The question today, Q’uo, has to do with what is happening for the individual seeker; [what is] the metaphysical reality of what’s going on in our world today as each of us struggles to understand inner spiritual truths [while] we are caught in the swirl of economic, political, social and other activities that are just increasing at exponential rates. We’re wondering what is really going on, when you consider that the various religions of the world have all been affected in one way or another by negatively-oriented entities trying to sway our ability to believe and where we put our faith. [They] have had some success, in causing us to have thousands of years of war as the concept of the holy war is born and carried out in each of the religions. In the Old Testament, for the Christians, there was a New Testament; there was a new covenant. Jesus brought the way of loving one’s neighbor. There seems to have been for the last couple of thousand years a smaller and smaller group of people who really feel committed to the way of Christ. Could you give us an idea of just what’s happening in the way of metaphysical and spiritual evolution planet-wide and individual-wide and how our various religions and their current difficulties are being affected?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in Whose service we are privileged to be. We thank you for the opportunity to share our thoughts with you on this interesting subject and would ask only that each of you uses your discrimination to winnow out those thoughts that are useful to you from those that are as the chaff that may blow by, [letting them] be released from the need to have meaning. We ask that you not treat us as authorities but as those who have opinions, and subject everything that all authorities or so-called authorities offer to you to the searching gaze of your own powers of discrimination, which we assure you are excellent. Trust and believe in those feelings of resonance and those feelings of flatness that separate out for you those truths that are yours this day and those that are irrelevant to your situation. This will give us the elbow-room, shall we say, that we need to be able to feel that we are not infringing upon your free will but are only sharing the opinion of friends.

You ask this day, what is occurring with the individual who is moving through this particular phase of evolution upon your planet at this time; what is occurring individually, what is occurring in terms of the religions of the world, and what is occurring in that ever-changing intersection between the metaphysical that is unspoken and the metaphysical that has been delineated by those of a certain set of dogmatic beliefs. This intersection changes constantly, and yet it does have fairly consistent, shall we say, structures that are typical, and so we may in some degree generalize about this. But [we] would always point out that there is no generality that is true in all cases. Your world religions indeed have had a long-term habit of turning from the original impetus of a certain way of religious believing to the machinations of what this instrument would call the priestly class, and here is a generality that we share with you that applies to this priestly class: the causes of spirituality are without politics and have to do with an instinct that is bred into the bone of your species. However, the religions of the human animal are those structures that are taken from a spiritual system and recreated in such a way as to benefit or be seen to benefit this particular class of ruling church leaders. The energy of religion, therefore, as opposed to that energy which is purely spiritual, tends towards moving into those areas of dogmatic and rigid belief systems that vitiate the pure strain of compassion and devotion that the religious system, as it is begun, offers; taking away little by little those freedoms to doubt, to disbelieve, and to explore that create the opportunity for the individual entity within human incarnation to seek and know the truth for the self.

The impulse or instinct to spirituality is that which bites at man’s heels and calls his thirsting faculty of hope forward at all times, thereby increasing continually the energy towards individual knowing or knowledge. The energy of religion is that which, more and more as the years go by, has a tendency towards removing bits and pieces of the believer’s free range of will so that, more and more, that entity which wishes to be part of a religious system must then yield up the right to judge for the self in an increasingly large number of areas of dogmatic belief. Each time that spirituality is hardened into a dogmatic belief and faith is exchanged for the tenets of a creed, the personal power and the personal responsibility for the self, the thoughts of the self and the progression of the evolution of the self is released in order to choose a structure in which there is no further responsibility for knowledge but only the responsibility of repeating those pieces of perceived knowledge that have been handed down from authorities. In this effort to organize and then maintain a religion, the emphasis almost inevitably turns from the excitement, fervor and joy of religious seeking to the maintenance, increase in productivity of, and enlargement of the existing corporate system.

