the sun. Each basks in the others’ radiant warmth. Now we realize this work is done for the most part without conscious intent; however, the conscious awareness of this process is not necessary in order that this adjustment process occur.

Now, to each entity there have come the new faces, the new personalities. There has been the opening to that first meeting of the mind and heart. In the natural way of third-density beings there has been the instinctual movement toward groupings, these groupings shifting and further harmonization taking place as each spirit deepens the lines of communication with the various other entities so that over the period of these few rich hours of companionship and heartfelt love, a community supporting each has evolved, complete with stories to tell of laughter and of tears. For wanderers, this gathering of like souls is especially poignant because of the extended spiritual families or clans which make up the chosen groupings of entities into community in higher densities. When each departs this crystallized, new entity of light, each may carry within the memory of the heart, this supporting and enabling group ethos or spirit.

You wish to know how to use this incalculable, priceless gift. Firstly, we ask each to gaze often into this memory, for there is comfort and validation in this group, each for the others. This simple remembering is potent and is one occasion which maximizes the development of faith; for each has the faith for the others, each falls down in faith when the gaze turns inward. Therefore, this community of seeking, devotion and faith that has been born here may withstand the plangent, painful doubts and fears that will come to each. Further, when this memory is seen as that crystallized gem of offered and accepted love which it is, that gem may be scried as the seer’s glass; and within its light the Creator itself lives, accessible in that intimate, personal way in which family members all have the same remembrance of loving parents, loving father, loving mother. So, each may see the memory both as invaluable in itself and as a clear glass in which each may become transparent to the one great original Thought, which is Love.

Now, each has its own network of friends who also walk upon a path of faith, attempting to live a life of devotion to the Creator. Thusly, each may link this group with others. In this way, that golden net of which we have spoken is more and more finished, the strands covering more and more of the globe’s inner spheres. This is a time of beginnings, the dawning of a new millennium. In this new day, your riches shall be each other. How much you have to give each other, my friends! Yourself, you cannot save; another must reach the hand. Yet, what you are not able to do for yourself, trust and know that you—imperfect, broken and sorrowing—yes, you, just you, only you, can do great service for others. Just, merely, only you, as you are, are of infinite, infinite value to each other. This is the way of salvation for all peoples: love reflected in love until your entire environment moves as though to one great music, even the flowers and trees swaying to that dawning, enhanced consciousness which is coming gradually even now to each questing spirit.

We would at this time, turn the microphone to our beloved brother, the one known as Aaron. We are those of Q’uo.

My greetings and love to you all. I am Aaron. My beloved brother/sister of Q’uo has spoken of the ways you may draw your energy together to deepen love and faith as you reside within this illusion. That foundation of love becomes a strong source to draw upon as you work with the sufferings of the third-density experience.

I wish to speak to these sufferings a bit more specifically, especially as they occur for wanderers. Each of you is unique. I do not wish to categorize you and in that way minimalize your pain. What I describe here, then, is a map, and you will need to fill in the details yourselves; but I offer the map as guidance through your confusion.

I see three basic areas where wanderers find themselves struggling. The first is the physical distortion. When you enter a density which is disharmonious to your own frequency vibration, it is not only discordant with the physical body’s frequency vibration, but often has the illusion of discordancy with the emotional and mental bodies’ frequency vibrations. Each of your four bodies has its own specific frequency vibration. You can retune, but must also acknowledge the heavier vibrations of the physical and emotional bodies and not try to force a higher resonance before the human is ready.

The second area of distortion comes here. Rather than trust your situation, you may use grasping and force of judgment to attempt to penetrate the veil. The third area of your discomfort lies just on the other side of that veil: “Home; I want to go home.” You cannot say it more simply or poignantly than that. Let us speak to these three areas and begin to look at how the discomfort itself may become tool for learning and enrich your readiness to serve on this spaceship we call Earth.

