Q’uo, many of us are struggling with situations that seem too much to bear, at times. We have the perception of having either too much catalyst, or too intense catalyst, or both. We often feel that life places burdens upon us that we don’t have the resources to cope with. How do we carry our crosses, Q’uo? How do we bring the open heart into the challenges that life seems to put upon us and invite higher energies to transform our experience?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo. And we greet you all in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator whom we all serve with all our being, in joy, this day and always. We are most gratified to be able to speak to this group this afternoon for it is our great privilege and pleasure to join you as you seek those qualities of your own being which may be activated on your journey of seeking that which you call the truth. We would ask you, as always, to do one favor for us, and that is to listen with careful discrimination to the words and ideas which we share with you in order that you take only those which have meaning to you, and leave behind any which do not, for we would not wish to be a stumbling block on your journey of seeking. That would aid our sharing of our thoughts with you for then we would not feel like we might infringe upon your own journey.

You ask today, my friends, how it is that you may bear the burdens which you bear in the life experience that you have at this time. There are times in each seekers journey when the path winds into those areas of the dark forest which seem disturbing and difficult and dark and mysterious and offer far too much of the worries of the world, shall we say. It is easy in these times to become overly concerned with how you shall not only move through such experiences and learn from them, but even perhaps remember how you may survive them, for at times the journey of the faithful seeker is most difficult. And this is not by accident my friends.

We do not wish to discourage you by telling you that you have chosen these paths, for there are no mistakes upon any seeker’s journey. That which you experience has been placed there by your own choice previous to your conscious assuming of the identity which you see as yourselves. Before the incarnation began, you made these plans to offer yourselves these challenges to learn how to love and accept all about you when it seems quite unacceptable to even have to deal with some situations.

We are aware that many feel that there should be an end to worry and burden, and to the cares of the day which do not go away. And there should be a reward, a time of peace and quiet and what you would call, joy. And there shall be, my friends. For upon all journeys, these qualities exist, especially for those who are able to open their hearts in love and compassion for those times which are most difficult—those times in which it would seem a better choice to ignore or run away from the difficulties.

So how do you go about opening your hearts, to allow the divine guidance, the divine presence, the one Creator, a heart of love—whatever you wish to call it—this quality that may aid you on your journey by changing your point of view, by changing the nature of your beingness, by making you able to channel through your being those loving energies which encircle and enwrap all difficulties, and destroy them with love by making them also love. How is it that one can do such a work of what would seem to be a magical nature? It is not often possible to go directly to the heart and to command it to open and expect it to do so. It is however possible to approach the heart from another direction, shall we say the chakras that precede the energy reaching the heart. For each of you, my friends, receives this intelligent energy, or love, from the one Creator upon a daily basis. It moves through your lower chakras beginning at the red ray level. That level which deals with your very survival as a physical being upon this planet. And which expresses itself as well in your sexual nature where you are able to reproduce your species, able to refresh your being and that of your mate, and allow those energies to move even higher so that the intelligent energy or love of the one Creator begins to make a pathway or channel through your system of chakras.

At this time we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. I am Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo and I am with this instrument. We have successfully passed the challenge that permits us to speak through this instrument and are grateful for the opportunity to again sit with those whose seeking is an inspiration for us for it gives us the opportunity to serve in the way we feel called to serve.

We would continue the theme of dealing with harsh catalyst by looking next at the work that is done in the orange ray, where the self begins to develop a sense of what it means to be a separate or individuated self, and comes to an initial set of balances with regard to the way the self relates itself to the others which are immediately around it. Here it is essential to develop an ability to differentiate those factors or elements in one’s life circumstances which belongs to one, and those elements or factors which belong to others with whom one is in immediate contact.

This is a process my friends, which each here has undergone and continues to undergo upon a daily basis. And it is a factor during which process a sense of the uniqueness of the individual self is forged. Now, during this process it is common to discover that there comes, seemingly from a source outside of the self, a series of events which do not sit well with the self, shall we say. And so it is an elementary part of the process of self-development to learn to develop a kind of shell, a protective shell, shall we say, that enables one to fend off energies and events which seem to overwhelm the being to the point that there is a sense of rejection that originates somewhere deep within.

Over the course of time this energy shell is further developed and refined. It serves to fend off or to filter that energy which is on offer, seemingly again from without, that is too much to be taken in and usefully dealt with. We do not despise this process my friends, for it is an extension of the need for survival, now seen as the survival of a self which is in the process of development.

The further development that begins to take place when the self is introduced to larger groupings of fellow selves, those larger groupings that you call collectively, “society,” is a process in which the energy shell which has been developed, and which increasingly comes to be associated with who you are, is further challenged, and further refinements to this protective armoring are, in the course of time, made.

By the time you have reached young adulthood, you have an armoring which is very individuated, personalized, and articulated according to demands which have spoken to you in a myriad of ways as being necessary for your survival, your effective self-expression, and your flourishing in a complex social environment. This is all to the good and quite necessary as a part of the process of learning to deal in a complex world with a great many other selves who are all attempting to achieve a sustainable level of being, in relation to each other.

