Group question: We’re going to take pot luck this afternoon. We have no particular question. We’ll see what Q’uo has to say from what all the information was that we had to offer beforehand.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. Greetings to each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is, as always, a great blessing to be called to this circle of seeking. We bless and thank each who has so desired to seek the truth that this circle has been formed. We especially greet and bless the one known as D, who is new to this particular group. It is a privilege and a pleasure for us to offer our opinions and thoughts. We ask that each seeker evaluate these thoughts for himself, for many are the personal truths within each entity, and that which does not ring true to an individual may easily be left behind. We are not authorities and we are fallible. Therefore, we call each to discriminate for the self.

We are those which have been known to your people as the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator. Our desire and purpose for being within your planes is communication, for there is, shall we say, a great call upon your planet at this time for truth. More and more of your planet’s peoples are crying out within, seeking a truth that they cannot find, for all the places which are traditionally considered as sources for spiritual food have, in one way or another, been spoiled and made unpleasant as paths of seeking, and consequently the seeker must seek without the structure created by another and must instead create that structure within which the seeker feels best positioned to accelerate the pace of his own spiritual evolution.

What we have to offer such seekers is at base, as this instrument said earlier, a very, very simple truth. It is in that truth that we greet you, and in that same truth that we leave you each time we visit with your sessions of working. This thought that we bring is a living, creative and vital force which also encompasses the powers of darkness and death. This force, this one great original Thought, this Logos, is Love. Your word “love” does not in any way fulfill a satisfactory position as a symbol for that which we speak of. However, love is the closest which your language has to describe the nature of the Creator. This Love, this Logos, is that which has created all that is.

In untold amounts of what you call time, each of you has gradually developed as a consciousness, and all that has come before has fallen in such a way that you are experiencing the dance of living, the incarnational experience, together at this precise time and place. Each has walked a crooked path to be in this circle this day. The seeking has largely been isolating, lonely, alienating and difficult. Yet within each seeker’s breast, we are quite aware, the hardships have not been counted. The suffering has been accepted, either gladly or with complete resignation.

From this circle each shall again move into what seems to be the ocean without direction. Love creates, love is, and each is that love. Yet, you are that love clothed in flesh. Your heavy, chemical, physical vehicle ensheaths that which is light, created of love in such a way that you may walk about within the illusion that is your third density. You gaze about at your second-density friends—the trees, the birds, the grass—and you can see in these simple things clear and lucid examples of love. The trees offer to the seeker the oxygen which aids that seeker. The seeker itself is offering carbon dioxide to the trees, a food they need to eat. All within this second density tends toward the perfect order. Not that it is neat or tidy, but that it is in balance.

Now, you exist within the sheathing of your physical body, a flower opening toward the sun. You came into incarnation from the seed and as you blossom, so shall you surely perish from this illusion. And that which was earth shall again become earth. Yet the spirit within flies free, both within incarnation and on each side of that parentheses in eternity which is your lifetime.

And if you are creatures of love and light, then what shall you do to fulfill the truth of your being? This instrument has worked for the last several of your years to bring itself into the physical condition necessary that it may do physical work within this incarnation. The hunger within, that desire which controls, was that which it was taught, that which the culture teaches: to become worthy is to work. Many among your peoples are moved into the situation of labor not simply for that which is salary, but also to fulfill the desire to seem to be worthy, busy and productive. We have been glad to see this instrument moving towards a more natural attitude towards right vocation.

Each within this circle searches for that right vocation, but we say to you, and we know this is not at all original, that the first vocation of each of you, by your very nature, is the vocation of living a life of devotion and faith. In this way, the deepest portion of your true nature is also the basic portion of the outer experience. When this attitude of mind, this bias or prejudice, shall we say, is realized within as a true desire, that which is within you of love has, for the first time, a voice. That voice is a voice which speaks in silence.

Consequently, we encourage each seeker to devise for itself that ritual or period of time which feels most appropriate to each individual seeker for a spiritual practice. We always encourage each to include in that practice a period of silent meditation. If this can be done daily, we encourage each to make that commitment, and turn each diurnal period to that silence within, for within the heart of self, within that vast creation which lies within your consciousness, there is a holy of holies, and within that room waits the Creator. The door is guarded and locked against intruders, and yes, you yourself are an intruder to yourself if you attempt to storm that door, to wring something out of truth. The key to that door is silent meditation. It may take five minutes, it may take years. However, there comes the time when the seeker knows that the door has been opened, for within that entity the incarnational experience becomes transformed.

Within this transformation lies a tremendous degree of surrender, and because this surrendering feels like dying, the path of the seeker is often perceived by the self as difficult, painful and awkward. However, we encourage each to consider that there is a natural tendency to resist change. Within each cell of the body and brain there is a tendency towards holding on to the status quo. The spiritually directed life lacks not in joy, however, it does increase suffering as it increases the rate of change within the entity.

Consequently, we ask each who wishes to know the truth, wishes to find true vocation, wishes to truly serve, to gaze unblinking at the cost of walking this dusty seeker’s path, for it shall cost all that you are and all that you have to become that truth which you are seeking. We say to you that as far as we know you cannot know the truth; you can only become true.

As each hews as best as he can to the seeking of that one great original Thought, we ask each to realize that each may teach each, each may support and encourage each other. Truly, the seeker’s path is lonely. The hard choices made must be made alone. Yet, how much empowering strength does the fellow traveler give the weary pilgrim?

You each have chosen to be seeking within this incarnation. A destiny awaits you. Your choice of how to fulfill it is always your own, and upon that fathomless, directionless sea of consciousness there remains much confusion. Yet, the love within others shines to light your way, and the light which moves through you from the infinite One is a lighthouse to others. Your being, your essential self, is your main service to the one Creator and to all of those upon your planet.

