(Jim channeling)

[First sentence or two missed] …love and in light this evening. We are pleased to have been called to your group. It has been some of what you call time since we have had the honor of being with you for the purpose of helping to guide you into the realms of those who are instruments for various facets of the One Infinite Creator which we all are. We feel that each of you has been properly prepared by your own efforts this evening to begin the process of becoming aware of the thoughts being transferred to you from us; and this evening we find that you have chosen an apt topic, that of patience, for to become an instrument that has the ability to perceive clearly and carefully the concepts being transmitted takes a good deal of this quality of patience, for the normal human mind moves at a very rapid pace in its processing of information. This quality enhanced even more in your modern world of electronic communication where multi-tasking is the normal means of being able to perform your duties or your pleasures, and though this is an admirable feat, it is one which lends busy-ness to the mind. It is this busy-ness that meditation tends to remove, thus the meditative state is that state which is most effective in being able to become a channel, or an instrument, that can perceive thoughts of a subtle nature. The quality of patience is that which, for most people, must be exercised consciously, and that quality of constant exercise is what we advise in your daily meditative routine.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. We are Laitos.

(Austin channeling)

We are Laitos, and we are with this instrument. We would like to express, through this instrument, gratitude for this group for offering us the opportunity to practice our own patience, as this service you have chosen of being instruments offering yourselves for us in order to share our thoughts, we must practice patience in developing our relationship with this group and with each of you individually as you practice this skill, for patience is still a part of our own path’s lesson, and we rejoice at the opportunity to practice with you in this manner.

Of the tools available to the seeker among the seeker’s spiritual utility belt, we would suggest that patience is perhaps one of the most important, and upon the path of the adept, one of the most utilized. However, we are aware, especially within your own third-density experience, of the difficulty of cultivating the habit of patience, for it is a habit , and in order to grow the muscle of patience, one must have patience for that task.

There are various perspectives and approaches in approaching this initial hurtle, you may say, and we would start with highlighting the antithesis in what you call impatience, for, naturally, if one finds themselves with a lack of patience, they are blessed with an abundance of impatience. While impatience may seem to be a great hindrance—and admittedly it is, in a practical sense—we suggest looking to the heart of the impatience, discovering that place inside from which that impatience expresses itself. In doing so, we believe after enough time of sitting with, and examining, impatience, you might find that this impatience stems from what we may call desire.

But what is it that you desire, my friends, that creates the sense of urgency and importance and call to action that generates the impatience? We cannot answer that question for you, for desire is the heart of your spiritual path, and discovering the depth of your desire is for you alone. However, upon gaining a certain level of comfort with the knowledge of your desire, we suggest that this desire may be placed into a greater context by recognizing your desire and how it motivates you upon your path. You may view it as a part of your path. You may zoom out, we may say, to view the part that that desire plays upon your greater journey, and as you zoom out to find a greater perspective, then perhaps this greater perspective may manifest itself in the form of patience, cultivated with an understanding that your path is what it is, that you experience that which is necessary for you to experience in order to continue your journey to the Creator. In this context you may ask of yourself, when feeling impatient, “Is this experience towards which I am feeling impatient not also part of that journey? Is this moment which I desire to be done with not a gift from the Creator to aid me upon my path?”

At this time, we leave this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Julie. We are Laitos.

(Julie channeling)

We are Laitos, and we are with this instrument. We admire you in all your humanity, your desires and your passion to live life to its fullest, and we know that sometimes, when you live life to its fullest, you are moving quickly and passionately through your lives, and your days are filled with action and busy-ness and getting your list accomplished. And, sometimes you are impatient to achieve your goals, and we know you get frustrated when you struggle to achieve your goals in a timely manner, and we would like to suggest that you could help yourself by realizing the polarity of patience and impatience, and see the circle, or oval, where impatience is on one side, and patience is on the other, and when you find yourself on one side, and feeling impatient, you could visualize the circle becoming smaller, and allow the polarity to be closer, and come closer to the balance of patience.