Needless to say, the sustainability of the equilibria that is achieved is constantly being challenged as each is put in a position over and over again to have to adjust to events which are unanticipated and very often unwanted. The adjustment is generally not such as to want the unwanted, but to learn to make accommodation so that, that which challenges the equilibrium of the self does not inflict harm on the self’s capacity to go forward. Thus, day in and day out, one deals with events, some of a nature that gives promise and gives hope and gives love and gives life, and some of the nature that, to all outward appearance, works in a direction quite opposite to these. Thus one takes the good with the bad and carries on as one is able.

Now during the course of one’s life, it will generally occur to those who struggle through your density to question what it’s all about. “Is this really all that all that life has to offer?” And the opening of that question is the first salvo, shall we say, of a realization that there is something more to life than simple self-maintenance. One feels, for one thing, that something is called for one. That one is called to a sense of purpose that is higher. And one very often feels this sense of purpose in the responsibility one takes for those other selves that one has learned to love along the way.

To love is an activity that begins a process of opening the heart. The heart is a dimension of the being which tends to be closed off precisely by the armoring that has been developed as a means of fending off that catalyst which one feels one cannot process, and learning to deal with other selves in such a way that one is not vulnerable to their actions so as to damage that very fragile and crystalline structure which is the fledgling self.

At the point that one finds it is beginning to be possible to let down the guard, and accept that which, for all the world, seems to be unacceptable, this is the point that which one may contemplate the opening of the heart. There are some occasions in which the heart is flung open rather precipitously by events which indeed may be seen as dramatic and even traumatic. And there are some occasions in which an eager seeker has, through arduous labor in meditation, managed to fling the heart wide open, and this can lead to imbalances of energy for the seeker when there has not been adequate preparation with regard to the stable structure of the self.

This is not to say that those experiences which can be seen as traumatic, or those experiences which may be seen a dramatic, are necessarily harmful, for it is quite usual to undergo a sense of a radical imbalance in the heart as part of the development in which the heart is opened so that further work may be done there.

The work of the heart, my friends, is very often not pretty work, for one finds there all of the deposits of hurt, all of the sorrows one has carried, all of the resistances one has built up over time as a part of the process of developing a sense of who you are in this life. One discovers that for every piece of a catalyst that one has filtered out, through the invocation of the armoring function, there is a residue left that the opening of the heart now reveals as some “thing” that must be worked through. Oh how large the supply of work there is to be done, my friends. When one first gazes upon its expanse one can be quite, quite overwhelmed.

Therefore, the first and early glimpses into that vastness which the opening of the heart offers to the gaze can lead to a sense of hopelessness, a sense of a despair even, that there is so much to do and so few resources with which to undertake the doing. We ask you, do not despair, for lifetime upon lifetime you have gazed upon these travails. The fact that you now find yourself able even to see the expanse opening up before you is already an indication that you are ready to undertake the job, so to speak.

The opening of the heart is a very simple affair. It is built upon one act of acceptance at a time. The act of acceptance takes place always in the moment. All you can do in the moment is to accept what this moment has to offer. All that you can do in the moment, is to greet the moment. And in the moment lies love. And in the moment lies the answer to the question, “How can I possibly go on?” It is very often, my friends, in the uttermost extremity of seemingly overwhelming catalyst that one is able to find the needed resource.

A little act of loving acceptance, that is the key. One act of acceptance opens a small door—and this door leads on to another, which may be opened again by acceptance. And in this way, acceptance builds upon acceptance, and little by little those afflictions which one has built up, those difficulties one has stored away, become healed. A healing heart is a heart which begins to show the ability to reach out into the world in a way that heals also that world.

We are not saying this is easy work, my friends. On the contrary, it is undoubtedly the most difficult work you will ever do. But it is precisely the work you have incarnated to do.

And to this work my friends, we commend you in love and light, as we leave this instrument and return the contact to the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and I am again with this instrument. It has been a great privilege to speak upon this query. At this time we would ask if there might be any other queryies of a shorter nature to which we may speak?

Q’uo, in my own contacts with people, people seem to report across the board more busyness, more things to juggle in their lives, more catalyst to contend with. Do you think that this is a function of a society becoming more complex and interconnected, and thus squeezing more and more stimulus and catalyst into our daily lives? Or, do you think that this as a function of the ending of third density coupled with the free will desire of seekers to maximize the available catalyst while time still remains? Or something else I may not have considered?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my brother. As you have stated, the culture in which you live at this time is most complex. It is populated heavily with those who work daily to make what you call a living to support a family and to further the interests of those entities of a business nature for which they toil.

There is much catalyst that is available to any seeker of truth. However, there are far too many who are unaware that this daily round of activities provides opportunities for growth. Most entities upon your planetary sphere are a portion of such cultures, for the third density environment is one which offers much which can be distracting to those who are not discerning. Thus if one had the point of view that there could be a great lesson learned in each day’s activities, there would then be the opportunity to grow from these experiences, which then would tend to, shall we say, point the seeker in another direction. That direction, instead of focusing in the world about one, would focus more upon the world within one.

