(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose name we serve and in Whose service we come to you this day. It is our privilege and our blessing to be called to your circle of seeking. We would thank each of you for creating this moment in time in order to ask us our opinions and we are very glad to share our opinions with you with the understanding that your free will not be abridged. And in order for this to be so created we would ask of you that each of you take absolute responsibility for your own powers of discrimination. Truth, which we came to offer, is a tricky thing indeed. It is subjective and entirely personal. Therefore, we would ask of you that, in considering each of our thoughts, you check your own energy for resonance with these thoughts. If our ideas resonate to you then by all means feel free to work with them. If for any reason they do not resonate to you, we would ask that you lay them aside without a second thought. It is our hope to offer helpful comments but, even more, we hope not to be a stumbling block in your way. If you can take responsibility for this discrimination and realize that you are the one and only authority for yourself, that will enable us to speak freely. We thank you very much, each of you, for this consideration.

It is our understanding at this time that you would wish to have a potluck session of question and answer and so we would ask if there is a question at this time?

We’re setting out on kind of an adventure ourselves between Avalon and our Rangers. I was wondering if you have some history on the Confederation and their founding?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The question that you ask is deceptively simple and the answer must be carefully considered, for there are elements of our creation and way of being that are easily shared and other portions that must remain to some extent hidden in mystery. The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator is the loose designation that our group was given in order to render us a named group and is a created name. The naming that is so dear to your peoples is not used beyond your third density because words, as opposed to concepts, are quite rough and even primitive in their structure, being delimited by the association of words and letters and so forth with parts of your consciousness which are heavily tied into the third-density brain or biocomputer. Thusly, our Confederation sourcing, while quite real, has, let us say, a number of aspects to it.

Each of you, as you sit in this circle of seeking today, represents not only you, yourself, an unique and precious flower in the field of the Creator. You carry with you a family of unseen presences. Within this circle, for instance, there are overlapping groups. More than one entity within this group is not only an individual but also a family member of the community which is represented in fifth density and in sixth density families from which you came to serve upon planet Earth as wanderers offering, at great risk to yourselves, your very self in the hope that by your very being living in flesh and bone, strangers in a strange land indeed, you would be able to offer that energy of unconditional love that would help to anchor the fourth-density energies that now are being seated within the planet that is being born as we speak, that Gaia that is a fourth-density, positively-oriented planet.

Each of you, then, represents not only the self but an extended family, as it were, of beings that have allied themselves in various partnerships for this period of time and space. There is a time upon your planet that is ongoing wherein all of your energies have been called to bear witness to the light and the love of the one infinite Creator. We, ourselves, as those of the principle of Q’uo, are part of two of those groups: that of the fifth-density social memory complex known to you as the group Latwii—we are speaking through this instrument at this time—and those of the social memory complex known as the group Ra, which are part of this principle and with whom we of Latwii and also those of Hatonn discussed matters before taking up the time of channeling through this instrument.

In addition to those of Q’uo, there are many social memory complexes or planetary or societal groups of entities who have, as a group, chosen both to offer wanderers to the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow manifesting upon your planet at this time, and to offer ourselves as requested by groups such as this and by channels such as this one, or, alternatively, to offer ourselves to those who call upon us, whose vibrations are resonant with ours, for work within dreaming, work within vision, and work within what you would call times of inspiration.

The energies of this loose-knit but entirely harmonious Confederation have been called into being by the times that you now are experiencing upon your sphere. This entity has often prayed for that which she calls her “fragile island home” 1 of Earth. We also are in a state of constant prayer in support of this fragile island home as it revolves into an entirely new area of space and time, one that has alternative characteristics to third-density space/time.

It is our hope, as regards the planet you know as Gaia or Earth, that we may be a tiny part of your own efforts to anchor fourth-density light by your very being. We hope to be responsive to your needs and to offer ourselves as requested. Each of six civilizations that are relatively near you in space/time are the founding members of this Confederation, with many, many others moving into alliance with us as the plight of your planet has deepened. We became concerned for your planetary civilization some of your time ago. The second of three harvest-times upon your planet, 25,000 of your years ago approximately, had come and gone, with only approximately 150 of your planetary beings achieving the right to move through the harvesting procedure and enter fourth density for the lessons of love. It is to be noted in humility and gratitude that, rather than move ahead as a small but significant social complex to take up the lessons of fourth density, all of these entities chose, as one group, to remain within third density and immediately to seek reincarnation as third-density entities, having only their hearts and their wills upon which to rely in order for their memories of who they were to return. These entities have been called by this instrument the Elder Race and it is to be noted that there are those within this circle that are also representatives of this group as well, Earth’s first graduates, who have immediately and unhesitatingly sacrificed any future lessons of love that may be in their future in order that they may spend not one incarnation or two or three, but 25,000 years’ worth of constant and unremitting reincarnation into the planetary miasma and confusion as the third harvesting cycle has proceeded.