I said that each of these bodies resonates to its own frequency vibration. When you strum one string of a stringed instrument, sometimes the nearby strings will vibrate as well. While each has its own vibrational frequency, the harmonics involved set up accompanying patterns of vibration. Many wanderers come into the incarnation out of tune with the vibrational frequency of third-density earth. The feeling is as if you were a giant violin string wanting to sing out your music to the world, but every time the string that you are begins to vibrate, something clamps down on it, preventing the fullness of that vibration. The more you fight against that which stills your string, the greater the illusion of discordancy. The hand that touches the string and string itself can come into harmonious interaction. The earth plane and the physical vibrational frequency of the wanderer can come into greater harmony when one relaxes into the environment in which you’ve incarnated.

It is common for wanderers to suffer from allergies/asthma, reacting to both the natural substances of the earth and the distortions of those substances. I do not suggest that such allergic reactions are mental. Certainly, it is the physical body that is finding disharmony; but part of the disharmony comes from your fight with the incarnation.

I want to go into some specific detail here. There is not specific vocabulary to discuss this. Let us use metaphor. I return to that example I gave yesterday. We have the perfect light, the perfect light body template, shining down on a white sheet of paper, which is the physical body. Let us adapt a term that we will call sub light body. This is not sub “dash” light but sub light body, slightly lower than the light body. Let us envision here a piece of perfect cellophane. The light that shines through onto the paper of the physical body is perfect. When you wrinkle the cellophane and unfold it, the reflection of those wrinkles shows up on the piece of paper. When you identify with the wrinkles and start to believe they are real on the piece of paper, you act in certain ways as if they were real. When you remember that the perfect, unwrinkled sheet lies within the wrinkled sheet, your attitude toward the reflected wrinkles on the lower page, which represents physical body, will change. You look at the wrinkle and you say, “It’s there, or appears to be, but I don’t have to act as if it’s real.” When you can dwell more fully in the ultimate reality, what happens is that your energy field does not contract around each wrinkle. There is spaciousness around what has arisen.

Let us bring this picture back to the situation of the wanderer with physical-body discordancy on the earth plane. The light body template is always perfect and in full harmony with all that is. Here sitting in this room is the ever-perfect physical body which carries an experience of distortion. Focus on that pain or discordance, seeing it literally as a reflection of a wrinkle in that sheet of paper: the painful back, the stomach problem, allergies, whatever it may be. I am not suggesting that it is not real within the relative reality in which you dwell. If your stomach or back hurts, your stomach or back hurts. If there is allergy and watering of the eyes, that is happening; you are experiencing it. But it is not the only reality. A higher reality is the innate perfection which is also there.

We move into the same two steps I discussed yesterday, acknowledging the real, uncomfortable experience and finding openheartedness for the discomfort, that there is no longer such strong aversion, no longer such fear of it. The pain and/or aversion themselves are part of all that is. Do not create a duality here.

The second part is to move back into this perfect light body template. Instead of allowing the physical body to reflect the discordancy which mental and emotional bodies have created, and in which you have pain, come back to your perfection and rest in it. In a sense it is a kind of wordless affirmation. You are not denying the relative plane of reality, but choosing to more fully ground yourself in the ultimate reality of who you are.

No, you will not wipe away all your physical ills with this practice. They are gifts of the incarnation. Through your own pain on the earth plane, you learn a deep sensitivity and compassion for the pain of all who suffer. You are meant to fully experience this as third-density human. So this practice is not going to get rid of all physical distortion, but it will considerably lessen the intensity with which you experience it. All you need to do is to sit for a few minutes in meditation when this physical distortion feels strong, send deep compassion to the human which is suffering its stuffed nose or back pain, and then allow yourself to connect to the light body template and relax into the perfection of your being. Remember, the light body template is not disharmonious to this density. You create the body disharmony through the contractions which arise out of your struggle with the heavy density experience. When you relax and rest in the spaciousness of the ultimate, the disharmony resolves.

