Dear Q’uo, this world is beset by recurring stories of intensive conflict, disharmony and suffering. One recent example is happening in Europe where hundreds of thousands of refugees have left their troublesome home countries to find safety, security and a new chance at life. There are a lot of welcoming energies awaiting these refugees, but also a lot of resistance and, in some places, even violent xenophobic attacks. Our principal focus today is upon the meaning and purpose of these events. Are these catalysts designed, you might say, to serve as mechanisms for global catalyst that affect many, if not all of those within the illusion? That is, do these catalysts awaken the global identity, helping us to face tough questions about love and who we are? The secondary focus of our question is upon service. For those who react to these troubling moments and determine that they want to serve and want to shine love, how can they minister to the needs of refugees and all those who suffer oppression? Indeed, what can we really do in our daily lives and in meditation to bring peace to this burdened planet?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each of you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. It is our great privilege to speak with you this afternoon in your circle of seeking. We have been aware of the questions upon your mind and within your hearts, and we hope that we will be able to add some small bit of understanding to those concerns as we address them this day. We would ask you, as always, as a favor to us to use your own personal discrimination as you listen to our words so that you may take those which have meaning to you, leaving behind all others, for we would not wish to be a stumbling block to you.

If you would do us this favor, we would feel most free to speak our opinion—and we underline “opinion,” for this is what we have found to be true; we do not claim to be infallible sources of information. As one of the great writers of your history, the one known as William Shakespeare, said: “All the world’s a stage,” 1 and all the people merely actors; each plays in its time many roles and this, my friends, we find to be true throughout all of your recorded history, and true as well today, for the events upon your planet, each and every one of them, has some relevance to each and every entity existing at this time within your third-density experience.

Your planet, as you know, is quite well-seated within the fourth density in the time/space realms of your inner planes. There is a great movement of thought energy into these realms by many upon the surface of your planet, as the experiences, the times, the intensities, and the varieties shift and increase, and move from entity to entity, from country to country, allowing the hoped-for expansion of the green-ray energy center that will be able to share its unconditional love and understanding with all about upon the surface of the planet.

This is the time of graduation, the time of harvest, upon your planet, and all those here at this time are hopeful and capable of being harvested in their soul essences. However, each has projected into the third-density illusion a fragment of that essence with the hopes that the remaining lessons—that will provide the ability for graduation—may be learned within the “short time,” as you would call it, that remains of the third density for this particular planet.

Thus, each entity has programmed, shall we say, the opportunities for the learning of those lessons which will allow for the opening of the heart chakra, so that unconditional love may move through from the red, through the orange, the yellow, and to the green heart ray, and therefrom shine outwardly to those about each entity. As you would imagine, there are various levels of success in this program of opening the heart chakra. Entities may program any type of experience that you can possibly imagine, and many that you cannot imagine, in the hopes that this opening of the heart chakra be accomplished.

For many entities the learning occurs more on of a mass level, shall we say. These entities being those who have found themselves within the nations of your planetary sphere which are usually described as being of the “third-world variety,” which in general terms in the third density would mean less of the resources of the planet available for their use, the need for individual expression being somewhat blunted and the, shall we say, dictatorial expression of governing and rulership, which would, in its turn, cause a type of turmoil within various cultures that feel the uprising and upwelling of the need for the expression of personal and individual freedoms. As these freedoms find boundaries and limits within the accepted cultural milieu of various numbers and masses of entities, the portions of the culture that feel most oppressed begin their expression of rebellion, as indeed, this country itself in which you now exist found its need to rebel many of your years ago in what has been called “the shot heard round the world” 2 in this afternoon’s session.

Thus, all entities at some time within their incarnational experience, find the need to express the individual liberties and freedoms in whatever manner is possible. When it is not possible to do so as a normal routine or experience within the cultural illusion, then it is that what you would call the rebellions, the guerrilla warfare and so forth, which occur. We find that within many of the countries which are now providing [for] what you have called the immigrants—the masses that are leaving these areas because of internal strife and the civil war, as you would call it, who find themselves moving to those areas of hoped-for safety within the cultural expressions that you would call the European continent—that within these entities comes the opportunity to welcome such souls in search of safety as are traveling in their direction with hope in the heart and very little but the clothes upon their back. And then there is the opportunity for expressing the heart chakra energy by accepting these entities or not, as in the case of many within this country’s division of states which have declared that such shall not occur.

