The question this week has to do with what would be the best way to deal with criticism from another person that really hurts us, that makes us feel real bad, especially when we feel that the criticism is unjustified. As a more specific focus for that general query, we would like information on how to deal with people that are specifically trying to take our power, that we feel drained of energy by after we leave their presence?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We welcome each of you on this beautiful spring afternoon. Through your eyes we experience the beauty of your plant life as it blooms in the early spring chill. How beautiful your dwelling place is. We greatly appreciate being able to share your setting and meditation with you. As always, we ask that you hear everything that we say with a discerning and discriminating ear, listening for those thoughts that resonate within your own mind and heart. Keep those that do so resonate and leave the rest behind, please.

You ask this day about how to deal with situations in which an entity has said hurtful things or has treated you in such a way that you feel drained of energy or saddened or discouraged by the exchange. As we often do, we would like to take a few steps back from this specific query in order that we may talk about the background of this question. Each of you is a complex of vibrations. Your scientists can tell you this. This is not purely metaphysical truth. You are, in one way of looking at yourself, a system of energy fields. Each energy field has its life and essence and its way of interlocking with and interacting with other aspects of your energy, other fields of energy within your overall energy complex. You have spiritual energies, physical energies, emotional energies, mental energies, and these energies are a complex kind of signature that speaks your identity as clearly as your name, perhaps more clearly than the name you may share with someone else upon the planet which you now enjoy. You share the vibratory complex that you offer up at this moment with no one in the infinite creation. You are unique.

Each, seen from the viewpoint of a perfectionist, is somewhat out of balance with the self. Yet it is these eccentric balances that add to your charm and your uniqueness and enable you to offer the Creator a new and ever-changing picture of who and what It really is. Thusly, your Creator is delighted with you whether you are in happy times or in woe, whether you struggle or flow and swim easily with the current of your destiny. But to you, gazing within at your energies, there is not seen the charm and delight of your uniqueness. Rather, because as several have said this day in your discussion preceding this meditation, each has good days and bad days and there are sometimes less skillful ways in which we share our energies.

The energy system that you work with in receiving catalyst and processing it into experience is your physical body, together with the finer bodies that interpenetrate that physical body you can see, feel and touch. Often we suggest to you that it is not wise to use the logical mind, but in this particular case we encourage you when you are looking at how you are feeling with regard to another person that you do take stock, using the intellectual mind as well as the intuition, of the basic balances of the body at each center or chakra of energy. For it is at those chakras or energy centers that energy is exchanged between entities or people.

We would quickly review the basic seven energy centers we would suggest as a model for you to work with. The seven centers are the seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Each center has its domain and together they are as the path which the infinite energy of the one infinite Creator may travel, beginning with the red or base chakra. The first energy center that the incoming infinite light and love of the Creator touches is the red-ray energy center or chakra. To this energy center flow those issues that are the most basic: survival, the natural functions that are necessary for survival such as sexual reproduction, the achievement of a food supply, and so forth. Those who are blocked in the red-ray energy center have a straightened or narrow or low supply of energy moving throughout the rest of the energy system. Therefore, it is well, if you see some red-ray blockage within yourself, to lay all other concerns aside while you work upon this all important energy center.

The orange-ray chakra is up the spine from the red-ray chakra, in the area of the lower belly. And to this energy center come the issues of one person to another person. To this center come concerns of being controlled, or controlling others, the love of control, or the fear of control, the love of being controlled, or the fear of being controlled.

Within the solar plexus is the yellow-ray chakra or energy center and to this energy center come the issues of the self with regard to groups. You will find many family difficulties depending from this center as opposed to the orange-ray center because within the mind the family members are given a different kind of concern, attention and energy sharing than one gives acquaintances or strangers.

These three lower energy centers are very often the centers which you will find being blocked or being overstimulated when there are what this instrument would call personal problems between people. When there is a straightening or narrowing of the path of energy flow in these three centers the supply of energy reaching the heart chakra is diminished. Consequently, there is far less energy with which to respond to felt insult, offense or hurt feelings.

The higher energy centers are not those usually considered when thinking of how to deal with a difficult relationship or an unwise exchange of energy. However, it needs to be said that in the green-ray center there is great healing. In the blue-ray center of open communication even a little energy into this center can produce clear communication that is very helpful in situations sometimes. And certainly the indigo-ray center, which is that center which does work in consciousness, is one which the seeker is always attempting to use to some degree as the hope is held in the heart that the self is truly a seeker seeking for that which truly is there, as opposed to the self seen as a dreamer seeking for something that is not there, something that is only a dream. We can assure you that none of these energies or essences are at all dream related. Indeed, they are aspects of your nature that, to us, are far more real than your day-to-day experiences, for these are, as we said, the vibratory essences which are your signature in the metaphysical world. The saying that this instrument has is that you are what you eat. We would replace this adage with you are what you think.

