The question today has to do with the concept of, “Not my will, but Thy will,” and when we are able to realize that this is the way we wish to behave and to live, what else can we do intellectually to assist bringing forth “Thy will” into our lives? How can we know “Thy will” and get out of the state of confusion in which we most often find ourselves, having given up our will and yet no particular direction shows itself to us? Is there anything that Q’uo could recommend to us that might strengthen our faith and our will?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are always pleased to be called to your group, and this session is no exception. We thank and bless each of you for turning once again to that interest that we have very much in common, that consciousness that lies between us, linking us and all that there is into one vast being, one consciousness, one basic core vibration. This is the mystery that drives us ever onward, seeking always that which lies beneath illusion.

We have found many illusions, and we are aware that you also have your experiences within the illusion of your Earth life. We are glad to speak to you of that issue of confusion and decision, for, indeed, there is an art and an appropriateness that one can only sense, one can only record finding. It cannot be created by will. It cannot be created to a time frame or a schedule. Indeed, in issues of will, this is subtle work. When one perceives working upon one’s own consciousness it is easy and tempting to stay within the confines of that particular issue, that particular concern. When you as a human being in your illusion decide to make the purchase of the choice of everyday things, there is usually a very superficial level of will involved. Many, many things simply need to be done. However, what you ask about this day is that way of knowing when the will of the infinite Creator has been expressed to one. There is, indeed, the rub, as Shakespeare would say. There is the difficulty, for one can make decisions using logic, using the will, using each and every aspect at the command of mind. And that decision has no promise of being the will of the Creator in any way of knowing that can leave one at peace.

Intellectual questioning into the issue of, “Is this Thy will or mine?” almost always involves one in a tautological circle, like the dragon eating its tail. It is forever eating and forever unfinished. However, now that we have taken away the habitual and normal use of mind, what have we left for you to work with in this particular kind of larger decision? We have left your consciousness. Let us look at that which remains when logic and mind and intellect are, if not removed entirely, certainly placed in a less conspicuous and influential position in respect to decision-making. We have an entity whose resources are infinite, whose citizenry is of the universe, who does not belong in space and time. We have a stranger in a strange land. Indeed, were we to pull back to see where the self is in self, we would find each of you and all of your affections in the illusion that you now enjoy to be but the merest shell, your personality shell, that expresses perhaps one or two percent of the total beingness and experience which you possess within the deeper reaches of the roots of mind.

Having taken the conscious mind out of the consideration we now chose to use the unconscious portion of mind, for within it lie the resources needed to sort out issues of will and faith. Whatever your energy level within the illusion, resting back in the divine, letting the self be, evokes a contentment that does not reach nor does it shun those things which are about one. This is the self that is often accessed by meditation. One of the benefits of meditation, indeed, is that the door betwixt the conscious intellectual mind and the subconscious in the roots of mind is, if not wide open, at least ajar. Time spent in the silence is time spent listening to the voice with no sound that indeed does carry the messages of faith and choice, but not to a schedule. And this is where the entity within your illusion, feeling confused, loses that quality that so well supports the spiritual seeker. That quality is patience.

Patience is a powerful spiritual quality. The one known as Jim spoke earlier of persevering no matter what. This is another way of stating the same sentiment. If one can become patient and willing to wait whatever time it seems to take, one then is prepared for messages that do come from the unconscious self. This instrument has seen a popular cliché on refrigerator magnets that reads something like, “Lord give me patience and give it to me right now.” And that is where the third-density illusion comes in and kidnaps the spirit who is not completely staid upon patience. To be content to wait is an attitude that will always prove the best resource possible for the spiritual seeker. For the person who does not mind waiting no matter how long it takes, results can often come quickly. When the entity moves at all from the attitude of “waiting is” and “waiting is good” then comes in the desire. It is not [that] the desire is wicked or wrong. The universe moves upon desire. It is that beyond a certain point the seeker cannot know himself. There is just so much inner work an entity may do, and that work is more deleting confusion from the way the mind works than it is adding information to the mind. You are in the situation of having a wealth of knowledge that purports to be about the spiritual but having almost no assets concerning and dealing with that which lies beyond the words.

