Question from K: I have felt very frustrated in that I do not seem to be able to more directly access my own inner guidance, intuition or spirit in a more specific way. Could you please comment and provide any advice on how to increase this aspect of my knowingness? This issue leaves me feeling somewhat devoid of a guiding influence in attempting to do service to others and feeling unsupported at times.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you, my sister, as well as the one known as Carla and the one known as Vara, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. As always, we are delighted to be called to your circle of seeking and are glad to speak to the one known as K on this interesting query and others that you may have.

However, in order for us to feel completely free to share our thoughts with you, we have a request to make of you. We would ask that each of you who hears our words retains a very firm awareness of your responsibility as the sole discriminator of what questions you will consider and what questions you will not. That is to say that we may offer many thoughts. Some of them may create avenues of questioning for you which are not desirable to you. We would ask you to listen to your discrimination and drop any of our comments that do not seem resonant to you. If any comments of ours do make sense and do seem to lead to helpful work in consciousness, then we would be happy for you to work with them.

Our concern is simply not to interfere with your natural and spontaneous process of spiritual development. If you will abide by this request then we can feel completely free to comment with our thoughts. We would not wish to become some sort of outer authority that might create for you a stumbling block at a future time. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

Yes, I understand.

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. As we take up your query on guidance, we would note that the guidance system which belongs to you and indeed that guidance system which belongs to each entity who seeks is both a very substantial and firm part of your system and one that is closer to you than your breathing and nearer to you than your very heart and also a delicate and subtle influence. So we would comment in various ways.

Our first comment is that the system of guidance that is yours is not an importuning or encroaching presence, it does not, of itself, shake you or act as a kind of alarm clock that will, on its own, awaken you or alert you. It must be sought and asked for its help. This is a simple fact and yet it is one which has often been that which is overlooked by those who seek.

Guidance is an energy which is so much a part of you that it came into incarnation with you. Yet it comes from what this instrument would call the time/space or metaphysical universe or creation that interpenetrates the physical universe which your body and your mind enjoy at this time. It is not a part of space/time or consensus reality. It remains firmly fixed in the metaphysical or spiritual universe. Consequently, a short prayer will alert the guidance system that you are ready to receive information. Indeed, it is a good idea at the very beginning of each day to ask for the guidance system to get turned on and left on for the day.

It will, naturally and as a part of the experience of sleeping and dreaming, work with the dreams and the impressions that you receive upon awakening. You do not have to ask for guidance to speak with you in order for it to work with you during the dreaming and sleeping processes.

However, when you are awake and functioning with the brain that is a part of space/time, working in problem-solving mode, then it is well to request that guidance be able to speak to you. A simple request is all that is needed. It does not have to be said out loud. It can be strictly mental as long as your mental processes are such that you are able to make a clear and distinct request without speaking out loud. If there is any doubt within you at all concerning this point, then we would suggest that you go ahead and speak out loud.

This instrument often does so because she is aware of the power and strength of her mental processes in terms of her intellectual mind. So she will say, “Come Holy Spirit! Fill the heart of your faithful and kindle in her the fire of your love. Send forth your spirit and she shall be created and you shall renew the face of the Earth.”

This is a prayer that she uses frequently in order to tune. We offer this text to you as a possibility for you to consider if it seems to have resonance for you.

A shorter form of this which this instrument also uses upon occasion is, “Come Holy Spirit. And that right quickly.”

You can also simply say, “Help.” This instrument sometimes does that, saying to her guidance system, “Holly, help.” She calls her guidance system, “Holly.”

Any way of expressing this request that seems most natural and resonant to you, my sister, is the one that we would suggest.

It is not only at the beginning of the day that this request may be made effectively. At a time of your choosing, when you have a bit of spare time, shall we say, that can be used to make more firm contact with your guidance system, you may sit down, rest and clear your mind, and then repeat any of those prayers which we have offered as examples for your resources in this wise.

When you wish to inaugurate an actual conversation with your guidance, we have two suggestions for your consideration. They may be taken literally. They also may be taken figuratively and the essence of the suggestions used, rather than the form.

