The topic is: What will be happening physically and metaphysically in 2003 and what spiritually oriented people should be doing and thinking about in order to cope with these things?

The first question is, who exactly is Q’uo that we are speaking to, and how does the communication process through Carla work?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in whose service we are.

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your question. We communicate with this instrument by means of this instrument’s pathways which she has opened within her energy body in order that it may receive messages in a more direct link from those universes which exist beyond the subconscious, of the inner or metaphysical world that dwells within your human brain. We and many other voices reside within that universe and are drawn to help those upon your sphere who are seeking for truth in the way that we might be able to be a resource, for like draws to like, and many are the channels among your peoples who receive various of these voices, depending upon the tuning, shall we say, or the resting balance of energies of that particular instrument.

We were called to this group this evening by this instrument, who asked for the highest and best contact that she may receive in a stable and conscious manner in the name of Jesus, the Christ. Then the instrument called mentally for a contact of this nature, challenging us when we responded in the name of that which she holds dearest and highest and that is, for this instrument, Jesus, the Christ.

We are those who are able to say that Jesus is Lord, for this entity, yourselves, and we all retain from the beginning of that which is infinite the holographic spark of the one great infinite Creator. We have, in the processes of evolution, eventually experienced that which is the consciousness known as Jesus, the Christ or the Christed One. We have found that epitome of fourth-density unconditional love to be the redeeming quality that will create within entities the vibration which focuses the seeking soul towards a graduation from third density into fourth density.

It is, at this time, the graduation day, shall we say, for approximately the next decade of your years. Therefore, this instrument is very open to working with us, for this instrument feels also that the voices of universal guidance, shall we say, are helpful to any who wish to experience them and certainly for the next decade. It is well to attempt to aid those who are working spiritually in this way towards a graduation in terms of service to others and unconditional love.

This quality of Christed consciousness is that which the one known as Jesus, the human, wore and became in his selflessness and in his offering all for the sake of others. And this Christed consciousness awaits those who would seek further in the ways of spiritual solutions. Therefore, this instrument was able to make contact successfully and to assure herself that the contact was that which it stated that it was.

May we answer you further, my brother?

What has Q’uo’s experience been in the evolution through the cosmos? Was there a third-density experience that was experienced?

We are those known to you as Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. The Q’uo principle is made up of three entities: one of fourth density, the identity being that known to this instrument and this group as Hatonn; one from fifth density, that entity being the one known as Latwii; and one from sixth density, that entity being known as Ra. These three social memory complexes comprise this voice. The entities are of this galactic system. One of the entities is of the energy known as Venus, the other two experienced third density within other star systems. All experienced third density in a unique way, each in their own refinement of that experience. Each has had a markedly easier third-density experience than those of your particular planet. This is because the planet of which you are a part has been peopled with those who have been repeating this grade; some of them since before the last seventy-five thousand-year cycle. This is a particularly confused group of entities whose great length of experience has not yet brought them to a clear choice amongst all the variations from service to others to service to self and [so they go] swinging back [and forth] in a random and unfocused fashion. The lack of will amongst those of your peoples can be traced to this history of many, many incarnations which, in some, have not added either to graduation in the positive sense or graduation in the negative sense.

We hope to increase the harvest by sharing such information as we can to those who would wish to hear it. In giving you this information, we would ask that it be stated clearly within your article that we are not those of authority but rather those who come in the name of the one infinite Creator. We can offer our opinion as those who walk upon the same road, that path which is the way, the Tao. And we can share our opinions as we go, but we ask that each who considers these thoughts choose only those amongst these ideas which resonate deeply within, so that it feels as though each is remembering rather than learning. Those things which do not resonate we would ask that you lay aside and forget, for information is everywhere and in every moment, and if that which we offer is not timed right for you for now, then we ask you to let it go, for we would not be a stumbling block before any.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Could you explain what you mean by graduation and harvest?