You can state, when you’re feeling impatient, say quietly, in a calming moment, “patience,” and you’ll immediately be balanced, and your heart will remember to stay balanced. That same polarity can exist in your energy centers. You may call them chakras, and when you are in an unbalanced way, polarized to the impatient side, it can cause imbalance to your energy centers, in particular, the first three. It will be important for you to retreat to meditation at the end of the day if you felt impatience, and realign those chakras, and balance them as well. Unbalanced chakras, i.e., your energy centers, also cause a disruption in your own energy field around you, so it is important to be complete in this way, and so meditating is a good way to realign your field of energy around you. With patience and impatience, there is also acceptance and non-acceptance. Becoming in acceptance of what is will help you achieve patience. When you are not in acceptance of what is, that can cause impatience. Please remember that all is well, and everything is perfect and as it should be. Try to remember to be in acceptance that all is perfection, and your list will get done.

We thank this instrument, and we hand the contact over to the one known as Trish. We are Laitos.

(Trish channeling)

We are Laitos, and we are now with this instrument. As touched upon by the one known as Julie, patience is acceptance. Patience is an ultimate act of love. It’s love of the moment; It is being in this moment; It is seeing the flaws and the beauty of every passing second. It is taking in all that is around you, using all that it is, and doing so with love, and in response, giving love. This instrument sees visions of parenthood, relationships of mother to child, ultimate acts of patience, sincere acts of love, tending to moments wherein things may not go as one had hoped, but accepting that with love.

This instrument sees the universe as our mother, constantly nurturing us, giving us these instances of catalyst, but doing so with love, and having great patience for us. It is easy in this density to lose track—not see that connection, and hence become impatient, but the universe remains patient.

This instrument now sees that, as with every mother/child relationship, eventually the child becomes a mother or a father, so we, too, must learn this patience so that we may give that patience back to this universe and back to one another. To act as beacons or candles, examples of how we can relate to one another with unconditional love, without expectation, with full acceptance.

This instrument sees in her mind an equation: the word patience, equal sign, the word love. Finally, this instrument is seeing scenes of absolute, unconditional patience within this small circle. She is reminded how many times the circle has met before, and how many times we’ve sat with one another with patience, and she’s very grateful.

We will now leave this instrument, and go on to the one known as Gary. We are those of Laitos.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Laitos, and this instrument expresses appreciation for the clarity with which the instrument prior to him received and transmitted our thoughts on patience. It is an interesting subject for this instrument for it is very vivid catalyst in his own life, perhaps even one of the most, rather, one of the foremost lessons he has put upon his plate. He, in his private moments, asks how to be patient, how to learn patience when his entire system of body and mind seem to react in what he calls “knee-jerk patterns” without direction or seeming conscious consent or control. How to do something that is so anathema at times when the being rages with impatience [in] the steadfast absolute refusal to do as we were speaking through Julie—accept what could be so uncomfortable, that could not be accepted—that the Creator cannot be seen within that catalyst.

My friends, we echo our thought again that there is linkage between patience and acceptance, and seeing the Creator in the moment as the moment manifests itself. The instrument asks us to dive deeper into this concept. Perhaps one aspect of patience may be likened unto a speed or velocity. This is manifested to your senses as a busy-ness often, but while that is a very important component, there is also a, what this instrument sees as a misalignment with the speed, for lack of a better word, of the moment. The impatient self is misaligned with the moment, and wanting to move at a different rate. This instrument searches for concepts, feeling that it is not strictly a matter of clock time, but in the energetic displacement between self and moment that catalyzes this experience of what you call impatience.

This instrument again sees acceptance as this linking or bridging concept between the self, which is misaligned with the moment, and impatience, and the self which can be with the catalyst as it is without the friction of wanting other than what is. It is a simple concept actually, yet this instrument wants solution [to] the cause of impatience within himself, even something to unlock that door that the being might relax and breath, and expand from its contracted place.

And to this instrument, and all seekers, we can only recommend meditation and the practice of balancing exercises, and perhaps most importantly, the setting of the intention, for in bringing awareness to impatience, and desiring to find or cultivate patience, one is setting into motion those processes that engender the birth of patience within the experience of the self. The greater the frequency of intention, the more the desire is refined and purified, the greater the space that is created for patience to emerge and manifest. And on that note, the instrument asks that we take our leave. We thank each of you for being on the other end of our transmission beam, and we pass this contact to the one known as Jim.

[Long pause]

This instrument asks that we close this circle through his lips, due to a technical difficulty in the circle, so, my friends, we, as Laitos, thank you for the time and the space that you have offered us on this day. We look forward to time spent with you in the future, and we wish you well on your journey of seeking and your service through your days.

We are those known to you Laitos. Adonai.