This question is from T1, and his first question is concerning the possibility that Earth might be about to experience some major catastrophes in the next eight to ten months. He’s seen a number of prophesies that suggest that this could be so, and he feels that, well, if that is so, then he should be spending his time helping people to discover this and take part in the evolutionary process, and get out and be diligent and serious about his service, but, if it’s not true, if Earth is not in great danger, then he wonders should he continue to do what he likes in this life: playing games, seeing movies, going dancing in the pub. The second question is, he would like Q’uo’s comment on his current progress in soul development, and perhaps some general advice as to how to be more in harmony with the Law of One.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. His service we are proud to call our own. We thank you so much for forming a circle of seeking at this time and welcoming our thoughts. We are most appreciative of this opportunity to share our thoughts with you and would ask only that, in listening to these thoughts, each be perfectly aware that we are your brothers and sisters, not authority figures whose opinion necessarily needs to be weighted with more importance than your own opinion, your own feeling of resonance with the material. Take what you will, and leave the rest behind. In this way, we are able to share our thoughts with you without being concerned that we will infringe upon your free will.

The questions that you ask this day concern the drama of the end of the age and the beginning of the new age, and the gentle, almost afterthought of a question concerning the general spiritual state of the one known as T1. And yet, in a way, these are one and the same question, for the spiritual state of the whole world and the spiritual state of each entity within the world are very, very closely linked. And the story that this planetary sphere shall tell to the archeologists of the distant future is a story that depends vitally and centrally on the true spiritual situation of each entity upon the planetary sphere that is interested in making a difference in the core vibration of the energy grid and the planetary population of third-density entities upon the planet Earth. It is overly dramatic to say that the fate of the world is in your hands, and yet, in a very real sense, this is so, in the same sense that it has always been so, in that the thoughts and perceptions of humankind have shaped the experience of humankind, and the thoughts of the fathers have often planted seeds that have been reaped by the sons and the grandsons and the generations to follow. So there is a very, very real connection between the spiritual situation of each entity and the way the story plays out upon what this instrument has called the game board of free choice within third density, [the land of Earth’s] reign upon your spirit.

Let us for a few minutes focus upon the concerns of the one known as T1: that many sources have expressed in recent months the concern that there is a pivotal period in the beginning of 2003 beyond which humankind shall not be able to pass without a planetary catastrophe occurring. To address this concern head-on, we sort through this instrument’s recollections of a period of some decades of experience with such predictions. This instrument has long noticed that the predictions of urgent and critical time periods have never manifested at the predicted time period with the predicted effect upon planet Earth in the physical realm. We have said through this instrument before that it is not that these critical times do not occur but that they are a part of a metaphysical process having to do with the entities upon planet Earth. This metaphysical process has its shadows within the physical consensus reality of your shared outer world, but the depth and profundity of danger of a physical nature is in every case—as it turns out—greatly overestimated and inaccurate.

Continuing to gaze at this question, we would also note that there have been time periods in your recent past, that is in the ’70s and in the ’80s and in the ‘90s, when there was a concerted effort on the part of many groups to raise the consciousness of planet Earth. In all cases, what has occurred is that, as more and more entities awaken and join the ranks of those who do consciously work in spirit, in prayer, in meditation, even in worry for the well-being of the planetary entities and the well-being of the planet at this time, the tendency of the Earth itself to express in a manifested and physical [manner] these metaphysical processes has been alleviated and ameliorated so that, while there have been a continuing stream of smaller and non-global difficulties upon your Earth, with tornados and fires, with floods, hurricanes and tsunamis, with earthquakes and terrible fire, none of these occurrences has triggered the predicted worldwide catastrophes. The one known as A has pointed out to this instrument that the one known as Edgar Cayce predicted in 1998 that there would be a global shift, and we may say, since this period has come and gone, that it was entirely due to the awakening and the linking up of positive consciousness upon this planet that this prediction did not, in fact, manifest at that time. What the positive energy upon your planet, as it grows, has done is progressively put off that time period in which third density’s shadows shall cease to be present upon your Earth world. In other words, as entities have awakened and begun to offer their hearts, their minds, and their strengths in the service of the planet Earth and its peoples, this mass of positive consciousness has bought time: time to increase the harvest, time to make the most of these latter days of third density upon your planet. Indeed, we may say that at this point you are dwelling within fourth density. That which separates each of you within your third-density bodies from fourth density is nothing more than a state of mind, and this state of mind is far more vulnerable to or transparent to the biddings and the whisperings of fourth-density positive consciousness than ever before because of the fact that your Earth mother is in the process of birthing this fourth density now. And, as we have said before through this instrument, within the next ten of your years, this process shall be complete. We are not suggesting that at that time, either, there will be global catastrophe. Indeed, this future is completely fluid; we would say more fluid than it was ten years ago, and more fluid by far than it was twenty years ago. Your people are awakening one by one, not from a level of authority down, as in the old days of your, shall we say, state religions but in a far more modern and democratic manner, shall we say, in that it is a grassroots movement of soul to soul, of memory to memory, of the open heart being so attractive and calling so strongly to entities that are hungering for that energy that they are pulled into and called into an awakening.