You have. indeed, great masses of entities within the planetary sphere now engaged in a lesson of a great learning whether or not the principles that are taught within the religious systems of each country’s culture are indeed lessons by which the culture itself shall live, or whether perhaps they shall be ignored; whether perhaps the green-ray energy center shall remain closed as the borders within certain countries or states, or whether there is the possibility of opening the heart chakra on a level great enough to welcome great numbers of entities who have little to which to cling in the way of daily sustenance, and the future expression of freedom and home of a life lived in more normal circumstances.

It is the great test of your planet’s population at this time that one may liken to the final examination which many undergo within your educational system at the end of the school year. This, my friends, is the great examination of the heart; whether it can be opened to those who are called strangers, to those some would call dangers; whether it can be seen that—indeed, as the tuning song played before this session began—is God truly one of us? 3 Is the Creator somewhere observing all of this occurring, or is the Creator here amongst you, within you, experiencing all that you feel, see, and imagine?

My friends, we believe you know the answer to this question. Indeed, the Creator is within all. All entities upon this planet are expressions of the One Infinite Creator that has taken this opportunity to give freedom of will to each of its portions so that lessons may be expressed and learned, and the fruits of the learning of experience may be offered to the Creator as a means by which it may know itself in ways that would not be possible without free will being exercised in the manner in which it is now being exercised.

Make no mistake, for indeed there are no mistakes, that the Creator may learn from every decision made by each entity upon the planetary surface. Some of the lessons that are learned may be that, in some circumstances, there is a limit to the amount of green-ray energy that some entities may be able to offer to those who seem different enough from themselves to be denied this universal energy of acceptance, of understanding, and of tolerance. There may be the need for most of the entities upon the planet to repeat this great cycle of learning upon another third-density planet, if the lessons cannot be learned here. Indeed, much of the population of this planet has been cycled again to this planet from others where these lessons were not learned.

It is our great hope that more entities upon this planetary surface can look more deeply within their hearts and see where there is room for other entities; that the embrace of family may reach beyond the household, beyond the community, beyond the state or even the country, that all entities, in the end, may be seen as the Self, seen as the Creator. We realize this is not probable, my friends, however, it is ever possible, and we hope that each of you may take these lessons to heart quite literally, and find within your own hearts the path of service to those about you that will express your true feelings concerning the One Creator.

We would, at this time, transfer this contact to the one known as Steve, so that we might address the second portion of the query for the afternoon. We are known to you as those of Q’uo; we transfer this contact at this time.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We would begin by thanking this instrument for the care with which it challenges us prior to our communication, for it is our understanding that there are many voices which would wish to blend theirs with ours, and not all of these voices are of a disposition to serve the One Creator in the manner, and in the polarity, with which we have chosen to serve, and so we welcome the discrimination and the resolve to bring forward only those energies that do resonate with the open heart. We are, ourselves, creatures of the open heart, and we welcome in our hearts those who seek likewise.

In turning to the question of how one might integrate, shall we say, the catalyst that comes upon a planetary scale with that catalyst which is part of the daily allotment, so to speak, we find that it is well to keep in mind that you are living in an environment which is much differentiated with regard to various paths of seeking, and as you well know, not every path shares the same fundamental aspiration or the same polarity.

There are those who seek the One Creator by neglecting the opening of the heart. These individuals are strewn throughout your social complexes in such a way that they often confuse and confound the trajectory of seeking that is sought by those who wish to form groups of seeking in concert with one another. [They are often] those who have responsibilities for the organization of your societial complexes, your participants in the so-called political life.

The dynamics that arise as a result of an interaction of individuals, of groups, of states, of religion, of people of various languages and cultural traditions and ethnic backgrounds, can give a certain sense of chaos to the experience that is available to all upon this planet, and never has this chaos been so dramatic and so wide-spread as it is today.

To some extent at the point of transition of any third-density planet, it can be expected that there will be a certain amount of disorganization and confusion, for it is a time of opening in which many patterns of energy which have, over ages, assumed a closed form, will begin to break apart, will begin to lose their hold, will begin to take on new and unexpected forms; and this, by itself, can be confusing for those who are living in turbulent times.

