The question today, Q’uo, has to do with the fact that so many of us who are here on Earth at this time wishing to be of service to others have found a great deal to do. We live at the speed of computers, jets and commuting. The problem seems to be, for many people, how to get everything done that you want to do. It seems like some things have to be left off! There isn’t enough time in the day for one person to do what that person has set beforehand for herself. How do you go about prioritizing your expenditure of energy in the area of serving other people? Do you listen to your heart that says you give everything you have got to each person that comes your way one at a time? Or do you try to use some wisdom; do you try to tear down, logically, the load that you’ve got so that it’s more manageable? We would appreciate any thoughts that you have in this area of organizing our energies, being of service, and not wearing ourselves out with trying to do everything that’s in front of us.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we are privileged to come to you this day. We thank each of you for the beauty of your being and the power of your dedication to seeking the truth. We thank you for forming a circle of seeking and for calling us to speak with you concerning the use of your time in the time of your usefulness.

As always, we would ask of you one clarion thing and we would be as clear as a trumpet as we say to you to take responsibility for discriminating as you listen to our thoughts. Do not take them into your being if they do not resonate to you. If you will guard your own temple, then we shall feel free to offer our opinion without being concerned that we may infringe upon your free will. Your process of growth is precious and it needs not to be disturbed but to grow very organically.

Your query this day concerns how to maximize the use of your time. It is understood in this question that you are on the path of service to others and so this is not a talk about how to choose between service to self and service to others, yet it is a talk that encompasses the question of how service to others works.

Your group has asked us many questions in the last little while concerning the nature of being, and, as we hear this question concerning the use of time, we find ourselves relating this question to the question of being. In the best of all possible worlds, that which you do flows from the fount of being within you.

The one known as Jim has made a vow to invoke the mantra to “relax and enjoy” whenever he becomes aware that he has lost his balance and is no longer resting in his own peace and power. We would begin by saying that this mantra is very apt for anyone who wishes to serve others well. It is not to the fleet of foot that the race against time goes. The winner of that race is the one who remembers to stop running and to rest. Clearly, we do not mean this literally. Even the most abstruse and abstract work involves movement. Once the choice of tasks is made, the fingers move across the computer keyboard, the mind and the body working together to create patterns, thoughts, and ideas where before there was nothing.

Those who work in more physical ways must do their work working with machines or using their bodies to create more order out of the chaos of nature’s bounty, as the one known as Jim does in his gardening. Certainly the one known as C must take many steps, climb many ladders, and investigate many malfunctions and difficulties as she goes about creating order and beauty in the pattern of her rental business. Whatever the kind of work that you do is, the gist of your query to us this day concerns not the work itself but your choices of two things: precisely what task you shall choose in any given day or moment, and what attitude or point of view you shall choose as you offer yourself in service.

Energy expenditure is little understood among your people. You do not understand where your energy comes from. There is an abiding belief that energy is personal and that it belongs to you. When you go to sleep, you are thinking in terms of restoring your energy. When you make an effort you think of it as your effort. This is entirely understandable.

Nevertheless, your energy is the energy of the Creator. Your life is the life of the Creator. Your path is the path of the one infinite Creator. You are a miracle, astonishing in your perfection, breathtaking in your brilliance, and unknown to yourself.

You are a nexus, a crossroads, shall we say. You have offered yourself to incarnation in order to create this nexus or crossroads of illusory reality within an environment of third-density existence. You chose to enter third-density existence and create this point of potential because you realized, in gazing upon the Earth plane, that you wished to express the love and the light of the one infinite Creator within this precise environment.

We do not have to paint the stark picture of your environment. For all of the surpassing beauty of the world of nature that makes up the vast majority of this environment, the passion play of humankind has created a drama that unfolds before you in details and patterns of outworking expressions of the distress and confusion of a lost humanity. You did not come to add to the sorrow and the distress of this environment. Rather, you entered incarnation with a firm intention of being a part of the lightening of planet Earth at this time. You came to offer a local habitation to the ineffable and illimitable values of compassion, wisdom and unconditional love.

It could be said in a way that you came to save the world, and yet you did not in any way say to yourself, “I have to come to save the world.” What you said to yourself, was, “I come to bear witness to the light and the love of the One whom I follow, that Logos that is the Creator.”

What is it to bear witness to the light? What is it to follow the embodiment of love? It is certainly no tangible thing. It is, however, more real to you than your body and closer to you than your breath.

Energy expenditure is only possible, in terms of your present illusion, when there is a local habitation for that energy. Thusly, have you come into manifestation as a mind, body and spirit which serves the Creator. To move to the depth of such energy expenditure and to investigate its source, one must apply to the Creator Itself.

