The planetary awakening to unseen essences such as angels, guides and spirit guidance is part of our awakening to an even larger self-realization of direct co-creatorship with intelligent infinity. Could you speak of the process that is taking place, in which we are coming to actual awareness of our role as co-creators, with specific focus on how we are learning to become direct conductors of the eternal energies?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank this group, as always, for calling us to share our views and to take part in your meditation. This experience is precious to us for each of your vibrations is beautiful and we greatly appreciate to be able to blend with that. Also, we thank you because this sharing of opinions gives us the opportunity for service to others in the way that we feel our gifts are best shared. As always, we would ask that from these thoughts each take only that which has personal meaning, leaving the rest behind. For each seeker has excellent powers of discrimination, and we encourage their use. There is no authority greater than the authority of the inner heart and that feeling of rightness.

You ask this day for us to share our opinions on how awakening entities are coming to experience a universe in which time and space have given way to infinity and eternity and the seeking of the metaphysical self has become more important than the approval of the world or any worldly gain which does not have its roots in love: the love of one doing the service, the love of one offering the self. Many entities are awakening now to their spiritual identity. This is the time for the blooming of those feelings and awareness that have long been hidden. This is the time of the blossoming of those entities upon your planet who have become aware of themselves as citizens of eternity.

It is our opinion that all things are one, that all there is dwells within each entity. It is our feeling that each entity contains the infinite creation. All things are thought, all thoughts, all emotions, all that is seen, all that is sensed in any way has manifestation to the outer eye but first has roots within that inner being that is connected, not with larger spaces, but with infinity itself. For each of you is that holographic image of all that there is. Each of you is one thing. The small self cannot grasp the unity that is the truth of all your peoples upon your sphere of Earth. It seems obvious to the outer eye that each entity is a person unto herself, and yet just as a child awakens for the first time in her mother’s arms and becomes aware of a new world of sight and sound and sensation, just so does the spiritual self within the human being awaken to an alarm that only it can hear.

No two entities have the same clock setting. There is no one time for spirits within bodies to awaken. For each seeker that time of awakening is perfect and right although it may not seem right to others. It always shall come to the one who is ready to deal with the implications of the new inner birth that constitutes the awakening into realization of the self as a spirit independent of space and time but wholly dependent upon love and light. For each is love and light, yet each also transduces love and light as it streams from the infinite Creator into the Earth plane. And so each of you, no matter the age or any details about the person, each who is awakening is a receiver and a transmitter of vibration.

Your scientists tell you that all that there is is made up of particles of energy vibrating at various speeds and creating various energy fields. One such energy field is that in which is contained the spirit of each of you, and when that spirit awakens there is no going back to sleep. Once awake, the seeker must remain awake and alert. The question then becomes, “How can I help this process of awakening along? How can I accelerate the pace of my spiritual evolution?” We would suggest several ways in which this can be encouraged.

Firstly, we would suggest that each awakened soul choose for the self that rule of life which most nurtures the spiritual child within, that child that dwells in the heart and can become mature only as the outer self makes room and time for it. Time spent in silence, whether formal meditation is offered or whether it is simply sitting, greatly aids the spiritual self within. Further, it helps to align the seeker with her personal destiny, for each has come with gifts to share, lessons to learn, and service to offer. Each has planned for the self companions along the way and good work to do, and each has hoped that within the veiled conditions of the physical illusion that constitutes consensus reality upon your planet that the awakening would occur and the choices would begin to be made which would more and more allow the spiritual self within to mature.

Meditation is not the only technique or method whereby one may encourage one’s own spiritual evolution. Certainly, the attempts to offer service to others always creates a more spacious environment for the spiritual self to grow in. Certainly, reading and listening to inspired and inspirational material is helpful. More helpful, however, than any of these practices is the persistent focus upon the mental and emotional awareness of the nature of the self within incarnation upon planet Earth. For as we said, each of you is as the radio: receiving and transmitting vibratory energy as good feelings, as good words, as good deeds. All of these are equal in the world of metaphysics, for thoughts are metaphysical things and have shape and substance and reality in the world of spirit. That is why the intentions, the desires, and the prayers of the seeker are so important.

The greatest single practice for bringing seekers into more and more direct awareness of their role here within the planetary rise in vibration is simply to be, to be the deepest and most profound and true self of which one is capable. In this being there is a releasing of the doing, for, metaphysically speaking, it is not these but rather being and essence which are the gifts that we have to give to each other. When a seeker becomes aware that it is a creature of will, discipline and faith then that person can simply allow those instreaming vibrations of love and of light to move through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual channels of the body and out into the world that so desperately needs those vibrations of undistorted love and light.

Each seeker is here to become a direct co-creator by allowing that which is, the Logos, that one great original Thought, to be us and to move through us and out into the Earth plane. By blessing this energy and yet not holding it, by knowing there is enough, an infinite amount of this love and light, that it cannot be spent, the seeker is affirming that which is. We wish each entity those delights of travel, those mountaintop experiences, those great and profound realizations that come. Those times are precious, and yet each of you will find that when all is said and done it is the vibratory level of the beingness of each entity that sticks in the mind and in the heart like no other sense memory can. Each of us knows blessing when we experience it. All of us have known these entities who, by their very being, improve the vibrations of a place. Yet always know that it is not from you that these things come. It is through you. There is not a key that unlocks the doors of the heart that has anything to do with the human mind or the will in the worldly sense of that mind. Rather, it is the naked soul, the bare and unadorned spirit that is the object of perfection, that is love itself, and that is each of you.