What you ponder, what you hope, what your dream: these are more real than the day-to-day experiences on the deep level of work done in consciousness. Thusly, when you receive catalyst that seems to take your power away from you, to drain you, or seems to hurt the feelings, the first process, then, has nothing to do with any other person but, rather, has to do with working with the self to reestablish the feeling of wholeness of self that, in a metaphysical sense, implies safety. Sometimes there is fear connected with such a difficult relationship exchange. Sometimes there is anger, but, whatever the emotions are, the experience of being out of control and left to twist in the wind, shall we say, without any power, is that which needs to be looked at carefully. Think about the exchange that has taken place and, in the privacy of your own time, ask for the forgiveness that lies within you to come to aid you. You are a powerful being. Within you lie conduits that move deeper and deeper in mind until you eventually merge with the one infinite Creator. Nothing outside of you can destroy this wholeness. However, depending upon the circumstances, a difficult experience with another entity can make you feel like you are no longer whole, entire, intact or safe.

Thusly, the first work of the seeker is to reestablish the wholeness and integrity of the self. This instrument earlier suggested to one who was expressing the feeling of being drained that the physical motion of the scissors cutting be made over the energy center from which this sensation of being drained was being felt. We find this a perfectly sound suggestion because the work actually being done is being done in the metaphysical universe as opposed to the physical. You are not making motions in the air in the physical to any use. Rather, you are expressing an intention or desire in the metaphysical world, and in this universe thoughts are things and a thought pair of scissors will cut the thoughts of another who wishes to exchange energy in the sense of attempting to control or take the power of you. Thusly, once you have reestablished the integrity of your finer bodies you can begin to heal from this unwise exchange of energy.

The energy of forgiveness is one which is infinitely strong and yet very subtle. Sometimes it is difficult to pin down precisely whom you wish to forgive first. Are you upset with this other entity who has caused you seeming discomfort? Or are you more upset with yourself for being vulnerable to such unwise energy exchanges? If necessary, sit with this question in meditation and simply await a sense or a feeling of whom to forgive first. For both yourself and the other are involved in this exchange. Both are individuals, holy in their own right. The deeper truth of both beings is love. Once you are able to establish whom you need to forgive first then it is left for you to accomplish this by intention.

May we say that it is often not possible to forgive completely at the time that you would wish that all be forgiven. There are times when the disharmony within an energy center is such that such energy gets jammed and will not, shall we say, go through, much as a telephone call will not go through if the line is busy. Again, this may take time for you to work with. It is easier for you to forgive the other very often, than it is to forgive the self. It seems always that the seeker is disappointed with the self for having any problem whatsoever. It is easy to forget that the reason for incarnation, the reason for entering into a body, and entering the veil of forgetting as you do, is so that you will be confused and puzzled and have many uncomfortable experiences and undergo much suffering. This is difficult to remember when one is uncomfortable. And yet it remains true.

Once this process of forgiveness has been carried through to what you may feel satisfied with as an outcome, then it is time to begin to look to your systems of energies to see if they are, indeed, in balance. For the preparation for meeting the moment with an open heart does involve coming to a position within your energies wherein you feel relatively unblocked and able to allow the infinite energy of the one Creator to easily move through the system of energy centers traveling upwards into and then through all of the energy centers and then back out into the creation.

We took the time to go through these energy centers and to look at some of the, shall we say, high points of each center because this is a system which you can work with in many different ways. It helps to know how you are made. Any mechanism which is having difficulties remains broken until someone who knows how it is supposed to work can take it and work on it. Your metaphysical beings are such creatures. They do have a rhyme and a reason. They can, indeed, be drained of energy, and there are things that you can do to mend those broken places, but until you grasp how your energy works it is not so easy to sit down and begin to do the repairs. When you have gone through the processes of balancing and forgiveness then you are once again at peace and at rest, feeling relatively safe in your own skin. However, you remain vulnerable and this vulnerability is very, very important. It is central to the Earth experience.

