Group question: Recording started late. Question was along the lines of how to resolve conflicts with love.

(Jim channeling)

…in a situation in which you are either not understanding what another is saying or doing, or not being understood by another, there is the potential for the, as you say, the confrontation. At this point, it is your responsibility, or ability to respond, to put it more clearly, that is of the essence, for being able to move past the disharmony, or through the disharmony, being able to feel the beginning of resolution, this is a journey which may take some time and some energy upon each entity’s part. At this time, we shall transfer this contact, to the one known as Austin. We are Laitos

(Austin channeling)

I am Laitos, and we are with this instrument. The journey to harmonious resolution of such conflict as we have described, indeed, is a journey of many lifetimes. For the perception of universal love and understanding is but a first step of this journey to truly enabling the Creator to shine its love within the dynamic of the seemingly disharmonious relationship you may find with another self. From this point there is much work to be done in terms of self-honesty in regards to understanding how you perceive others, perceive the actions of others, perceive the orientation of others, and understanding of the journey you have taken to arrive at your current orientation.

This self-understanding is indeed quite necessary in order to approach any conflict with the hope of true harmonious resolution. Once a modicum of this self-evaluation has been achieved, one may then turn their perception to the other self with the love and understanding that sees this other self has taken its own journey. This entity has traveled their own path to arrive at their own position, and you have both now arrived at a point whereon this journey a dynamic tension between you will hopefully serve you both.

We understand the difficulty in orienting oneself to only viewing conflict as that which might serve us on our journey, yet we offer this perspective so that you may take it into consideration and into contemplation once you find yourself in a struggle to approach a conflict with love, for we believe that if you find that which the conflict is attempting to teach you, it is then that the love will be more apparent, that the harmonious way forward will reveal itself to you, and a bridge from co-Creator to co-Creator will have the potential of being created. At this time, we shall leave this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jeremy. We are Laitos.

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am with this instrument. We shall continue to speak on the matter of conflict, confrontational onset, for there is little that evinces the illusory nature of your reality more than that energy, that feeling that attends the conflict between two seemingly separate parts of the creation. Indeed, it is fundamental to the creation for there to be this aspect of separation drilled into every piece, and while it creates great suffering, great hardship, we must remember its educational purpose. It is only through these dents, or experiences, that the Creator finds something , something beautiful, that stand out from the undifferentiated unity, and it is important to consider the role of perspective in all of this, for you occupy a vantage point unique in this one creation. You have been placed at this point of view by your Creator, and in truth, it is of your own choice.

When a picture that disturbs you is presented, it is not the picture that must justify itself, but the viewer who must make sense of it. We relish the opportunity to remind each of you of your inherent agency in making sense of this, for it is not the sense you make of it that will reveal the truth—that is but an experience yielding a deeper lesson, and meditation will give you a far greater appreciation of what you can do and how you can consider your being relative to this great mystery. It is not an absence of love that attends the confrontation, rather it is the full presence of love projected into this solution, so do not despair. You can balance this, but you may have to release an attachment to outcome or to a sense of yourself that you momentarily forget is but a mirage.

We are so happy to share this with you, and we can detect that this instrument feels very blessed to have participated, and can think of no greater gift than to pass this contact to the one known as Julie. We are Laitos.

(Julie channeling)

We are Laitos, and we are with this instrument. In continuation on our discussion this evening about conflict, we would like to explain to you how each experience in your lifetime can be held onto or it can be let go. In other words, if you have an experience on the negative side, and you hold onto this experience in your heart, this experience becomes a part of you. It is emanated in your auric field. Eventually, you will reflect this experience upon another, and it may seem like an experience that feels like conflict. You may see an issue with the other person that goes against your very being and you may feel that you need to discuss this issue with that person to resolve the conflict.

In your lifetime, we ask that you challenge yourself to immense growth, and when you experience a so-called conflict, search within your own heart where that conflict actually lies. You may find that the conflict is within yourself, and when you discover that where the conflict actually lies, it gives allowance for this conflict to simply dissipate, as if it never existed.

At this time, we pass this contact to the one known as Trish. We are Laitos.

