Our question today is sort of two-pronged. The first part has to do with the energies, the spiritual vibrations, of the evolution of the planet, its population, and each of us individually as well. Some people spoke of being able to feel these vibrations more intensively now, and we are wondering if you could describe these vibrations to us, their nature, and how we could work more harmoniously with them so that they are not so overwhelming. The second part of the question was: when you speak to groups like ours, could you give an indication of how it is you feel when you have been successful? What are the usual needs of the group and what are the services that you provide to meet those needs?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we are. We thank each of you for being part of this circle of seeking. It is a true blessing to us to be able to be called to your group and to share in your meditation and the beauty of your energies. It is a unique pleasure, different each time, as each of you has come to a different place in your seeking and in your process, and each shows us new colors and tones of colors each time that we meet. We also greet those who have not been to our group before. Each is most appreciated. The time that you have found for the seeking creates the opportunity for us to serve, and we are most thankful. We ask only that you listen to our words with discrimination, taking only that which seems good to you and leaving the rest behind. This enables us to share without being concerned that we will infringe upon your free will.

Your query this day is most interesting, covering as it does two seemingly disparate subjects: that of the energies that are transforming your planet and that of the way that we serve and the kind of results that we hope for.

Let us begin by becoming more aware of the energy that each of you sits with, as if you were the center of an energy nexus, which, indeed, you are. Feel that feeling of being the self, the energies of essence, those energies that are so familiar and so near and at the same time perhaps often unthought-of, as though because they do not show, because they do not have substance within the physical world, they are left somewhat neglected. Relax all of those tensions that are confining or narrowing your energy stream and come into the full feeling of yourself. For each of you is a spark of the Creator. Through each of you the universe has its being. That consciousness which you carry is the heart of yourself and is infinitely precious.

Now we would ask you to become aware of the energy of others within this circle of seeking. Feel that entity upon your right and that entity upon your left. Begin to sense the link between each, the overriding unity of identity between you and those within the circle with you. Allow that sensation of shared aura to begin to rotate in a clockwise manner about the circle. What color is that light? It will be somewhat different for each as each views from a unique point of view. To some it may be white. To some it may be golden. To some it may be violet. Whatever your perception, for you it is an accurate and helpful one. It is your subconscious way of describing to yourself, for yourself, this sensed energy.

Now we would ask you to become aware, if you will, of our energy, as a kind of engirding support to your meditation. It is as if we are a carrier wave that enables your meditation to be somewhat more sturdy and more stable.

Now we would ask you to open up your senses and become aware of the energies of the earth under your feet, the sky, the air, the wind above this roof, the warmth of the sun, the motion of the planet, and the energies of the planet and stone, sea and river, plants and animals. As your heart beats, so the rhythm of the earth itself is affected. As the tides turn, so the beating of your heart is affected. Each of you has ripples of effect upon each other. Each whom you meet ripples out and affects you by the wake of energy that each brings and shares.

This is the world of your energetic body. This is the world of an incredible variety of beings that live within the inner planes of your planet, many teachers and many healers, many wise entities and certainly many beings of mischief and fun as well as those darker entities that would delight in feeding upon the darker emotions that you may offer: pain and fear, the suffering. It is a rich and challenging atmosphere, the atmosphere of this energetic being that you are. It makes the world of physical reality very simplistic and almost like a comic book. For the strokes are broad and not as subtle as the gentle and infinitely moving and flowing waves of the energy that you are.

At this time among your people and, as the one known as D says, for some time before this, the energy upon your planet has been transformed as the Earth mother of your planet itself moves inexorably to and through the process of giving birth to fourth density. The change within your planetary energy grid is remarkable. Indeed, there is a new grid which this particular instrument tends to call the Christ grid but which may be seen in general to be a pattern of energy nexi which surround the planet like a net, we would say a net of love, a net that is made of fourth-density light. It is woven with golden strands offered by each of you and offered by many, many entities within the inner planes of your planet as well. There are many beings who have dedicated themselves at this time within the inner planes to the ceaseless task of offering thanks and praise as they move along these lines of energy and connect one point to another with strand after strand of coherent light which is that stream which is created when each of you prays, meditates, or opens the heart in any way.

This transformational light is profoundly different from that light which you have been processing through your physical body and the finer bodies of your energy system in previous years. Its energy is of an entirely transformed nature and may we say that this energy is oftentimes that which creates some discomfort for those who have become aware of it and who have begun to respond to it. In any change there is discomfort, even in the happiest of changes such as in the occasion of marriage or upon the occasion of birth, and in a way there is both a birth and a marriage taking place at this time.

The birth is that of the planet beneath your feet, and the marriage is that between the self and the fourth-density portion of yourself which you have brought within you into this incarnation to be activated by this light at this time. It is a marriage of self with a higher aspect of self. And yet this new aspect of self is a stranger, a new portion of the self that has yet to be fully recognized. Under the influence of this light, at the cellular level, your genetic structure is being offered the opportunity to become more organized. This instrument’s scientific knowledge is slim but we find within her mind the concept of DNA and we say that at this time, each of you is capable of creating new strands of DNA which allow a far more open door between the contents of the conscious mind and the treasures of the subconscious mind.