The benefits of spirituality, then, are those which accrue to that careful and thoughtful entity who does not resonate to the defined belief systems that are available and instead chooses to create, day by day and perception by perception, an independent path of seeking. That system of knowledge can never be more than subjective. There is a desire within the third-density entity for this knowledge, and from this striving, on an individual level, has come the term, “gnostic.” This term simply indicates someone who is involved in [creating] a personal path of seeking the truth. Those who find resonance within religions are, and, in this way we generalize overly much also, basically of two types. The first type is, as this instrument is, one who has found its niche within an established belief system, has chosen the path of mysticism which simply steps aside from all dogmatic questions and focuses upon devotion and service. [The second] type of entity [is one] which desires to fit into a group, to belong to that group and have choices taken away from it rather than left to it, so that there is not the need to judge that which is truth, that which is gnosis but, rather, only the need to learn the individual points of belief of the system to which they wish to belong, at which point they then feel that they are safe.

The one known as T was asking earlier about why such deeply religious people as some of his friends and relations would be so governed by fear, and perhaps it can be seen in this light that the entity who chooses the established and carefully delineated way of belief that focuses on a specific set of beliefs that make a system are choosing this structure because it feels safe. Thusly, one may see in general that the entity who has chosen to seek a personal path is less a creature of fear than the entity who feels that it is necessary to hew to a dogmatic set of beliefs and to define spirituality in terms of a laundry list of those things that are believed and those things that are felt to be not worthy of attention or even harmful to the developing spiritual entity. Along one path lies an enhanced feeling of chaos, for with free will does come more confusion or, shall we say, apparent confusion. There is less company for the one who decides to make choices for himself, and it is a rockier and more difficult path at the outset. It is our observation, on the other hand, of those who follow the path of religion that there is indeed a tremendous amount of solace in being part of a group. We find that there is a large degree of complete sincerity in the belief system of many entities within religion and those that have the capacity to be of service to others and to think along terms of offering their love in all situations, yet who do not have a grasp of their own spiritual nature, but instead have been content to rest in the structures built by others. For that is what your temples are, those outward structures that have been created as sacred spaces and that do indeed create an atmosphere, through a long number of years and a long number of generations of workers, that is palpable and that can be felt.

We are not attempting by this description to condemn all religions, for all religions began with the yeasty, powerful, muscular energy of new vision, new realization, and new inspiration. Indeed, it is possible for those within church structures, whether they be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Shinto or other structures of religion, to remain Gnostic; to remain those upon a personal path; to be those who do not compromise that which they feel within their hearts to be true simply because an authority figure suggests that it must be true. However, there is a substantial portion of the population of your planet that has indeed been affected by religion in the way that those detractors of religion have suggested through history, that being that religion is a drug, a kind of addiction which keeps the “little people” contented with their difficult lives as those who have their primary use in making money for other entities. This strays far afield from the simple, single, elementary truth that connects all entities, whether truth is that which is perceived within a pilgrim heart that is moving out into that personal path of seeking, or whether that same loving heart is content with the patterns that it has been given. The vibrations in which the heart is moving, that tune that the heart is singing, has the capacity to be perfectly one with all that there is. And, indeed, at the heart of all vibrations, of all energy fields that denote an entity, there is that perfectly balanced, totally creative, original Thought that is purely true, so that at the heart of the chaos that is each entity’s unknown self lies the Creator in all of Its creative genius, in all of Its lack of limits, in all of Its power to create and to destroy.

This is the truth that underlies vast differences in opinion. It is the truth from which stems the completely unpredictable potential of all third-density entities to achieve realization in an instant; to find the epiphany in the turning of a leaf or the turning of a page. It may seem at one moment that two entities are so far apart that they could never agree, yet such is the capacity of the human heart to embrace truth when it is perceived that any two entities may in one, strong, fine moment find that rainbow bridge that unites them and release the bonds of fear which girdle so many entities to the load-bearing help of organized religion.

We are aware of your discussion before this meditation and are very sympathetic with those feelings of disappointment and even betrayal that so many among your peoples feel at the news programs which discuss the failings of those priests within organized religions whose behavior towards children has been undesirable in the extreme. The patterns of service to self and service to others have their cleanest and most healthy expression outside the biasing and distorting energies of organized religion. In particular, we would point out the lack of validity within that church which you call the Roman Catholic Church of certain practices, the specific one which we have in mind being celibacy, which indeed was not part of the original spiritual roots of this fairly mystical and person-driven, gnosis-driven system of spirituality discussed by those of the Essene sect of mysticism within Aramea [such as] the one known as Jesus and the one known as John the Baptist. This generative spark which the one known as Jim has called the New Testament, the new promise, the new plan, was offered as a very simple and unitary way of being.