It has become more and more attractive once again within your Earth world simply to come down on the side of love, faith and peace. The humble and the meek are beginning to gain the confidence of their experience with positivity and with negativity. The entities are so close now to that graduation time that the great struggle of choice of polarity is not as pernicious and as painful as it used to be for entities, because there is the underlying strength of many, many entities who are also attempting to open their hearts and to express the love and the light of the one infinite Creator in their everyday lives.

As we said, this is completely a humble and individual movement where entities are being called by themselves into service as harvesters, and, as entities are awakened, then they become as those who awaken others; not because they have gone out and brow-beaten or convinced anyone by fact or data but because it is simply so attractive to awakening entities to experience unconditional love that such entities, once switched on like the lights that they are, call entities to them and help entities to remember why they took incarnation upon planet Earth at this time. For each has that hidden memory of a very good plan; a very good reason to come to planet Earth at this time, just precisely at this time. There is nothing sloppy about the inborn and flowing system of motivations and catalysts that has brought each of you to this present moment. As the one known as T2 has observed earlier this evening, there are many, many ways, but they all lead to the top, and this is precisely true.

The one known as T1 has a particular path that this entity will do well to cooperate with, to explore, to investigate with the kind of curiosity most often found in children and lost when entities become older. It is very well to encourage within the self this infinite curiosity as to why and where and how. This open attitude, this questioning mind, yields great benefit for those who persist in seeking. However, that which is within the mind can only serve an entity to a certain extent. It is the tendency of many who are awakening to their spiritual selves and feeling the distance between themselves and what one might call the world of normalcy and conventional belief and behavior to feel the safety of the philosophical stance wherein one has a very good, distant point of view and is basically an observer that is attempting to figure out the way that things work. This is opposed in our description to the entity who simply opens the heart and embraces the day and attacks whatever comes to him with great love and enjoyment. May we say that, for all of the benefits that wisdom does bring, it is the open heart itself and the passion with which the entity allows that heart to flow that bring the best results in terms of spiritual learning, because, you see, in preparing the self for graduation into the density of love and understanding, that which is most efficacious is the vividness of the entity’s experience within third density.

This entity was speaking earlier of its tendency towards being critical of the self when it discovers that it is, yet again, caught in the snares of its bookkeeping software which it seems to have difficulty in learning. The entity spoke of how it had distracted itself with various amusements so that it would not begin one of the many tapes within its head that would bring it from a point of joy to a point of self-critical aggravation and even despair. Such is the nature of the human realm of perceptions that a choice of whether or not to be triggered by the seemingly negative events of the day could be more powerful in creating a positive atmosphere around this instrument than the very serious question of whether or not this instrument was able to perform its duties in an accurate and professional manner. This entity chose to walk away from the problem and to celebrate those things which it enjoyed, knowing that it would eventually move back into that atmosphere of correcting errors and creating the necessary bookkeeping tidiness that a business demands. In a sense of “this world,” it is the books that are important; in the sense of fourth density, it is the heart remaining open, undefended, loved, forgiven and accepted that is important. It is very deceptive to attempt to work in both worlds, and, as spiritual beings, we encourage each to consider what is important in this world and what is important in fourth density.

The one known as T1 was thinking concerning what it should do if there were, indeed, a very real possibility of planetary catastrophe. We have never denied the possibility of planetary catastrophe, we have simply been unable to determine whether the probability of a planetary catastrophe is high enough to speak about. We have not been able to determine this because each of you is powerful and has already made changes in the energy level of the fourth-density grid of planetary energies that is attempting to establish itself as the basis for fourth-density positive on this planet. As a race, the human race is more than adequate to maintain this delicate balance between harvest and a comfortable landing into the next density. Yes, there is great potential for difficulty. Look about the Earth at this time, and one sees many difficulties. Yet, is it not something to be encouraged by, that all of these difficulties have been cunningly placed in time and space so that there is not a cumulative effect but rather the ability after each catastrophe for the human populations concerned to help each other to come together and to survive for the most part?

