(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. It is a great privilege to be called to your group and we thank each of you for doing so. Thank you indeed for taking the time out of your busy lives for this carefully delineated session of seeking. It is a privilege to be asked to give our opinion and we are glad to do so. But in order to be able to speak freely we would ask as a favor that each of you employ the most stringent discrimination, listening carefully to those things that we say and discarding any idea that does not resonate to you as if it were a newly recovered memory. In that way we will feel free to speak without worrying about the sacredness of your process being disturbed or your free will being abridged.

We greet the one known as J, and we ask this entity for his first query at this time.

Which avenue of application would this ARV technology 1 be encouraged to flourish in?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. Your ARV process is that type of process which, by its very nature, as the one known as B noted, has a tendency to abridge free will. The challenge facing a practitioner of this process is to find information concerning the future, the knowledge of which does not abridge free will.

Let us talk a bit about this. The typical successful, inadvertent use of this technology is that of the entity who prays that something be changed. As an example, we would use this instrument’s daily practice of intercessory prayer in which she prays that the health of those who have asked for her prayers be amended for the better. A good example, of which the one known as J may be aware, [is] that in the recent tsunami disaster, there was a man who placed his several young charges in a small boat and went out to sea to avoid the disaster. This entity told the wind and the waves, in the name of Jesus the Christ, to be calm and the sea became calm enough that this gentleman and his young charges survived the storm undamaged. It is these small miracles that entities have reliably been able to petition the universe, or the creative principle, if you will, to alter what this instrument would call a probability/possibility vortex.

The one known as B spoke concerning the intention behind the doing of the ARV process. And we would agree with this entity in that that which will tend to improve the reliability of this process is that intention which is single-minded and which has a purity of motive. The one known as J spoke earlier of hoping to create supply, money and success from using the technology of the ARV. We cannot speak directly to this matter but we may suggest that such intentions are not blessed by spirit. The one known as B further noted that it is difficult for the forces of spirit even to understand the concept of supply or money, and this is also accurate.

The efforts, therefore, as they stand, offer a paucity of value which is recognizable to the forces of spirit. In order to create a better flow of energy for the one known as J, therefore, it is well to re-imagine or reconfigure those forces within the one known as J which are gathered together in order to do this work. The entity sees itself in a certain way, let us say, and re-imagining or reconfiguring the way the one known as J sees itself will be the most fundamentally helpful change in terms of improving the reliability of this process when it is used.

May we answer you further, my brother, on this point?

No, I think that’s adequate. Would you please describe the proper ritual for entrance/exit for this process?

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. We thank you for having the creativity and the imagination to ask this question. It is not a question that we can speak to specifically. However, we can talk about how the one known as J may configure his environment by speaking in terms of that which this instrument has done to create for herself a satisfactory environment in which to do sacred work.

First of all, note that this instrument intends a very simple and single-minded thing when she comes to the channeling process. She is placing herself in service to the one infinite Creator and she is defining carefully the way in which she will enter her workspace to do this service. She gathers about herself the artifacts of her faith. The artifacts which were about her during the contact with those of Ra lie within the room in which each of you is sitting at this time and these artifacts are familiar and dear to her, have been handled by her, and have meaning to her beyond the occasion of this particular session. The chalice, the incense, and the Bible open to the phrase, “In the beginning was the Word,” all have a deep heart connection for this instrument. And they constitute to her, in a metaphysical rather than a physical way, a symbolic but very real safety. She rests her spirit amongst the artifacts of her faith. It is a reassurance on a subconscious level, and, in the context of her work, there is an implicit acceptance of her values by those who sit in circle with her. All of these aspects of the artifacts around her, therefore, act as a safety net so that she is able to feel quite free to let go and respond with very pure focus to the process of the channeling.

For the one known as J, these artifacts would not create any sort of safety net. And the challenge, therefore, for the one known as J is to identify within himself the very heart of faith for him. Faith is not a belief in anything and the artifacts that comfort the one known as J need not be religious at all. They need to create an ambience of emotional safety.

When one identifies one’s faith, it can be done in many, many ways. The thinking along the lines of what to surround the self with needs, however, to be done with the heart, rather than the mind. For what you are looking for here is that which resonates within your deep mind. This is not necessarily a mind that resonates like any other; it is not necessarily going to resonate to spiritual or religious artifacts. Consequently, we would encourage the one known as J to spend some time thinking not about artifacts but about where the center of faith is for you. Where is that place within you that knows beyond any doubt that all is well and [is] that which is right and good and appropriate?

The whole question of doing this spiritual work does revolve around what the work is. Is it spiritual work? To this instrument, all things are sacred and all work is spiritual. What is your take on this reality? The more that you are able to penetrate the surface of your personality and move into the sacred space of your own heart, the better able you will be to consider this question. It would be our observation that there has been a lack of awareness on the part of the one known as J that there is an issue of whether or not this work is spiritual, whether or not this work is sacred. The forces of the Creator open to those who have realized the shape of their own sacredness and who have envisioned what it is they wish to do in terms of spiritual learning and spiritual service. Attempting to do this kind of work while personally unpolarized or weakly polarized is as one attempting to use electricity but finding a tremendous amount of resistance on the system that keeps the power from functioning well.