We have called ourselves Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow because we are the Brothers and Sisters of the unremitting sorrow of Earth. And why do we describe it as sorrow, my friends? It is due to the increasing heartfelt suffering and woe experienced by those who have attempted repeatedly, over and over, to awaken within the dream of incarnation, to remember who they are and why they are here, and to take hold of their intention to become fully conscious and awakened creatures of love. The yearning has not died at all among your peoples. It cries out in its yearning to be a part of the awakening to love that the very planet under your feet is experiencing. Yet again and again there has been the seduction from love to fear, from unity to disharmony, and from that incredible experience of working truly together for common goals to the voices of division and hostility.

You have, in fact, through repeated exercises which have ended in empire, warfare and division, been trammeled and beaten down by those which have seized power and leadership upon your sphere to the point where your entire planetary sphere has been placed out of the normal stream of time/space and space/time onto what this instrument calls a time lateral. It is a kind of shunt where a train can move away from the main track until it is repaired. Your planet, in short, is undergoing repair and this not simply from one or two repetitions of empire but from, let us say, at least half a dozen majestic and substantial experiments in empire. Again and again those entities within your population who are inspired by the one infinite Creator have called the people of this planet to the reality of your unity as humankind to their planetary responsibility, each for the other, in love. These clarion calls to ethics, virtue and the higher morality have been heard and many are those who have been inspired to seek the one Creator and service to that Creator. Yet again and again the forces of fear have seduced entities enough away from the hewing to the light that the light has been unable to establish the kind of energy within your planetary sphere which would begin to accumulate mass of a spiritual kind, of gravity of, again, a spiritual kind or metaphysical kind.

At this point, the time allotted for such a time lateral is through within the next very few years. The opportunity for graduation to be a part of fourth-density, positive Gaia shall be over. We rejoice to say that this final effort of those who are ruled by fear and who wish to create what this instrument would call Armageddon has failed. This time, although the vast majority upon the surface of your planet are deeply confused, they are not fooled any longer. They do not believe any longer in the truth of those who speak of division, hostility, control of resources, and the advantages of war. These forces are certainly disorganized and puzzled. However, on a planetary level, at the level of the heart, there begins to arise, as this group was speaking of earlier, a feeling that is growing throughout all of the continents and all of the populations of your Earth. There is a growing knowledge that humankind is truly one. There is a growing awareness among ordinary, everyday people that the leaders that have been given power have misused it and are not to be trusted.

This basic breakthrough is recent and is indeed a product of many groups such as this one which have attempted to speak their truth with power throughout the last forty to fifty of your years. Great waves of entities have come among you and have begun to remember who they are. They have shared humor, art, stories and songs. They have lived lives that have inspired many. They have loved in ways that are as individual points of light that have begun to anchor, in a very real way, fourth-density values even in the apparently hostile fields of your civilizations.

We are as those who represent your ties with the larger family of the creation of the Father, as this instrument has often called the creation that is metaphysical in nature. We have an energy that this instrument would perceive as feminine. The balancing energy that is critical at this time in anchoring the love and the light of the one Creator for this passage for Gaia is the Goddess energy, shall we say.

We attempt not to use words that have emotional overtones. It is very difficult to find a non-emotion-ridden word for the Creator that indicates the essential balance of the feminine energy which is the dynamic opposite of those forces which may be described by gazing at what this instrument would call the Old Testament Creator, the Yahweh or Jehovah figure from your Old Testament of your Bible. The energy of Mohammed the Prophet and the one Creator named Allah are equally energies of a masculine, towering and authoritative nature. There was a time upon your sphere when this energy was appropriate. That time is long past. Yet those who have incarnated, from Atlantis to Babylon to Rome and so forth, have tried again and again and again to hold onto this increasingly sterile and unproductive creator-energy that is what this instrument would call yang in nature, exemplifying aggression and control, those things that, in the process of evolution, have become representative of service to self rather than service to others.

You may observe many figures which have attempted to express this feminine energy. The one known as Jesus, the one known as Mary, the one known as Quan Yin, and many others have expressed that yin creator-energy which is all-compassionate, all-loving, and all-understanding, all-inclusive and without the faculty of adhering judgment. Our hope, as a Confederation, then, is to rest in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator within the inner planes of this planet, which this instrument has often laughingly called the parking garage. Many of those who come from elsewhere within the creation dwell now within resting portions or parking garages of your inner planes, in the sub-plane which is resonant with our vibrations. We rest here with many allies, those essences of all of your densities, first, second, third and so forth, which animate and enliven your inner planes and help to create a fruitful Earth plane for those within third density at this time.