The requirements of this particular covenant or testament were that each entity would love the Creator and love the neighbor as the self. All of the law and the prophets, then, depended upon this basic truth, and, when there were discrepancies, the simple requirements preceded and updated the requirements of the Old Testament. We do not need to point out to any of you that the origins of this that is called Christianity among your people were not hewn to with much faith for very long, for there soon came to be an increasing effort to regularize, preserve and establish the church of Jesus the Christ as a Church rather than as a community of teachers and students. When this grew to a certain degree, for political reasons and reasons of social and economic power, it was decided that the discipline of celibacy would be placed as a requirement for being a priest in this particular church. When some entities are born, one of their choices for their incarnation may be celibacy. For many others throughout the centuries since this decision was made, not by those seeking truth but by those seeking power, many have been in a position of desiring to be a priest and needing to accept the strictures of that position including celibacy. We would suggest in this instance as in many others in the history of your religions that the requirement in and of itself is an unbalanced one, and it is not surprising that there have been unhealthful and insalubrious distortions that have come about in the personalities and actions of those who truly desired to be of service to others but who, along the way in attempting to deal with an outer, physical organization called the Church, have found themselves in difficult and unbalanced situations which they were not able to control. Please note that there is no political, religious, economic or social system that does not have its imbalances, inadequacies and potentials for abuse.

It is to be noted that the vast, vast majority of those in positions of this kind have pure souls, clean hearts, and no actions of which they must be ashamed. Further, we would suggest that the pattern of distortion remains the same throughout the institutions of the world. We would suggest that there is no more difficulty in one religious structure than in another once the structure has been penetrated and enough has been learned about the abuses of that particular system to be able to speak clearly and without injustice of that particular system. It is, shall we say, the predilection of third-density entities to find ever-new ways to create a sense of comfort, a sense of power, a sense of confidence; to aggrandize the self and to protect the self in some way. These are all ways in which it is the illusion that is seen; it is the illusion that is manipulated, and yet it is the spirit within that loses the opportunities to seek in a clearer, more lucid way because of being caught up in the various distortions of a particular system.

But each of you swims in an archipelago of distortion. There is the distortion from each of the helpers that touch the life of the young and the innocent child: the teacher, the sales clerk, the babysitter, the children of friends, the mothers of friends. All of these comprise part of the world in which the child lives. All of these teachers and friends and parents and those who truly do care for the child have their own biases and distortions, their own fears, and their own projections of their hopes and dreams for that child which they are offering to the child. Is it any wonder, then, that, as the child grows, it becomes more and more steeped in the acculturative forces around it so that, more and more, the child begins to give away its ability to seek, its clarity of mind, its sharpness of questioning? Think of the very young child, and you think of a child who is asking questions. Think of the older child who is at the start of the teenage years, as this instrument would call it, and see how that entity’s basis of self has been eroded in terms of that which is that entity’s alone, in order to be replaced, by choice, with the look that is appropriate, with the sayings that are those of the group to which this child belongs. In one way and then another and then another, the child’s mind has been taught that in this and this and this area, this is the perceived truth, and there is no need or hunger for more. When this has been truly successful, it is that which keeps an entity asleep, which keeps that yearning for true inner vision at a minimum, and I think these are the concerns that justifiably can fill the hearts of those who feel that there is the possibility of subjective, personal knowledge and who mourn those energies within a culture which are attempting to stop that energy from moving forward by, shall we say, the empty calories of dogma rather than faith.

Now let us switch gears and gaze a bit towards the end-times scenario which your conversation previous to this meditation dealt with to some extent. Several of you were wondering what the negatively-oriented entity wants, how the negative entity perceives this time of graduation, and how it wishes to see things go. This is a complex question, for this [group of] negative polarity upon your planet has been to some extent distorted by a group of higher-density negative entities, primarily those of the fifth density, who have found that if entities can be kept from choosing either the positive or the negative path, and if they can be taught a maximum degree of fear, so that their minds are worried and their hearts are troubled at all times, this creates a kind of food which is used by these higher-density entities for the equivalent of an excellent diet.