The first suggestion is that you sit down with a pad of paper or a computer keyboard handy, and, after clearing your mind, inaugurate a conversation with your guidance. It helps in terms of feeling natural in doing this for you to identify for yourself the name that you wish to call your guidance system. This instrument, for instance, as a mystical Christian, identifies her guidance system as the Holy Spirit, whom she long ago nicknamed “Holly,” feeling that it is more respectful and more personal to have a human kind of name rather than simply calling the guidance system, “The Holy Spirit,” which is a generic term.

Each person’s guidance system is unique and so consequently, when you simply call upon guidance, you are calling upon the generic version of guidance, which is helpful but not as helpful as calling forth or evoking your personal guidance.

The invocation of guidance having been done, we would then suggest that you write or type your basic concern. You come to the moment of asking for guidance because of a certain concern. Identify that concern to guidance and ask for any information, resources or comments that guidance may offer you at this time.

Keep your fingers on your pen or poised over the keyboard and no matter what your next impression is, write it down.

Upon reading what you have now written, you will form a further comment to guidance. Type that or write that down. And again, await the next thought that pops into your mind.

When you begin getting that thought, again, without comment, criticism or questioning, write down what you are impressed with.

Again, read what you have received, form your next question or comment and write that down.

In this way you are staying safely within your guidance system, which is protected and is completely within your etheric or electrical body. It is a protected and safe procedure as long as you are focusing completely within these parameters.

This is the first way of becoming able to feel more concretely anchored within your guidance system and more specific in your ability to receive information from guidance.

The second way we would suggest to you is somewhat more complicated but we feel that in your case, my sister, it may be well to take the time to go through the basic procedure for creating for yourself a place for inner work. This instrument has done so and has found it helpful. It is a procedure that she learned from an entity who was teaching principles which he had learned from the so-called Silva Mind Control Technique. It is not a faithful reproduction of such techniques but is in fact an alteration of those techniques that this instrument has found helpful. We will use this instrument’s technique in explaining to you the basic process of creating what this instrument would call a place of working.

Step one is to ask yourself where upon this Earth, in terms of location and geography, your favorite place resides. Where do you feel most at home, most protected, most safe and secure? When you have that location firmly in mind, then we would proceed to step two.

Step two involves creating for yourself, in that place, a place of working. If the place that you have chosen is a building or contains a building, then we would suggest that you create for yourself within that actual building a mentally constructed room. It can be a copy of an actual room in that dwelling or it can be a room that you have created completely out of imagination. It is, however, attached in your mind to that safe place, created very consciously as a sacred place.

Create it as you would wish it. If you feel it needs a kitchen, make yourself a little kitchenette. If you feel it needs a bathroom, make yourself a bathroom. If you feel you need an office, make yourself an office, and, most importantly, if you would like to have an inner sanctum where you go after you enter this basic sacred space, create for yourself the sanctum sanctorum, which is where you shall do your actual working.

Before you go any further, create for yourself every comfort, every convenience, and every amenity. For instance, this instrument, feeling that she wanted the comfort of all of her information at hand, created for herself a room in which there were office files, a desk, a computer, and so forth, so that she would know that all the information that she needed to do her work would be on hand and if at any time she wished to consult any of that information, she could mentally go to the filing cabinet and ask for the appropriate documents to be given to her.

In fact, this instrument has never opened that filing cabinet, for in spirit there is no literal need for such. However, because it helps to create a sense of safety and security for this instrument so that she can do her work better, she has this office which she has furnished with her favorite kind of rug and her favorite kind of office furniture, her favorite kind of lighting, and so forth.

The goal here is not to create a specific kind of work space but to create your ideal work space. So let this ideation and visualization process be as long as it needs to be and as careful and detailed as it needs to be in order for you to create a very recognizable, safe and sacred working space.

When you have all other details attended to, we would ask that you create in your working space, whether it be one room or whether you have created an inner sanctum, two doors, one on either side of a central screen. The screen is a way of objectifying within your mental processes the visualization process of doing your spiritual work. The doors on either side of this central screen represent the openings to the Holy Spirit, as this instrument would call this energy, or your guidance system.

In order to balance your request for guidance, the door on the left of the screen represents the masculine energies of guidance. The door to the right of the central screen represents your access to the feminine portion of the energy of your guidance system.

Create for yourself your most comfortable sitting, resting or standing position for doing work. This is entirely up to your discretion. Many are those who visualize doing their work in the seated, cross-legged position that is often used by those who are working with oriental meditation systems. This instrument uses a recliner as her visualized, most comfortable seating.