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your question. All are familiar with the concept of the harvest, and, in this instrument’s long experience in her fifty-nine years upon your planet, she has focused attention upon the teachings that are contained within that which is called your Bible. Within this particular book, the image of the harvest has an especial meaning, for the one known as Jesus in his teachings is said to have offered a story concerning the harvest. Indeed, this entity offered many teachings concerning the harvest. In the case of these teachings, all was offered in story and in image, for this messenger of the harvest came two thousand or so years before the actual shift of the planet itself into another density of experience, another area within space/time in the great spiral of the galaxies about the central sun.

The central thrust of the metaphor of harvest for the one known as Jesus was that the fields were white with the crops, and all was ripe and ready to be harvested but that there were not enough workers for the harvest, and there was a call for those who followed this teacher to take up the honor and duty of attempting, each in her own way, to add to the possibility of awakening those blooming and ripened souls that are the pride and the product of 75,000 years of learning, so that they might make that last step over the line, from a faint-hearted will to serve the cause of love, to a passion and a fire to serve in a very focused and loving way for the good of the self those about the self and the planet itself.

Indeed, in one of the other stories about the harvest, this entity suggested that laborers went into a vineyard to harvest grapes and worked most of the day, and there were those who came very late in the day to working upon the grapes, yet, at the end of the working day, all were given the same coin. This is true of the harvest as well. It does not matter when in the 75,000 years of learning the awakening and realization of the true nature of the self occurs, it matters only that it occur. The one known as Jesus the Christ was the first of the messengers of that which is to come and that which is already here in part: that being the age of unconditional love that is fourth density, that is the very nature of the lesson of third density. Graduation occurs when the heart is able to remain open, in more than half of the circumstances of life, to the welfare, happiness, comfort, safety and service of others. The heart needs to be awakened and inflamed with the desire to know the truth that lies within the open heart. By keeping the heart open, the learning process is greatly enabled for the seeker, and, by attempting to serve others, the eyes of love begin to be given reason to open.

May we answer you further, my brother?

If you need to exemplify unconditional love in order to make the harvest or to graduate, how do you overcome the negative patterns in oneself that keep you from doing that?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your question. We would first suggest that the process not be thought of as overcoming but rather balancing and moving deeper into the nature of the true self. The self may be seen by the self, and the self may find itself helpful if it is able to retain an objectivity concerning the incoming data which it is receiving.

The very heart of third-density existence is the experience of utter confusion. It is the goal of this density to create an atmosphere in which only by faith can one see the health and rightness of the present moment. The purpose of this confusion is to wean the infant spirit from its biological choice-making brain and into the fourth-density gateway, shall we say, which is the fourth chakra of the energy system of the human vehicle, the green-ray energy center or heart chakra. Once the seeker is able to grasp the value of this opened heart and the limitations of both intellect and personality, the seeker is far more able to retain a certain sector of consciousness which is devoted to refining the accuracy and lack of emotional bias with which it receives the incoming information.

We would suggest that the biological mind has as its purpose the protection and the survival of the organism, and in order to adapt to its circumstances, from its very beginnings in the second-density kingdom of the great apes, it has prospered because of its adaptive nature. Once this occurs—this opening of the heart—once this inner ear is able to begin suggesting to the consciousness as a whole when it is biasing its incoming information, then it becomes far more possible to detect within oneself the triggers that create confusion beyond the necessity of the incoming information.

Even before the birth of an entity, it begins to be acculturated, and very rapidly the process of acculturation, even in childhood, creates a pattern of misperceptions based upon this information passed on by parents, friends, teachers and others about the young soul entering this illusion through the door of birth. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to undo in a literal sense the learning experience that helps create distortion. We would not suggest that entities attempt to eliminate distortion, for distortion is not a pejorative term but rather a descriptive one. The first distortion of the infinite Creator is the free will, the second is love, and the third is light, these being the first three and primal values of this particular system of discussion of the mystery of the one infinite Creator.

Does this answer your query, my brother?

It looks like our planet is moving into a very difficult time of negative experience. How can one who wishes to graduate into the fourth density cope with what’s occurring now and what will occur in 2003?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. Firstly, we would say that the physical manifestations of political intrigue, unrest, terrorism and war are as they are and are the natural outworking of the processes of graduation in which entities who have chosen [the path of] service to self are attempting to graduate with the same devotion and focus as those attempting to graduate in the path of service to others. The situations, we would suggest, are in the hands of all of those who understand and realize that they are citizens of eternity who came here to learn and to serve and who wish to go on to learn and to serve, for that is the desire of the upward-spiraling cells of each entity and each atom that exists within the physical and metaphysical universes.