When one adds to this fact the additional point that, in a planet undergoing a mixed harvest, the directions of travel will not all be going the same, when the fundamental commitments of spiritual seeking seem to be at loggerheads, one reaches a level of confusion that is much greater yet, and it has been our observation that this planet, in which you enjoy your current life experience, is particularly noted for the wide variation in kinds of energies as well as the experience of oppositional energies that it undergoes. There is, as you might say, a very active loyal opposition, and this opposition is not confined to your earth planes.

This can be rather difficult for you to deal with, particularly when it happens that inexperienced souls opening their hearts for the first time discover that they are given opportunities for service that are really in quite strong distinction from their fundamental intent, and so it can seem that one serves the all, one serves the Creator, and one serves one’s fellow seekers best when one undertakes activities that to most others seem quite hostile. This can seem like a genuine form of service, and if the spiritual seeking is particularly strong, and the discernment is not particularly strong, one can find that earnest souls express the strength of their seeking in ways that are really quite destructive.

Now we would ask you to consider an analogy. That is to analogize the circumstances of planetary chaos with similar circumstances of individual or personal chaos which can occur at points of transition in the individual life patterns. When one undergoes changes in the personality, it almost inevitably occurs that there are certain older patterns of behavior which are shown increasingly to have no further use, which it would be well for the personality to be able to slough off 4 so as to move into a more robust or healthy configuration. However, these older personality features, these older patterns of behavior or forms that have been invested over the years with a certain energy, this energy has a life of its own, if you will. It is as if there were a little possessing entity that has learned to live within a larger host organism, and having taken up a home in certain portions of the organism, is reluctant to give up this home, is reluctant to give up the authority which it has found it enjoys exercising within this portion of the personal being.

Such a possessing energy, if we may so call it, is very likely to put up a resistance when it is being asked to release that domain which it has so long jealously guarded, and it is quite capable of behaving in ways that are anti-social, in ways that are counter-productive, apparently, in relation to the total welfare of the organism. It is quite capable of sending out danger signals, and of attempting to convince the larger self that to change in this area that the larger self has already resolved to change, would, in fact, be quite a risky proposition, would in fact be quite dangerous, not only for the self, but for perhaps others around it, and for the social life as a whole.

In fact, whatever target of opportunity might be invoked in defense of this small bailiwick 5 that this little backwater energy of the self has resolved to defend, can be seen as vital for the very survival, can be projected as necessary for the future wellbeing of the organism. And it can create a condition in which one of two things seem to be possible.

In the first place, one may reject this portion of the self that is crying out for acknowledgment and sacrifice it upon the altar of progress, so to speak.

The second path is that of accepting this portion of the self that cries out for acceptance, and allowing it the voice it feels it needs until such time as it is enabled to understand that it is not itself threatened by the changes that are being proposed, and, in fact, have advanced to the point where they are now inevitable.

It seems to us, my friends, that the second path is the more useful for those who would open the heart, but we will admit that the second path is, in many respects, more challenging, because this requires that you take on those portions of the self, those portions of your own personality that have learned to dwell in the shadows, that have learned to embrace the shadows, that have learned to love the shadows, and have learned to speak from the shadows, and to call these portions of the self part of yourself—to acknowledge these portions of the self as part of yourself, to accept these portions of the self that to you now seem unacceptable, as indeed, acceptable.

Now, that is not to say that you are now inclined to celebrate the little mischievous imps that dwell inside your personality; that is not to say that you wish to embrace—as a principle of your own future development—any of these stray darknesses that yet reside within you, but it is to say that these voices that speak out in anguish are voices that are also in need of love. They are voices that ask not to be judged harshly, but to be given a space, to be given a hearing, to be allowed to speak out their agonies so that when the echo of these cries of anguish finally dies out, the voices may begin to look to a deeper source. and find there are different modes of expression beginning to become available to them so that in that chorus of voices which each self is, new harmonies may be seen slowly, and we emphasize this point—slowly to arise.

In the process a more fulsome personality may be seen to come about, a personality which is less defended on two fronts: one, the front of the external relation to the society as a whole, or others within the society; and two, the front which addresses those energies within the self that have long suffered restriction, repression, and rejection. A less defended personality is one which is more able to express, in an open-hearted way, who it is, and to allow otherness to find its expression within that sense of who:

Who am I?

I am more than I ever imagined I could be.

I am you.

I find that you, also, be me.