It is a frightening and seeming illogical choice to move beyond logic and trains of thought. There is no victory promised the seeker who chooses to wait. Entities persistent enough to wait a long time have spent incarnations waiting when there was a need to express this quality in order to balance the personality shell. And yet there is no glamour or reward to the practice of waiting, to the practice of patience. Yet that willingness, that abandoning self can and will communicate at the appropriate and rhythmically right time. You see, you experience life within the illusion as if you were walking down a road or moving down a river. There is motion involved from yesterday to tomorrow, from Louisville to Chicago. There is space and time and someone occupying both. In reality this is an illusion within an illusion within an illusion. That which seems so full of self is only the paltriest shell of personality from that powerful Self that you are in totality. Time and space actually do not exist, and there is no possibility of making a wrong choice, for all has already occurred, and all is perfect.

For those who are not able to have hearts to understand, this entire concept makes no sense, and we accept that. We do not attempt to make sense but rather to share our observations of how things work. What you are attempting to do is in reality not to make the choice but to be the person who puts the self to the choice with the most desire, the most polarity of desire. Both of these are important. The most desire. To hone the desire is so important. To move within those well-worn words, “Not my will, but Thine,” not once, not twice, not a hundred times, but with every breath. This is the goal: to consume the self in the divine. To so empty the self that the divine makes its own colors moving through you so that you have only to say, “Oh see, I should do this now. Here this is.” There is a level upon which this is possible for each entity within the illusion, yet this soft spot is surrounded by hard rocks on every side. For truly it is difficult to let go.

Perhaps one suggestion that we could make to one who feels decisions must be made to a schedule is simply to say that if something does not strike before someone’s schedule comes to an end, perhaps this also is information being communicated. Know that when the right time comes you will know the choice that the Creator has for you, and you will feel it to your bones, to the end of your heart, to your depths. And you will be able to jump on it and work with it with all of your self.

Let us look again at this question of mind, for we feel that it is always the razor’s edge to work with the mind within incarnation. Upon the one hand, if you use no mind you cannot communicate with others or share your observations with others. You may be a wonderful light, but you cannot teach except by your being. On the other hand, any use of the intellect tends to pull one away from that seat of joy and delight that is present in the one infinite Creator. The heart that dwells in this opened love, or the heart that is open to this love and willing to allow it to run through that heart and into the world of manifestation, has done healing work for the planetary energy, the local energy, and the energy of self. In a normal decision-making the programs that are used are those run by logic. As the one known as R says, “The pros the cons, for and against,” and one can indeed line up all of the pros and cons. They do not add up to a tidy sum, for nothing is simply that surface appearance. Things have the necessity of being more real than that, more subject to free will, more uncatchable than that.

As one becomes more able to use that surface mind without becoming emotionally swayed by one’s rhetoric, one can open more to what this instrument would describe as deeper programs, programs below the level of consciousness that do not work on logic or linear thought but, rather, contain the essences of self that have been purified and worked upon through many, many incarnations and many experiences. These are the assets of the deeper self and it is here that the soul must go who wishes to learn patience, for patience lies within you, a powerful, slumbering elegant beast. Truly your brother and your sister, if you are seeking spiritually, there is no friend that is more faithful than patience. There is no challenge that cannot be won with patience. Letting go of the surface of things, being willing to rest in the mid-air of not knowing, this is an art, and it is this that we encourage you to practice. You have, not simply “the answer.” You have all that there is.

To the surface of things, you attempt to make a certain choice. To the reality of things, you are working upon your vibration. Whatever situation you are in or will be in is a fine and splendid opportunity to develop the self, to work on that vibration. And so we encourage the slowing down, the resting, the quietness of mind that is willing to pass up an opportunity if the time is not right, and is willing to grasp an opportunity when that inner knowing occurs, and it will. In a moment you shall know. Yes or no. And for you that will be the correct decision.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are the ones of Q’uo, and we thank this instrument and leave it in love and in light.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time we would offer ourselves to the potential answering of any further questions that those present may have upon their minds. Is there another query at this time?