Visualize two places, one on either side of you, for the guidance that you call forth.

When you are ready to do your work, stand in front of the seating that you have created for yourself. Mentally turn on the screen so that it is alive and lit and ready to receive impressions and to give forth images. Then call forth your guidance saying, “I call forth guidance,” or, “Come Holy Spirit,” or whatever phrase most satisfies you as expressing your desire for your guidance system to manifest itself to you.

It is well when beginning this practice to call one aspect of guidance at a time. When you first call your masculine guidance, you may extend your hand to the door and ask that guidance to come forth. You will receive the impression of an entity who is walking toward you. Observe that entity insofar as you receive impressions. This entity may have a name. It may have a face that is familiar to you. Or it may not be familiar to you.

Become familiarized with this entity. You may ask its name or you may simply greet it and thank it.

Then turn to the other door and, by gesture or word, invoke the other portion of spirit. Again, take the time, initially, to look at, familiarize yourself with and become conversant with this entity. It may have a name. It may have a recognizable or an unfamiliar face. Welcome it and thank it.

When you have greeted these two aspects of your guidance system, invite them to sit with you. It may be helpful for you to ask them to take your hands, as this instrument does, so that you are physically, in terms of your visualization, linked with and connected to your guidance system.

This is the procedure for becoming ready in this visualization to do work in consciousness in your place of working.

Before we move forward with a discussion of how to proceed from this point, we would move back into comments concerning your own inner work as you come to the moment of entry into the place of working.

It is very helpful for you to determine for yourself a method of tuning your being to do this work in consciousness. The normal and everyday state of consciousness of what this instrument would call even the best of us is less than the optimal tuning position or rate of vibration for doing work in consciousness. Depending upon what you have on your mind or on your schedule, you may well be in somewhat of a scattered frame of mind, which you would describe to yourself as not being your best or highest self.

Your goal, then, is to tune this very powerful entity that you are up from its present, everyday and ordinary state of mind to the state of mind that would be the highest and best tuning that you can carry in a stable and conscious manner. You do not want to go beyond that which you can carry, being quite awake and quite alert. But you do wish to do the work necessary to sharpen and hone your true self so that you are expressing the highest and best version of who you are when you come to the moment of contact with the spiritual guidance that is yours.

When you have achieved this, you then may approach the door to your dwelling. If you do not actually have a dwelling in your favorite place, then you simply need to construct the outer walls of the sacred space, as a boat on the water, a cabaña on the sand or whatever fits in the environment you have chosen for your magical work.

When you are satisfied that your tuning is complete, you may then ask for the keeper of your sacred space to come forward. This is a convention which this instrument has learned from the practices of the Spiritualist Church.

We are not suggesting that you are creating a séance atmosphere or that you will be speaking with inner spirits of any kind. However, the convention of having a gatekeeper is a powerful and a helpful one to our point of view. It is to this gatekeeper that the responsibility for guarding your back is given. Therefore, when you are tuned, ask for your gatekeeper to appear. You will not know what this gatekeeper is like until you ask.

Depending on your personality and your training, this gatekeeper may be virtually anybody or anything. If it is an animal, however, it will have the capacity for communication with you. If it is a color, it will have the ability to share information. For most entities who do this kind of work, the gatekeeper turns out to be a human, whether of this world or of the inner planes. It is not necessary that this entity have a name. The one known as Carla calls her gatekeeper, “Mrs. Gatekeeper,” because when she created her place of working, she created it in a place which already had a woman who lived there. She was the wife of the head of a school and this instrument’s favorite place happened to be one of the buildings on a large campus. Therefore, she simply calls her gatekeeper, Mrs. Gatekeeper, but she sees the pleasant and careworn face of a middle-aged woman who acted as housekeeper and mother to the students of this particular school.

When you address your gatekeeper, simply ask if you are in a good position to do work in consciousness. If you receive a “yes,” then you may proceed inward, after thanking the gatekeeper and asking this gatekeeper to remain on duty and to alert you if there is any problem whatsoever. If the gatekeeper has concerns, that entity will express them to you. Listen to the gatekeeper, and insofar as you are able, address the concern. Once you have been okayed for work, then you may step into your dwelling or your sacred space, close the door behind you, and begin the protocol we described previously.

