The question today has to do with some of the finer aspects of service. If we wish to be of service and offer ourselves in that way, is there any danger that we could distort the service or make it less than it could be by being proud of our service, by making it public, by doing it in a way that is not hidden, not pure. We would like for Q’uo to talk to us about the optimum way of really being of service to others in a way that does serve other people and doesn’t activate our egos.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this day. We offer you many thanks for gathering in a circle of seeking and for calling us to your group with your question concerning service to others and how to optimize it. We are very glad to share thoughts upon this subject and would ask only that each of you listen to those things which we would say with an ear for that which is yours, being very quick to lay aside any thoughts that we offer that do not seem to you to be helpful. We would suggest that your powers of discrimination are very keen and are true for you, far in excess of what our opinions might be.

We give this instrument the vision of a blank, black night sky without even the twinkling of stars, but simply the black, full night that expresses itself as the foundation of your consciousness as it gathers itself into an energy web and forms itself into that which you know of as yourself. That gathering of energy, that swirling into pattern, is a gathering from fullness into fullness. And we use the color black because it is that which cannot be seen, yet we might as well say a fullness upon fullness of light. However, the purity of this image is in that which forms itself as an energy field without any visual cue, without any proof of its existence or its identity.

Such is the foundation stone of each of your incarnational selves. The self within incarnation is a collection that you have put together for this particular life experience. You have chosen, very carefully, the attributes, limitations and gifts that you have within this incarnation. From a rather vast array of distortions which appear as gifts, and distortions which appear as limitations, which lie within the confines of a soul self, you might call it, that has been formed through many, many experiences, each adding its torque and twist to the swirling, spiraling energy of the self which has been formed without sight, without vision, but of energy itself, that energy which is love, that energy into manifestation which then becomes light, you have chosen that which becomes form, becomes being, becomes body, becomes personality, becomes ego, becomes “you.” And that “you” then enters the blinding light of incarnational consciousness.

And yet what are you? It is well to reckon with the infinity of your own being. At the beginning of the discussion of service to others and of optimizing it is the foundation stone of knowing who and what you are. You are not a new being, and yet you are brand new to this moment. But by saying that you are not new, we mean to indicate that those quirks and quiddities which make you just the personality that you are have a value that is not obvious to the conscious, human eye of reason. Your value to the Creator is precisely in those irregularities, eccentricities and inconsistencies that form you as you are, that distort and bias you as you come to the questions of your life and the pondering of those questions throughout your life.

Realize always that there is beneath your feet a profoundly concrete unmanifested security. You cannot fall from being who you are. You cannot fail to be who you are. Anything that you do, anything that you may consider a gross error, a silly mistake, or a foolishness remains part of the glory and goodness of who you are. It is useless and beyond useless to attempt to measure the quality of your self or the quality of the giving of the self. Not perhaps useless in the sense of being food for thought or “grist for the mill” (after Ram Dass) but useless in the sense of achieving a sensible and meaningful answer to the question of self-worth. You cannot estimate your worth. You cannot criticize your biases. Beyond a certain point, they are those things about you which are most powerful and strong to serve because only you can express within the infinite universe precisely as you express. Each of you is as the cub reporter who works to tell the story and write it down for the paper. Each of you sees the same world scene, and yet each of you writes a different story. What the Creator is fascinated with is the differences in the stories.

Therefore, in terms of pleasing the infinite Creator and in terms of fulfilling your hopes of serving, you cannot fail. For all that you do will inform that one great original Thought which is Creatorship as It cannot be informed by any other spark in the infinite universe. Each of you is precious and beloved by the Creator. So we ask each, beyond all discussion of this question, to move immediately to a place of resting when such concerns occur within the mind, bringing up the doubts of self and the worth of the self. Move to that place of safety and resting that this instrument would call Gilead and allow yourself to feel the balm of the Creator’s love. For truly, in the Creator’s eyes you can do no wrong.

The rhythms of your work days and your leisure days create within you the suggestion that the passage of time is real, that there is a coherence of truth and meaning based upon the sequence of events, the past, the present, and the future. Certainly within your incarnational experience this is the literal truth of experience. The days flow into nights, flow into days, the months flow into years, flow into decades. All the rhythms of your world of nature cycle round once again: spring, summer, fall, winter and spring again. As this instrument has been so exalting the past few days to see, the new green shoots forth from the withered branch, the blossoms come forth from the hopeful leaves. Daffodils and tulips, fruit trees in blossom, all scenting the air with their sweet odors and resting the eye with a delight of color and life.