One of the reasons that we encourage entities not to focus upon the negative possibilities involved in global times of shift into the next age is because that which one focuses upon becomes far more potentially possible. If entities all focus upon fear-based information, that will actually greatly help bring about the feared conditions. There is a very careful difference to be made within the mind concerning thinking about information sources such as those quoted to this instrument in preparing for this channeling session. Each of these sessions was couched in spiritual language by those channels of very good intention and positive hope of service who nevertheless were receiving questions of a fear-based nature and responding with the attempt to satisfy the request for specific information as to the schedule of these negative events. And may we say that we in no wise wish to address any specific questions concerning global catastrophe. We simply ask each to choose which thread of meaning and energy to follow: that thread and energy of fear which would guard and protect and make safe and deal with third-density concerns or that energy of unconditional love, faith hope and the desire to serve which translates into a prayerful and confident feeling that all is well and that all will be well. Which energy feels like the one that each of you wishes to choose?

And this is not simply true, as we said, on the global level. For you as a people are saving the Earth, but you as a mind, body and spirit working as one unit to gather experience and enrich the quality of your soul have the self-same choice to make, because each of you faces an individual global catastrophe that is absolutely certain. Each of you faces the death of the physical body; perhaps not today, hopefully not tomorrow or next week or next year, but soon, and inevitably. Each mote of dust that has had life breathed into it by the infinite Creator shall cease breathing and shall once again become dust so that the qualities that bring forth from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind the concerns concerning global catastrophe are those same qualities of personality that bring forth those concerns about the health of the body, the safety of the body, the protection of the body, and the defense against that great enemy which is seen to be death. One can move without a quiver from the microcosm to the macrocosm here and see the same energies at work: fear and love, protection and growth. Do you wish to protect yourself, maintain what you have, guard what is yours and so forth, or do you wish to release all fear, embrace all things in love and trust and believe in all things hoped for but yet unseen? It may help, when there are concerns within the mind about the world, to bring that concern back to the kingdom of the body, the mind, and the spirit of one entity, because each of you is in the microcosm the authentic Creator, the creation, the universe; Creator and created in an infinite Celtic knot that is different for each entity and yet in each entity retains the elegance of utter unity within the complexity of pattern.

The ones known as Jim and T2 were joking earlier concerning part of the query of the one know as T1 concerning dancing and making merry if all things were, indeed, all right and there was not the need to concern himself with warning the world about the catastrophe that is at hand. They were saying, “No matter what happens, we should definitely be dancing,” and we would agree with this assessment. For is not the life itself the dance, and is not the secret to enjoying that life to remember that one is dancing; that there is music that is unheard, perhaps, by most? But that music is always playing; it is being played by the petunias and the impatiens; it is being played by the roses and the geraniums; it is being played by the songbirds in the trees and the sky and fire and water; it is being played by every mote that lives and breathes within the creation of the infinite One. This music is forever, it is infinite, and it is closer than the breath that you take. Each of you is living in a wonderful ocean of music and rhythm and dance, and everything in creation is moving in rhythm at a level beyond the capacity of the human mind to comprehend. Even your own bodies are a part of this wonderful rhythm unless the power of negative thought within the mind clamps down so much upon the body that it can no longer express that harmony that it truly does feel with every other living thing that shares its biological space.

Techniques for moving more and more into the Law of One in the way one lives are as simple as the techniques of learning to appreciate anything. It is a matter of becoming sensitized to that which one is attempting to appreciate. When one studies art, for instance, within your schools, one is taught to have taste and to appreciate the beauty of this or that style of expressing images. Each subject that one begins to look into has its standards of good taste in it. As one becomes more and more familiar with that particular part of the universe of learning, one develops taste and knows what is beautiful in that which is said or written or performed or imaged, and just so it is in living the life of the open heart. It is a matter of beginning to see that there is an art and a science to living what this instrument would call a mixed life; a life that is made up not only of third-density or fourth-density concerns but a grand and confused mixture of third and fourth-density concerns so that there is the skipping between the densities in everyday life, seeing the profundity of the tiniest chore; seeing the sacredness of the hardest and most humble work while at the same time seeing the vanity and the uselessness of all efforts whatsoever, because all of these efforts are within an illusion that is brief as a candle and will gutter out for lack of fuel at a certain time not too far in the future. There is a delight in the juxtaposition of beauty and meaninglessness that this instrument has often noted and [it] is very helpful, perhaps, at this point to consider that all things may be turned and looked at upon the other side. And, indeed, what is needed at some points is the ability to see both sides and to come to balance between them.

The one known as T1 has, as this instrument is well aware, devoted a tremendous amount of effort to translating other material that we of the Confederation have produced in the past into its native language so that more entities may grasp this material, and we thank this entity for its great service. It is tremendously helpful, we feel, that this kind of spiritually-based information be available to those who would seek it. It is why we are here. We have remained with this group and with this instrument for many years, because we truly feel that there is efficacy in this ministry that we offer and that instruments such as this also offer. There is a very real purpose to sharing our opinion, and there is a very real purpose for the one known as T1, the one known as Jim, the one known as T2, and this instrument to express those things that each feels are appropriate to the situations that arise day-to-day. We would not discourage the one known as T1 from sharing information that it finds helpful. We would simply suggest to each that there are ways to share information in a positive sense, and there are ways to share information in a negative sense. If one approaches things from a positive sense, this will tend to build up the structure of fourth density; if things are approached in such a way that there is gloom and doom and the raising of fear in those who are being warned, this will not encourage fourth density.