We are not comfortable in going into our planetary origins or those lessons which we have learned on our way to being who we are and where we are, for in many cases part of the awakening process for people such as yourselves is becoming aware of the incredible connections with a very substantial family group that takes in inner planes and outer planes and all densities of this octave in its system of family relationships, alliances and spiritually based relationships. The inter-connectedness of not only our group, but our connections with each of you cannot be overemphasized.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Yes. You said that the Earth’s “plight” concerned you. But you’re already aware that it’s a fourth-density, positive planet. So why is there a plight?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The plight of your planet is in its lack of, what this instrument would call, the hundredth-monkey effect, up until this moment in time. There are a very few of your entities which have successfully moved through the process of choice and have chosen polarity. Very few of these entities will graduate fourth-density, service to self. There is a larger, but still quite small group in relationship to the total population of your planet which has awakened and, by making the choices that they have made, become very viable candidates for graduation into fourth-density, positive Earth. They will continue as pioneers of fourth density here. And so far, those two populations have succeeded or potentially are on the point of succeeding, as they naturally pass through the gates into larger life and go through the graduation process.

There is, however, an enormous number of entities who have been unable, so far, fully to awaken to who they are or why they are here. That is why wanderers have come among you and that is why we have come into the wings, shall we say, to wait our turn to speak through instruments such as this one, in hopes of helping somewhat to call people to remember, to awakening and to becoming part of that conscious portion of planet Earth which can form into first a social complex and then a social memory complex as the graduation is moved through.

The plight is very dear to our hearts, as it is dear to the hearts of wanderers and those Earth natives who have awakened at this time. It is as though you are extremely close to developing a large enough group of groups of entities which, together, remember who they are. But they are on the verge of being able to firm into crystals that choose to vibrate, as one, the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. When this is done with enough mass of intelligent, conscious, choice-making entities joining in, there is a speeding up or a multiplication effect. The crystal that each of you is can choose to become a great deal more powerful as commonalities merge entities into groups and those groups into light sources.

Efforts such as this group’s Gaia meditations, occurring daily, are one such crystalline effort which has indeed, over a period of your years, begun to affect the planet. Its choice of a non-location-oriented, daily witness to prayer and meditation on behalf of the planet has created an energy which is common to many points upon or, shall we say, close to your planetary surface which are yin rather than yang, shall we say, in their energy focus, which have represented or created the opportunity for, shall we say, the infection of larger groups of entities by the enthusiasm felt by individuals in becoming a part of the Gaia meditation. These non-local points of love call in a way we cannot describe rationally to the awakening processes within those who have not yet made their choice, acting as what this instrument would call “snooze alarms” to bring them to some point of increased wakefulness where they are more close to being able to see what this instrument would call the bigger picture of who they are and why they wish to wake up and what they wish to do when they wake up. However, that point where the hundredth monkey effect is triggered has not yet occurred. There is not yet quite the mass of light workers awake. And so the plight, basically, is to call people to awakening without infringing upon their free will. May we say that those who are service-to-self oriented among your peoples and are in positions of leadership are attempting very consciously to entrain peoples’ minds…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…and hearts in fear, in anger, in aggression, and in fear-based actions such as attempting to control resources. The seductive qualities of these energies lie in the simple facts of high second-density values such as those known to the great apes which are that type of second-density vehicle within which each of you now experiences life. These service-to-self oriented entities are well aware that their stated values echo instinctual values of the great-ape body and, in and of themselves, do not trigger a warning to the mind of the second-density body. It is perfectly naturally and entirely instinctual behavior within the great ape to protect the clan and the family, to gather resources that it will need and to defend against those who would disturb it. To awaken into third density itself is the challenge for the consciousness carried by this second-density body.

The consciousness of third density is, by its very nature, not only aware of the self but its instincts are to seek love, to seek to be loved, and to seek to become one. However, by repetitive experiences in empire, your peoples have acquired habits of mind which mitigate against a full awakening into the awareness of self as the choice-making self. And so the tendency of your planetary population has repeatedly been to give its power away to those who are skilled at the processes of creating empire. Therefore, at this time, the plight remains to help those who have been repeatedly a failure at waking up to become a success this time.

The great challenge, then, is to be a force in helping people to wake up without in any way infringing upon their free will. The choice to leave the precincts of fear and to step forward boldly into the unknown territory of unconditional love, release of judgment, and the embrace of all entities, is formidable. The habit of doing so is not there.