As you enter this silence again and again, as you seek and seek again, you hollow out within yourself an ever smoother channel for light, for love, for the Creator, so that what is seen is not you but the Creator which shines through, and when those moments occur in which the self realizes that it has been that lighthouse, then indeed does that entity finally feel the joy of right vocation.

You dwell in a sea of confusion, whose chief characteristics are distraction and sorrow. Yet overarching all the tawdry precincts of your Earth world lie shining—we find we do not have this word within this instrument’s vocabulary, so we shall remake our sentence. This instrument is thanking us for doing that. Know that that which overarches your world is more deeply true than that illusion which you now perceive with your senses. We would indeed liken the truth which overarches and surrounds your illusion to that program within a computer which controls programs which are subprograms to it.

There is within the deep mind of each of you an archetypical self which often is objectified by your people as the Holy Spirit, or the guide, or the inner teacher. There are many names for this source of wisdom and compassion. When a seeker is able to access this program, then it may do much good work in reordering the priorities with which sense impressions are received. So when there is that time in which the seeker enters meditation and listens to that silent voice within, much is occurring which acts as does yeast within the life experience. Small though that yeast may be within, shall we say, the loaf of life, yet it does create a complete transformation of the dough, and you too are made of a malleable material, which can indeed become [instinct] and honeycombed with life and light.

At this time, having given all of these thoughts to you, we shall transfer to the instrument known as Jim, to continue this contact. We are those of Q’uo, and leave this instrument in love and in light.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time we would ask if there might be any further queries which those present may have for us. Is there a query at this time?

How does a human break through the wall of fear that we all have in order to do new things? The wall of fear which demands security, false security, since human life is so fragile anyway?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that much of the existence which your peoples experience, especially at this time in your cultural evolution, is filled with fear of one kind or another. This fear, as you have described it, is that which keeps the mind and the spirit confined in smaller quarters than are normal to these complexes when they are fully functioning. The fear that each entity feels within the life pattern may be likened unto the weight that one who builds the muscles of the physical vehicle would lift in order to strengthen those muscles. One may see this fear as a kind of barrier that increases the value of free choice and action as it is attempted by those who choose to either ignore the fear and go forward, or to accept the fear and to work with it nevertheless.

It is a basic human quality that is derived from the fight or flight mechanism, as we observe your peoples to have called it, and it has its effect in each entity’s life, for there is much of your existence that is comprised of building a safe surrounding in which one may move quietly, without the bother of fear. To break forth into that which lies beyond the safe environment is the challenge of each entity in each daily round of activities. However, we find there are many who choose not to accept such a challenge, and choose rather to remain within the safe confines so constructed for the safety.

This is acceptable to each entity insofar as this is necessary for a certain portion of time, until what we may call a ripening within the entity occurs. This ripening may have as its potentier—we correct this instrument—may have as its potentiator any of a number of sources, be they curiosity, boredom, fearlessness, the desire for more or whatever may be the stimulus that provokes or pushes the entity forward. We observe that this quality of breaking forth is that which must come from within each entity’s existence, though it may be in some cases inspired by another. Yet each must for the self decide to take a chance to surrender the description of the safe environment, to surrender the self to the unknown, to give of the self to a higher principle that will offer an avenue of expansion of that concept of the self which one has held dearly for so long.

This decision, this movement towards breaking the boundaries of fear, is that necessary ingredient that will allow the doughty seeker to go forth regardless of fears, in spite of that which has held one in place for as long as one has been held. Thus, it is a decision made by the entity itself to try that which has not been tried and to venture forth, to accept whatever comes, to see that the environment is that which responds to fearlessness, shall we say. That as one does go forth, there is a kind of momentum of exploration that tends to align the experiences awaiting one in such a fashion as to offer to the seeker those treasures and fruits of the journey as one can only begin to imagine before the making the first step. Thus, there must be a willingness to be foolish, shall we say, a willingness to surrender, and a certain spark of adventure that takes one out of one’s ordinary self.

The timing for such experience is that which is the mystery of being for each, for one cannot push forever against the river. One cannot speed the process for another or for the self. One can only intend, and attempt, and try, and go forth with as much faith in the process and in the self as possible. And add to the faith the will to persevere against the disturbances and distractions that hinder such efforts.

Is there a further query, my brother?


I am Q’uo. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, I have a question. Would you please comment on the use of sexual energy for a spiritual seeker, by oneself or with a partner?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We must preface our response with the notation that this is a large field of inquiry, and we can only make the barest beginning for an answer at this time. However, we may suggest that the sexual energy exchanges between the mated pair are one of the most powerful means of advancing the spiritual journey that is known to your peoples, for as each seeker is able to clear each ascending center or chakra of energy, there is therein released the energy that has been holding the consciousness in a certain place, and this freed energy then can allow each seeker to move the level and quality of perceptions higher and higher within the centers of energy until each is able, either individually or together, to move into the brow center, the indigo ray as we have heard it described by this group, and is able to experience the one Creator in full and without distortion.

This holy experience has been called by many names in various of your peoples’ cultures: the enlightenment experience, the samadhi, the [akensho], the nirvana, etc. The overall effect of the sexual energy transfers is to so align the energy centers of each entity as to create an harmonic resonance between them that serves as a kind of generator of energy that pulses one forward so that the physical orgasm that is experienced then releases the mental orgasm, which then frees the spirit to serve as a shuttle and a connector to the experience of the one Creator.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

[Tape ends.]