We would like to frame this vulnerability in a more positive way, for each of you before incarnation was extremely eager to come into the Earth plane and to offer the life experience as a service and gift to the one infinite Creator. From a position before the dropping of the veil of forgetting you could see that you had an opportunity in the darkness of the Earth plane to live by faith. You knew that a life in faith outside of incarnation was very easy to achieve because you, like all other entities not in incarnation, were totally aware of the plan of the one infinite Creator, of the beauty of that plan, of the goodness of the adventure of attempting in a world where it was not at all obvious that love abides, that it would help your polarity tremendously to come into this darkness and to express a life lived in faith. It looked easier, by far, before incarnation than it does now. We are sure that this is an understatement for each of you. It does not look easy at all from within incarnation to deal with difficult people and situations, challenges that seem to rob you of energy.

However, all of these difficulties, all of these ways of moving beyond your ability to cope, are moments of great opportunity. For when you are beyond your ability to cope you still have one choice to make: despair or hope, giving up or digging in. Saying, “I’m finished,” or saying, “I have just begun.” You are entities of great power. Again and again your outer experience will seem to rob you of that power. Again and again there will be the level upon which this is accurate. There will be the level at which you have lost power and underlying this level of apparent experience is a faculty called faith. It lies like a floor that you must believe is there before you can feel it under foot. It is in times when you are helpless and hopeless and at the end of your human strength that faith will help you soar and fly far above all restraints and limitations. Faith is something that picked up weighs nothing but planted yields everything. It is in the air about you. It is in the heart within you. It is in the remembering of the mind that is disciplined to reject hopelessness, so you have good work to do when catalyst overcomes you.

Feel those feelings of helplessness, anger, grief, pain and puzzlement. Allow all of those strong emotions to wash through you, for they are cleansing to you. Moan and cry if you need to in the privacy of your own chambers. Do what you need to do to validate this experience that you are having. Don’t say that it doesn’t matter, because it does. These energies that you are experiencing as being drained are very real. But also move onto the next process. Invoke faith, forgiveness, and faith again. Surround and permeate yourself with faith.

The one known as Jesus the Christ wished with all its heart, all its soul, all of its strength, and all of its mind to take upon itself as it died the death of every other being in the creation. The difficulty with your doing the same thing is very simple. Is this your time to go to Jerusalem? Is this the time for you to be completely sacrificial of yourself? Do you feel that you will be of more help by being vanquished by this unwise exchange of energy, or do you feel that it would be of more service to the infinite Creator and the world in which you live for you to mend yourself, to re-establish your health, speaking metaphysically, and then to move on to further learning within this incarnation? This instrument, may we say, has at times been the martyr, offering the self in unwise energy exchange and not realizing that this was unwise. Each of you has had the temptation to be the martyr, to give of the self beyond all possible healing, until there is nothing left. You may be Christ-like. We do not say this is a poor choice. We only say consider well if you wish to remain bankrupt or if you wish to restore your own integrity.

We would suggest that, most of the time, skill lies in protecting and defending the self, metaphysically speaking, [so it] can repair its energy loss and again stand upon its own two feet, metaphysically speaking, ready once again to offer all, to love all, to serve and hold to high ideals as best as it can. New catalyst will come and new challenges, in each and every day. But you are a powerful entity. You can and you will learn more and more skill and take more and more courage, for each time that you go through the balancing, the forgiving, and the re-determining to live a life in faith, you open to yourself more of the power that lies in potential within you. You do not need to remain a victim. You may have relationship into which these periods of unwise energy exchange will come again and again. These are the relationships in the school of Earth that you prepared for yourself. You felt that you had plenty of ability to deal with these challenging personalities. You felt that you wanted to look in the mirror at these qualities within yourself projected onto others. When you are at your lowest, remember who you are. Remember the confidence you felt in yourself and then move into the ways of faith.

At this time we would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument and leave it in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves to speak to any further queries which those present may have for us.

I understand the need for polarity. To experience one, you have to have the other. Most of my days are very positive but now and then I have one where I feel very negative about everything. As one becomes more positive does the need for the negative experience lessen, and when you have a number of positive experiences does that mean you need more negative to remind you where you are?

I am Q’uo, and we believe that we grasp your query, my brother. We would not suggest that there is a general rule for all entities, for the balancing process in which you are now partaking is one which you have been experiencing for some time now, where the outlook for the day, the attitude of the mind, is one which has moved in a, as you would call it, positive direction in which the joy and light of the Creator is more apparent to you because of work you have done upon yourself. On those days in which you experience the negative, the attitude [of mind] sees much of darkness about you and is the remnant of the prior perceptive abilities. Thus, you will find in your own abilities…

[Tape change.]