The political and social history of your peoples—as you were speaking earlier of Atlantis and ancient cultures and then those that are more modern—have been these generations of those whose fear, terror, anger, hostility and pain have been offered up as food to the forces that enjoy that world of dark shadows and negative emotions. Consequently, there is almost no true negative polarity in the sense of an organized group of people that work together for the graduation into fourth-density negative of the planet or even of a group of its people. Those who have truly found the possibility of graduation in the negative sense within this particular harvest have been those whose focus has been extremely self-absorbed and unassociated with the energies that look, from the outside in, like negative polarity. The creators of your present global situation, then, are not entities of tremendous negative polarity but rather are those entities who have been most effective in shaping the society towards maximum degrees of control over others through the uses of what this instrument would call the media, so that these are not terrifying dragons but rather dupes for fifth-density entities who are using them as well as all others within the planetary system insofar as they can be taught to hate, to covet, to control. These are the energies that are encouraged along with the fear that lies beneath such policies.

All of this dwells in the illusion, is washed by the waters of consciousness that stream endlessly through the illusion, carrying the waters of truth and beauty and life. It does not matter how intense the outer forces of fear and negativity are when the heart of an entity rests in faith, in hope and in love: faith that all is well, hope in every hopeless situation, and love of all things, of all biases, of all entities. Rest and perfect peace, how beautiful those words are, and yet this instrument has asked over and over again since 9/11/2001, “What is perfect peace? What is the peace that passes understanding? In what does that consist, is there in my heart already?” This instrument has asked over and over again, “That peace, do I know it already? Am I squashing it; am I pressing it down out of my reach by my choices?”

We suggest to you that this peace is a state of mind, a state of consciousness, a way of vibrating. When fear runs through the system, this state of mind is unavailable. When the fear is dropped from the illusion by the choice of the entity, this state of consciousness becomes available. Many are those among your peoples who have attempted through drugs to find this state of perfect peace, but we suggest that this peace lies within your heart, it is your native and natural environment; it is real, it is not the illusion. It is one tiny, thin veil from you at this time, for fourth density truly is coming upon you. Thusly, your faculties of faith, hope and love have an increasing amount of potential to take hold within your life. We encourage all forms of positivity within your minds, within the way you talk to yourselves within your hearts, for that state of consciousness which you create day by day and hour by hour within yourself is as the training wheels for that spontaneous and unrehearsed state of consciousness that comes to you as you awaken to the new day.

We would at this time apologize for the length of our discussion and transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument and leave it in love and light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time, we would ask if there may be any shorter queries to which we may speak briefly, as we realize that we have spoken overly long to begin this week. Is there a shorter query at this time?

Yes, I have a question. I alluded to this earlier. It involves when you see something that may go the way you would like it to go at the expense of another, and you catch yourself having to actively resist hoping that this event will happen which basically will help you but doesn’t help the other person and actually could be at the expense of this other person. How does one go about not doing that? It sounds simplistic, but any comments you may have would be greatly appreciated.

I am Q’uo, and aware of your query, my brother. We are also aware that we speak, as the one known as Abigail would say, in an overly-long fashion, and she complains. 1

We shall be brief. As you look at your daily round of activities, you will see various instances in which there is the opportunity to practice that which you know, shall we say, that which is of one piece with the one Creator, the unity of all creation. There are many catalysts that present themselves to you during your daily round of activities that will test resolve, that you may be able to express that which you know in a spontaneous fashion or [that you] will be unable to do so and will mentally take note of this which you may call a challenge, a test, a catalyst, perhaps even a failure.

However, we suggest to you that, as you look at these various opportunities to practice your knowledge and to live your love, it is only natural that you shall come up short in some instances, for you are not perfect beings. There are few within the creation of the one Creator that do not notice the deviation of the consciousness from that which is straight and true, the love and the light of the one Creator. When you feel yourself moving away from that which is part of your being, take note, perhaps pause for a moment in your own contemplation or meditation, seek to heal that which is in need of healing, to make whole that which is broken, to make straight that which is curved, to become that which is your highest ideal. Do not chastise yourself because you have fallen short. Rather, use this opportunity to increase the resolve, to follow the path of the seeker of truth and the one who would serve the Creator in all he or she would meet during the daily round of activities.

Is there another query, my brother?

No, not from me, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I have one. My wife and I have been talking of late and contemplating. We’ve noticed in our round of activities, I guess, signs or appearances of, I guess to best describe it, it seems like somebody is—how should I put it—messing with her, something or someone or some entity, whether work activities, home activities, other activities, and we just seem to feel there’s a strong coincidence and presence of somebody or something messing with her life, as you will. Could you offer any help or assistance or ideas on this situation?