And beneath these transient events lives an energy as slow and as firm as the heartbeat of the Creator Itself. It is a matter of gradually becoming able to cease the noise of worry, to cease gradually, little by little, the fretting of fear. It is this kind of allowing a slowing of the rhythms of conscious thought that will bring to the seeker the optimal frame of mind or point of view for being of service to the self, to other selves, and to the Creator. There is a surface to what this instrument would call consensus reality, much like the surface of a glass ceiling or a floor that cannot be seen, yet it seems to hold up the bodies and the experiences. Many are the entities that move through the incarnation that they experience upon your planet without once falling through the glass ceiling into the great reaches of deeper consciousness. It is possible to move from infanthood, to childhood, to teenagehood, to adulthood, through to the grave, without ever leaving the surface of life. It is not particularly easy to maintain this comfortable shallowness of existence which allows almost complete control over the environment. Yet many attempt nothing more than simply to remain comfortable and, as this instrument would say, keep body and soul together. For those within this circle that has never been a distinct possibility. Each within this group seeks not just the surface of the truth but those blessed regions that lie beneath the surface, those areas which are more like a water world than an air world, a world of smooth, rhythmic gliding, the characteristics, shall we say, of water rather than of air.

The way that energy moves through water is pertinent here, for as water is pushed by a force from behind, it expresses itself in a way which is not from here to there. For water simply pushes on its force to the next drop of water to the next so that something that occurred off the coast of Japan can eventually express itself upon the shores of your beach of California. The same energy, the same reason, is infinitely expressed across the ever interconnected drops of water. Study the way that water works to see a little bit more into how entities come together in their patterns and how they may express in ways that do not show but yet have their effect on a distant shore. Many times there is the hope of seeing a result and there is a demand put on service that it be quantifiable. This is an easily understood desire, to be able to measure the service that one is, that one can offer. And yet it is not always at all obvious how the service is going to express. For it may express not simply within a small pond of being, not in the immediate ripples but rather at a distant shore when that wave that you began washes up and expresses itself finally in just such and such a way.

So, we would suggest that there be a releasing of tension when that tension of worry is felt concerning the worth of an effort. Ask the self to release judgment. Releasing the judgment of how one is doing is very helpful in simplifying and regularizing the energies surrounding those gifts which you hope to offer.

Let us shift to another gear here and look at the question of being and doing, an old theme for us and for you, too. Some of service-to-others does have to do with doing, indeed, and we praise each for those kindnesses and services that each has agreed to offer freely from the heart of self. It is a wonderful thing to behold the helpful desire of each entity to do good, to serve truly, to run the straight race, to be a child of the Creator in all things. And each of you has these outer gifts that have been expressed by you in service to others in many different ways throughout your life, and yet always the truer and deeper elements of service have to do with your being. It does not matter in terms of the worth of service what that service is. Some services may seem more noble than others, some entities more able to serve than others, and yet all service is equal.

What ennobles service is the love with which it is offered. And that love can be held within the heart, can be withheld, or can be released. It is tempting to attempt to hold the picture of service within the mind and to adjudge the self then from that position within the mind, and yet this is what this instrument would call the mind game.

We are finding, as we discuss this topic, that the energy within the circle is quite low, and consequently we would choose at this time to open the meeting to further questions. We would attempt at this time to transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo, and would transfer this contact at this time.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each once again in love and in light through this instrument. We appreciate your patience, as we have worked with this instrument, and would ask at this time if there might be a query to which we might respond.

