The question today concerns how we can get information from our bodies without having to get a cold, injure ourselves, or in some way bring ourselves bodily grief that is meant to get our attention on a problem we have ignored. We then learn moderation and care for ourselves, but we would like to know how to work with our catalyst without having to learn so much the hard way.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we are. We thank you for calling us to your group this afternoon. We thank each of you for making those arrangements necessary in order to join the group. The desire and the hope for truth that you bring to the circle is beautiful to see. We enjoyed listening to your song for tuning and find many of the thoughts helpful for this particular subject of working with the various elements of your mind, body and your spirit in order to continue the revolving solution of issues that constitutes a major force in the movement of learning and the transformation of catalyst into experience.

As we speak we ask only one thing and that is that each of you distinguishes for yourself the resonance and the helpfulness of those thoughts which we offer, for truth is a personal thing and we do not expect or hope to hit the mark every time for everyone. Consequently, we just ask that those thoughts of ours which do not help are quickly left behind.

The song 1 asked the question, “What if God was one of us? Just a slob, like one of us? Just a stranger on the bus, trying to make his way home?” My friends, this is your situation. Each of you, in the core of your energetic body, is the Creator. Each of you is completely and wholly at the heart the Creator. You are one with all that there is. At the level of the heart of your being there is no difference between you and the Creator and all that there is. There is only an infinite amount of difference in each part of the Creator’s view or perception of the scenery. There are infinite illusions. There are infinite impressions to be gathered within each creation. Consequently, the entire journey of awareness, from the first expression of light through all densities of an octave until light itself becomes absorbed once again in spiritual gravity, it is a journey home, and each of you is an energy system centered upon the Creator but full of your personality shell, your experiences, and the incoming catalyst that has your attention, and [each] is attempting, in her own way, to make her way home. It is a journey that will transcend this particular period of time that you experience now, the entire lifetime in which each of you now enjoys the dance of life, and all lifetimes and experiences between lifetimes that add up to the circle dance of becoming, being and being absorbed once again into absolute unity.

The particular place that you now occupy is a physical, electro-chemically based illusion which has much more heft and mass than the densities that are ahead of you but yet shares with the densities that are ahead of you the open book of self-awareness and all that that brings. The third density, then, is a hinge density where the evolution of mind and body becomes the evolution of mind, body and spirit. There is still much that is and can only be learned physically, in the muscles, the bone, and the blood. The illusion was set up so that there would be unavoidable physical experiences that would distort and shape the learning and the service of the incarnations. Some of the more obvious of these examples are the sexual urge and the urge for companionship. The body, the mind, and the spirit find themselves sometimes uneasy allies in the third-density illusion, attempting to integrate sources of information and kinds of information that are coming into the body, mind and emotional systems.

And many times, as the members of the circle have discussed, there are missed signals that, when missed result in becoming overstressed and developing injuries, or becoming overtired and developing a cold. We would start by suggesting that it is not considered a mistake by those who are looking at the third density from inner planes or from higher planes for entities within incarnation within the illusion to miss the signals before they move into the body. It is considered to be a normal behavior for third density. What each of you is beginning to sense into and beginning to wish for the self is the kind of facility and skill in reading the energy system that would be available without the veil. So the question becomes how to penetrate the veil of forgetting that lies between the conscious awareness of the intellect and the mind that is the daylight mind and the vast reaches of the mind that lies below the threshold of consciousness and that eventually takes in all that there is and the Creator.

The song, “What if God was one of us?” goes on to muse upon the situation that the deity faces. There’s “nobody callin’ on the phone, ’cept for the pope, maybe, in Rome.” And this is certainly true within the illusion. This is the blindness of the situation that each of you is experiencing that is often so very maddening to the daylight mind, that the signal function of the conscious body is not working as it would very naturally in higher densities or between incarnations. The body must exceed natural boundaries in order for these subconscious sources of information more fully to be able to come into the conscious mind. Phone lines must be installed, in other words. And these are not the telephone lines of a linear space/time configuration that one could rig in any physical way or mechanically place within the body or within the mental system of the mind in order to get that signal system to work. That signal system was not intended to work in space/time.

However, each of you has a portion of self in time/space. The metaphysical identity of the self beyond the personality shell exists in time/space. When each of you achieves pure being, when you are expressing your essence, you are in time/space. That is where the effortlessness comes from when you are moving into the metaphysical universe. It is simply a shift in creations. Instead of the space/time universe where certain truths are held to be so, now you have entered a metaphysical universe where thoughts have become things and you have become a thought. Space has gone away. Time as you know it has gone away. But identity, energy focus and power have most certainly not disappeared but have, indeed, become clarified and illuminated by the underlying glow of creation in which all essence is held.