We would like to address the techniques for entry and exit of the sessions to some extent at this time.

This instrument was used to doing a ritual called the banishing ritual of the lesser pentagram 2 in order to prepare the place of working when this instrument and the group of which she was a part were doing trance channeling sessions. For conscious channeling, this instrument tunes itself by singing, praying and doing mental exercises designed to deepen the state of focus and to call the forces of spirit which she wishes to accompany her as she does her work. 3

We can reliably recommend any form of tuning that the one known as J finds helpful and comfortable. It may not be the banishing ritual of the lesser pentagram. It might not be praying, as such. However, it is well to think of the self as a crystal that transmits and receives energy much as a radio. You are, shall we say, not a power source but that through which power passes. You may tune the field of your consciousness just as you would tune a radio to get the station that you want. This instrument tunes asking for the highest and best contact that she can carry in a conscious, stable manner of the energy of Jesus the Christ. It is a very specific request and therefore she is able to tune fairly accurately although she has no technical or specific knowledge of what she is doing. This tuning process is very helpful and we think that the one known as J may benefit from considering well what the tuning would be to reach the source that this entity wishes to reach.

At the end of a session of working, we would describe the conditions as being that you have gathered energy of a certain kind. It is light, but what is the color, what is the nature, what is the texture, of this light? We would encourage thinking upon this. In the model that this entity has of her own sessions, she sees the people in the group creating a force field or an energy field by their commingled energies and she sees light being pulled into that temple that has been created by the arching energies of the circle. At the end of each session she verbally requests that everyone release that light back to the Creator. This, in a metaphysical fashion, cleanses the physical and metaphysical local area of the work that has just been done and returns the energy of the place to its neutral, worldly vibration.

It is well, whatever the ritual developed be, that it be seen as a cleansing and closing that is specifically sacred or spiritual in nature. Indeed, all of our recommendations have to do with investing this process with polarity or with the energy of love, so that the entity J, doing this work, is engaged and fixed into the process in a specifically spiritual or sacred way.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, that is adequate. The next one is: Can you please help me in setting my overall intent for working with the ARV process?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We were speaking just now of setting an intention that was framed in spirituality. May we say that the concept of spirituality or sacredness is generally far too limited by peoples’ concept of spirituality. Spirituality is not necessarily religiosity at all. It does not necessarily have any of the trappings of place or ritual. The heart of spirituality is caught up in an entity’s definition of self.

When an entity begins to look into the nature of the self, worlds begin to open to him. We would encourage the one known as J to spend time daily asking the question, “Who am I?” And then allowing a lack of thinking or unnecessary motion. This could be in meditation, so called; this could be very fruitfully done in a natural setting. But whether it is formal meditation or walking in nature, the goal here is to free the mind from content and to allow it to be empty. Into this environment, just as into an empty cup, may come content that is immeasurable by words, and the nature of the self is something that is beyond words. This is why silence is the best environment in which to receive some of the deeper answers that you seek at this time.

Framing your intention sounds as though it is a matter of identifying your goal. And the one known as J has explained that there is no specific goal to this process: it is a process that can be used for many different goals. However, the one known as J has said repeatedly that he wishes to be helpful, to be of service using this technology, using this ARV. And this is the direction in which we would suggest that the one known as J move in his thinking. It is helpful to realize that the goals that are blessed by the forces of spiritual guidance are those goals in which the intention has been carefully crafted and focused towards helpfulness, compassion, kindness and other ways of describing the attributes of unconditional love.

A magician, so-called, is one who attempts to create changes in consciousness by his will. And, in a literal sense, the ARV protocols are a type of magic, in that sense. The question is, is it positive, neutral or negative in its intention? Examining an intention such as creating money, it may be seen that the polarity of that intention is mixed. There are positive aspects to wishing to have money in order to do good. Yet, there is the subtext of service to self. And this instrument has often said, in terms of attempting to make money from service, that she would prefer to remain poor in order that she is able to donate her work and keep the forces of money from it. This instrument has moved forward from that absolute goal of taking no money in that she is now doing sessions such as this one in which she does indeed accept funds although these funds are passed directly into the L/L Research coffers so that she is not personally gaining in any way, shape or form from doing spiritual work.

This is a worthy attitude in that it frees this instrument from any mixed polarity as she approaches the channeling. It is difficult, if not impossible, to conceive of an absolutely pure intention, as human entities are forever mixed in that their nature is 360 degrees of all that the Creator created. Consequently, each entity has a shadow side that is just as powerful and just as articulated as the positive or sunny side. As you ask yourself, “Who am I?” you shall more and more begin to see that you are everything and every quality. And then the question becomes, “What configuration or arrangement of these energies lies within your being?”

It is the goal of each entity throughout incarnation to penetrate more and more the surface teachings that have created a false self. The self as brought up by parents and teachers and other authority figures contains a great deal of material that is imagistic and it is as though you hold to yourself old images of self that are not current. As you learn more about yourself, you will find some of these false images or parts of self falling away and this will help you to clarify your nature and therefore your basic intention.

