The question today has to do with the situation of when we find ourselves being of service, whether it is the work we do for our living or it is just a favor that we do for friends, and we do it over and over, how do we deal with the anger and the frustration and the negative emotions that come into our minds when we feel like we are being pushed beyond our limits, that there are so many people pulling us in so many different directions that we don’t feel that we are really able to serve without feeling anger, frustration, doubt and being stopped in one way or another?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle, Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we are. May we thank each of you in this circle of seeking for the sacrifices and processes which each went through in order to arrive at this working. It is a great blessing to us to be able to be called to groups such as this one for those who are seeking what this instrument would call the truth, for that is the service which we offer at this time. And the opportunity to speak through instruments such as this one is precious to us. We are glad to share our thoughts and opinions with you with the understanding that we are not authorities but, rather, fellow pilgrims upon the path of seeking the one infinite Creator whose mystery expands and recedes before us as we go. May we say that you are good company. We would like to also state at this time, since there is a concern, that this instrument challenges in the name of Jesus the Christ, and we were not able to meet this challenge we could not speak through this instrument. This is most satisfactory for us as we are the, shall we say, station to which this instrument seems best tuned and vice versa.

As we begin to look over this interesting subject of energy exchange and blockage we note that it is what this instrument would call the season of Advent, that time in your solar year when darkness claims your Earth plane the maximum amount of time during your days, the time when the light seems farthest. In this darkness the light is born, and into this darkness the light does come, and each of you is a repository of that light, and each of you wears the crown upon your head. And it is heavy. And this is as it should be. As the one known as Jim spoke earlier, from the standpoint of each of you before incarnation, each and every difficulty that you are having, from the depletion of your energy from unwise exchange, with disappointment in yourself for energy blockage, was gazed at with delight, with eager anticipation of running the straight race, serving with gladness and joy, being a light within the darkness of the Earth plane. From that vantage point the perfection of the pattern was seen, accepted and acted upon. It is, indeed, an innocence of soul and spirit that is bound to be lost, that idealistic, optimistic concept that the self has of the self’s coming incarnation.

We would like to take each of you back to that position when you and your higher self and your guidance considered well what you wished to offer, what you wished to learn, and what you wished to share. And with a sense of adventure and creativity you chose those entities with whom you would collaborate, for in each unwise energy exchange and in each instance of blocked energy, not only are you involved and confused but also is the other self in the equation confused, puzzled, at a loss, feeling that there is imbalance and, in many cases, having not even the vocabulary with which to think about what is occurring. When each of you finished the play, set it in place, and entered incarnation, each of you went through what we have called the veil of forgetting. This veil is something that cannot be imagined from the standpoint of the higher self, from the standpoint of the inner planes, or any density but the third.

Let us look at the cause of this veil of forgetting, for there is good reason for it. That which entities learn with the book open may make sense for a little while, may enter the mind for the nonce, and an open book test may produce an excellent score. There have been many creations in which the veil of forgetting was not dropped over the third density, and it is from the failure of these entities to accelerate the pace of their own spiritual evolution that later creations decided to use a veil so that entities entering the density of choice would have no memory of the way things actually are upon which they could count to the exclusion of other information. In other words, this darkness of mind, this disconnection between the roots of mind and the conscious mind, was an adjustment made carefully and with measure in order to achieve an atmosphere in which work in consciousness could be done by faith alone and not, in any case, by authority or proof or empirical processes. For that which you most deeply are, that about which your self revolves, is an infinite, eternal, unique spark of the Creator. All that you wish to learn lies now perfected within you. All that you sense as imperfect lies in perfection within you. And, yet, through incarnations such as those as you are now enjoying you have placed yourself in a position to chose, by faith alone. How to proceed with your own spiritual studies? How to assess yourself? How to relate to other selves?

By enjoying this veiled experience each seeker was at once cast into a sea of confusion and safe at home. And it is this dual reality that each experiences: the seeing of the self as an imperfect, stumbling seeker and at the same time having the faint but unmistakable ring of an inner perfection and truth that cannot be denied. Once cast into this sea of confusion it is well for each to cultivate certain angels, shall we say, for we find among your peoples at this time much awareness, seemingly an increased awareness of inner plane entities such as angels and guides. There are habits of mind that are also angels. It is to be expected that as you come up against the various relationships which you set up for yourself before incarnation you will again and again be cast into the confusion of a precise kind. That is the very best teaching tool for you and the other self, that you will need to consult some angels and guides. We would suggest one of these angels might well be the angel of humility. If you are in a sea of confusion and if you feel that there are demands made upon your energy which are excessive, then it is no wonder that there will be disquiet within.

And, indeed, in terms of the stability and solidity of your waking personality there is no harm in drawing limits, in creating boundaries for relationships that allow you and the other self a measure of comfort and freedom. When you ask yourself, “How much can I give?” let the angel of humility take that question and shake off the dust of pride so that to the best of your conscious ability you define for yourself in each situation that seemingly imperfect but necessary boundary line that represents for you that which can be given with a full heart and an open hand.

We might suggest that you bid come the angel of gladness. For there is much inner noise which almost drowns out a yearning for clarity and balance. It is not in noise or contention but in quietness that each may find the peace to accept the limits of self and the limits of other self.