We would suggest that the self be attentive. The responsibility of the open heart is to love unconditionally that which it sees and to see each and every thing and person as the self or a part of the self. In times of disquiet and conflict, entities are offered a sharpened opportunity to behold the shadow portion of the self, the wolf that bites at the heart within. This forthcoming year may contain disquiet. We can only encourage each to open the arsenal of inner and outer gifts towards the third-density situation, finding ways to respond appropriately in service to others as inspired and as able.

With this concern reduced to that which is its actual nature, that is, that which can only be affected positively by knowing all is well or negatively by worry, the concern can then be turned to that which is the true business of this hour, this year, and indeed the decade to come. That is aiding the planet itself and aiding the self and each other self to achieve the ability to enjoy an increased density of [the] light that lights your physical sphere. The nature of that light is changing, and it will become less and less possible for third-density physical vehicles to dwell in that light, not because it is damaging to the physical body but because the energy is hardened in a way into a state of mind that is characteristic of third density and is connected with the concept of self-protection and survival.

The enjoyment of [the] light of fourth density is dependent upon being able to move into a state of consciousness in which all other selves are seen as the self and all crimes and achievements are seen as a portion of the universal self and to move that 180 degrees [until] the self is seen as all things and as the Creator. That unification of consciousness opens the self to loving and being loved in a way that the body loves itself rather than the way entities who are separate units love each other.

Each is unique. We do not presume a high mentality, but rather we suggest that, at the subconscious level, all entities within creation are already one, and therefore the process of moving from third to fourth density in part consists of accepting the oneness at a level which has moved into the belief and perception system of the entity. This biases the conscious entity towards retaining the attitude of unconditional love and outgoing radiance of being at times when there is a perceived threat. The one known as St. Francis of Assisi is said to have called the fire, Sister Fire and the pain, Brother Pain, seeing that all things and qualities are a portion of one infinite creation. In each culture, there…

[Side one of tape ends.]

We are those of Q’uo and are again with this instrument. We were speaking to the concerns in a metaphysical sense of the upcoming year, and we were pointing out the enhanced ability of those who remember the mechanism of confusion which is covering the deeper essences of that which is occurring in the infinite play of consciousness.

We would suggest that the coming year is one in which there is an occurrence that is ongoing, and cyclical within that ongoing unity, which is as if there were a ratcheting up of the density actually experienced by those among your peoples at this time. These movements began long ago and are increasing in their frequency as the clocklike motions of planetary movements spiral this planetary sphere into the vibrations of fourth-density time/space and space/time. The mismatch in vibration between [fourth-density space/time and] those who live and dwell within the third-density, choice-making brain is increasing, and it is becoming more difficult to feel comfortable. This experience of discomfort is markedly increased by the toys and gadgets of those among your peoples who are indeed of service to self. These toys include your popular media and the various products of your peoples’ service-to-self intrigues. These two factors combine to offer to the third-density entity a remarkably increased experience of rush, stress, uneasiness or even depression.

For those who are awake, the mismatch has a different effect. The attempts to keep the third-density heart open within incarnation are reliably imperfect. However, the sheer desire to keep that infinite love flowing through the energy body has a tremendous impact upon the time/space, rather than the space/time, universe. Within that universe, intentions and ideals are things. Consequently, even though the entity has been thoroughly imperfect in keeping the heart open, the intent, repeated and repeated without tiring, to return to a state of openheartedness allows the entity to respond to the fourth-density portion of the vibrations by seeking [them], and, in so doing, the entity moves into its needed next healing crisis. Many times, these crises are emotional and expressed through emotional, what this instrument would call, conditions. Many other times, there is the actual difficulty with the physical vehicle or other effects which vary with the reactions of the individual to the increased density of light and the imbalances within that entity’s energy system.