May we answer you further on this point, my brother?

No, that’s adequate. You may have already touched on some of this but I’ll ask the question anyway. Is there a proper physical alignment in compass degrees that the viewer must position himself to gain a better signal of the target he is trying to describe?

We are those of Q’uo. We are aware of your query. Thank you, my brother, for that question. We gaze at that which we can share without abridging free will. We are able to share the suggestion that a north/south alignment is helpful as is an east/west alignment. Lining up with north and south orients you to the dynamic betwixt air and water. Lining up east and west orients you to the dynamic between earth and fire. Either orientation is generally helpful and it may occur to the one known as J that in various applications one or the other alignment might be preferable. But we would suggest that using the cardinal directions is a good idea.

Further, we give this instrument the vision of the body being off of any ground and somewhat reclined as if this instrument were to lie back in the reclining chair so that there is a comfort level that is quite high. We might suggest that it is perhaps more helpful to cleanse the area in some metaphysical way than to be concerned with position or placement.

There are two other elements we would suggest as being helpful. And that would be to choose times of working in which there is what this instrument would call the full moon or near the full moon, as those energies involved at that time that are strong are those energies that are helpful for this work. We might also suggest that this entity find the necessary information concerning the eighteen-day spiritual cycle and determine the nature of his own eighteen-day cycle so as to avoid those times in which…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…the energies are moving from low to high or high to low and are in a critical, unstable condition.

May we answer you further on that point, my brother?

No, that is fine. Thank you. Could you describe a few characteristics of a suitable coworker for me, please?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We are certainly able to describe to you some characteristics that would be helpful for you to consider in a coworker. But we would say first of all that there are times when an entity is creating roadblocks for himself and in this wise the one known as J has inadvertently created a block to finding that perfect partner in that the one known as J has not surrendered to his own deeper nature. It is difficult for us to give this instrument words that can reveal what we mean but it is as though the one known as J has locked a door against himself. The key to that door is a question or a hunger and we cannot give the one known as J this question or develop within him this hunger, yet it is within him and it is strong within him at this time and thusly we would suggest to the one known as J the value of love.

This is a key word and it is almost meaningless when said because it has been so abused. But the very nature of each entity in creation is love. The very nature of the Creator is love. All the energy, no matter what it looks like in creation, is some form of love. When the one known as J has found this hunger and has asked this question, rather than being a being standing outside his own heart he will be in that sacred space of his own heart. And it is from that place that life and love open up. We do not mean to be cryptic but if one’s nature is love and if the question has to do with love and if the place inside the heart is described as unconditional love than perhaps we have offered you the help that we can offer you here.

Characteristics of a helpful coworker are: intelligence, self-awareness, humor and most of all, faith. If you can find someone who is faithful, gullible and open, then you will have done very well. However, we would suggest to the one known as J that, just as the one known as B has said, that entity will be drawn to you when the time of waiting is over. There will not be any need to find or seek out such an entity. Rather, the two of you will come together naturally just as has happened with each of those who has gathered at L/L Research. Each connection was the result of a process of like attracting like and as this instrument said earlier, the group was brought together by the Law of One.

Place your energies in self-disclosure and deep honesty as you peer within a self that is cunningly made to deceive as well as reveal. The process of getting to know the self takes all of the persistence that the one known as J has in abundance. It is an incarnationally long task. However, we feel that the one known as J will be surprised at how quickly things change once he is involved in the process of self-knowledge on a conscious basis. The universe is geared to respond to the questioner of self.

May we answer you further on that point, my brother?

No, that is fine, thank you. Next question: Will I be allowed to be successful with the ARV?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We do not find that this is a question that we are able to address and therefore we will simply pass. We apologize for the lack of information here.

Okay, another question that I have: Will A play a role in my future?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. And once again we find that this is not an area in which we feel we can be useful to you. Is there a further query, at this time?

No, there is not.

Q’uo, when you referred to the directions, north, south, east and west, are you referring to the magnetic compass points or the rotational poles.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We were referring to magnetic rather than rotational values.

Thank you. [To J:] Anything else?

I have one further question, if you’ll take a shot at it. There were blue lights, dim rectangles, on my ceiling two weeks ago when I woke up. Could you tell me what they were?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We find that in the work that you are doing you have opened for yourself gateways into various points within what this instrument would call the chakra system. And there are various ways of seeing elements of space and time within those systems that are symbolic. They consist of geometry and color. You were aware of and seeing into an inner-planes place which did not make sense to your conscious intelligence and therefore you were only able to see the color and geometry rather than being able to see into that world, as it were.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, I am finished. Thank you.

We are those of Q’uo and, my brother, if you are finished, we are finished as well. We thank you for the tremendous effort that it took for you to be with us and to ask these questions. And we leave you as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. ARV stands for Associative Remote Viewing. Here is a link to a website which discusses this technique: www.remote-viewing.com

  2. As found in William E. Butler’s book, The Magician, His Training and His Work

  3. Carla calls on the Holy Spirit, the Creator, Jesus the Christ and the Archangels while tuning for each session.