Work with the emotional and mental bodies is much the same. I will not repeat the details of the practice. When I look at you I see light literally streaming down from this light body template, light that surrounds you not just as your aura but as the entire energy expression. The silver cord is a metaphor for what I see. Of course, it is not a silver cord in ultimate reality, but there is this seeming silver cord that connects through all the energy chakras of the physical body up through the sub light body and into the light body, and through that perfect light body into that which is the source of the light body. Here is that child’s sun and triangular sunbeam of which I spoke yesterday. The energy comes from the sun through the sunbeam, through the reflection of the sunbeam, which we called the sub light body, and down into the physical body. The energy field radiates out, not just from the light body and physical body but from this whole connected cord.

When your energy is open and relaxed there is no hard edge to it. Picture it as billions of dancing molecules of light, denser toward the cord of the physical structure, more disbursed as it moves out. The energy of that which you contact moves in because there is no skin, no edge. When you freeze up inside, as wanderers especially are prone to do, this has a different vibrational frequency and it is going to hurt. You put a shell or hard edge around your being and move into an illusion of separation. But my dear ones, how can you help but smack into the various illusions of this plane when you create a hard edge against which they will smack? We keep letting go of that edge, then. First, you must see that you’ve built it. Each time you feel the edges, you ask yourself to let them down. Then you will no longer feel the physical, emotional and mental densities of the earth as a hand clamping down over your string that wants to vibrate. You will begin to experience them as sister strings; perhaps no longer a violin, but a base and a cello. But you can begin to vibrate in harmony with them. First, you must allow them in.

Finally, we come to the deepest pain of many wanderers: “I want to go home. I feel so alone, so isolated, so abandoned. I want to go home.” I said yesterday—Friday, pardon—that all wanderers, 98.6% of you, come equally to serve and to learn. We cannot specify and say this and that and that are what each wants to learn. You are each unique; however, a common chord in your learning relates to that of which I spoke yesterday. I called it old-soul syndrome. It is not something that applies only to wanderers; but because wanderers generally are old souls, we find that it does apply very deeply to most wanderers: “God seems to be out there and it is perfect. I am here, separate from that divine energy and I am imperfect. I can’t go home until I become perfect.” That is the misunderstanding. You strive to become perfect instead of simply looking deeper into yourself and understanding that you are and always have been perfect. What you seek is not out there, it is right here in your own heart. The Divine is no place else … please correct that … the Divine is every place, but needs to be sought no place else than right here. This is the greatest misunderstanding and threshold to the greatest gift this incarnation can offer you: to begin to know your own divinity.

If you were already perfect you would not need to be here in relative terms. The relative human is never going to be perfect. The light body template of which you are a seemingly imperfect reflection is and always has been perfect. That light body template is none other than a projection of the Divine, in which sunbeams beam back into the sun. There is nothing there that is not of the same nature as the sun.

You are trapped in the illusion of the wrinkles. That is not a problem. It is your catalyst for remembering your divinity. Allow it to teach you. When you finally understand who you are, you understand that you have always been home. How could you leave that which fills you always? How could you have ever been separate from that? What a joyful moment it is when you understand what you truly are. The healing of that delusion of separation and flaw fulfills the learning for which you came into form and frees you to offer your energy with a greater focus and greater clarity to the service that you came to perform.

I pass the microphone at this time on to my brother/sister Q’uo, with much joy in this sharing and the way we may elaborate on each other’s thoughts. That is all.

We are Q’uo. My brothers and sisters of sorrow, long ago as you measure time, we and others came among you. When we left, we had salted the way within your planet’s inner worlds the fair fruit of our peoples, those who loved so deeply and heard the cries of Earth so clearly that they were willing to sacrifice present pleasantness for the difficult and painful, challenging and worthwhile mission, if you will, of sowing within your peoples’ awareness those seeds of harmonic understanding or awareness that might hopefully assist those of your sphere and the sphere itself, your beloved planet Earth, to weather the crossing of that channel of birth that looked as though it would be a difficult earth. Now the time ripens, the fields of the Earth’s spirits are white with harvest. Now the harvest of Earth begins.