We could suggest that you bid come the angel of patience, for each process of your developing spirit must do its work through time until time is no longer. And there is no rushing the processes of spiritual evolution. There are times that will seem very wrong to a seeker when a complex outworking of inner processes is taking place. In some instances this becomes a certain kind of experience which this instrument would call initiation, and this dark Night of the Soul is also a process which is especially needful of the angel of patience. Again and again such a process will bring you to a feeling of urgency, and yet there is nothing to do. This is a frictive process which is, shall we say, a kind of tempering, a burning away of that which is stiff and unwieldy so that the instrument that you are becomes both stronger and more flexible.

We would urge you to bid come the angel of joy. Whatever you do, do not forget to take the moment to rediscover your joy. In each day and in each hour find the moment to remember with utter and whole joy who you are, where you are going, whence you came, and upon what errand you now are. You are loved. You came to reflect and share and transmute love in giving and receiving. That which your senses see and hear and feel and taste and touch is a panoply, a weaving and interweaving of a tapestry of unimaginable joy, of every color and emotion and sensation and inner process—the dark, the colorful, the pale. All of the various strands of your experience and your being are woven in light, in love, in joy, and to connect through the beauty of the grass, through the star in the sky, through the frost upon the pane, through the look in someone’s eye, in every and any way to connect with joy is to come into the self most profoundly.

We would suggest that you bid come the angel of laughter. Dear ones, we, as well as you, can be serious to a fault. It seems sometimes that only earnestness and seriousness serve one in good stead in the spiritual search, but we share with you our conviction that the light touch is absolutely necessary in spiritual matters. For all that you think, all that you feel, all that you experience is a dream within a dream within a dream. The levels of illusion are many. We, ourselves, have not combed through the illusions to find that which is real. For us, as well as you, the mystery continues to draw us onward.

We can talk to you of resources for your seeking and for your study. What we cannot do, what only each of you can do, is express that which is you in an ever more whole and pure, and true way. The Creator loves you, each of you, and praises every distortion of the one infinite creative Thought of Love which has gone into making you just the precise vibratory complex that is you. Every quirk and cranny, every imperfection and quiggle that is in your nature is loved by the Creator. In terms of your relationship to deity, you are completely loved. You are not judged except by yourself.

Now, let us look at that. Of course, in terms of where the next incarnation will be, each walks steps of light after completing an incarnation to discover what density of light is most comfortable for that entity at that time, and in those terms there is, shall we say, an objective judging. It is not a judging except that it is a home-finding device, and where that light is most comfortable for you might be in third density, or fourth density. This is unknown until that particular process is gone through. However, within incarnation, within the life that you now experience, your judge is yourself, and you have a very stern judge. May we say that the experiences that each of you is having in which there is unwise energy expenditure or blockage there is the mirroring effect which provides each of you with a look at imbalances within the self, carefully reflected by an other self for your learning and understanding. We encourage you to listen to yourself when you think or when you speak concerning these relationships, for as you speak of other selves you are speaking wisdom that can be heard by you regarding that portion of your universal self which has aspects of the dynamic that you are experiencing as coming from an other self to you. When you look in the mirror you see a face you know of as yours. But when you are speaking with an other self you are still looking in the mirror.

This instrument is informing us that we need to move to the second portion of this meeting, and so we will conclude our thoughts through this instrument by encouraging each of you to love, accept and forgive as you can, when you can, and if you can, and to take note of those frustrations which you feel are overwhelming. Over time you will find repeated patterns, and we encourage you to spend some time gazing into those patterns, for they will yield to you information that you can use. We encourage you to encourage each other, to comfort each other, to serve as the listening ear and the supporting arm within the sea of confusion that you share with those that you love. Most of all, we encourage you to move as often as you can into what the one known as T was speaking of: those times of quietness and meditation that bring one to oneself, that bring one to one’s heart, for within that heart which is the center of each of you is a tabernacle and in the holy of holies dwells the Most High, radiant, omnipotent, omniscient, more yourself than you. May you yield yourself up to that inner fire as often and as whole-heartedly as possible, for there is your anchorage, there your spiritual home.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument for its service, and we leave it in love and in light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to ask if there may be any further queries that those present might have for us. Is there another query at this time?

The last fifteen years of my life I have changed dramatically in ever accelerating paces in ways that I cannot comprehend. I look at myself now and fifteen years ago and I see a dramatic difference. I am attempting to comprehend to the best of my ability these changes.

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of the comments concerning the change in the life pattern in the one known as R, and we believe that this entity has well stated the changes that have occurred in his own structure of personality, shall we say. And this is the kind of transformation which each seeker has desired for the self, for as each incarnation is begun with a plan for the opening of the heart, the discovery of the self, and the sharing of the fruits of an open heart with others, so then each entity begins the great incarnational journey with goals that are similar to those shared by fellow travelers but with the means for achieving such goals that are unique to each entity. For as each entity enters the incarnation, so it is with the one known as R that there is the goal and the means, the opportunity, which is presented in a fashion which shall allow the blooming of the incarnation. There are those experiences which have been programmed to serve much as the water, the soil, the sun, and the fertilizer to the growing flower of self within. Many of these experiences have been what you would call difficult and have tested the inner resolve to move forward in spite of difficulty. Many experiences have been puzzling and have left a sense of questioning which has been pointed in an inward fashion so that the appropriate questions would be asked at the right time. Many experiences have been obviously preparatory, in that knowledge has been gained and practiced over time giving one an excellence of operation, shall we say, the operation of the incarnation. Some experiences have been for the purpose of bringing one to a synchronistic juncture, if we may call it that, so that there is…

We find that we must pause briefly so that the instrument be allowed to work the recording devices.

[Transcript ends.]