The goal, then, is not perfection but rather that sturdy returning and remembrance of unconditional love. That is the nature of the one infinite Creator, and that nature permeates and fills the universe that you are aware of and all that you are not yet able to measure. Indeed, the very space that has so long been considered a vacuum is far more intensely packed with the love and light of the one infinite Creator than the atoms of what you perceive as matter.

Does this answer your query, my brother?

Can Q’uo give any prophecies as to what actually might occur, so people could prepare themselves mentally and spiritually to handle it?

[I am Q’uo.] We would suggest that the prophetic information is that which would detune this contact to the extent that we would not be able to speak through this instrument. The response must begin, therefore, with our note that we do not feel it to be possible to speak [specifically] upon such subjects without infringing upon free will. We again request simply that each be aware that there may be opportunities to serve in ways which are not presently obvious. The situation as it develops will far better be served by the focusing upon the steadfastness of faith that all is well and that all will be well.

We ask each, brothers and sisters: is it well to dwell on anything in fear when the matter with which each concerns itself helps to shape the future? Is it well, then, to dwell on danger even by way of preparing for it, or is it better to dwell in a universe in which there is no danger and thus affirm that which you wish and desire? The way that entities speak to themselves creates an amalgamated future in what you term consensus reality. Therefore, any attention paid to survival beyond the usual preparation for your power outages and so forth is a way of expressing fear.

There is no portion of the creation which can be labeled safe nor is there any which can be labeled unsafe in terms of the continuation and the thriving and the progression of consciousness. There is no danger; the physical illusion is an illusion. The harvest is only physical in the sense that it is creating effects upon the surface of your planet because of the decidedly lagging vibrations of the third-density population which is creating a kind of resistance of the incoming density. The Earth is, as a planet, as Gaia, far into its labor, and it needs the pouring of light into that which this entity calls the Christ grid and which others have called the fourth-density grid or the ascension grid.

This is the true emergency. In a planetary situation such as this, our focus and perhaps any of those thinking metaphysically is upon the softening of the labor of planet Earth in her harvest and the increasing of the harvest of souls from this many-times repeated cycle of greed, rapacity and war. May we say that the sum total of this tack of defense and aggrandizement is the production of fear and pain. These emotions are as food to negative entities which from the fifth-density level are inspiring and activating the tendencies towards extremist belief systems and the “eye for an eye” point of view of justice. Those who would serve at this time may well attempt to ameliorate the third-density consensus reality, and we encourage those who would attempt to help. The attempt to save the self is one which moves from fear, and we would suggest that this is not a position from which to achieve a truth. Following truth leads to the heart of self, and, in the heart of self, the identity is [as] one with that which animates all things rather than being overly concerned for the physical vehicle. We do not suggest that entities be careless but rather that they respond appropriately as occurrences develop, meanwhile refusing to burden the pathways of the mind with fear-based concerns.

Information will come by many messengers: that which is seen, that which is read, that which is heard, that which moves before the vision of bird and beast, wind and rain. The process of true knowing come to one through one’s own systems of guidance from within that universe that dwells in that shadowy ocean of your brain cells which opens a gateway to an infinite universe that is the true place where each lives.

Consider, if you will, that the entity which is watching that which is upon your television is observing a virtual reality. In just such a way, distortions in the infinite love and light of the Creator are, when picked up on third-density’s physical channel, translated into this particular channel of existence. At the same time, each entity dwells within the corresponding metaphysical universe. The physical death is the movement from a heavy, chemical illusion to a less distorted and non-physical universe. There is no discontinuation of being. However, each did move into incarnation at this time not to save the self but to reach out a hand to others so that, as each hand reaches out, hands begin to connect, and entities begin to hope in a focused and harmonized manner, becoming part of the rhythm and flow of the very appropriate and necessary changes that are occurring within your planet at this time.

The harvest can truly be greatly increased at this time, because so many entities here are just a tiny step from awakening so that we feel that there is a real possibility that, working increasingly in harmony, light centers such as this one and all positively-oriented groups upon your sphere may begin to look less like solitary lighthouses and more like big cities. The grid of fourth density may be seen as formed by the joined hands of all positive people and all joined hearts as well. In terms of aiding your planet, the seeking entity may look at the globe, and behold many places where the life forces are weak, places that are barren and unfruitful. These are places where there needs to be a strengthening or a tweaking, as this instrument would say, of the grid.