When you have concluded your work in consciousness, remember to thank and dismiss the spirit in its two manifestations, to turn off the screen and physically to leave the sacred space. While the screen is on and you are working with spirit, the procedure can be precisely that which we described above, with the pad of paper and pen or the computer and the keyboard being your method of communicating and recording that communication.

It can also be completely mental.

The asset of having your words written down and the suggestions from spirit also written down is that it is objectified and can be referred to in your future. This becomes more important to you when you wish to follow the suggestions of your guidance. And we would suggest to you that, once you have received suggestions from guidance, it is extremely helpful to the process of following guidance to refer back to suggestions made during this process and to follow them insofar as it is possible for you to do.

Guidance has interactive qualities and those qualities are sharpened and articulated or made more detailed by the process of listening to guidance and following instructions. This does not mean that you must follow orders of any kind. What it means is that you are as active after a session of communication with guidance as you had been beforehand in asking for guidance.

We would comment further before we leave this subject on the general nature of guidance. You come into incarnation with a guidance system that is composed of three parts. That tripartite nature of guidance is, in a way, a convention but it is very helpful to realize that the energies of guidance are not simplistic or unitary in terms of the kind of information you are getting. There is what this instrument would call a yin or feminine side to guidance having to do with nurturing and the immediacy of unconditional love.

There is the yang portion of guidance which could be called masculine which has to do with power and the right use of power and can also contain the energies of wisdom and discrimination.

In many systems of magic, philosophy and religion, these two energies are switched and what we have described as feminine energies are assigned to the masculine or negative or yang energy and vice versa.

It does not, to our mind, much matter how you define the qualities of masculine and feminine, yang and yin, negative and positive. It is more important by far that you see the dynamic between love and wisdom, and so forth.

The third aspect of guidance with which you are naturally endowed could be described as androgynous or sexless in that it is that common ground which unifies guidance. It is also that energy which is most closely aligned with the process of moving within that shuttle which is your spiritual nature to bring to you, from the resources of your deep mind and the inner planes in general, those energies which are most helpful to you at a particular time.

It is not necessary to give this third entity a habitation, a place, a seat with you, and so forth. It is far more necessary that you come into contact with the dynamic of masculine and feminine, yang and yin, positive and negative. In your very body, mind and spirit you unify this dynamic. But it is well to invoke spirit, if so you do, in a way which specifically honors and respects the dynamic of love and wisdom in your guidance system.

You have other aspects of your guidance as well which you have accreted to your essence within incarnation because of the work that you are doing, the service that you are providing, the purity of your intentions and the sheer beauty of your soul. It is unknown at the beginning of an incarnation what your guidance shall blossom into by its end. This instrument, for instance, has well over a dozen entities and many, many essences which have attached themselves to her because of appreciation either for her nature, her dedication, or the work that she has done within incarnation as a service to others.

You, my sister, also have a multi-faceted guidance system. It is not necessary for you to identify or know all of these different layers of guidance. It is only necessary for you to know that they are, by their very nature, incapable of harming you or giving you poor information.

They also will work once you have asked for help. When you are outside of this sacred space that you have created, they will work for you in your car, during conversations in stores and shops and at the roadside. Therefore, all that you see once you have invoked guidance for the day has the potential for being full of messages from guidance.

Therefore, we encourage you to pay attention as you pass the street signs, the names of businesses, the advertising billboards, and other sources of information that are completely random. Note those street names, business names, and so forth, that resonate to you or that jump out at you.

[Side one of tape ends.]

Consider them and the implications of the phrases or the words involved. Note birds and animals that cross your path and ask yourself how they make you feel and what, if anything, they may have to suggest to you in terms of the way that you feel.

This instrument informs us that we need to move along as this session otherwise will grow unmanageably long and we will run out of energy before we reach the end of your queries. Consequently, we will ask if there is a second query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

I recently experienced a very trying time emotionally. A healer that I work with and whom I trust determined that I was being infected both by dark energy and by a dark entity, the latter having come in or attached during my birth process in this life. Once we identified this it did feel right and resonate with me. Is it possible for you to confirm this and comment further to help me to understand this dark energy and the attachment of entities in general and why I specifically manifested such an experience in my life?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. We find that it would be crossing the line and infringing upon your free will specifically to identify the source of such a specific attachment as you describe. However we find ourselves wishing to express both to you and to the one known as Carla that the reason for such attachments of an entity as opposed to a general energy have to do with one of two things.