This focusing inward then offers the opportunity for contemplation, for meditation, and for prayer as means by which to process the catalyst of the day. This seeking within also tends to cause those activities which are of lesser value, shall we say, to fall away, until the seeker begins to focus the energies of the self upon fewer, more significant portions of the opportunities offered each day in your very busy experiences.

Thus to simplify one’s opportunities, shall we say, to simplify the daily round of activities, is a portion of the seeker’s journey which then tends to bring a sense of peace, direction of purpose, and method to obtain that inner sense of self. One may then call upon that inner sense of self to deal with those catalysts which are essential to the growth and survival of the individual, the family, and the community.

Thus we would suggest that each look for those areas within the life experience which can be simplified, that the focus of one’s mind, body and spirit might be centered upon the ineffable and infinite qualities of love, wisdom, and sharing these qualities with all whom one meets in the daily round of activities.

May we answer your question further, my brother?

That was excellent, thank you. You offered a very good perspective on reducing the seeming quantity of catalyst through simplification.

Regarding the reason for that quantity, does the ending of third density play any role in the seeming quantity of catalyst?

I am Q’uo and I am aware of your query, my brother. Indeed for most of the population of your planet, the opportunity to achieve that which you have called graduation of harvest into the density of love, has brought into that realm of experience a great many types of busyness that need some kind of attention. In order to be able to sort through that which is available one must wend one’s way through much which is as you have said, the product of the ending of this density’s cycle of being. It is, as we mentioned previously, the seeker’s ability to respond—or responsibility to decide—those areas into which it shall seek. We shall pause briefly.

[Side one of tape ends.]

I am Q’uo. We shall continue. For, as you have correctly noted, there is much that is produced by the ending of the density’s beingness. There is also much which can be done by each seeker to utilize the catalyst available for the desired graduation.

May we speak in any further way, my brother?

No not on that question, that was excellent, thank you Q’uo.

We thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo there are some devices which can be worn around the neck that appear to either increase the energy of an entity, or somehow blunt the effect of a catalyst. These devices perhaps act like a form of a spiritual Tylenol. Are they useful at all or can long term use slow the rate of the progress of an entity?

I am Q’uo, and we believe we grasp your query, my brother. We see two areas of import in this query. The first being the possibility of increasing the energies of the seeker as it goes through its daily round of activities dealing with the catalyst of the illusion for the growth of the self. There are indeed such devices, most usually in the form of crystal, which may increase this personal energy level. This would be helpful for the seeker to have available to it.

However, as we look at the second possibility, that of the blunting of the catalyst, we would suggest that the catalyst be allowed to move in its full sway and direction in order to have the greatest impact upon the sensibilities of the seeker. For the catalyst which has been dulled, reduced, or blunted shall need to be worked with over a longer portion of your time. There is the necessity for the seeker, then, to be able to perceive the catalyst about it and around it in order to be able to use it most effectively.

Is there another query, my brother?

No that was good, thank you.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Is there a final query at this time?

If there is not a query from the circle? I have one from a seeker at a distance. D. writes:

“The L/L Research group did an amazing job with the newest channeling. I have an alarm set on my phone to meditate on Saturdays at the same time as you. It’s nice to imagine I can participate from a distance, sometimes. In the last channeling session Q’uo said that the energy of the group is like a beacon of light alerting the angels to your seeking. I’d be grateful to know how Q’uo feels about “long distance seekers” at your meditations, and if Q’uo could recommend any sort of tuning or other practice that would allow someone like me to help intensify your beacon from far away.”

I am Q’uo and I am aware of your query, my sister. Indeed we heartily welcome all those who join from any place, any distance and at any time in this circle of seeking, for indeed, it is possible to be of service in adding one’s energies to this circle. The preparation of the self may be in any way which the self has found valuable previously, whether it be by prayer, meditation, contemplation, reading of inspirational information, listening to inspirational music, or any other way which prepares the mind, the emotions, and the spirit of the entity to offer the highest and best of itself as a portion of the circle of seeking. This is the recommendation which we would make to you, my sister.

Know that we are aware of a great many entities such as yourself who join with this circle in the sharing of the light energy which is created when those of like mind together seek in this place of meditation. We appreciate each entities good vibration, shall we say, and the desire to add the personal inspiration to the circle.

At this time we would thank each present for offering the energies which have made this circle of seeking possible, for blending your love and desire to be of service to all others here and all others around the planetary surface, so that there are many, many beacons of light joining their energies together at this time and the net of light grows upon and within your planetary surface.

There are many seekers such as yourselves which offer a great deal of love and support to all entities who wish to open their hearts in love in an unconditional fashion, to all about them, to all other entities, to all other surfaces of the planet, shall we say, to the things, to the trees, to the birds, to the flowers, to the air—seeing the Creator everywhere. This is the way of the seeker of truth. As one moves further and further along this path, there is the ability to see the Creator more and more fully and frequently, and to experience the love of the Creator within all things, all entities, all times and places. The end of your third-density environment, indeed, is providing opportunities for this kind of experience. We are most grateful and gladdened to see entities such as yourselves taking advantage of this opportunity.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and of this group. We leave each as always in the love and in the ineffable light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.