For the group question today we are going to take pot luck and see what Q’uo might have to say to us.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of the Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in whose service we are. We thank you for forming a circle on this day of winter. The snow and the difficult roads have kept many of your friends from their activities. We celebrate your faithfulness to these precious times together, and we are most grateful to you for seeking the truth as a group this afternoon.

It is the first time in a long while-we do not immediately remember the last time that we had a pot luck-and that is a novel thing for us. For we then need to use our own discrimination to the extent which you usually take off our hands. What would we wish to tell you? What would we wish to offer you? Left to ourselves we speak one tune. We tell one story. We tell of love. And yet we find that even within this small a group of three we would be able to rest within each of your minds to discover the genius that lies in the connections between those minds and to find a completely unique subject at any time that you would ask for pot luck. For the energy between even any two people, much less any three people, is a complex and multi-layered thing. The connections are there in so many ways that are difficult to understand in any linear fashion. Each of you is connected to each other by those things which you are working on in common, by those services which you share in common, by the outer gifts which you enjoy in common, and by the desires that resonate between each of you in common.

So that even among those whose path is fairly calm and whose seeking has become silent and only occasionally moving into the new book, the new tape, the new buzz, the new news. Each of you creates constantly the future forks in the road for yourself, those future choices of pathway. It is not only that you are choosing the road that you are on when you come to the moment and gaze at it, for indeed you choose not only the road that you are on in the present but turnings from that road that are implied in the depths of your seeking, in the quality of your attention, and in the sincerity of your humility at asking and knowing that you know not and that you truly wish to know. This desire is not a permanent or a fixed thing in anyone. Rather, it is that commitment that is revisited [perhaps] each day but certainly from time to time.

So rather than your life being a clarion call that once begun simply continues speaking we suggest that each of you has a voice, has an energy, has the potential to sing a certain beautiful and complex melody, but each of you, indeed, in the present moment is a sonata under construction, a musical piece that has not yet been finished. And so there is the rehearsal and the playing over of the tunes of self, those leitmotifs of being.

The one known as T said earlier that there was that in him that greatly missed the opportunity last week to come together in seeking in silence and in truth. And we would address this line of thought because there is a very valuable point to be made here, not simply for this group, but in terms of all groups that are seeking to increase the light upon planet Earth. It is very well to establish a group. It is very well to begin a practice of spiritual seeking. It is excellent to form a plan for seeking the truth, for finding the self, or for discovering one’s service. All of these avenues are worthy. They all lie before each of you. When you come together as a group in a regular and persistent fashion these threads begin to weave themselves without your conscious awareness into a far more coherent and lambent pattern, banked and steeped in light because of the energy of those companions of the path that have entered the silence together over a period of time.

Opening to the silence in a group over a twenty year period that these particular three entities have enjoyed together is opening a very small social memory complex between the three seated within this circle plus the social memory complex existing betwixt each of the two in this group which have a close bonding, plus the social memory complex that exists within fourth density, that one which exists within fifth, and that one which exists within sixth density and which forms the principle which is our voice. Consequently, rather than bringing one entity into the silence, by meeting in a group over a period of time you are beginning to weave for yourself a solid and reliable resource which contains your energy spoken truly and reflected in the mirror of those who love you and those who would wish to help you.

Meeting in trust, coming together in humility and seeking, are motives and energies which ennoble and strengthen that within you which seeks so that you may have the grace to continue to seek. For, indeed, we do not advertise that there are easy answers. Indeed we do not advertise answers. We urge the questioning. We encourage the hunger and here we do not speak of intellectual hunger, although certainly that has its place and books and ideas and all sorts of outer influences are intended to come in and to speak to you and to move you, but beyond all of these things it is the silence, it is the seeking beyond the question where the whole self becomes the question and the only answer desired is wrapped in silence and lifted on the wings of angels so that you, yourself, are wrapped in angels’ wings, those wings which bear one up when one knows nothing, those wings which hide one when the sunlight of pain is too bright, those wings that lift one up above the pettiness and the greed, the sloth and the laziness of other human beings that come before your eyes, that lift one up beyond the secrets of the heart, that are not worthy, that are error-prone, that mark one as a human that are the hardest of all to lift beyond, to fly beyond, to release from the judgment of one’s self.