Entities may at any time choose to become radiators of unconditional love to the grid simply by intending to do so and moving into a state of meditation. The process of sending this light forth is one of intending to. There are visualizations which aid in this sending of light for some, such as the visualization of violet light being sent or the visualization of the planet with light streaming into the grid and the grid lighting up. We would note that your scientists have discovered this grid, among others, and therefore there is a panoply of sources which entities may find which offer information of a linear kind concerning specific portals and grid points which this entity has no language for discussing. However, it is not necessary to know the grid’s makeup in order to aid by the very being of the self within the open heart.

May we answer you further, my brother?

What’s the best way to align one’s own energy centers to the Christ grid? How do we visualize it in order to send energy to it?

We find that this instrument grows weary. We are those of Q’uo, and we will make this the last full query of this session.

This instrument is familiar with the writings of the one known Drunvalo Melchizedek, and we would say that the attempt to follow the exercises within that particular book having to do with the activation of the Merkabah make up a system whereby an entity may harness and discipline the wandering mind within ritualistic mental activity which tends to open the energy body. There are as many ways to open the energy body as there are inspirational experiences. The mechanical ways of opening the heart such as that of the one known as Drunvalo have as their burden the form and outerness of step one, step two, and seriatim, the list beginning and ending.

There are many suggestions of such rituals of opening the heart, and we would encourage entities who seek such to search the information available for such suggestions. For ourselves, our suggestions are more along the lines of that ineffable and spontaneous expression of joy and thanksgiving which each has experienced in ecstatic moments. We bring to this instrument’s mind the experiences of the bonding of a man and woman in love, the bonding of friendships, the discovery that one loves one’s work. Such feelings open the heart by their very nature. Beauty, when perceived purely, opens the heart totally.

Therefore, what will open the heart for each seeker is unique. For this entity, it is the returning again and again to the table of Jesus the Christ to take into herself that very being which this entity views as unconditional love. This entity is in ecstasy as she hears the central words, “Do this in remembrance of me,” and to that, this instrument replies mentally, “I will remember, Lord.” For another, the opening of the heart may involve the beauty of a song, the flight of a bird, the odor of a rose or the abstract dwelling upon an idea. Each entity’s place of balance is different.

However, all have in common the need to open the heart, but not from a careless or unprepared position. When the heart is asked to open, first we ask each to ask their energy body to come into balance, to open, and to be unclogged. The simple asking of the mind to the self to take care of this aids in the ability to move into that state of consciousness which is the inspiration of love, the passion of right livelihood or the firm settling upon that which is highest and best for one. These feelings of realization of the nature of the self and the nature about the self greatly aid in the opening of the heart. Certainly, anything which seems inspiring and resonant may be trusted by the discrimination of the entity.

The suggestion with which we would close is that we would ask each to remember that spiritual evolution is a process of change. Change is, by its nature, a condition which biases the consciousness towards discomfort. The more work one does in consciousness in a day, the faster the metabolism of the consciousness rises. It is as though an entity were exercising muscles. It is well to seek using measured times of meditation especially if such practice is being done is solitude. In groups, it is much more safe to meditate for longer periods, and we would certainly suggest that entities in groups are more powerful magnetically than by themselves.

We suggest a gentleness with the self, for the first self which must be loved in order to love others as the self is the self, and it is the hardest of selves to love, for the secret thoughts of the self are known. We would ask that each attempt to keep the light touch, being passionate and fiery as a lover in pursuit of the truth of the one infinite Creator and of the nature of the deeper self while being able to keep the light touch with the surface of the illusion, not disrespecting or dishonoring its importance but recognizing that illusion is involved in the information that is being offered.

We thank the one known as W and the other members of this group for calling for our presence at this somewhat unusual session. We have enjoyed meditating and sharing our vibrations with your own, and we thank each for the sacrifices of time and energy which each has made in order to carve out this time of contemplation and questioning. We leave each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai vasu.