What words of inspiration would Q’uo have for those people who have been on the path of seeking for a long time? They are very familiar with their catalyst. They have seen it come around again and again. Maybe they are beginning to wonder if they are ever going to get anywhere with their catalyst. So we would like to ask Q’uo what words of inspiration Q’uo would have for people who might be getting a bit burnt out on the spiritual trail?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in whose service we come to you this day. May we say what a joy it is to rekindle the contact that we have enjoyed with your group of seekers for some of your time now. The opportunity that you offer us is greatly appreciated. The energy that you bring to us as you endeavor to aid in your own spiritual evolution is very inspiring to us, for we are aware of the darkness in which you labor and the thick illusion which conceals from you within your illusion the true shape of the form of that catalyst which comes to you.

This instrument has been a fan of the television series, The X-Files, and we find in her memory many instances where these two agents of the government had no light but their flashlights to peer into the darkness of their own seeking for their own truths, and so it is with each of you. You have the flashlight of hope, and faith, and will to see into the inky blackness of that spiritual night which both day and night upon your Earth world are.

We hear with sympathy the pain and the effort in the question for us today concerning seekers who have been upon their path for a long time, long enough to begin to see into the patterns of learning which are cyclical in nature. These patterns of learning are different for each seeker due to the arrangements that each seeker has made before the incarnation. Each entity will have an unique set of incarnational lessons. In some cases, this list of lessons is very short. Perhaps one or two themes were chosen to work on during this incarnation. In these cases perhaps the pattern is more easily seen more quickly. This does not mean that it is easily balanced. Others have more complex and interrelated incarnational lessons. And to the ear of logic such lessons are baffling because the connections between the various levels of the lessons are not logical. We cannot say that they are illogical. Perhaps the expression would be extralogical.

If the seeker recognizes himself in this description then perhaps we can simply say that for you the patterns may not seem regular for some time, during which there is much confusion. However, we always encourage that patience which waits to see more of the pattern, for those patterns which are not yet completely seen will look chaotic and will seem to have no order. Nevertheless, this is the creation of the Father, and in that creation there is infinite order.

You ask us for inspiration in words to those who are tired and burnt out on the spiritual path. In a way, anything that will be put into words will be inadequate to the task of lightening the feelings of being heavy laden that drown the senses of the seeker who is weary. What words can change darkness to light, or sadness to joy, when the ineluctable facts that have given rise to the weariness remain as they are? For each entity has vigorously and eagerly created incarnational lessons that are tremendously challenging. What words can make someone forgive the self for being so eager to learn, so eager to learn that the plate of life is overfilled with things to digest during the lifetime?

Before the incarnation began each seeker gazed upon the life to come as though it were a gem, a ruby, an opal, a diamond, with each facet fascinating and pure in its lucid power. Each of you held this gem of incarnation in your figurative hand and gazed upon it with joy and eagerness to begin. Before incarnation the pattern was there for you to see in all of its detail. In that state the look into the actual lifetime lived in space and time looked tiny, as the moon looks just so large as the thumbnail when it rises. Unfortunately for the temperament, the moon that was the size of the thumbnail is now seen [as] a planetoid with crevices and mountains and dust and earth. It is not small at all, and the pattern has nowhere to express itself. For that faculty of knowing and vision is closed somewhere around the moment of the birth into the Earth plane.

This instrument recently held a baby that was less than five hours old. The nails upon the hand of this infant were so tiny that they could barely be seen, and yet they were perfect in every detail. The tiny little mouth, [eyes] barely large enough to see, the tiny form, so new to breathing and crying and expressing the self within the illusion. It is probable that already this tiny infant had feelings of weariness and despair, wondering where all the quiet has gone, where all the wisdom and knowledge and closeness [of] the bond with the mother [has] gone. Why is it colder? Why do I have these coverings upon my body? What is this thing called life? The veil drops and does not rise again and is it any wonder that the seeker grows weary? And yet we say to you that you can at any moment turn a corner within your self and come upon a new world.