The singer went on to suggest that, “God is great. God is good. Yeah. Yeah.” And this is one way to move into the metaphysical universe. Focus upon devotion is a metaphysical or time/space focus, and when the choice of the seeker is first to move into devotion and devotional principles such as thanksgiving and praise there begins to be established a point of view or an attitude which automatically links the seeker with its own subconscious or metaphysical mind. And in this attitude or construct of metaphysical being the connections become stronger and information moves into the conscious mind ever more quickly with iteration and experience until you are responding to better information and are finding a less troubled outer existence where instead of being surprised by your limitations you are responding to them in loving awareness of them.

We find in this channel’s own experience that this particular entity has come through a week of having a chest cold and that it blames itself for not remembering that it needed more rest during times when a lot of group energy was being expressed in its environment. There were, of course, reasons for this instrument’s forgetting that it knew that lesson. There was a perfectly valid reason that this entity subconsciously chose to have the experiences that would also cause it to go beyond its limitation and get the cold. And we concur that, not only for this instrument, but in each case where a limit has been overstepped and seeming disaster occurs, this is not a mistake. This is how is should be, for catalyst is gained, as the one known as S said, during the excessive activity that could not have been gained by acting in a balanced manner. In order words, it is not the business of those who come into incarnation upon a third-density planet to be right, to be balanced, or to be perfect.

Actually, each of you is here to go through the suffering, the pain, and the difficulties because of the refining, and purifying, and even chiseling aspects of the transformative process whence catalyst becomes experience. The basic tool for each application of practice that will yield better connections within the energy body is silence. We have said this in so many ways through the years through this instrument that we are aware that each of you is fully knowledgeable that we will talk about meditation or some other way of entering into and absorbing the information of silence. For silence is full of information, as the one known as J said. The very stars each have their song. All things in creation have their tune, and all blends in a marvelous harmony of the spheres that is endless and endlessly beautiful. But this beauty exists for the metaphysical entity that is attempting to begin the process of spiritual evolution in the bare bones of silence.

Whether it be the meditation of one who exercises or walks in nature, or whether it be the more formal practices of meditation, of contemplation, or of visualization, or whether even it is a practice that uses the everyday things of a normal life and workday to repeatedly center the self in moments of remembrance, the basic tool is silence, the moving into the consciousness of listening within.

You see, the information that is within the metaphysical portion of the body has its reflection in the feel and color of the energy of each chakra, and there are increasingly subtle levels of prescription about the energy system of the chakras and the connections between the chakras that will give fairly specific information about energy levels and where stress is and so forth. However, it is not the work of a short time to awaken the ability to read one’s own psychic signature. There is a process of learning to visualize the system in some way that gives to the self fairly accurate information that can only be developed through a long period of time and experimentation with ways of visualizing and ways of interpreting what you have seen when you do the visualization process.

But whether you get the information from devotion, or from the silence of meditation, or from work with balancing the energy system of the body and asking it questions, or from hearing familiar sounds like the electronic beeps of the computer or telephone and using that beep to bring the self back to the remembrance of who it is, the basic key is to move into the silence and allow it to give its information and to do its transformative work. When one can work with the metaphysical structures that support life in third-density incarnation, then one can work better with the direct experience of the incarnation as well.

What if God were one of us? Just a slob like one of us? That is the situation. You are on a journey. You are very young gods. The journey has just begun. And there are many experiences through which you shall travel before you arrive home. But we may say this. Each of you and each of us is held in loving arms, and every step that each of us takes is accompanied by those spirits who love us and wish only to help us. We encourage each to lean into the support that lies within, and we encourage each to realize, more and more, the divinity of the imperfect self and the utter acceptableness of the imperfect self.

It is possible, if it is desired by a seeker, to enter into what this instrument would call body work and with a practitioner it is possible for a seeker to locate the places within the body’s system of muscular and skeletal connections and skin and all else, those places of disharmony and conflict within the body. For the body carries memory in each of its cells, and each time that there is pain and sorrow, each time that there is anger and resentment, each time that there is any emotion that we could name to you, it is generally not so clearly expressed or not so completely acknowledged that it simply moves through the energy system and out. Usually a portion of the suffering of a moment will, indeed, move into the cellular structure of the body. For many entities it will settle in parts of the body that will talk to the body about what is occurring. If there is a sore back, it is sore from bearing the burden. If there are sore arms, they are sore from carrying too much. If there is the sore jaw that this instrument experiences, perhaps it is biting down on those things that it would say if it decided to allow itself to express itself in an unpleasant manner.

In each case where there are discomforts or pains within the body it is not simply that they are telling you what limitation you have gone beyond. They are also expressing the nature of a limitation and what kind of catalyst has brought the imbalance that is now being experienced. In extreme cases the body signals can include dysfunction that causes a change in the entire life. And again, this is often set into motion by those forces within the body, mind and spirit which are connected with choices made before incarnation concerning the lessons and the service which have been hoped to be encompassed in one incarnation.