They may have to do with a dedication on your part to working through a specific issue with a specific entity; that is say, a parent or someone within your incarnative process with whom you will have a continuing relationship. It also may be a connection that you pick up because of work that you have done in consciousness or in service in which you have created for yourself the characteristics of what this instrument would call a “lighthouse,” where you are consciously and with dedication and persistence standing very close, as close as you can, to the light and the love of the one infinite Creator.

It is often said that when you stand in a stronger light you cast a sharper shadow. In that strong light your shadow self becomes glaringly obvious. The entity, seeing this sharper shadow, sees, then, its best route of access into your energy system. Any shadow that you cast, or to say it another way, any nicks in your armor of light that offer erroneous thinking or an immature understanding of love, light, wisdom, truth and so forth, can constitute such a point of weakness which makes it possible for entities to enter the energy system.

Whether or not there is an entity involved, the process of dealing with darker energies remains precisely the same unless you wish to engage specifically with an entity by knowing its name, working to control it or its power, and so forth, We would not recommend this avenue of control for it is not ever entirely service to others to attempt to control any essence, entity or energy.

We would suggest simply that you realize that whether an entity is involved or not, the reason for your having attracted this energy is your very loving and light-filled nature. It has called forth your shadow side or a mirror of your shadow side, for are not all things one? Therefore, even if it is an entity with a name, a background, and so forth, yet still, in its essence, it is yourself and, more specifically, it is mirroring to you a part of yourself that is unredeemed by your own acceptance, forgiveness and love. Therefore, sending such an energy or entity your deepest understanding, acceptance and love is, in our opinion, the most efficient way to deal with what this instrument would call psychic greeting.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

Can you please comment on the following. In our world there are various moral and societal expectations for behavior on the level of personality or ego which sometimes seem directly to contradict what one needs on a soul level. Example: I was married and now am divorced. My husband and I both felt that our marriage had died and despite our efforts to revive it, we were unsuccessful and decided to separate. I felt very strongly that in some way my soul would have died had I tried further to remain in that relationship. Yet in leaving my marriage I broke a vow I had made. And my issue is not so much a religious one, although that also has meaning to me. It is a question of how to manage it, when what one should do seems to contradict on a soul level what is expected on the everyday personality level.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. May we say that this is a question which resonates greatly to this instrument as well and in answering this query we will use her example in terms of the way she approached solving the same paradox.

The paradox involved in making a promise that is both in consensus reality and intended to be sacred or in metaphysical reality is that the promise in space/time and the promise in time/space are two completely different animals or creatures.

A promise within space/time is, in actuality, and in terms of energy expenditure, connected to the yellow-ray chakra, that chakra which works with the energies involved in dealings between yourself and groups. When you make a promise such as marriage within consensus reality, you are in effect making a contract.

The ways of contracts are binding within the limitations of those contracts and can be unbound in the ways of your worldly or cultural systems. You have obeyed those conventions in becoming disentangled from the agreement that you made. This completely eliminates any problem on the level of your energy as it has connected with the doings of the planetary culture.

What remains and what you are attempting to resolve, we believe, is the sacred promise that you made or the sacred aspects of that promise. The philosopher known as Emanuel Kant to this instrument created a body of literature in which he suggested that there are some rules that cannot be broken, or rather, that there are some rules that can be categorical, so that they would never be broken by their very nature.

This suggestion has been quite destructive in terms of its interaction with those who have been responsible for actions within consensus reality. In truth, within consensus reality, we do not believe that there are any categorical imperatives, as the one known as Kant suggested that there might be. It is our understanding that those who attempt to create immovable or immutable rules shall find themselves impaled upon the points of those rules. It is acceptable for such a decision to be made and it is in that wise that we cannot criticize any who remain married, for instance, when there is no hope for health for either soul in the contract of marriage.

It is understandable to us that entities would wish to martyr themselves in order not to break such a promise in order that they might be stainless and without any perceivable sin. However, we use this instrument’s own experience to illustrate the possibility of another way of observing such sacred promises.