I have a question. I wonder if you could comment on my frame of mind. Sort of feeling listless and lethargic and at the same time not being discontent or upset.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We may speak in somewhat of an abbreviated fashion, for, indeed, it is well for the student to have a fairly good grasp upon her query before we may respond without the problem of infringing upon free will. We can note that which has been noted concerning this attitude of mind, that being that the one known as Carla has in her past served as an instrument for a contact which has as a residue a certain amount of weariness that is inevitable. For when one has been able to contact those more harmonious realms of being, as the instrument known as Carla did during the Ra contact, and has been faced with the necessity of returning to a more dense, in illusion that is, realm of being there is the relative experience of wearying the physical vehicle. This has a cumulative effect, and the one known as Carla has experienced this in some intensity, shall we say. There is within the mind complex of this entity dual needs to achieve and to rest. This is not unusual for many of your entities, for there is the need to accomplish activities and projects that are concomitant with your third-density illusion. All within the illusion experience the drive to move, to gain, to master, to achieve. This is the nature of the illusion. This is the grist for the mill, as we find has been described accurately.

However, there is also within many entities, and this entity in particular, the feeling that to be is sufficient. And this is indeed correct, especially when seen through those eyes that are metaphysically oriented. The being that one expresses is the heart, the essence, of one’s self. And in truth each entity is whole and perfect, having entered this illusion with such wholeness and perfection in abeyance that there may be further exploration into the individuation of consciousness that each entity has undertaken as a portion of the one Creator. The fueling of the beingness being sufficient is a feeling which we can encourage in entities, for it is not only accurate, but within the illusion that you inhabit, a proper balance for the unending activity and seeming restlessness that so signifies those of your peoples that partake in the daily round of activity and experience.

That this entity feels somewhat ashamed of being uninspired, as she says, may be examined for the particularly biased view of the self that this entails. This entity is not unfamiliar with its own criticism of itself. Thus we feel that we have reached the limit of that which is helpful and we ask if there might be any other query that this entity might ask of us?

No, Q’uo. That was very clear and helpful. Thanks.

I am Q’uo, and we again thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I have noticed a little fear or anxiety when I participate in these sessions. I sometimes just want to ask a question as if there was an opportunity lost if I do not ask it. I do not know where that fear is coming from. I feel like a little boy standing with a group of grown-ups and am saying, “Me too. Me too.” Could you talk about that please?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We feel that this query concerns an area which is natural for the human experience; that is, when faced with what seems to be the wiser or more informed point of view, one wishes to partake of that point of view in order to enhance the evolutionary process, feeling that if the opportunity is not taken it shall be lost, and there will be the failure to move forward as quickly as would be possible as if the opportunity were taken. We appreciate this experience of our blending of our vibrations with your own, and we appreciate the opinion that you hold us in, but we would again remind each entity that we and others who serve as teachers and guides for each third-density entity are available at all times so that in your own contemplative or meditative times you may ask whatever query is upon your mind or upon your heart and therein find a response that will point the direction in the same way that we would frame a response to your query within one of these sessions of working. This again moves back to the primary query for the day and to the remark that we made concerning how an entity may perceive the Creator’s will when it stands before one and remains unrecognized. Oftentimes it is simply a matter of realizing the perfection of the moment, for each entity has spent the entirety of its previous life experience to reach the moment of the present. All that has gone before has brought one to this point, thus there must be something important in the present moment. And we would again affirm [not only] the perfection of each entity but of the moment in which each entity finds itself. This is not to say that there will not be changes in what you call your future, for, indeed, there shall be many of these. But each of them, as well as that moment which you now experience, shall be perfect. And when you are able to accept the perfection of the moment, the perfection of your own self, then perhaps you shall not feel quite the fear or anxiety of missing an opportunity to find a more perfect moment.

We hope that we have not further confused you, my brother. Is there another query?

No, you have not confused me. I do believe what you have said. Another thought is that I feel a lot of gratitude for these sessions. I feel some love flowing that generates the response and oftentimes I have no questions but just feel like I want to say, “Thank you for speaking to us.”

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of the experience of which you speak, my brother. Indeed, the gratitude for the blessings for the one Creator that come in various forms is a blessing in itself, for it creates within the mind/body/spirit complex of each entity feeling it a certain ambiance that enhances the experience of unity and of harmony that is available to each. When one has been able to feel true gratitude for that which one experiences then this is a kind of opening of a door through which the entity wishes to pass, in that it moves into a finer appreciation of that which it is and that which it experiences. The gratitude of the spiritual seeker is a kind [of] lubricant that enhances the friction of daily experience and relieves much of that which is rough and unrefined.

Is there a final query at this time?

[No further queries.]

We are those of Q’uo, and we would take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to those present for once again inviting our presence within your circle of seeking. It is a privilege and an honor for which we cannot express enough gratitude, my friends. At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.