We are so pleased that you have sensed the power of simple, error-prone, third-density human beings in a group, dedicated to light and love and service. Is there within any of you some bright idea that will instantly change the planet? We do not know. We do not know where your outer gifts lie, where the footsteps of your heart will take you, not tomorrow, not even next year, not in the next decade. We don’t know the final shape of your life but [only] that there is this moment together in time and in space where these three have come together and sought in silence and in the spiritually lived voice which this instrument has asked for. That which you know not is a great treasure, a great resource within your practice, and we are very, very pleased that you feel its value whether or not it is possible to see into this depth or quality of value in a conscious manner. It is there, and on the incarnational level contracts are being fulfilled. Collaborations continue, and the work that is common to all moves on to a fuller life because each has persisted in good weather and in bad, in good feelings and in difficult times, through all of the thicks and thins of living.

This is a time when your planet roots deep and sleeps. This is a time when many little snows visit the Earth and sink into it very slowly, watering in a much more beneficial way than the dazzling flooding rains of spring. The ground is preparing for its growing season, feeding the deep springs. Slowly, so slowly the energies of the light begin to strengthen as the day becomes minutes longer each day. Each within this group deals at this time with those difficulties which seem to smack of the cold and the ice of inconvenience, discomfort and pain. Yet we say to you that within the warm nest of hearth and home and heart the balm of Gilead lies sleeping, waiting to be taken up and used, and all of the energies of healing, peace and new life are upon the wind, harbingers of the spring and the blooming time to come. Know that all is well. Know that all seasons have their beauty, and rest in that faith and hope which inform your heart when it opens to the shining face of the one original Creator.

We would, if the instrument known as Jim is willing, like to exercise this instrument briefly as this is a good opportunity, since there is no message, to work with this instrument in a more general and creative way. If this instrument prefers, it is perfectly all right not to speak. We would at this time offer to transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo and leave this instrument in love and light.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each once again in love and in light through this instrument. We have at this time spoken about the process of evolution that each entity undergoes, both as an individual and as members of a group of individuals. The process of seeking the direction of one’s path is a process which is chosen not only upon the conscious level of each individual seeker but is a process which is, you might say, encoded into the very cells of your bodies. For all of life which has been created is made of the same Creator and this Creator of us all seeks to know of Itself what can be known, and seeks as well to return to a state of being in which there is a complete stasis for but a short while in which the knowledge of being is fully assimilated. As this is a dynamic energy there is in fact no true stasis, for that which is garnered from knowledge is almost immediately put to use as a kind of fuel for the engine of beingness. There is always a use or burning of the fuel of knowledge which can be focused in an individualized sense so that there are infinite possibilities for those portions of the Creator which are able to individualize to do so. Thus are each of you, and all of the sentient beings who are children of the one Creator, fitted with a kind of homing device. For the portions of the one Creator who wander far, it would seem, from unity are in fact voyaging into those areas of unity which are yet unknown or unexplored until some portion of the seeking Creator moves into these areas, much as the-we search this instrument’s mind-various expressions of biological life flourish in a pattern dance, growing ever more intricate patterns of life forms to once again express another facet of the one Creator being explored through free will.

We are those of Q’uo. We feel that we have taken this instrument far a field in this particular expression and would at this time ask if there might be any queries that we may attempt? Is there a query at this time?

I don’t have a question but I would just like to ask that you be with Jim and me as we go through these two procedures in January and February. I would appreciate your help.

I am Q’uo, and we feel your desire for assistance, and this is of course an area in which we are most happy to join you in the healing efforts. For the energies which we have to offer are of a very basic level of vibration in accordance with the third-density requirements for expression. We are with you, my sister, and would be glad to join you in any meditative endeavors which would assist in the relaxation and healing process.

Is there any query at this time?

No. Thank you very much.

No. Not from me. Thanks.

I am Q’uo and we thank each once again for inviting our presence this day. Again, we would express our great joy at each opportunity to join this group in its seeking. At this time we would take our leave of this instrument and of this group. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.