If you succeed and we succeed in creating that hundredth monkey effect, there is the opportunity in these next few years of awakening a larger number of your peoples to their possibilities and of bringing people fairly rapidly into a state where they are able to graduate. It is a possibility that has an increasing probability vortex. All of you and all of those who are awakening at this time have a tremendous potential to change the face of your planet and to help many, many entities to take hold of who they truly are. We can only say with great humility that we are very glad to be a part of this effort and we thank each of you who has dedicated the life experience to the awakening of Earth and its peoples. It truly does begin with each of you and this is a time when a relatively small number of entities can make a pivotal difference in the harvest.

You must realize how close many, many of your people are, not only to awakening, but also to embracing their creator-selves, that heart of love that they feel lies within them without really knowing what it is for which they yearn.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you.

This instrument is telling us we need to be aware that it is time to start wrapping up this session of working and so we would ask if there is another query at this time with which we may end this session?

Do you have any suggestions on how to help those that are confused or those that are about to awaken, to awaken, and to realize who they are?

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. What we would say to you is, perhaps, seemingly unhelpful, yet it is the heart of our message to all and that is that the work that you came here to do is work upon yourself. You are an individual. You are a member of the group of Rangers. You are a member of the tribe of humankind and you are a member of the creative principle. When you act, you act for and by yourself and yet, at the same time, you act as a Ranger and as a human and as the Creator. All of these aspects of yourself are equally true.

The aspect upon which you consciously can do work is the individual aspect. We would encourage you, therefore, to work within yourself, bringing yourself each day and each moment to the most sharp focus you can, to the highest tuning that you can carry in a stable and conscious manner, to the highest picture of dedication and service that you are comfortably able to achieve. You cannot know, nor does it matter, that you are, at the same time as you work on yourself, working on your group, the Rangers, working on your tribe of humankind and working as the Creator. It is not necessary that you see into these deeper and wider parts of yourself. It is important simply to keep the focus of consciousness bright so that you are a candle. We have said many times through this instrument that it would seem that one candle is a very weak thing, yet one candle can be seen for well over a mile if a line of sight is unobstructed. And a candle in the darkness is hope. So you represent, knowingly, one person and one process and one offering of love to the infinite Creator; yet you also are the candle that the wind cannot snuff out, that the darkness cannot overcome, and that no amount of denial by those who would embrace the dark can deny. You exist, a point of light and love. Simply know that as you do your work, as you breath in love and breath it out again, consciously blessing that energy as it moves through you, you are affecting your group, your tribe, and the Creator Itself.

We would encourage you, in fact, not to crusade for those ideas which we offer you this day. It is not a matter of the sharing of information, this matter of awakening the heart of humankind. It is more of an infective process. You are the secret agent of energies such as faith and hope. As entities about you see that you are undismayed by the apparent chaos around you, that you are hopeful in the face of all that you do not at all deny but instead, embrace, there comes to light within entities which dared not hope before the attractive possibility of hope. As entities see you launching yourself into the mid-air of a fool, leaping into the abyss by faith alone and then, as they notice that you are riding that abyss in joy, there awakens within breasts to which faith was previous a stranger that possibility of another way of looking at the illusion of planet Earth. As you penetrate the illusion, your eyes seeing clearly the light and love of the one infinite Creator, those who look into your eyes know what they cannot express and see what they cannot describe, and, for the first time, they believe in the possibility of faith.

So each of you is as one who mounts the steed of desire and that desire, once pointed, aims you in your armor of light towards what this instrument would describe as a knighthood. You are forming your alliances. Go forth upon the quest for the truth. And what shall you share of that truth as you ride, my brother? What gifts do your eyes have as they gaze upon all that you see? It is time to imagine and to dream and then to solidify your imagination and your dream in the envelope of your flesh, your blood, and your living.

We salute each of you. We hope that you will remember to ask for help. We and all of those who stand ready to help cannot do so without express request from you. So please, open your communication within to ask for all the help that your guidance system is ready to give you. Remember to ask for help from those with whom you share the dreams and the hopes of Earth. For there are many angels in flesh that await a word of the question for help at this time.

Most of all we encourage each of you to be fearless in seeking the truth, in seeking the heart of yourself, in seeking the one Creator. We greatly encourage you at this time to bloom as the true flowers of your people that you are. Trust in your beauty and your goodness and in your nature.

At this time we would leave this group and this instrument, as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are humble before you and we thank you with all our hearts for this opportunity to share. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. That phrase is part of the Prayers of the People in one of the instrument’s Episcopal Holy Eucharist services.