Question From V: The question today has two parts. Part 1: Given the tumultuous history between K and myself I’ve come to the belief that ours is a karmic relationship. Can you speak to the origin of this karma and if the karma will be satisfied during this incarnation? Part 2: Several years ago I met with a spiritual entity who identified himself as Kega. Can you tell me if Kega is currently in a physical incarnate form and if there is a possibility of a relationship between Kega and me?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in Whose service we are. We thank you for the great privilege of being asked to join your meditation and would be glad to speak with you concerning this question concerning a relationship and the one known as Kega, with the understanding that each present take those thoughts of ours which are resonant and meaningful and leave the rest behind. This allows us to share our opinions without being concerned that we will infringe upon the free will of those present. We are extremely appreciative of this opportunity to share our thoughts. For this is the service that we have chosen at this time and it is greatly a blessing to us to be able to do the work which we came to do.

We gaze at the relationship between the one known as V and the one known as K and can indeed confirm that the relationship has what could be called a karmic burden. However, it is our opinion that this is not the kind of karmic relationship which the one known as V suspects, but rather has a metaphysical, that is to say, a non-earth oriented origin and is not indeed a matter of previous incarnations upon this planet, having sown the seeds of imbalance that would produce adhering karma in that sense of the word “karma,” but rather is a relationship between, shall we say, one of the children of the light and one of the children of the darkness. This instrument has had a relationship of that same nature with the one known as D and this instrument also was unable to, shall we say, master the dynamics of the relationship from a human level and was able simply by sheer reason and intensity of focus to withdraw itself from energetic bonding with this entity after four years of marriage.

How to understand a relationship in which one mirrors to the other light, the other mirrors darkness? It cannot be taken literally or in a linear manner because the energies involved are more subtle and more profound than those energies produced by an imbalance in a previous incarnation of an earthly nature. Rather, it is as though one of angelic energy were being pursued through various dimensions that only peripherally extend into the physical dimension by that which could be reasonably described as a negative entity of that which this instrument would call fifth-density origin. It is unlikely that such a thing would occur for it is dangerous to those of the origin of fifth density to incarnate into the physical and especially dangerous to the entity who incarnates into the physical and then does not manage to contain or control that energy of light that lives with angelic wings in bone and blood and body.

We can say that [in terms of] such karma as previous experiences between these two entities [is] concerned, there is now a balance and an end of adhering karma of the metaphysical nature. The one known as K is as the entity who is at some level aware that it has failed and yet at other levels much more concerned with the physical body, is unable to realize or process the information or the finality of this failure. Thusly, it is as the maddened bull or the unreasoning anger that possesses entities so that, as the entity known as K lives through its days it is as though the entity were in a dream where the actual personality remains asleep and the metaphysical portion of this entity acts out in a cycling and continuous loop of energy that it is at this time unaware of how to release. This is why the one known as V has not found forgiveness and compassion to be useful tools or resources to use in this relationship. For this entity is as the unreasoning and maddened beast which knows no human behavior but only its instinct and since these instincts are baffling from a linear standpoint and only understandable from, shall we say, a more historical standpoint, it is a situation which this entity has the possibility of resolving within itself but not the likelihood.

Typical of negatively-oriented entities, the one known as K thrives upon fear and pain. This instrument and the one known as V and the one known as Jim saw a movie entitled, “A Beautiful Mind” recently and it is a useful example of how the mind can be cast loose of its moorings to the point that private and metaphysical portions of the personality become segregated from and antithetical to the waking personality and indeed the one known as K is as one who sleeps while, shall we say, a walk-in type of energy lives its life. This entity which overlays the human personality has never been a physical entity and its energies are quite intransigent in their inability to harmonize with the experience of inhabiting a physical body. Consequently, this entity is not vulnerable to the healing techniques that would normally be used to correct such a disintegration of personality. Nor would we be of the opinion that it would be helpful to address the situation within the one known as K in any way. For this is this entity’s walk, this is this entity’s choice.

Perhaps there is a tiny portion of this entity that hopes for rescue. But it is not situated in such a way as to be accessible to any but the one known as K’s own will. It is a situation not penetrable by any other self including the one known as V.