May you find ever more creative ways to share the infinite love and light that will come through you by blessing that energy and by consciously sending it out into the world. We encourage each who hears these words to take the self very seriously in terms of developing a daily practice that feeds the metaphysical self, whether by meditation or prayer, contemplation or rumination, the gazing at inspiring objects, or the reading of inspired words. You will find these techniques of entraining the mind to be most helpful. There are many ways in which the person who sees the hunger and the thirst of the self that is emerging for metaphysical truth to offer that truth to the inner self. It is our opinion, however, that truth is a fluid and changing thing and very personal and subjective in its nature. For each entity there will be landmark truths that come and stay for a very long time. There will also be truths that are seen to transform and to migrate as lessons come to one and as the self develops.

We encourage each of you to trust in the self, to listen to those hunches and intuitions that are the only voice into the conscious mind of the deeper and larger self that exists below the threshold of consciousness. Each of you is as the fruit of the true vine. Each of you has roots in heaven. Within each of you dwells perfection, truth and infinite love. Spiritual maturity comes to those who seek to run the straight race regardless of what others may think. Move slowly and thoughtfully and wait for inspiration. Maturity will come faster to those who yield their ambitions and ask, “What is the Creator’s will for me today? Where is the love in this moment?” The love in this moment is you. May you carry that truth and wear it as a crown and even when the crown sits heavy upon the head, may you serve, may you reach out to others, may you respond to requests for help with the best that is in you. May you encourage others in their paths, for you are the hands, voices, the caring of the infinite Creator within the Earth, you and none other. As the old chant goes, “May you love each other. May you care for each other. And may you bring each other home.”

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We would leave this instrument in love and in light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves for further queries which those present may find value in the request. Is there another query at this time?

I would like to ask two questions for P. Firstly, what is the origin and purpose of the B’hai faith?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. And we would greet the one known as P, who has for a great period of time has been seeking in the faith in which the query is rooted and is a friend of this group that is dear to each. The origins of this particular path of seeking the one Creator lie in the recent past, as you would measure time, that is, within the last 200 of your years, and lie with one who found a personal path that was able to allow this entity to experience the one infinite Creator and to realize the unity of all things through this experience of unity with the one Creator. Thus, this entity who had for a great portion of its life sought that which is called truth, that which is called the origin of all that is, was able, through a blending of various other paths in their rituals of observances, was able to create a meaning whereby not only was it able to experience the unity of all things but was able to offer this experience to others as well, as it was the life’s purpose for the incarnation to put the self in such a position that it was able to make a contact with that which is called intelligent infinity and offer this contact as the eternal waters of life, to be then one who was able to provide this service to others in as egalitarian a means as possible, shall we say. Thus, the origin of many such mystic paths is that journey which begins and ends inside the human heart, for as all such paths to unity the way of the heart is that which moves most quickly there.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Yes. Her second question is just to comment on her experiences of the last year in any way in which you would care to share. She doesn’t wish for you to infringe upon free will, just comments.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Looking now at that which has been the experience of this entity, in metaphysical terms, we see that there is the dedication of the heart to seek in truth that which are the proper steps for this entity to follow and that there has been a great degree of success in bending the will of the self to new dimensions that seem on the one hand to restrict and yet on the other hand to free. The balance of attitude with which this entity sees its journey and its relationship to others is to be recommended, for within the balanced attitude, seeing the experience of others as a valuable journey and the seeing of the journey of the self as being that which is to move in harmony with certain other selves which have formed a primary place within this entity’s being. The difficulties that the entity experiences are the, shall we say, friction where the rougher portions of the personality meet the reality of dealing with other selves who also have the tendency towards humanity—that is, to err. The ability to accept, to forgive, and to renew the dedication of the self to the seeking of the One in all, is the quality that has sustained this entity and will continue to do so.

At this time we feel that we have given that which is appropriate for this entity and would ask if there would be any further queries?

I know P thanks you for that. I have a question of my own. I was pondering D’s words in the process of putting them on the tape concerning guides from the inner planes or spiritualist type guides such as doctors, Indians, the Holy Spirit, people who have the awareness of the help of fairies or of angels and all of these discarnate and magical beings. They all seem to have the same kind of service to offer to us in third-density bodies on Earth. What I was wondering was is there an element of creatorship where those of us who expect fairies get fairies, and those who expect Indians get Indians, and those of us who expect UFO contact get that? Is there some way that we come into the mix that assigns guidance? Different people have different methods of guidance?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. It is truly said that these entities of an unseen nature move to inspire and to guide and to bring into contact those influences that are most helpful to the entities that call them. And it is also well said that it is oftentimes the expectations of those who call that determine the nature of the response in the form of one kind of guide or another. And it is a possibility of many that there are previous incarnational experiences that determine that kind of essence that is called for and seen and experienced. For there are throughout the one creation many, many different forms of guidance that are available to third-density entities and these forms of guidance may refine their formation to be more in alignment with that basic vibratory essence of the calling entity. Thus, each entity will experience that which it truly desires and which it has made room for in its metaphysical system of apprehending that which is.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No. That was it. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you again, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

[No further queries.]

I am Q’uo, and we would at this time express our great gratitude to those which are present and to those who are in distant meditative circles adding their energy and essence to this one for inviting our presence and our participation in your seeking this day. It is, as always, a great honor and we walk with many who echo our gratitude. At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.