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. To continue. There is a momentum that is possible to obtain either with the positive or the negative outlook, for as one feeds the beast, shall we say, so shall it grow. The momentum of the positive outlook for you now has begun to hold sway in a greater extent than in the past and this may be expected to continue.

Is there another question at this time?

No. Not at this time. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Does another have a query at this time?

Our oldest daughter has very consciously avoided any contact with us. Phone calls go unanswered. My wife is quite concerned that our daughter needs our help or is in need of attention. My meditations tell me that she has done something and is afraid of our disapproval and wants to avoid us. Should we back off? Does she need our help in any way?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. As the daughter has been aided in her leaving of the home environment and has now found a place in the physical world of her own it has the normal response that is to be somewhat divided, shall we say, in appreciation for its new position and in some trepidation for its security. Thus, one may expect that if aid is needed, it shall be requested. However, there is also the possibility that the entity known as the daughter is hoping to create the feelings of fear within the parental entities so that they will rush to an unasked aid or, perhaps, simply worry that their expectations were too high. The young entity must needs exercise its own muscles in order to grow strong. This, we find, is a portion of the philosophy which has put each in the position which each now occupies, and we would recommend that the course be stayed.

Is there a further query, my brother?

I have been in business for fifteen years and my wife has been in it with me for ten years, and we are contemplating the possible [closing] of the business and perhaps pursuing other ventures. It’s not so much a spiritual question but a friend to friend question of having an opinion as to what we should do. Can you give me one?

I am Q’uo, and though we are aware of your query, my brother, we must respectfully decline to offer a friendly opinion for it would infringe upon your future in a manner which we would not wish to accomplish.

Is there any further query, my brother?

I guess I have to ask at least one question a week where you give me that response. Let me think of another one which I can put you on the spot with. It seems that I have had an infected hair on the back of my neck for years. It will sometimes scab up and go away and sometimes it occurs. Can you tell me what is the cause of that?

I am Q’uo. Buy pork bellies. We find that this response also causes this instrument to wonder, but we cannot offer any opinion other than this. Please forgive our shortness of words. We are sure that you understand.

Does any other entity within the circle have a query for us at this time?

No question. I just want to thank you and the other entities of the Confederation for joining our circle today.

I want to express my sincere appreciation as well.

I, too, want to thank you for speaking to us.

I am Q’uo, and we thank each of you for your gratitude. It is an attitude which is most helpful in this circle of seeking. May we ask if there is another query at this time?

If you had one thought that you would like to leave us with, what would it be—in regard to all that we have been talking about today?

I am Q’uo, and we are grateful for your query as well, my sister. We are not usually those who are quick to give a thought for the day, but we are aware of the concerns shared within this circle of seeking on this particular day. There has been much opening of the heart in true concern for the way in which the life pattern has unfolded for each in the recent of your past. We find that each is concerned that the correct approach, attitude and steps have been taken, that the best that each has to offer has, indeed, been offered. And we would recommend to each our thought for this day that the worries of each be released, that the concern which each feels for one another, for the self, for loved ones, for any situation in which each moves, that the proper attention has been given, for each is a sincere seeker of truth and offers that which is in one at each moment and at each turn in the daily round of activities. That there is any question here we understand for each of you within the illusion, for you move within the darkness of not knowing the complete connection of all things within the one creation. However, from our point of view we can assure each of you that each is moving in the appropriate direction, accepting that which must be accepted, and moving on as best you can. And the burden of your experience seems heavy upon your shoulders. The worries that propel you to take one step or another are yet another heavy weight that each could well do without, for there is no mistake that love cannot make whole. There is no missed step that cannot be corrected with compassion. Understanding will heal many wounds, my friends, especially those that are self-inflicted.

We would encourage each to move forward in joy, in love, in light, and in appreciation and exuberance for the life which each now shares upon your whirling ball of Earth. The one Creator is strong in each and is most pleased with that which you have accomplished. You cannot displease the one Creator, for all experiences, both those which you call negative and those which you call positive, are the food of life for the one Creator that wished to know the length, the breadth, the limits of love, if there are limits to love. What can love heal? How far can love move? How powerful is the love that made the one creation? Each of you tests these questions and many more within the daily round of activities and thus far no one has exceeded the bounds of what love can heal. Rest, then, in peace and in love and in light, my friends, for each of you is doing most well in the difficult journey of seeking the truth within the third-density illusion.

At this time we would take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.