Now this is not an easy exercise, we acknowledge. It is made much more difficult when one encounters others in one’s environment who do not seem to share the same commitment to healing, do not seem to share the same commitment to the openness of the welcoming heart.

So it is one affair when one encounters the hungry stranger, the stranger who is cold, the stranger who is lost, the stranger who is forlorn, to open the door and provide sustenance, warmth, and acceptance. And it is another affair to contend with those who have the intention not of accepting in good grace the welcome you have to offer, but of defeating the master of the house, of overturning the existing order, of achieving domination over others, of introducing the dark stranger of fear into the body politic.

We do not downplay the difficulty associated with this latter possibility, for it is a difficulty that resonates on many levels throughout the creation and is not confined to your planetary experience. But at your time of transition, it reveals the very great confusion that arises when those whose general inclination is to open the heart then encounter hearts that have no intention whatever of being opened, and, in fact, have every intention of doing everything they can to prevent the opening of hearts around them.

When confronted by this adversarial energy, it is a common inclination to recoil in horror, to mount the defenses and even to take an aggressive posture to those who have demonstrated the energies of war. We sorrow with you, my friends, that to some extent this defensive withdrawal seems necessary; but we would caution that you have available to you great powers of discernment, so that you may see where an energy on offer, well polarized to the negative, has no opportunity for successful engagement.

But you may also see that there are many examples around you of those who, like yourself, are attempting to open the heart, but who have staggered under the weight of heavy catalyst, and have begun to recoil in opposition to this catalyst in a manner which seems to share the character of that catalyst which it opposes, which is to say, which seems to take on the very negativity which it rejects.

To be sure, it takes, as we say, discernment to tell what response is of a thwarted open heart, and what initiative is that of a thrust of negative energy with intent to achieve control or domination. The latter, we would remind you, is relatively rare in comparison to the former. And so we invite you to consider that it is not well to use a judgment against those in the midst of whom you find yourself should it merely happen that they have taken a point of view other than your own, or have responded in a more dramatic way, shall we say, or perhaps with more hostility to some traumatic catalyst that seems to be of extremely negative provenance.

These ones who respond in this way, no doubt are discovering within themselves the old resonance of this shadow self that has lurked long these generations. They are no doubt discovering these small pockets of negative energy they themselves have harbored, and they no doubt are allowing these pockets of negative energy to be energized by the catalyst which is on offer.

That, however, does not mean that these souls who in so many other ways are fellow seekers with you are to be despised, are to be thrown on the rubbish heap of humanity, are to be rejected or harshly judged, for who is there amongst you without a little pocket of negative energy, and who can say what catalyst will be capable of unexpectedly energizing these little pockets of negative energy? We ask you then to consider what it is that might heal these pockets.

The principle most important in this regard is the simple one that negativity begets negativity; judgment begets judgment; and so when a friend, a companion, a fellow seeker is thrown into a condition of reactiveness, of anger, of horror, of hate, the worst thing that you can do is to react to the reaction, to hate the hate, for that merely allows emotions in the negative register to continue to reverberate down through the ages, as indeed they have done in your social energy complex.

Healing is an event which takes place one little bit at a time. It takes place in the gentleness and in the quietude that may be discovered when one realizes that difference is not, by itself, threatening; that just as the Creation is many and diverse, and the color spectrum infinitely articulated into hues of every mixture and every description, so too are the processes of human being infinitely variegated. And within this variegation there is still yet integration possible precisely to the extent that the difference is celebrated, the differences welcomed, the difference is accepted even when it comes forward to one explicitly as that which is unacceptable.

Few planetary experiences are as challenging in their very nature and in the structure of catalyst that abounds as the one whose experience you now share and partially constitute. It is a wholesome meditation to contemplate that every last portion of the planetary experience is part of a whole which will, in the fullness of time, be healed. Every last voice will be invited to sing in the choir.

To be sure, it takes an attuned ear to begin to hear the echo of the choral celebration that will arise and fill the very heavens. It is perhaps more than can be expected to put upon yourself the task of living every moment of every day with this sound playing joyously in your background, but there is a thought there—maybe it is only a stray hope on the wind, maybe it is a scent borne on a summer evening, but it is a thought that in troubled times may provide just a little nourishment, and just enough, to see you through that moment. And the moment joyously embraced builds upon another moment joyously embraced, one can begin to find that the cares of the day are less burdensome, and one can begin to find that that catalyst which is heavy, though still difficult, can yet be borne.