Yes. I have a comment and I would appreciate your elaboration. I believe from what I just heard you say that our working on ourselves in any way is a slow chipping-away process. I had spoken earlier about having one very good day one day last week, and even that evening when I watched the boys usually I would be a little upset because I would like to read or watch some TV and they would be making noise. But it didn’t seem to bother me that evening. Do you have any suggestions about how, once having attained that feeling or mindset, to continue, or to get that feeling back?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. How to bottle the magic! It is our recommendation that to be and to accept yourself as you are is the quickest road to attaining those goals which you desire in terms of being as harmonious as you can be, learning what you can learn, and yet being aware that you have a distance yet to go. It is the fate of humans in this third-density to be in some degree seemingly deficient, for this is the lot of those who dwell within this illusion. This is not to be mourned or bewailed, for this is a process that is long in terms of your time and energy, yet which need not bring discomfort or concern to the hearty seeker. This is, rather, to be worked with as a given, shall we say, for each of you has those qualities which are what you would call strengths as well as those which you would call weaknesses. You will do well when you are able to exercise discrimination to the degree where you are able to accept one as well as the other. For your journey is one which is best accomplished when you are evenhanded, shall we say, when you are able to work with yourself, with these strengths and these weaknesses, and bless the Creator, the creation, and yourself for being as you are. For in truth, all is well, all is one, all is as it should be. Yet this great dance, which all do as they progress through the creation and the evolution of the self, is accomplished in a movement that is truly fluid, that is ever present, and which can lead one on into the greater realms of understanding.

When you have achieved what you would call a success and have been able, to your own discrimination, to be able to do that which you wish to do, again do not feel overly glad, for to become attached to one form or another, one expression or another is, to some degree, to place small stumbling blocks within one’s way. It is a balancing act, my friends, for you on the one hand realize that you have a journey to make and on the other hand are wise to realize that you are the Creator, that all is truly well, and that there is no need for any thing. This is the paradox in which each of you moves.

We hope that we have not overly confused you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

No. Not from me. Thank you very much. It didn’t confuse me at all.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I have a couple. First of all, I wanted to ask concerning a dream theme that I have experienced lately. I’ve had several dreams about a baby, and in this last dream I was able to get to the baby and pick the child up. My thinking about this is suggesting to me that I am going back to my own childhood and comforting the child that was not comforted when I was a child. In general, could you confirm that this is the direction that my dreams are attempting to speak with me on?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. And we confirm that which you have supposed. Is there another query?

The other question simply has to do with my experience of the channel today. It was coming from a very deep place and I can still feel the energy. It was very powerful but there were fewer words than usual. It was very hard to bring up any content, but it seems like a very rich place and seems like a new area of conscious channeling, and I would be glad to hear anything that you have to say about it because it is very new to me.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The practice of the vocal channel is that practice which one may become more, shall we say, capable of producing as the experience continues. There are along the path of this service various steps or stages of growth which are apparent in some cases and in others not so apparent. You have begun to experience the beginning of a newer phase, shall we say, of serving as a vocal instrument. There are levels of consciousness that are available to each entity and to those who serve as vocal instruments that open doors, that offer great access to pure information or inspiration. Through another door you are beginning to pass. Is there another query, my sister?

Yes. One more. It’s pretty silly, but I do want to ask it. I have had the inspiration lately to wear clothes for the channeling and only for the channeling and have them just be for that. I wonder if it is acceptable as a service to put the clothes on as part of being tuned, or is it simple vanity? I almost put on my brand new channeling outfit today and then I thought it was just too vain to be changing my clothes. I don’t know where the judgment is and where the truth lies. If you can make a comment, fine. It it’s too specific, that’s fine too.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The use of special garments for the providing of the service of a vocal channel is completely at your discretion. If you feel that this would enhance your ability to serve, then by all means do so. If you feel that it would, on the other hand, set you apart and make you feel better than, then by all means do not. This is your decision, my sister.

Thank you.

Thank you, my sister. Is there another question at this time?

Yes, it also concerns vocal channeling. In this last newsletter from Jim and Carla a graded group was mentioned and Carla explained it to me. I’ve never been much of a channel at all and never have had much of a desire, although I would like to do it if I felt it would be helpful. She also mentioned that in groups like this there were people who functioned as a battery or a conductor and I would like some guidance as to whether I should pursue active participation as a vocal channel.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Again, we come to that point which is more appropriate for your own decision-making according to that which you feel drawn to do. You may be either, according to your desires, for you have abilities in both areas. However, the choice must come, not from any source outside yourself, but from that voice within yourself.

Is there a final query at this time?

I have one. Speaking of dreams, I want to encourage the dreaming activity because I look at it as a way of speaking to your self. Is that all that is necessary, the desire?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Desire and perseverance. Continue in the effort until you have been able to produce the fruits which you desire. Practice. Practice. Practice.

We are those of Q’uo, and we again thank those present for taking the time to join this circle of seeking and to blend your desires as one as you speak with your own hearts and with those of all of the creation. We appreciate your efforts and your sincerity. At this time we would take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave each, as always, in the love and in the ineffable light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.