Wanderers, sorrow’s own folk, you have come here to serve. We call you all to service now. Take up your crown of thorns. Lift the burden of your humanity and walk forth unafraid. We encourage each to trust destiny. Your basic vocation is devotion. Work with your moments of conscious awareness in your own way, at your own speed, taking rest and comfort as you need that refreshment. Allow each morning’s light to form within you its own agenda for your day and your night; and study patience, for in addition to this great central vocation that even now regularizes your planet and its steadying light, you will come into, grow into those apparent and overt services that have been prepared for you.

To many, the service of devotion is the complete service required. If this is occurring within your life, come to an informed understanding of the value of being, for it is because your ground of being is remarkable that this lonely job of keeping the lighthouse burning has been given you. Tend, then, to this light within, hollowing the self through anguish, pain and initiation until you are transparent to the light. This may be your destiny: to act as radiator and regulator of the light of planet Earth. To others shall come ministries, as this instrument would call them. Those who begin to develop as channels of some form of healing, move along the path of your gifts. Look always to the true shape of the gifts within.

Perhaps, in addition to being the light that shines upon the hill, you may also have what the world and the illusion know as vocations. Entities such as this instrument, the one known as Jim and the one known as Barbara have developed such vocations; and there seems, perhaps, a glamour or desirable charisma emanating from these services. Yet in truth, these entities are but channels. The glamour, the charisma, exists within the channel, the space which these entities have created by their faith. When such an opportunity arrives for you, you may embrace it, being completely unworthy in your own eyes; for in such service the actual job requirement is willingness to sit with that light that has been given, reaching not, striving never, but ready to accept the souls given into their care. Never accept the opinion of others when praise is given, but always know and offer credit to that which has flowed through your channel. This is so difficult: to remain open and accepting when it appears that you are successful in helping. What a difficult trap to avoid, yet each shall keep the other’s balance through communication and mutual support. Each may encourage each to true humility, true servanthood.

You have sacrificed much for this opportunity to serve. Take, seize, grasp this opportunity, not to rush forward with it but to sit embracing it, asking it: “Change me as I must alter to do the will of the infinite One. Humble me; comfort me; give me companions along my way. Give me persistence, stubbornness and courage. Let me love insult and misunderstanding. Let me embrace criticism and shame. Let me become empty.” These are the prayers of the brothers and sisters of sorrow. These are prayers of tears and joy beyond all knowing.

We would at this time transfer the microphone to the one known as Aaron. We are Q’uo.

I am Aaron. I want to speak to this term harvest and what it means. This is a word that is often used. Perhaps you flinch at the term and your energy quails because the word implies force to you, that someone goes out into a field and harvests the grain and fruit to take it for its own, as if the grain or fruit were being used or manipulated. Think of the small energy that moved into that stalk of wheat, into that apple or bean. When energy moves into that which is used on this plane as food for others, its greatest will, at whatever level it is conscious, is to learn how to offer its energy to others and become part of the greatness which is universal consciousness. When you pick an apple from a tree and express gratitude for the nourishment and sweetness of that fruit, that honors the apple’s greatest joy: to serve. Its free will is not being violated by being plucked to be eaten. If it did not want to be eaten it would have invented blemishes of one sort or another that would make it unappealing. The richer it appears, the more vibrant its energy field, the more it wishes to offer itself and make itself attractive.

Just so, the evolving human that has become ready to move beyond this density becomes vibrant in its desire to be a tool of the Divine. It becomes radiant in its selflessness. Its greatest wish is to be of service and, as my brother/sister Q’uo just said, to allow its will to be offered to the greater will of the Infinite: “Not my will, but thine be done 1; not for my glory, but for thine. It only comes through me. I am simply a channel.”