We would ask you to move with us in thought. Take the attention within. Move into the darkness of your own mind, breathing in and breathing out. Allow the tension to move deeper and deeper within the self, down through the roots of mind, through the archetypical mind, through the mind of Christ. Feel the tides of time and space flicker and vanish. Feel the stars themselves give way to that which is neither light nor dark but Deity Itself. Feel this energy of Deity that rests and yet contains all creations that are, all that were and all that shall be. And yet you are balanced, looking nowhere, sensing nowhere, bound in one mote of lucid energy. You have nowhere to go, for you are everywhere that is. You have no knowledge to give for you are everything that is. At this state there are no cycles to complete. There is nothing to do. There is nowhere to go. All is perfect now. Allow this awareness to move back into time and space, back into the stars, into the Earth plane, into your physical vehicle. This is the essence of you, resting within a vessel of clay. You are beyond description. You are beyond all worlds, all space and time. You are perfect. Remember this feeling. Come back again and again to this tabernacle of no time and no space where you are and you are perfect, and there is nowhere to go and nothing to do. For this is the truth about you; beyond all your endeavors and all your suffering this remains the truth of each.

Now let us turn and look upon the landscape that offers itself to you. There, just there, is, indeed, the catalyst that you know so well. There the pen to write. There the decision to make. There the life to live. There the grace to write. Are you rats in a maze? Do you see your higher self as the scientist that is running you mindlessly through a useless task? As the one known as St. Paul would say, “May it never be!” Far closer to the truth is that your higher self is a spiritual entity with a healthy appetite who signed you up for, perhaps, more courses than you wished that you had now that you are at least through at least half of your semester at school in the Earth school. There is one difference in this Earth school from all schools that you are familiar with, and that difference is that there is no requirement for you to make a grade. There is no teacher to set an arbitrary standard that you must achieve.

Rather, you are completely in charge of how much you wish to learn, how far you wish to take each portion of phase of each lesson. You may not feel that you have control, and this is frustrating. But we say to you that you do have full control over your incarnation. If you are too weary to move on, if that is the sense that you get at this point, then we say to you, lighten the load. Remove expectations from your own self and allow yourself to play, to be as the daisies that dance upon the wind, carefree and blameless. You do not have to learn today. You do not have to work today. You have to do only that which is in your heart to do.

When you become frustrated with the self, with the lessons, with the pattern, then it is that we encourage the lifting of the self from pain. And how is this done? For some personalities it is accomplished by moving into the silence, by going for the walks, the meditative reflective times. For other personalities it may be that the choice is to remove the self physically from that which is frustrating, turning the attention to others things. But whatever your personality, we suggest to you that the inspiration that lifts frustration is within you and within this moment if you can but allow the self to express its nature through your instrument. For you are not as you think you are, but, rather, you are a personality shell that distorts the love and the light of the one infinite Creator in just this and that way. You are an instrument. You are an instrument of a certain kind. You are a citizen of a world that you do not see. The great baffling thing about spiritual seeking is that you seem to be in one world, a world with sidewalks and chairs and furniture and cars and movie theaters. Yet in actuality, once you awaken spiritually, you are in a creation of energy fields and all of your work is upon your energy field, the vibration of that field and its dynamics when coming into contact [with] other fields of energy. Each person that you encounter has a field of energy, and you will interact with that energy in certain ways suggested by your distortion and the distortion of the other self. Ideas are fields of energy, and as you come into contact with them there are dynamics between the field of energy that is you and the field of energy that is an idea or an ideal quality that you may wish to pursue.

You are, as a spiritual seeker, in a universe of thought, of being, of essence. It will always be frustrating to live in two worlds, but it is just that dynamic that creates the fertile field for your acceleration of spiritual evolution. Know yourself to be ever on the path and yet ever at rest. Know yourself to be ever learning, yet always knowing. Know yourself to be ever striving, yet always having arrived at precisely the place for which the strife exists. Knowing the self, allow the self to be the self. Release and release and again release the self from the stricture of making sense, of coming up to snuff, passing the grade. Each release, each forgiveness, each new level of acceptance will bring its own inspiration and offer its own opportunities for transformation.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim that we may conclude this session through this instrument. We leave this instrument with thanks, love and light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. We have taken a great deal of pleasure in presenting our offering to you this session of working, and we would ask if our speaking or any other impetus has brought any other queries to your minds. If so, we would be happy to speak to them now.