Many of you, perhaps, are experiencing various aspects of your subconscious at this time flowing far more freely into physical awareness. This can have very discomfiting effects at different times. It depends entirely upon the amount of attention that you are paying and the growing ability that each has to see through the circumstances of your daily life into its essence. Some of you have been speaking of experiencing various symptoms, and this is to be expected. This is a typical response to new vibrational levels and, indeed, it does create a sense of great intensity from time to time in most awakening entities.

Is this a blessing? We feel certainly that it is. We feel that it is a very helpful and powerful time for each of you. It is as though you are rediscovering an aspect of yourself that we would call mastership or priesthood. For within this new vibration, it is possible to sense yourself as a spiritual being entirely, a creature of spirit, a minister of love and light. Within this very exciting time among your people, our hope is to assist in opening the awareness of those who seek to do so. The one known as S was asking what sort of service we provide and what the results are. The service that we provide through this instrument is linear and yet we find that when we speak these poor words of language through instruments such as this one, we are able to use the coloration and timbre of that instrument’s emotions and personality to enhance and to stain our very simple message of love and light with the colors of individual personality, incarnation, and point of view. We must blend with the energies of instruments such as this one. We find it a most interesting and creative way to work with those concepts that fit so poorly into the shape of human language and yet explode with meaning when allowed to rest in the space between the words.

In the next density you will be able to open that telepathic sense that eludes you most of the time within this density and you will grasp the poverty of language compared to the richness of concept communication, for words are a filter to the wholeness of truth, straining out many things in order to say one. Perhaps our most fundamental service, as we perceive it, is in bringing to people, in groups such as this and as they ask individually, an experience of unconditional love. We do come to you in love. We come to you in radiant light. We float upon the wings of utmost purity and meaning that we know. We hope to blend with each of you in such a way as to enhance your own sense of joy and peace and balance. We open our arms and embrace you. We love so much. Each of you is a master who has not yet become fully aware of that. This instrument was speaking earlier about how foolish she felt. We find that this is the human experience in cameo, that feeling of being inadequate to the moment, of being imperfect and one step behind. Of not being the one who has a clever word, but the one who stands in silence thinking seriously of something clever to say.

How true it is that each of you suffers within this illusion of life on Earth, each in a very unique and personal way. Not all entities experience the same thing, but each has its patterns of light and dark. Each has its travails and sorrows and its joys. Each has those shining moments and those moments of bleak despair. Our hope in this work is to enter into relationship with those who ask for communion and companionship in such a way that there is an enhanced sense of the reality and sturdiness of love within your being, within your life experience, and in the very air around you. We would like to create for each a more substantial bubble of fourth density that you may walk within as you go about your business upon planet Earth.

Oftentimes we work on the individual level to join a meditation. When entities do not meditate or ask for us on the conscious level, but are calling for comfort upon the unconscious level, then it is that we work with dreams in order to create within the dream state that comfort and safety that oftentimes is missing in the life of those who wish to serve the light. It is a peculiarity of the spiritual path that it at once brings all entities together and isolates each within its own process. We hope to be a healing influence for those who sense themselves as being isolated and stuck in lack of communication and lack of companionship.

For those who, like this instrument was saying earlier, are attempting to pray on the run we simply attempt to act as a carrier wave beneath the chores of everyday. Our advantage is that we are very used to working with the energy bodies. It is our version of a physical body. As beings of energy, in a far more conscious manner than each of you, we are somewhat more able to facilitate the blending of energies.

It is as though we come to encourage and support each of you and then call you forth, as the spirit and spiritual energies always do, to minister to each other. For in truth there is nothing that we do that you cannot do as well. It is a matter of experience on a conscious level versus inexperience on a conscious level. However, beneath the threshold of consciousness we are completely and utterly equal and that which you know within yourself is precisely as full and whole a knowledge as that which we hold and know.

Our results are, in the sense of feeling that we have been effective, enormously uneven, and we are quite content with this apparent variation in success. It is not a matter of filling a specific quota or creating a specific result. For us it is a matter of finding ways to communicate within your density that do enhance, but do not infringe upon, the identity, the wholeness, or the integrity of each of you. If we could give you a feeling of how we see you, it is as entities of enormous courage, sacrifice and beauty. Each of you, in choosing to come into incarnation, did, indeed, take a chance in terms of the sacrifice of comfort. For within the spirit world, there is that lack of a veil between the self and the glory of all that is. Wordsworth once wrote in a poem that infants come into this world trailing clouds of glory. Glory is a much underused word in that there truly is a glory to the present moment, there truly is a glory to the universe and there truly is a glory to thank the Creator for. One has only to gaze into the creations of the Father to become aware in a deep and an intimate way what glory is there, the blooms of the iris and the coral bell, the shoots of the tree that are fully green. This burgeoning and swelling time of spring among your people is truly bursting with glory from every hedgerow and every roadside.