Think you of this. Barbara, here, is a channel. She channels this energy that you have come to know as Aaron. Do you not think that I am also a channel? What I offer you does not originate with me. I offer you divine wisdom and tell you nothing that you do not already know in the depths of your own divine wisdom. I am a channel. I am empty. When you come to this, what Q’uo has referred to as harvest, it is not that your being is snatched up with no accord to your own will, but that the greatest gift that you can offer is to allow your energy and light to evolve to the point that you are ready to move beyond the limits that you’ve previously believed, to be “harvested” into the next step of your evolution.

It may help you to think of it with this image. Within each being is an intense light, unlimited in its power. Around each being are many layers of shielding, like an onion; but place that intense light in the center of the onion. With each giving up of fear, with each bit of clarity of the truth of that inner light, layers of the so-called onion fall away; you become translucent. At a certain point you emit so much light that you are ready for the so-called harvest, to move into another plane where further layers may fall away. With higher densities, more and more layers of shielding and separation fall away until finally that brilliant and intense inner core is exposed and offered into the service of the Infinite, of God.

What is this harvest about on the earth plane? I spoke yesterday of the move of Earth from third to fourth density. In fourth density you are part of an energy group, not forced into that and not fixed in your placement, but desirous of that deepening contact. In a sense, the connection between you this weekend is rehearsal for fourth density. When you let your barriers down and allow yourself to be both more telepathic with each other and very open in your energy fields, with thinned shielding, you are practicing for fourth-density experience. The illusions of separation will fall away.

Fourth-density Earth may appear not much different in some outward aspects. There will be seas and mountains and forests. Yet, there will be a new understanding of the deepest interconnection of all that is, both upon the Earth and outward from the Earth. You will be co-creators with the soil in the creation of your crops. If you choose to eat solid food rather than to dwell simply on the light and energy, that which you eat will be thanked graciously; and as Q’uo thanked you for the opportunity you give him to serve, your food will thank you for its opportunity to serve by nourishing your body. You will understand your codependence on others in a positive sense. You will not be ashamed of that which arises in you. Since there will be no shame over the arisings of the emotional body nor any need to fling those emotions on others, you will deeply share your joys and sorrows much as fourth-density energy does now. Fourth-density energy now is fully telepathic within its group. The learning of compassion is so profound because you fully experience the unshielded emotions of another: its pains, its sorrows, its joys. You no longer are limited to learning from your own experience but become able to learn from everyone’s experience; and because you no longer guard your own experience out of shame, you offer it to others for a source for their learning. This is what Earth is in process of becoming.

People ask me: “Is this really going to happen? What about the arising negativity I see on the earth plane?” My dear ones, if you fear and hate that negativity, you simply add to it, and it will become the source of your own stagnation. This is much as a child learns lessons in school and asks, “Am I ready to go on?” If he or she does not study for an examination and does not pass the test, he may not go on. The focus is not on progression but on understanding. The work must be reviewed until it is understood. There is no time pressure. If you continue to return fear to fear and hatred to hatred, you have not understood and the work will be repeated until it is understood. The Earth will continue to offer you catalyst. When enough of you understand the lessons and can return kindness and love to fear, can allow fear to become a catalyst for compassion rather than hate, then you will be ready to shed the illusion and move into fourth density.

Many of you will continue on fourth-density Earth. Others will move back to non-material planes from which you came and find whatever other ways you may choose to serve and to learn. The radiant fruit that you have become will find its next place in the universe, its next place to serve, to grow and to love. I would like here to pass the microphone back to Q’uo. That is all.

We are Q’uo. The time has come for us to bid each dear spirit here farewell. We cannot express our humble thanks sufficiently for calling us to you to share our opinion with you. Our most deep wisdom, my friends, remains: Love the Creator; know that the Creator loves you and brought you into being to delight itself; dance as the child of the stars that you are and always know that the key is to love one another, to share each other’s joy, to bear each other’s burden of sorrow, to bring each other home. We of Q’uo leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Mystery which created all that there is in unity and harmony. Adonai. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.