I would like for you to speak more about living in two worlds at once. It seems to me that the frustration, the pain of living, is in trying to deal with the light and see things in a spiritual way and yet there is just no way to escape the fact that we live in the Earth plane and life as it is.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. This is a query which each seeker, from the depths of its soul, asks of any entity which will answer. For it is most difficult for the spiritual seeker who wishes with all its heart to hew to the upper level, to the higher road, to the spiritual journey, to have to dip again into the illusion of third density and to move within a realm that seems to be muddied, confusing and chaotic. This is the nature of your illusion. For if all were as the time/space realm, that is, clear to the eye, to the heart, to the mind, and to the experience of each moment, then there would be no challenge to the seeker to enlarge its scope of being, its realm of possibility, to gain more experience in the rather efficient way that the third density has of impressing upon the seeker the urgency of catalyst. There is within your illusion the benefit of the seeker who wishes to know and yet does not know, and the benefit that we find here is that the angst, the frustration that comes from wishing to know that which is beyond the illusion, beyond the grasp, is that it motivates the seeker to move forward even when the seeker does not recognize forward as forward. For each catalyst, each experience, each event within your illusion has the ability to temper the heart of the seeker, shall we say, the will of the seeker, the faith of the seeker.

There is within frustration an inevitable rededication of the self to seeking, for the temptation is to stop, to quit, to rest, to have done with it. Yet, though this may momentarily give solace to the mind of the seeker [there is] no quitting, no true stopping. Though one may rest there is always the journey that waits before one. And the heart of each seeker seeks the heart of the one Creator. There is no better way to put it. And when heart seeks heart, there is the motivation to move forward, to learn from that experience, that catalyst about one, enough to move yet a small bit forward, to feel the desire afresh. To feel motivated again. And so this wishing to know what seems beyond knowing is enough, for there is within each frustrated moment the tempering, the hardening, the building up of inner desire to know, to grow, to share, to experience again the great round and round of this illusion. For though frustration may grow greatly there is still in the heart the knowledge that this is as it should be, this is as it must be, this is as it was planned. There is a recognition of the rightness of frustration so that when its fury has worn off there is reborn the kernel of desire, the seed of knowing, the seed of knowledge.

Is there a further query, my sister?

And when there is bitterness, what can I say to such a person?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. There may be nothing that will satisfy one that feels bitter to the point of quitting, wishing to quit, laying down the desire and withering upon the spot. And, yet, when one feels such desperation and anger to this point of bitterness, perhaps being heard is all that is necessary, and yet one wishes to give more, to share what is in one’s heart the difficulties that you have experienced, the frustrations that you share in common…

[Side one of tape ends.]

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. It is important to make the effort to share with one who has become embittered that which one feels about being bitter, the fruits of bitterness, that there is a lesson that can be learned from bitterness, that there is always an opportunity to begin again. There is always the opportunity every experience that one has had, to drop the illusion of activity, to retreat to a quiet, remote and isolated place within the mountaintops of meditation, to seek there the soothing hand of the one Creator upon the fevered brow, to open the heart finally and fully one last time, to throw down the weight of worry, the burden of frustration, and to ask with a full and bursting heart to be again a child of the Creator, to see again with new eyes, to move again with trembling legs, to ask again the eternal questions, to build the faith and the will to continue.

Is there another query, my sister?

On another subject I would like just a short answer. Is it all right if I ask some questions in the future about various facets of the book I am writing? I don’t want to presume that your agency would help me in writing the book.

I am Q’uo. Yes. We hope that was short enough.

That was sufficiently short. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo. We are always happy, my sister, to speak to any queries that you may have for us. We will always give those responses that we are hopeful that are helpful.

Is there another query at this time?

I don’t have an actual question, but I wanted to speak and offer greetings to all the entities of the Confederation that join us here and to thank you for the words of encouragement. Thank you for your company.

I am Q’uo, and we appreciate your comments. We are always grateful to be able to speak to this group and to entertain those queries which we feel come from the heart, for we are also those of the heart and recognize the great desire which fuels the desire of each seeker which hears our words, both those present and those that are removed from this group but who shall hear these words nonetheless.

At this time we shall take our leave of this group and this instrument, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.