(Trish channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and we are now with this instrument. We ask that you view conflict in your experience much like the ocean on this planet. At times there are small ripples, at times there are tidal waves; the seas can be very calm and then, without a moment’s notice, become choppy. We ask that you look this way so that you remember this conflict, this confrontation, is but at the surface, for under the waves there is so much more. A practice like this can help one remember that the pain, the hurt, the misconceptions are all temporary—here one second and gone the next.

With patience in mind, and knowing that the seas are always changing, we believe that entities much like yourselves can focus on the love for one another, not necessarily keeping oneself from experiencing confrontation, or experiencing pain, but doing so fully with love and understanding and compassion, seeing the experience as a lesson, seeing the other self as self, knowing that as all things do, it will change. With that kind of patience, there is no stormy sea one cannot handle.

As the instrument known as Julie channeled, we said that perhaps confrontation as a manifestation of something within, another key practice would be to use that experience as a mirror to see the self as other self. Treat the self and other self the same, only with love and patience and compassion, listening fully and deeply, not just to words, but to energies, following them where they lead, focusing your love there.

We feel that it is time to leave this instrument. We are very grateful for the circle to take on such a difficult topic, and we hope that whatever becomes of this channeling, all entities are able to take a piece from it.

We are those of Laitos, and we will now go to the instrument known as Gary.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the Laitos, and we use this instrument’s thoughts of his being awed and wowed by the channeling of each in the circle to offer our praise and thanksgiving for serving as instruments on this topic, which is a very common theme on your planet. None of your fellow other-selves in your density move through this experience without encountering confrontation between self and other self. It is a theme that is endemic to the third-density experience because it is, from the larger vantage point, productive of the development of will and faith that polarizes the self on one path or another. Confrontation grinds away those portions of the rough-hewn sculpture that hide the polarized being within, for as portions of that sculpture are challenged by the nature of conflict, each is given the opportunity to remain an undeveloped block of stone (to continue the analogy) or allow the refining fires of your density to cast off pieces of that stone that self may be revealed to self.

As we have said through the other instruments, confrontation, as is true with all of life moments, is a teaching opportunity, for each other self is a mirror of the self, offering, as Ra says, the self the opportunity to see the fruits of its beingness, and what fruits there are that may be seen for the self that can respond to the confrontation, not with the right/wrong mentality, or the inventory of details, but the consciousness which recognizes the ascendancy of love, the consciousness which can receive attack or insult or injury, and respond, not with the same energy, but with unimpeded love for the other self, seeing beyond their actions, hopefully understanding their motivations, but moving more deeply, seeing that they, too, are cut off from the all, seemingly. They, too, exist in an environment of not knowing, of confusion, that creates untold permutations of distortions, and in those distortions, is a core pain that may be called separation from the Creator, that causes one entity to hurt another entity without full awareness of the cause or motivation or consequences, but is a sort of blindness that is intentional, that is helpful, that is conducive to growth.

While the instrument listens to what he believes are our words, he asks us to go deeper in terms of the information, but we rebuke, if we may, said request, because truth need no elaborate formulation as your intellects demand, because it is simple. Love is a unifying, simple energy that is distorted and reflected beautifully in countless ways, but in it all barriers and boundaries and differences dissolves in unreserved embrace, unqualified acceptance.

And on that note, this instrument bids us adieu, and asks that we take our leave with gratitude for all. We now transfer this contact to the senior general, the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos and am once again with this instrument. We are most gratified that we have been able to witness the progress that each new instrument has made this particular evening. As a group, we have noted that there is a great deal of, not only desire to serve as an instrument, but ability and facility to do so, and we congratulate each new instrument for exercising these qualities in a consistent manner, so that the progress each expresses truly reflects the nature of the preparation and the carrying out of the process that you have learned over these past almost two years.

At this time, if you have any queries concerning this process, or any other queries as well, we will be happy to entertain them. Is there a query at this time?

Laitos, what is the next step for our group in developing our channels.

I am Laitos, and we are humorously considering reading this instrument’s mind, for this was upon this instrument’s mind as that which would be a possibility, considering your new configuration of senior channels have been reduced by one. We feel that the potential plan which this instrument has conceived of is something that may be workable for those within this group, and that is, as this instrument feels it has a strength in being able to respond to queries, rather than provide the channel for the longer focusing questions that begin your normal channeling Saturdays, that it would offer itself as one entertaining any query from the floor, shall we say, as is being done at this moment, and would also offer this opportunity to any of the instruments present in your regular channeling sessions, so that if said instruments feel comfortable with the setting on a particular channeling Saturday, they would then notify this instrument that they would be willing to co-channel a portion of that meeting’s queries.