I am Aaron. I would like to close by teaching you a very simple meditation practice, drawn from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, which may be used to open up your own hearts and to more deeply offer your energy and service to another. It has two parts. I am going to teach them to you one at a time and then we’ll put it together.

Feel yourselves seated in a cylinder of light. Breathe in, feeling that light enter through the crown chakra and coming down to the heart center. As you breathe out, feel that light stabilizing within you, filling you. Breathe in, visualizing some person or place of suffering. It may be used with a friend, or perhaps when you are watching your television and see the victims of war or famine. It is best to hold one image in your mind here and not to scatter your energy. So you have breathed in that light, breathed out and let it fill you, especially moving into the heart center, breathed in and visualized suffering. Breathing out, allow that light to move out, directed to that place of suffering. That is part one. Let us practice it several times. Breathing in the light … exhale, feeling the light expand within you … breathe in, visualizing the person or place of suffering … breathe out, sending that light out to suffering … breath in light … exhale, expand the light … inhale, visualizing the suffering … exhale, sending the light out … inhale light … exhale … inhale … send the light out.

Now we add the second part. After you’ve sent that light out to the one who is suffering, visualize that suffering as a heavy, black, tar-like mass. Breathe in, allowing yourself to breathe that heaviness into your heart. Breathe in … exhale, feeling the weight of it … breathe in, opening your heart and awareness to God … breathe out, releasing that heaviness … just let it go … breathe in light … exhale, expanding light … inhale, visualizing the suffering … exhale, sending the light to that place of suffering. Visualizing that suffering as a heavy, black mass … breathing, feeling the weight of suffering in your heart … breathe in intention to release … breathe out and release. That is it. I ask that we do it for two or three minutes. I ask that you do it at your own pace.


This practice may be done at double the speed, simply breathing in light with the inhalation, sending it out, breathing in the suffering and darkness with the next inhalation and releasing it; or it may be done at half the speed with a full inhale and exhale for each step. Suit the speed to your own temperament. It may also be done with yourself as subject and object when you are in much pain. You may become a channel of light, bringing light into your heart, and a channel of release of your suffering, reminding yourself through the offer to take that suffering from yourself and release it. It is a way of expressing your energy, of truly becoming that servant of light; and expressing your willingness not to hold onto that light in service to self but to offer it out to where there is pain; and your willingness not to bar yourself and separate yourself from pain but to be a channel through which that suffering of the world may be released.

I thank each of you for calling us to speak with you this weekend. I thank each of you for the beautiful being that you are. Each of you I see as a rose opening into the sunshine, with each new day or each new incarnation of your being more fully expressing your glory. Please know how deeply you are loved by beings of all planes and that you are never alone, but are surrounded by loving energy which would assist and nourish you on your path. That is all.

I want every single one of you to know how privileged we are to have had you this weekend. It is such a blessing to us that you are here. This is what we are here for and it really feels wonderful. If there are times in the future when you need to come back, don’t think twice, just give us a call to let us know you’re coming. We know you will bring your healing with you when you come; and we are always here to welcome you and answer any questions we can about the mechanics of living, while you have the healing that you came to have. We hope you shall keep in touch with us, whatever happens to you, because we love every one of you very much. Thanks for your company. It’s wonderful to suffer with such great people. Perhaps Barbara would like to say a word or two.

Just, thank you.

I don’t know how my, and I’m sure shared by others, sense of gratitude can be expressed to Carla, you and Jim, and Barbara for coming as well, but thank you for holding this space and time apart that we might come and sit together with you and listen and be filled. Thank you so much.


“Love one another, love one another, as I love you. Care for each other, care for each other, as I care for you. And bear each other’s burden and share each other’s joy. Love one another, love one another and bring each other home.”

  1. Holy Bible, Luke 22:42.