Let us step back and gaze at the underlying energies involved in this interesting relationship. This instrument and the one known as V alike shy away from thinking as the self as angelic or pure or positive beyond anyone else and we are perfectly in agreement that both of these entities are distinctly human, quirky and imperfect in the way that those among third density must be imperfect in order to have a very fruitful and helpful incarnation. However, each of these beings knows too that it carries that which is angelic, pure and positive. It carries it not as a burden but as the breath, as the life, as the [odor], and as the incense. It carries what this instrument would call the goddess, that female energy that makes safe places and whose hearts are full of compassion. This is not an aspect of femininity that is carried except by choice and most usually it is brought into the incarnation with love not for the purpose of helping the self, but for the purpose of being an instrument of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator in the sense of essential beingness so that whether that energy is expressed in changing diapers or in washing the dishes or in teaching or channeling or singing or other activities that would seem far more service-to-others oriented, the incarnational purpose of carrying this energy is satisfied.

There is now activity that an entity cannot accomplish as a vehicle for expressing this angelic, pure love. It is not affected by the cycles or apparent mood swings of the personality but is rather a gift that is firmly and safely hidden in the folds and recesses of the feminine heart. It is part of the very hopeful and energetically radiant attempt by an entire spiritual family of large numbers to balance an Earth that has great need of the fullness of love that is wrapped up in the archetype of the feminine. This energy is using each of these as instruments and we may say that each of these entities, the instrument and the one known as V, have conducted their incarnations with awareness of the gift they carry, respect and honor for that gift, and close attention to preserving the integrity of their positivity as instruments.

On the other hand, the one known as K has moved into the earth planes as a hunter. It has identified a source of light and it wishes to control and take on itself the power of that light, and further it wishes this in a way that is also, in its way, a gift brought into incarnation but as a walk-in in nature, rather than as a part of the personality. In other words, in order for this energy to move into physical form it must be out of balance and wedged into and overcoming the personality of the carrying entity.

It may be helpful to the one known as V and indeed to this instrument, who was earlier expressing its distress at the one known as K’s behavior, to realize that this entity is not in the usual sense even aware of its behavior, but rather is as the instrument that is sadly out of tune. It is interesting that the one known as V mentioned that it was surprised that the one known as K still remained in this density. Indeed, we may say that this entity hangs by a thread, both to its sanity and to its physical incarnation. Yet we would not wish to express a complete lack of hope in that there is always the possibility of one shining moment of clarity in which the personality that lies within the one known as K, that is currently suppressed, is able to see that it carries a dark rider and chooses then to shake it off. Were this entity to perceive its true situation, that personality which is the one known as K would indeed ask for help and be the first to remove itself from its dark and overpowering angel.

Thusly the one known as V may pray that the one known as K have a moment of clarity at some point before the incarnation ends, thus becoming able to be vulnerable to healing, health and life in the sense of the greater life within the physical. The one known as V is very much helped by the energies of beauty and harmony and we agree with that which it was saying earlier concerning the need in the life for the providing to the self by self of the magical circumstance. The singing of the sacred songs has been for this entity a very helpful thing in the past and would indeed be that place wherein this entity could derive great refreshment on a daily basis. This instrument, for instance, always includes a hymn along with its meditation in the morning and we might suggest to the one known as V that the discipline of including the sacred breath is a good one that has good results for this entity as well. The silence itself is a very powerful experience for this entity and there is perhaps the opportunity to arrange for the self the opportunity to experience that silence, either within the dwelling or in walking in nature in solitude, to enter into the silence and thus into the tabernacle of the heart. There the Creator waits and there the weary soul may truly rest and find healing. This experience of the beauty of the creation of the Father is most helpful and we would recommend the time in silence and the time spent in praise of the Creator by sacred songs on a daily basis.

In this instrument’s mind we find the concept is very helpful. It does not understand this concept completely but we will attempt to use it. It has read a work called The Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizadek and this entity expresses a way of moving energy through the energy body. This involves moving the energy up into the yellow ray and as it moves into the heart there is a 90 degree phase shift that needs to be taken in this entity known as Drunvalo’s system of understanding in order for the energy to move up through the heart and on out into the creation of the Father. Interpenetrated with this concept and helpful to understanding its essence is the advice of the entity this instrument calls Papa concerning retaining energy for the self before allowing the energy to move through the self and out into the world. In this entity’s zeal for blessing and sending forth the energy of its love it was reserving, according to the one known as Papa, nothing for itself and acting the role of martyr. Consequently, the image that begins to emerge here is that of the light flowing through the entity into the heart and then back in a loop through the body making sure all parts of the body, mind and spirit are washed completely in the infinite love and light of…

[Tape ends.]