It was an interesting question to ask, and we have greatly enjoyed playing with it, but as you may well realize we have only scratched the surface. So, if you wish to question further, that is certainly acceptable to us. At this time we would transfer the contact to the one known as Jim so that further questions may be asked if there is a desire. We thank this instrument and would leave it in love and in light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any further queries which those present may have for us. Is there another query at this time?

I am curious to see if you have done any homework concerning a question concerning the relationship between the moon and the sun. Since you did not have an answer to that question last time, do you have it this time?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. There are some mysteries that last longer than a week, and, indeed, this is the case with us.

Is there another query at this time?

I would be interested in having you search for the answer. You have the various resources of many densities in order to find the answer to that question. I would like to know not so much to have the answer but in order to find out how you go about finding the answer. I’ll leave that for now and I’ll query you next time.

The other question concerns the many equipment failures that happened during and just after the Homecoming weekend. What was going on last week to cause these problems to occur?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Though there was much of the excitement and energy moving through this group in that time period it would be normal to expect that these energies would affect a great many people and we feel that this was so for most of the entities who gathered here for the sharing of self with self. It is oftentimes during such gatherings that the mysterious occurs, and though we would like to add to the feel of mystery, for it is a pleasant experience to feel that one’s energies have had an effect in the environment about one, we see that the failures of various electrical devices was simply coincidence.

Is there a further query, my brother?

When I read and hear people talk about their past lives, why don’t they ever remember what they did in between past lives?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The experience that is had by those who have moved through an incarnation and who are in the time/space equivalent of the space/time illusion in which the incarnation was experienced go through a process which is most informative to a mind/body/spirit complex totality. However, many of these experiences taking place on the, shall we say, other side of the veil are of a nature which is difficult to access during an incarnation. However, there are some few who are able to do this. The number, however, is quite small, smaller even than those who feel that they are aware of previous incarnations. And we would suggest that the number of entities who are aware, in an accurate sense, of previous incarnations is much smaller than is believed. For the experience of remembering a previous incarnational experience is one which has a certain attractive glow to it, shall we say. It is in fashion to remember previous to the incarnation. We would suggest, however, that very few do remember a previous incarnation in an accurate way, so that the ability to remember an incarnation previous to this one, or the experience between incarnations previous to this one, is quite, quite rare. For each entity wishes that the veil of forgetting will, indeed, do what it does, and that is to make a complete block of all experience previous to the present incarnation in order that the present incarnation might be the sole focus of attention at this time. It is in such a situation that lessons are more purely and efficiently learned. If incarnations were able to be mixed so that memories of various incarnations blend through into the current incarnation the lessons and catalyst of the current incarnation would be diluted in such a fashion such as to reduce the efficiency of learning.

Is there a further query?

That’s interesting. No further queries at this time. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Are there reasons that free will is involved in not answering the question about the relative size of the sun and moon?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. In this case this is not so. There are many, many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual coincidences that do, indeed, have meaning and may be pursued in various layers of uncovering the nature of the truth beneath them. In other instances we find that there is simply coincidence and that the coincidence is merely mechanical and unimportant. Into this category this falls for us.

Is there another query, my sister?

Yes. I went through regressive hypnosis and remembered a life in sparkling detail of another life lived on another planet, and a whole lifestyle. A friend of mine says that she remembers being an Egyptian god called Sekmet. I don’t feel that I could bank on either one of our memories as accurate, and I wondered what these false images are that we think are incarnations from another time? Are they false echoes? Are they shadows that tell us something about ourselves that pierces the veil? Are there any uses to these memories at all?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. In the specifics of this particular query we cannot answer in a definitive nature, for we are desirous of not infringing upon free will. However, in the general run of the query we may suggest that that importance which is placed upon the memory, however accurate or false it might be, is that quality of essence. The importance which a person places upon the supposed memory of a previous incarnation gives a person an idea of something of value resting there, taking a form as it will, being revealed as it is, being understood or misunderstood as it is. These are the facets of the gem of the incarnation. Seeing that which is of importance to the mind, to the emotions, to the spirit, to the body, this gives the self information from the self and it is unimportant as to whether or not this is an accurate memory. It is only important because the person feels that it is so.

Is there another query, my sister?

I really like that answer, by the way. I finished writing A Wanderer’s Handbook some time ago and it is about 1280 pages. My editor thinks it should be published as it is with a good introduction explaining why it is so long, or, number two, that it needs to be edited down to about half its length and a lot of quotes from channeled entities such as yourself be replaced with a simpler and less convoluted language of me writing on those points. I would welcome any comments that you would have, as we are at this point now.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister, and again we must apologize for invoking the Way of Confusion, for we do not wish to influence you upon this matter for it is built upon the foundation of free will. We are happy to serve however we may. Is there another query?

No. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you again, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

[No further queries.]

I am Q’uo, and as it appears that we have exhausted the queries for the nonce we would take this opportunity to thank each present once again for inviting us to join your circle this day. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. Joan Osborne, “One Of Us,” from the album Relish (1995).