Is there a further query, my brother?

One further query, on a somewhat unrelated matter. We only have experience channeling you. Do you have any advice for ascertaining the identity of an entity once we move beyond simply channeling you?

I am Laitos, and am aware of your query, my brother. For the time being, and for some time to come, we would recommend that any channeling of those of Q’uo or other Confederation entities be done as a, what you would call a handoff from this instrument so that you would know the entity that was being available to your channeling process, and in the future, when you have felt a familiarity with those of Q’uo, or perhaps Latwii, or perhaps Hatonn, then you would be able and invited to offer yourself as the first contact of the session, and then be able to utilize the familiarity that you have developed with the vibrations of these other Confederation entities.

Is there another query, my brother?

If nobody else has one, I will delve further. I have been going over transcripts from over decades of contacts with the Confederation. I wonder, how does one establish the identity of a contact when it is not handed off—and I asked this hypothetically, not in order to do so right now.

I am Laitos, and am aware of your query, my brother. Again, the process is that which you have successfully accomplished this evening. Perceiving not just words, but identity that is given to you. This is more difficult when you are dealing with entities which are completely new to a group. It is less difficult, yet more of a challenge, when you are presented with entities that have been channeling through various instruments in this group for a period of time, as you have noted. Thus, at some point, as you would become the first instrument to be exercised during a channeling session, it would be necessary for you to, as the one known as Carla would say, “hang your ass out over the line”, and speak those words and identities that are given to you.

Is there another query, my brother?

Just so that I understand, the idea is that we would channel the sound vibration complex of the name, just as we would channel normal thoughts transmitted from the entity. Do I have that right, Laitos.

I am Laitos. This is correct, my brother. Is there another query?

No, thank you.

We thank you, my brother. Is there a final query at this time?

Laitos, if, in a channeling circle, in anticipation of serving as an instrument, one finds oneself thinking about the question, would it be helpful to stop thinking about the question?

I am Laitos, and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a decision which is suggested by us to be implemented—that which you have suggested—to refrain from the consideration of what you might think to be a potential answer to any query that would be offered, or to the query which you know is going to be offered. This tends to bias the mind and present a state of confidence only up to the point that covers the amount of information you have created in your own mind. After that point, you would once again be left to the basic process of perceiving the words, either as concepts or a word or two at a time and would then be continuing in the more accepted and efficient way of serving as an instrument.

It is a great temptation to think about any potential question, and its potential answer, for it gives one the feeling that one has something to go on, but again, the channeling process is that which is basically produced most efficiently by exercising faith that you have learned a process which is real, that it does work, that you can open yourself to concepts which you have not heard before, and they will move through your mind and mouth in a sensible fashion, and if you do not stop to think about them, but rather speak them as they come, then they will continue to flow, and you will gain a greater confidence in this approach than in any other approach that we are aware of.

We would offer a chance for a follow-up query, my brother.

Thank you, I was hoping for one. Quickly then, it’s a safe assumption that if thoughts do arise in our mind while we are waiting our turn to channel, they are not then inspired by you or the source, but are a product of our own thinking?

I am Laitos, and this is correct, my brother. We do not approach an instrument before it is time to channel with any hints as to what the channeling message might be for that afternoon or for that query. We give each instrument the chance to prepare itself by the proper tuning and challenging process and then to allow itself to become, as you would say, blank, or empty, a vessel that has been hollowed out and is now available to receive the, shall we say, living waters of the words that will flow through you.

This is the process that we have taught to this group, and to many other groups, and may we say that we have observed within this group the ability to comprehend this process much more efficiently than we have in any other group that we are aware of in our experience, and this is not to puff up the pride, shall we say, but to give you the confidence that you have accomplished a great deal, in that this is something that you should use as a foundation on which to stand for your future work in this channeling process. We are most grateful to each of you for being diligent and consistent in your efforts to become good instruments. We feel that you are well along the path on this particular project.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this group, and we leave you in great joy, in love and in light, with a great deal of appreciation for the work that you have accomplished, and we look forward to future work times with you, shall we say. We are known to you as those of Laitos. We leave you now, in love and in light. Adonai, vasu borragus.