This instrument has been studying the nature of the archetypal mind as set forth by those of Ra in Book IV in the Law of One [series] in order to respond to questions in one of her forum e-mail groups. She is aware of the Ra’s statement that the archetypical mind is the blueprint or builded structure of all energy expenditures within incarnation in this local habitation of third density. Therefore, logically, an investigation of the most appropriate choices of energy expenditure would turn to the study of the archetypes.

Dear brothers and sisters, we realize that the depth [of the gap] betwixt your present ability to contemplate the archetypical mind and a skillful use of that vast and powerful resource is tremendous. You may perhaps even feel that it is impossible to bridge that gap. We would say to you that in some ways it is literally impossible for you, within incarnation, to be able to have a grasp of archetypal processes, especially as they are ongoing within your energy system.

However, the gift of story and myth is that, without knowing what you know or how you know it, in telling each other your story you inadvertently touch upon various aspects of your archetypal mind. It is very helpful, for instance, that this group met today, not simply to ask us a question but also to tell each other your stories.

The listening ear and the understanding heart of those who hear your story create resonances that support and validate your archetypal process. You are not aware that you have solved any problems by sharing your stories, yet you have expended the Creator’s energy in ways that have built up each of you as well as building up the adhering and abiding energy of the group itself in sharing your essence.

Moreover, you have alerted vast sources of energy which are unseen within your plane of existence, yet which add tremendously to the available energy within the system that this group creates as it sits in this circle. Any two entities listening to each other in an atmosphere of support have much the same dynamic. Any entity conversing with its guidance system, moreover, creates this same dynamic if the guidance that is requested is then listened to, heard and responded to within the context of the ongoing, daily life. You do not pray into a void. There is in every prayer a conversation with the divine within you.

We realize that your query is about how to choose what tasks to accomplish in any one day. Perhaps you may begin to see that, to our way of thinking, that question lacks priority. To our way of thinking, the priority in any day needs to be first, “What is the Creator’s will for me this day?” We wish to move your thoughts away from the specific and into the underlying nature of your being who is the self that comes to the moment and begins to do the work of the day.

Look deeply into this question in order to retrieve your self in your entirety and wholeness from the shredding influence of detail. When you begin to work, let the self that begins that work be that self which has come to bear witness to the light. Let that self rest in its own nature. Indeed, dear ones, be intransigent in your determination to retain your identity. Then, that which you do shall be flowing through you and not from you. Your personality may flow and bubble along behind the essential self that you are and enjoy the light.

But that personality shell needs not to be the one doing the work. Know that the Creator is working through your nexus. This instrument, as part of her tuning process, prays, “Fill the heart of your faithful and kindle in her the fire of your love. Send forth Your spirit and she will be created and You shall renew the face of the Earth.”

Whether you work at mowing a lawn, writing a paper, fixing a window, or responding to a correspondent, you work as an agent of the transformative power of the one infinite Creator. You are magical. And what you do is effortless when you remember that you are only here to bear witness to the light. You are here to dance, to play the pipe and timbrel and to be a part of the whirling, rhythmic pattern of all that there is.

If you can retain this basic remembrance of your point of view, then we do invite you to use your conscious, intellectual, analytical mind to make those choices of what task you shall pick and how you shall proceed. As you make those choices, open yourself to those sacred impulses within you which sense the rightness of the present moment.

This instrument, for instance, has expressed her feeling that each entity that contacts her is a spirit which has a need to be heard.

[Side one of tape ends.]

Yet, as this entity becomes aware of the cry for help of that one who wrote in to her, she is that entity which is bearing witness to that help that has already been received, not because she responded but because the universe itself responds to every cry for help. The act of asking this instrument for validation activates for the one asking for help a chain of events that is completely independent of her and whether or not she responds to the correspondent.

In the moment of asking, that correspondent has created channels for energy to move within him or her from the guidance system within him or her and from the environment, spiritually speaking, which surrounds that correspondent.

Things are not as they seem to be. They are not linear, nor are they bound by space and time. However, it is because each of you has become a location in space and time by virtue of incarnating that these non-local processes may work.

We would suggest to each of you that you breathe deeply, in and out, knowing that life is one breath at a time; yet it is infinite.

We suggest that you look at yourself with that same double realization that you are local, flesh and blood, a gathering point at a crossroads through which spirit may speak and move and, at the same time, you are all that there is: non-local, not bound by selfhood, bound only by the awareness of the harvest of all the energy that you have processed, harvested and developed into the flower that you are at this moment.

We would at this time ask if there are any further queries from this group? We are those of Q’uo.

[No further queries.]

My friends, it is rare when there is no question at the end of our speech! But we hear only silence through this instrument’s hearing apparatus and so we assume that the fund of questions for this day has been exhausted. May we say what a privilege and pleasure it has been to share our humble thoughts with you at this time and to rest with you upon the waves of consciousness as they flow from the Creator to the Creator. We leave you as we found you, in the love, the light, the power, and the peace of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai, Adonai.