The one known as Jesus said it very simply: when it was asked if the coin of the realm of its time which had the face of Caesar upon it truly belonged to Caesar, the one known as Jesus replied, “Render unto Caesar those things that are Caesar’s; render unto the Creator those things that are the Creator’s.” You may see Caesar strut upon a stage at this time expressing, no matter what nation from which they come, that sting of the dragon’s tail; that fear-based concern for protection and safety and the accumulation of resources. The life can be subsumed into the concern for the suffering of the planet Earth, and yet this will not help bring about an increase in the harvest or a softer landing into fourth density.

Consequently, we encourage the one known as T1 to dance, to play the games, and to realize that there are no mistakes. It is perfectly well to work to share the information that it finds important, but it is just as important to share it in a way that expresses the quality of the open and flowing heart that is grounded in trust and shaped to express that love which flows through the instrument of the human body, mind and spirit in an infinite supply at all times. This is the heart of the mission shared by all those who are awakening upon planet Earth at this time. Each of you came here determined to make a difference. Each of you has those tools and resources that are needed. It is a matter of stepping forth in peace, in confidence, and in the sense that each is not alone.

And here we would encourage each more and more consciously to realize the strength of linking up with one’s spiritual family. It is as the anchor that truly does help those who were not particularly used to the exigencies of third density to feel more and more comfortable within the realms of your planetary sphere and the incarnation you are experiencing at this time. We are aware that each within this circle has serious difficulties in enjoying all aspects of planet Earth. There are memories, shall we say, of better times, of happier vibrations to rest in, and yet, once one begins to link in a comfortable and subconscious way with one’s spiritual family, one is able to recover a good bit of this sense of comfort, knowing that one truly is not alone on the level of intention and desire and group service. For this is a mission that can be done not by one but by a group. The one known as Jesus pointed out that, if an entity has perfect faith, it can move mountains, and that entity known to this group as Ra pointed out that, while it takes a pure entity to move a mountain, if a group attempts to move a mountain, each within the group may have an acceptable amount of distortion, and the mountain will still move. That is the power of the very deeply felt linking into one’s spiritual family. We leave this phrase very loose, because you have a very large family. And it is not simply one group that has come into this Earth to serve but, rather, you are experiencing a very complicated, interrelated bunch of groups from fourth density, from fifth density and from sixth density, from the inner planes and from other planets that all have been attracted to the Earth sphere at this time because of the stunning clarity of its passage at this time from one heaven and Earth to the next.

As to what specifically may be done in the life of each present to come more and more into a way of living that reflects the Law of One, we would echo the words of the one known as T2 in the discussion that preceded this circle of seeking: to begin the day with that movement of the mind towards the silence that beckons is to enhance the energy with which one has—we correct this instrument—with which one is able to meet those catalysts of the day. It is as though the day were on wheels, and each day there was the beginning of the movement and, then, as the day moves downhill, it gathers speed. Once the day has gathered speed, it is very difficult to rein that mind’s attitude back in and to move on the track of love and light throughout the day. And there is no one upon planet Earth who does this perfectly in any one day, yet that commitment day after day and week after week to spending time with the Creator before the day gets away is extremely helpful. Not everyone is able to do this, and, as we have always said, at any point during the day it is very helpful to tune, to meditate, to walk in nature, but in some way to invite the silence. We are full of words, we can only do so much, but, ah, the eloquence of that still, small voice that speaks in silence.

We commend that wonderful resource to each, and we commend the effort to bring oneself into a heart relationship with all that occurs so that you are aware of the aliveness, the vitality, the infinite worth of all with which you deal. All entities, all qualities, all ideas, all beings whatsoever, all creatures of rock and sky, anything that can be pointed at or thought of, has its own sacredness, honor and worth, and you are among those things which have those qualities. This is the kingdom which does not have Caesar’s face. “My kingdom is not of this world.” That is what the one known as Jesus stated firmly. And we would say to each, as a metaphysical being, your kingdom is not of this world. You are in the world, you are a blessing to the world, but you are not of it. You dance with your frail bodies, and you dance beautifully.

We thank the one known as T1 for this interesting question and would at this time leave this instrument in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It has been a great blessing and a joy to speak with you at this time. We thank the one known as Carla and would leave this group rejoicing in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those known to you as Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.