We see many courageous souls upon your planet struggling under burdens that are shockingly difficult, and yet from time to time the whisper of a smile can be seen upon the visage of all brave souls, and there, my friends, is where the hope lies. The hope lies in not condemning the planetary criminal element, but in realizing that in the end all are one. You, who may seem criminal to me, and I, who may seem criminal to you, are—in the outreach of me to you and you to me—one.

We are those of Q’uo and have been most pleased to join you and your seeking for it gives us also the opportunity to deepen our seeking, even as we find given to us the opportunity to transmute sorrow to joy. It is a project which we share with you at this juncture, and we thank you for giving us a little presence in your world, and for the opportunity to feel the beautiful efforts that are being made within this circle of seeking, for my friends these efforts are a beacon of hope that shine into the very heavens.

We thank you my friends. We are those of Q’uo and at this time we would leave this instrument and return to the one known as Jim to discover whether there are further questions yet on the minds of those here who seek. I am Q’uo. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. We would ask if there might be any further queries to which we may speak as this instrument has some energy in reserve. Is there another query at this time?

Just one Q’uo. How can the wanderer respond to all the chaos, violence, conspiracies, and service-to-self energies—in short, all the bad news—in a way that fulfills their primary function to lighten the planetary vibration, and to serve as a beacon or shepherd to others?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. It is a query well worth considering, for those entities within this circle of seeking fall within that category which you would call the wanderer, and each wonders itself how to accomplish this particular mission, shall we say. Each has incarnated within this planetary sphere in order to aid it primarily by adding its own light vibrations so that the vibrations of the planet itself are lightened and reduced in their severity, shall we say, in the expression of disharmony.

Each wanderer also has the specific task of finding a way by which it itself may evolve not only through service to the planet in general, but to those about it in a particular sense on the daily-round-of-activities basis. We would recommend the use, once again, of the meditative state in order to explore that which each feels is the primary possibility for learning in service to others, and explore that to the extent that one is firmly aware of this particular service, its ramifications and its expression within your being. And then to fully pursue the expression of this service.

When one finds the news, shall we say, disturbing and disharmonious to the extreme, one may send the light-filled vibrations of healing and love to such areas or entities in need of such, or indeed may send it to the entire planet, for that which you see upon your news is only a small portion of the difficulties that are being expressed on a planetary scale. One may keep the eye open, shall we say, to the opportunities that come one’s way, for there are no true coincidences, and those opportunities to be of service in an expanded fashion will, if they are appropriate for your being, find their way to you so you may say give energies of either the activities of your physical vehicle, the financial means by which energy is offered, or in any other fashion; the creation of poetry, the creation of music, the creation of the surroundings that are supportive of those who need support in any of the many ways that entities are failing in their daily round of sustenance and liveliness.

There is no set pattern or rule in this regard. One must realize that what is appropriate for each to do will find its way to you for again, there are no mistakes, and all has been planned as an opportunity before the incarnation so that all may be accomplished if one is, shall we say, paying attention.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

We thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

[Long pause]

I am Q’uo, and as it appears that we have exhausted the queries for the night, we shall once again express our great gratitude to each present in this circle of seeking for sharing your love and your light with us, and allowing us the opportunity to partake within your circle of seeking. This circle is, once again, producing a great beam of light which reaches into the starry skies beyond all eyesight or vision.

We thank you for your dedication to service, for your desire to be of further service, and for the open hearts that exist within this circle. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We shall take our leave of this instrument and of this circle of seeking at this time. We leave each, as always, in the love and in the light of One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.

  1. From Shakespeare’s As You Like It, the opening of Act II Scene VII:

    All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts…

  2. From the Wikipedia page of the same name: “The phrase is originally from the opening stanza of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Concord Hymn” (1837), and referred to the first shot of the American Revolutionary War. According to Emerson’s poem, this pivotal shot occurred at the North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts, where the first British soldiers killed in the battles of Lexington and Concord fell.” 

  3. The tuning song for the session was Joan Osbourne’s “One of Us,” a song released on the album Relish in 1995 with a chorus that says:

    What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us? Just a stranger on the bus Trying to make His way home?

  4. slough off (verb): to shed or peel off some outer layer, especially by rubbing or scraping 

  5. bailiwick (noun): one’s sphere of operations or particular area of interest.