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. Many entities upon this planetary surface are so full of light and so full of the ability to direct the energy of their own existence that they are attractive, shall we say, to those of the lower astral realms who lack this ability to focus their own energies and accomplish what you might call metaphysical work. Oftentimes an entity in the third density, such as the one known as C, who has these great abilities to accomplish various kinds of work, be it the physical work of this illusion or the metaphysical work of realizing spiritual principles, and who have, for one reason or another, blocked their own energies, create a, shall we say, gap in the faith, an insertion of doubt in one area or another [which] then provides an opportunity for those of the lower astral to attach themselves to this entity at this point of blockage and to begin to utilize that doubt, that portion of fear, that deviation from what is possible within, to energize their own undirected existence. This is more common than one would first imagine, for there are always, within the natural environment, those entities that are seen as the parasite, that which feeds upon the energy system of another rather than propelling itself by its own motivational ability to accomplish that which it wishes to accomplish.

Thus, there is the need from time to time for entities to cleanse themselves—more specifically their auric fields—of such entities, for all who seek sincerely upon the positive path of service to others radiate a kind of light that is seen as a power, a beacon, a resource, that which can be plundered, shall we say, if there are certain circumstances within the third-density entity’s auric field. We have mentioned those qualities of doubt, of fear, of lack of assurance that there is a path to follow and a way in which to do this. Thus, we suggest that each finds a means which is effective for the individual to accomplish this cleansing. Whether [you use] what you would call the smudging, as we have heard it called, the use of various elements of water, of salt, of garlic and so forth, to rid the self and the environment of one’s own dwelling place of such entities is unimportant. What is important is that you find that technique which has meaning to you and utilize it upon a periodic basis, much as one would cleanse the teeth, wash the body, and so forth.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Hmm… any specific recommendations that you might elaborate on in this type of case?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother, and, as we spoke previously, it is necessary that the entity accomplishing this cleansing choose the possibility that is most, shall we say, in harmony or resonance with that that entity’s own sensibilities. If the entity is steeped in one of your religious traditions, each has a cleansing method that is utilized. If it is, shall we say, more the case that the entity is a seeker in what you would call the metaphysical or pilgrim’s path of the spiritual journey, then there are far more avenues available. We mentioned the smudging, the salt, the garlic. There are ritual words of cleansing available in the texts known as The Law of One; there are other texts such as the one by Dion Fortune available for the choosing of the ritual of the most effectiveness. We cannot be more specific, for to do so would be to choose for an entity that which is most efficaciously [chosen] for the self. Thus, we only can point general directions.

Is there another query, my brother?

Not from me right now. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Yeah… Hi, Q’uo, this is J, and I just have one quick question. I was wondering if you have a color or a certain note or vibration that we can understand?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. As we are composed of a variety of entities forming this principle which you call Q’uo, there is also a variety of colors and notes that would denote our qualities or purpose. However, we are unable either to voice the note through this instrument or clearly transmit the color which is toward the violet portion of your spectrum but is of another quality. The answer is yes, but we cannot speak or give them through this instrument. We apologize.

Is there another query, my sister?

No, thank you. Thanks.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I had a discussion earlier talking about the idea of second and/or third-density humans, per se. Could you tell me what you see in, from your perspective, that idea?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. To the best of our knowledge, the time of harvest upon your planet which is now is that time during which the seniority by vibration of incarnation is used exclusively for the determination of who shall have the opportunity to partake in the third-density illusion at this time. Thus, those who are most able to benefit from the short time remaining are those who are offered this opportunity at this time.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Not from me right now. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my brother, for your query. Is there a final query at this time?

[No further queries.]

Thanks for all the good energy, Q’uo.

Happy full moon!

I am Q’uo, and we will take this opportunity once again to thank each present for joining in this circle of seeking and for inviting us to do the same. It is our great privilege to do so. We again apologize for speaking overly long. We so enjoy these gatherings that we do not keep track of your time, as you may perhaps wish we would.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we would take our leave of this instrument at this time, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. Abigail, a 16-year-old Siamese cat, had begun a serenade of some force. She was calmed.