This instrument, in attempting to honor the sacredness of this promise of marriage with her first husband, found that she was only able to experience profound relief when her first husband asked her for permission to dissolve the bonds of marriage. However, this instrument asked for permission to talk it over with the first husband and to change the agreement on the level of sacred agreements and specifically to address the change in sacred terms.

They therefore went through the necessary verbal means of acknowledging the sacred obligations of such a promise and freeing each other not only from the legal promises but from the sacred promises. They then knelt together and asked the Creator to bless the changes in their agreement.

We believe that it may well relieve your concern at this time to go through the additional process, whether with your partner or simply between yourself and the one infinite Creator, in acknowledging the sacred aspect as opposed to the legal aspect of breaking such a promise; of detailing to the Creator, and if you wish, to this entity in your life with whom bonds have been dissolved, the details of your dissolution of these bonds, and then asking for the blessing of the one infinite Creator on this change of agreement. In this way, what this instrument would call situational or relative ethics may be invoked without ignoring or abnegating the responsibility of honoring sacred vows.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

This question concerns a relationship. A man whom I love very much seems to be oriented to service to self and to be fairly polarized in that direction. He is also very powerful in the psychic realm. I see myself as being more oriented to service to others. When we started to become closer, he seemed very much to back away and I felt that this was because our connection was depolarizing him or generating fear or a sense of losing power. Is this an accurate understanding? Also, is this person possibly being influenced by fifth-density entities unbeknownst to him? This has been a concern of mine for some time.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. We find our ability to speak severely limited with regard to this question. The reasons are multiple. Firstly, this is an active point within your spiritual process at this time. We do not wish in any way to do your learning for you.

Secondly, we can comment to you concerning yourself with far more of a sense of remaining free of infringement on your free will than we can in terms of commenting on another entity who is an other self outside of your energy system.

What we would wish to do, then, is simply to comment on your own way of dealing with your perceptions at this time. We ask you to lose all fear and to realize that, in terms of energy work, this entity has no beingness within your system but is acting as a mirror or reflecting surface, reflecting to you those energies within yourself which your dynamic with this entity bring forth in your process.

Therefore, if you are experiencing negativity or the results of negativity from your dynamics with this entity, they are there, in terms of your energy work, not for you to deal with this entity, but for you to work within your own energy system, using the information about your shadow side that you have been receiving as the mirror-images back to you from this entity yourself as he sees you or as you evoke his own nature in reaction to the dynamics with you.

Take this information in as if it were a psychic greeting. Ask yourself what you can learn from this picture of yourself. What can you learn from the picture of yourself as one who has pride or one who has impatience or one who has vanity? And so forth. Whatever aspects of self that are being brought up to you that you would rather not look at, these promptings from this entity create the opportunity for you to choose finally to look at them squarely. Find out, firstly, precisely what the nature of this shadow image is and then ask yourself if you can love, accept, forgive and transmute these energies. In terms of dealing with the other entity, that is an entirely different subject.

In terms of your own work, use this and every relational dynamic as information concerning yourself and look always with eyes of the deepest and most sacred love and compassion upon the issues raised by this imaging process.

We find that we have a certain amount of energy and would ask the one known as K if there are any questions remaining upon her mind or any ways she would wish to follow up on these questions? We are those of Q’uo.

Thank you very much for all that you have shared in your great service and kindness. On the last question about the relationship, I do have one follow-up, which is to ask, as I’ve been doing this work and attempting to do what you are suggesting, what has come to my awareness is that, in some ways, the mirror-image is about my feeling like I know what is better for this entity. This is something I accused him of doing for others. Would this be a correct understanding of my shadow?

We are those of Q’uo, and can confirm this understanding for you. May we say that it is rare that an entity is so able to pick up the subtlety of how the mirroring effect works. It is indeed very helpful that you have come to this conclusion.

May we answer you further, my sister?

I think that’s it. That’s all I can take in today and I thank you so much because it’s been very helpful and your services are most appreciated, today and in all the various channelings. And I also thank the one known as Carla and Vara and all the guides and other assistants that I feel have been present today, and I send you light and love.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your comments, my sister. We cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed this opportunity to share energy with you at this time.

We are aware that the one known as Carla had a query but at this time we would suggest that she retain this query and ask it at a later time, as the energy does wane at this time. Therefore, we would leave this instrument, those present, and all, as the one known as K has said, of the unseen friends that have attended this session, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. May you go forth rejoicing. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.