Yet, there is always that glory within, there is always that urge to seek for the Shangri-la, the place of perfect meditation, the place of great power that somehow will assist in bringing those powers to a place where they can be used. And we say to you that it is your divine self that contains the power that you seek. Certainly one can feel the strength of places of power, and yet we suggest to you that as the planet itself evolves, those places of power move around. Also as the fourth-density energy takes hold and becomes stronger, each of you will become more and more aware of yourselves as places of power, people of power.

How much you did give when you gave up the knowledge of who you are, of the tremendous experience that has been your palette upon which you have drawn to create this particular lifetime! There is within each a watchtower. In this watchtower, there is a light. When you turn on this light you are as a lighthouse that beckons the weary sailor home from the sea, that warns of rocks and shoals so that the boats may come in and land safely.

We call you masters and then, perhaps, your question is, “What shall we do with this mastership?” And we say to you that you came here to be healers of one kind or another, but not in the old sense of the healing arts, such as doctors and nurses, for each has the capacity to heal in his own way, some of you by the things that you say, some of you by those whom you attend and take care of, some of you by the sharing of the energies, some in the more specific ways of healing nature, in the laying on of hands and body work.

The difficult thing to express to you is the healing nature of many things that do not appear, within your culture or your experience, to be those things that have a profoundly healing influence. Yet those that clean their house with a certain kind of love and blessing are creating a healing space and claiming that space as sacred. When one is scrubbing a toilet, one does not particularly think that one is healing and yet you are creating an atmosphere for yourself of cleanliness and beauty, taking care of, loving, and nurturing your environment. This too is a healing, the cooking of food, the paying of bills, all of these very mundane things that this entity was speaking of earlier as her “Quick Books week.” All the ledgers and columns and figures are not abandoned to ugliness, but yet contain beauty also, contain sacredness also, when they are approached with love, when they are approached as honored and respected activities within the life, they too become lessons and create blessings. Most of all they come to invite you to a fuller life, to an expanding and enhanced life. And we hope to help in your stability as you open like a flower.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. Ask any questions that remain within the group before we adjourn. We thank this instrument and leave it in love and light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each in love and light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to ask if there are any further queries to which we may speak. Is there another query at this time?

Well, I’ll start out. I have one of major universal import. War Emblem won the Preakness and the Derby. Is he going to win the Belmont?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We have but a small idea as to the outcome of such events, for we do not move along those lines of investigation that would require that we invest a great deal of our energies in such endeavors. The kind of contacts that we are able to enjoy, given our origin outside of your planetary system, is that which we enjoy at the present moment, the mind-to-mind contact that has as its focus the nature of the spiritual journey and how it is accomplished through the daily round of activities. We are sure that there are sources more formidable than ours that may offer an opinion upon this topic.

Is there another query at this time?

No, not from me, I was just yanking your chain.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, I have a question. My son is going through quite an emotional ordeal with his job and he is going to be a new father. I am trying to advise and help him, but there is only so much that each person can do. Each person has to push their own load. It all boils down to trying to advise someone about their spirituality, whether they name it as such or not. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can aid a person who is going through a pretty hard time?

I am Q’uo, and we must pause briefly so that this [instrument] be allowed to work the recording devices. We are Q’uo.

[Tape change.]

I am Q’uo, and am once again with this instrument. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. It is the desire of many seekers such as yourself, my brother, to be of service to those who are in a kind of distress, as you might call it, needing that which they do not know, seeking in a general fashion that which specifically speaks to the spirit. As you seek to be of service to such entities, our only recommendation is to speak those words from your heart which are appropriate for the moment. Each moment is different, each entity is different. Thus, there is great room for individual expression in the sharing of that which you have to offer. As you are the same as they, your opinions may be weighed in an evenhanded manner, shall we say, there being no great reason why any entity should listen to or follow your advice. You are free to speak as you will. We have oftentimes recommended that it is well to put oneself in another’s place mentally before attempting to serve that entity, in order that you may achieve a certain amount of appreciation of what the entity whom you wish to aid experiences in its personal life. We would recommend this once more, as you seek to apprehend the qualities, the energies, and the opportunities that are making themselves available to such an entity in order that this entity may take the next step upon its own personal journey.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes, just a little follow up. There are lots of times that I feel that I know what to say to a person like that, my son or whoever. Sometimes I want to leap ahead and-say this is something that he or she would want to hear. What I hear you saying is, speak from your heart, speak the truth, and if that person doesn’t like it, then that is probably catalyst for them to move ahead. Anyway, is that correct, just to speak the truth and whatever happens will happen?

I am Q’uo, and we agree with your estimation of the message that we were attempting to deliver. We find that you have spoken with eloquence and have spoken to the point.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, not from me, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I just want to thank you, the vibrations were beautiful.

I am Q’uo, and we are most grateful to you as well, my sister, for each in this group has provided us with the vibrations of love and compassion which make it possible for us to blend our energies with those of your group. We are most appreciative of the effort that each entity has made in order to be here this day and to share those vibrations that are from the heart.

Is there another query at this time?

[No further queries.]

I am Q’uo, and it appears that we have exhausted the queries for the nonce. We shall again thank each for inviting our presence on this day in your circle of seeking and we shall at this time take our leave of this instrument and this group. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave each in the love and the ineffable light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends.